iPhone 7 Plus Apple Watch 2 = Free Deal :) Worth it

iPhone 7 Pro or Plus Apple Watch 2 is gonna out…

So finally, Apple has ordered huge amount of thin smart watch cases for Apple Watch 2 which could be out with iPhone 7 4.7″ and iPhone 7 Plus or iPhone7 Pro version.

Apple takes a big step to upgrade Apple Watch 2 with far thinner and smarter body structure and features. The supply has been done and the new Apple Watch 2 is just about to be ready for release.

According to reports, Apple Watch 2 and iPhone 7 are two devices from mac developer company would be announce this year of 2016.

The report suggests, Apple Watch 2 has massive upgrade and features cellular connectivity too along with FaceTime Camera and many new features.

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On other hand, iPhone 7 is hot dog in rumor. It’s being said that iPhone 7 Pro could be the new name which would be release in 2016. However, there isn’t any chance for iPhone 7SE right now.

As Apple has started rolling out iOS 10 beta to the developer with some great features and design improvements, it’s really great to see that iOS 10 is getting prepared for iPhone 7 and WatchOS 3 for Apple Watch 2.

Ultimately with iOS 10, Apple Watch 2 and iPhone 7, 2016 would be great for the users to hand on any of product from Apple.

Are you planning for Apple Watch 2 or iPhone7?

iMessage Error iOS 9.3.2: Waiting for Activation for iPhone, iPad

Waiting for Activation error is pretty common on iMessage iOS 9.3.2…

iOS may contain bugs because each new firmware has new features and improvements but most of the users face iMessage “Waiting for Activation” almost on every firmware.

Recently released iOS 9.3.2 is also in the list where users are complaining about iMessage not working due to waiting for activation error.

Users either don’t know that they need to activate iMessage or somehow they don’t know why iMessage gives waiting for activation error.

In most cases, I found that while you use new sim, you’re just asked to send a message and your iMessage and FaceTime would be activated while in some cases it makes us crazy because of waiting for activation message again and again appears on iMessage.

But, I would add here that you can easily activate iMessage by fixing waiting for activation message. I won’t say waiting for activation is error because it just asks you to activate iMessage, that’s it.

How to activate iMessage and fix Waiting for Activation Message

There are couple of things which must be understand before start approaching to fix iMessage waiting for activation…

  1. Double check you phone number in the phone app. You’d notice your phone number on the top of the screen.
  2. Most of the time, date and time plays a great role for waiting for activation error message on iMessage. So, correct it.
  3. You should have sufficient balance in your sim card to activate iMessage.
  4. Make sure that your WiFi or mobile data is enabled and working fine.

If you’ve done above things or checked above things properly, proceed to below steps one by one and check that iMessage is stopped giving Waiting for Activation message or not…

Airplane Mode

It sounds really wired but it’s really work. AirPlane Mode plays important role on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. While you’re on Airplane mode, most of the services and apps stopped getting real time update or simply they shut off and don’t work in the background.

So, do following thing to fix Waiting for activation using Airplane mode method…

  1. First, disable iMessage, FaceTime using Settings app.
  2. Now, you want to swipe up control center and enable Airplane mode, and your WiFi would be switched OFF, don’t worry. Turn your WiFi ON.
  3. Now, go to iMessage and try to activate it by turning it ON.
  4. Fill the information if asked and then head to control center and Switch OFF Airplane mode.
  5. You’d get notice that Carrier may charge for SMS, you should be happy with that.
  6. Now, head to iMessage and turn it OFF and ON again.
  7. Done, you’d get message that iMessage has been activated successfully.

Note, iMessage, “Waiting for Activation” message would be disappear then. Suppose, you’re still getting same wired message, head to second method.

Apple ID Sign In, Out

iMessage is related with Apple ID, so it may be possible that your Apple ID is causing Waiting for activation iMessage error.

To fix this, you can follow below steps…

  1. Head to Settings app and under Message section, tap on “Send & Receive” option.
  2. You’d see Apple ID, turn it OFF by Sign Out and turn Off iMessage also.
  3. Now, wait for couple of minutes and then turn On iMessage, it would ask you for Apple ID, sign in.
  4. Once you enter your Apple ID again, try to activate iMessage again.

Done, it should be activated successfully.

Refresh Everything

Suppose above everything don’t work in your side and you still facing iMessage waiting for activation screen, you need to reset whole data and content on your phone. Make sure that after reseting your iPhone, your first step should be activating iMessage.

Smart Tip

Many times comments are the best way to get fixed issues related to your iPhone. You should also use comments and discussion to fix Waiting for activation iMessage issue and you’d see that how responsive our experts are.

Have you fixed iMessage, Waiting for Activation message???

iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak Demoed Based on Safari iPhone Browser: JailbreakMe

Jailbreak iOS 9.3.3 JailbreakMe like untethered solution demoed…

During last 8 months or so on, this is the first time when we’ve something really interesting news to report. iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak is demoed.

Yeah, interestingly it’s like JailbreakMe iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak. It has been developed non other than Luca Todesco and He has demoed it on iPhone 5 running on iOS 9.3.2.

The video has been successfully uploaded on YouTube from where users can get the estimate time of jailbreak iOS 9.3.3 for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

This so called safari based JailbreakMe like untethered jailbreak 9.3.3 can install Cydia without any tool. Yeah, you don’t need to download any tool like PanGu or TaiG to install Cydia iOS 9.3.3.

Within 3 minutes, you’d be able to install Cydia by just visiting simple URL on Safari and it would install Cydia after jailbreak iOS 9.3.3.

Luca Todesco has smartly developed this jailbreak and uploaded a recorded video on YouTube for demo.

Luca Todesco has criticize CrackUriDevice YouTube user and called him a cancer. This may be because the YouTube user is getting involved in jailbreak news and making fun of Luca Todesco in his videos.

Anyway, this jailbreak for iOS 9.3.3 is great news for us that PanGu or TaiG may come into help us Cydia users and make a Safari based jailbreak solution for iOS 9.3.3 for iPhone and iPad.

According to Luca, the jailbreak iOS 9.3.3 can be used to install Cydia on iOS 9.3.2 and all previous firmware running on latest operating system.

Now, it’s clear that the PanGu, 3K Assistant, PPJailbreak and TaiG are making some mistakes to find out the exploits from iOS 9.3.3 and previous software, because Luca is able to crack down each and every firmware released by Apple.

Would you jailbreak iOS 9.3.3, if it’s out there?

iOS 10 Beta: Download To Be Released for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

iOS 10 download would be available for iPad, iPhone and iPod as beta…

Apple released iOS 9.3.2 publicly. And, now the next major update is iOS 10 which is too close for release for developers and public beta testers.

The first beta of iOS 10 would come out for developers first as always and then the second beta and the first beta of iOS 10 would be come out for public testers and developers together.

This release method is pretty common for Apple to release beta firmware and iOS 10 would also follow it. So, you can’t hope for iOS 10 download before developers.

But, don’t be nervous because you can too try the next iOS 10 beta on your iPhone, iPod or iPad as public beta user. You need to sign up a simple form and iOS 10 is yours.

Everyone who loves iOS 10 wants to see new features and improvements and iOS 10 features won’t make unhappy to them.

Even this time, we all are waiting for iOS 10 jailbreak entry. We all are hoping to see jailbreak which could come out for iPhone and other devices by PanGu.

We’re not hoping to see TaiG iOS 10 jailbreak update because they looks inactive as they haven’t searched anything in recent times.

As far as iOS 10 beta is concern, the first beta of iOS 10 download would be appear soon, you should be ready for download iOS 10 IPSW for iPhone

iNoCydia iOS 9.3.2: Install Cydia Without Jailbreak

iNoCydia is quick way to install Cydia…

Apple is releasing new and new firmware update for iPhone and iPad. It has new features and functions and ability to handle all the challanges such as Jailbreak and hackers.

In most of the cases, Apple patched nearly all the exploits before release new firmware. This forced jailbreak developers to put their hands down and now, we can see there isn’t jailbreak for iOS 9.3.2.

In such situations, you can’t install Cydia at all, but if you wanna get Cydia installer in all the way, you can use iNoCydia for your iPhone.

iNoCydia is not Cydia alternative and you won’t able to install any Cydia tweaks that changes features or functions but still you’d have Cydia app on your desktop and you can download iFile, F.lux and other jailbreak apps including GBA, NDS and PSP game emulator without jailbreak.

I think above things are enough to install without jailbreak. You won’t install Cydia, but using iNoCydia, you’d get at least these apps and tweaks.

We found that many sites are creating misunderstanding and thus users look iNoCydia as Cydia alternative and so they install it to get some exclusive Cydia apps which are not available on iNoCydia installer.

The developers of iNoCydia know these things so that they’ve clearly mentioned that they can’t be able to install jailbreak apps at any way, but certain apps can be installed after signing them with iNoCydia certificate and this is the thing they’re doing.

Other Cydia alternatives: Just like iNoCydia, there are other alternatives which partly allowing users to install Cydia tweaks without jailbreak. Below are few of them…

Would you install Cydia using these alternatives?

AppiShare iOS 9.3.2: Download Paid Apps 100% Free Without Jailbreak

Download AppiShare: The best iOS 9.3.2 tool to install jailbreak apps…

If you’ve iPhone or iPad and can’t use it at your own way, then it would be restriction on you and this shouldn’t be there for any iPhone users.

AppiShare is the tool that bring out you from those restriction and make your iPhone beautiful and enjoyable from Mac developer company’s restrictions.

Actually, there are certain restrictions have been applied to iOS firmware which won’t allow any iPhone, iPad and IPod Touch user to install any app that modify anything on your iOS system.

Now, if you wanna install any app that customize the look or let you play games and install game emulator, then you need Cydia installer. So, with the use of Cydia installer you can install best Cydia tweaks.

Without jailbreak only AppiShare can download all these apps and games to your iPad or iPhone. App i Share is nothing but another alternative to vShare Pro.

Now, you’d think why you need another alternative to vShared Pro? Actually, Apple has changed something in their developer chain and this change won’t allow AppVV app to install on it.

Thus, vShare not working on iPhone or iPad properly since couple of months. AppiShare iOS 9.3.2 is out from those changes and restrictions and so we can still enjoy vShare benefits from AppiShare. I think now you’ve got the idea.

So, AppiShare without jailbreak installs apps on iPhone. And, these apps are nothing but Cydia apps. But, you need patience and support because currently, AppiShare only allows user to install game emulator and some major apps.

If you wanna get full apps list, you can make a comment to get it…

How to Install F.lux Without Jailbreak on iOS 9.3.2

Install Flux without Jailbreak for iPhone, iPad

F.lux is like a God gift for the users who have older Apple devices. I’m talking about iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch which are previous generation.

Night Shift Mode is not compatible for iPhone 5, 4S and iPhone 4 models. While Flux Cydia tweak can be installed on any device including iPhone 5 and 4S, 4.

The same time, it’s compatible for iPod Touch 5G which is something great. Because, iPod Touch 6G has Night Shift Mode whereas iPod Touch 5 misses that feature.

I can understand the thing that F.lux Cydia tweak requires jailbreak, but some how iOSEmus has managed to install Flux for iPhone without jailbreak.

Now, you were thinking that Apple has already stopped supporting Flux iOS app and how we can install it on iOS 9.3.2 without jailbreak! So, I’d add here that I’ve personally verified that iOSEmus can install F.lux iOS 9.3.2 on iPhone and iPad without Jailbreak.

To install Flux tweak, you need to install iOSEmus first. This app is completely different than OpenEmu and allows many other apps which support non jailbreak device.

Once you get installed iOS Emus iPhone app, you can head to package section where you’d find F.lux which is compatible for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Tap on it and wait for a minute. The app would be installed.

F.lux not working!

Suppose, Flux not installing on your iPhone, wait for couple of minutes or hours. It may be possible that iOSEmu server is offline.

I’ve installed F.lux app for iPhone 5 running on iOS 9.3.2 and it works without an issue. You can comment below if you’ve issues with Flux installation…

Phenomenon iOS 9.1: The Best App Switcher Cydia Tweak for iPhone, iPad

Phenomenon Cydia Tweak replaces iPhone App Switcher…

In general usage and features are just okay with iOS 9.3 app switcher, and the best one with night mode shift and control center toggles in it.

However, IOS 9.1 control center and app switcher still misses couple of things. Phenomenon tweak can replace default app switcher and brings new features for iPhone and iPad.

I’ve found that users love App Switcher in the control center and this has been proved a lot of times with Tage, Auxo LE and many other Control center Cydia Tweaks. Phenomenon does exactly same thing in different view.

Phenomenon is developed to work with 3D Touch and Activator. So, if you don’t have 3D Touch on your device, you can do all the function with activator Cydia tweak.

But I found some features in the setting menu which are not so useful and consume a lot of battery life. I think jailbreak tweak should be developed with battery optimization. If you activate Phenomenon vibrate feature, it drains your battery too fast.

It offers couple of below features…

  1. User can easily disable or enable main app switcher or 3D Touch App Switcher. If you don’t have 3D Touch enabled device, you can disable this feature.
  2. However, non 3D Touch device user can still access all the features with Activator Cydia tweak.
  3. Phenomenon Cydia tweak has two option for Control center User interface. You can use smaller CC or normal Control center.
  4. There are couple of vibrating options available. I recommend to disable them to prevent battery draining.

So, if you’ve made your mind to download Phenomenon Cydia tweak, you need to purchase it from BigBoss Cydia source.

You can ask more details about Phenomenon iOS 9.1 tweak via comment section…

How to Download Mojo Installer iOS 10 Without Jailbreak – Install Cydia Apps

How to Install Mojo Installer Without Jailbreak on iPhone, iPad…

On today’s date, large number of Cydia users who can’t jailbreak their iOS 9.3.2, iOS 9.4 or iOS 10 firmware, getting Mojo Without Jailbreak which is the shortest trick to enjoy Cydia Installer for iPhone or iPad.

Now, you’d think that I’m talking about iOS 10 and iOS 9.4 jailbreak and firmware! The simple answer is, I’m concern about future of jailbreak and Cydia tweaks.

Mojo Installer without jailbreak installs any Cydia app listed on their repository or hosted on their server. You can play countless apps, game hacks and emulator without jailbreaking on iOS 10 or any newer firmware.

We’re also on the test run and found some truth in initial stage about compatibility with iPad and iPhone. Users can actually download GBA4iOS, MovieBox and Minecraft which is impossible to install successfully on iOS 10 without jailbreak.

To test Mojo Installer, you need to download their iPhone app from the official website which is available completely free. The simple condition is, you should have iOS enabled device.

More and more Cydia Sources are adding up with Mojo without jailbreak and since starting point of this app, there are number of top Jailbreak apps have been added successfully for the iPhone users without jailbreak iOS 9.3.

Once question is most asked during comment session that, is Mojo Installer free? Yes. Mojo jailbreak alternative is completely free installer and it can be installed any iPhone or iPad running the latest firmware.

If you still found some question, I request you to make a comment…

Apple Pushed MacOS 10.11.5 Just After iOS 9.3.2 Beta

Download MacOS 10.11.5 for your iMac or MacBook for better performance…

MacOS 10.11.5 is now just about to be released for the public. If you were facing WiFi issues or slow Mac issues, you would feel something better after installing Mac OS X 10.11.5 El Capitan.

Today, Apple announced Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.5 beta which is actually the second beta version for developers and it’s public testers. If you’ve developer account or public beta tester account you can enjoy this new update on your Mac.

It’s almost a month have been passed since Apple released MacOS 10.11.4 and the new version would take another a month before releasing to public. There are couple things need to be fixed before Apple release Mac OS X 10.11.5 public version.

So, if you’re also interested to download MacOS 10.11.5, you need to have developer account. You can get a free developer account without paying anything. The link for that is given below…

We should note that iOS 9.3.2 is also in beta stage and Apple would release all these updates together for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch along with tvOS for Apple TV.

For your convenience, we’re going to update our MacBook Air with this beta software and would notify you about new features and improvements.

Till then if you can’t wait for this update to release publicly, you can head to the Apple Seed program where you can register yourself for free developer account and download MacOS 10.11.5 yourself.

Leave any comment if you found any trouble…

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