Top 12 Best Cydia Repos / Sources for 2014

Cydia repository is the source where developers store their apps, tweaks, themes and games. If you wanna search anything related to tweaks, apps, games or themes, you don’t need to go anywhere else. Just tap on any particular repo and search your desire stuff to download it.

Cydia comes with pre-pack best repos that includes BigBoss, ModMyi, Telesphoreo Tangelo etc. These are the sources which you should keep installed on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad Air, Mini whatever you have.

12 Best Repos – Must Have with any Cydia iDevice

If you wanna download something useful from your jailbroken iDevice, then I would recommend these repos for the best apps, tweaks, games and tweaks. Each repo source has it’s own hosting, where it contains large number of packages. Most them are free packages, while others cost you some pennies…

iAP Cracker, iAPFree and LocaliAPStore are the best applications to get thousands of paid cracked applications for free of cost from App store.

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1 BigBoss Repo: This is the best Cydia repo. BigBoss updates new applications on daily basis. Every new day, you will get the best applications, tweaks and utilities on your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. In most cases, BigBoss repo contains free apps and tweaks. However, there are good number of paid apps too. But, you will never be unsatisfied with their paid apps too.


2 ModMyi: It is also listed in default repo list. I added it here, so that, you don’t remove it and get out the best from that repo. It mostly contains free tweaks. Just like BigBoss, ModMyi also updates tweaks daily.


3 ZodTTD: If you are looking themes, lock screen customizations and a lot of cool icon sets for your iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone, then ZodTTD is for you. There are hundreds of cool themes and design customization in the form of tweaks that can be applied on iPhone, iPad and iPod. A must have repo for theme lover.

Sources: ZodTTD – Zodttd & MacCiti –

4 AppAddict: We have covered a detailed article on AppAddict that shows how important it is. It is the best Cydia source that is growing rapidly. It contains tweaks, game emulators, apps and themes.


5 iPhone Cake: If you are new, then perhaps, you don’t know anything about this repo. It contains many good apps. You can install AppCake, AppCake+ or AppCake HD for your iPhone or iPad to get a thousands of cracked apps. Its a best Installous alternative.

iPhone Cake Source –

6 xSellize: It is one of the most popular source that contains apps, tweaks and themes. How can we forget about game emulators. xSellize is the repository that has most wanted game emulators for iPhone and iPad. If you love games, you can’t miss out this repo source.

xSellize source:

7 iHacksRepo: Have you heard about Zeusmos app? It is developed by iHacksRepo. Zeusmos has large number of paid applications in the form of cracked applications. One of the most wanted Cydia repo. After adding iHacks Repo to your Cydia, just search for Zeusmos and install it to get thousands of applications free of cost.

iHacksrepo source:

8 Insanelyi: What we wanna download for our jailbroken iDevice? Insanelyi has all the things like themes, games, free apps and cool tweaks. It just another must have source for every jailbroken iOS.

Insanelyi source:

9 ThemeItApp: It is for theme lover. It has top lockscreen tweaks, iOS 8 style themes and cool icons for older and newer firmware. It gets updated with a cool themes regularly.

ThemeItApp source:

10 SiNful iPhone: Its a good combination of tweaks, apps and games. A top game emulators can be easily found on SiNful repo and top rated cracked apps at free of cost. A bunch of free apps available there.

Sinful iPhone source:

11 iHackStore: It is truly for game lover. Do you need cheat codes, cool game tricks? You need to add iHackStore repo. Just add a single repo to your sources list and get thousands of cool tricks and tweaks.

iHackStore source:

12 YourChoice: I have left this space for your choice. You just need to leave a comment in a line or two with your best Cydia repo list and I will add them here. Why are you waiting for? Start it…


Above listed Cydia sources are the best out of best repositories for any jailbreak iDevice whether you have iPhone, iPad Air or iPod Touch.

Yeah, it might possible that some repos can’t work on updated firmwares such as recently released iOS 8.1 jailbreak and iOS 8.1.x

5 Must Have Cydia Repositories for iOS 8 – iOS 8.1 – 2014

iOS 8 Jailbreak has been released, We have picked up best 5 must have Cydia repos for any iPhone 5S/5C, iPad Air, iPad Mini user in 2014…

Suppose, you are thinking to remove one or more of the default repositories from your repo source, then you should know the specifications and benefits of those repo source that have been listed in the default source list. BigBoss, ZodTTD, ModMyi are the default repositories followed by other sources.

In this article, I have picked up 5 must have repos including default sources plus two more must have repositories. BigBoss, ModMyi and ZodTTD will be the same and we will add another two repo source in this list.

1 BigBoss: No doubt BigBoss is the best Cydia repository. It has been listed in the first place on Cydia app store, because it gets updates almost everyday with a lot of free and paid applications. Most  of the useful apps are paid, but still worth to have. There are a lot of tweaks that you must have on your jailbroken iOS device. Take a look the best applications from BigBoss repository.

2 ModMyi: It comes in good combination of paid and free applications. Mostly, ModMyi offers apps and tweaks. The most popular Cydia repo of the App store. There are a lot of tweaks that are too popular among jailbreak users.

  • NCSettings
  • FastLock
  • IntelliscreenX
  • SwipeAway
  • Zeppelin
  • AutoProtect

3 ZodTTD: It is known as theme repo. Mostly, ZodTTD offers themes for jailbroken iOS device. There are a large number of theme developers who develop awesome themes for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Air, iPad Mini. You can find themes for iOS 8, iOS 6 and iOS 5. Take a look at most popular themes from ZodTTD.

  • iOS 8 Theme
  • A8stract NTW Theme
  • Flux Theme
  • psx4all
  • iOS 8 Velox Theme
  • Auxo Theme
  • Adoris HD iPad

4 SiNful iPhone: BigBoss and ModMyi repos have a lot of paid applications. In some cases, SiNful iPhone repository has the cracked version for that app or tweak. Simply, you can get paid BigBoss and ModMyi tweaks for free from SiNful iPhone repo.

5 Its a most popular jailbreak repo source to get free tweaks and apps. However, and InstallOus has been shut down. But, this is not an end. You can try iPhoneCake (AppCake), vShare and AppAddict repos source as the alternative to


Simply look for the must have jailbreak apps rather than digging into repo sources. There are a good number of Best Cydia tweaks that you can try in 2014.

I would love to hear comments…

Top 10 Best Cydia Sources – Repos for iPhone 5S/5C, iPad Air, Mini, iPod Touch

Cydia Sources are the lifeline for jailbroken iDevice. These are the list of best Repos that works on every iOS versions. Compatible for iOS 8.1.x iPhone 5S/5C, iPad Air, Mini, iPod Touch… Top Dev Sources

After jailbreaking, the first common thing is to open Cydia and search for the best Cydia tweaks iOS 8.1.x out there. I think you are well aware of “What Cydia is!” and all about sources and repos. I have seen many friends who still don’t know the power of those stuff which jailbreaking provides.

One of my friend has jailbroken iPhone since last two years and he never used tweaks and third party apps. He told me to customize his iPhone and I customize his theme, icons, font and a lot more within 10 minutes. He was surprised how I did these things so quickly as he’d never noticed Cydia and it’s sources.

Cydia iOS 8.1.x provides more than 4 lakh apps, tweaks, mods and themes. All these tweaks, apps and themes are on their app store. It’s quite difficult to browse all the apps, themes and tweaks. Thus, we have listed here top 10 Cydia Repos iOS 8.1 (Sources) to make it convenient for you.

Top 10 Free Cydia Repos

A few most popular and famous sources come with Cydia at the time of installation as pre-installed that provides great capability to customize whole iOS look. We will discuss all about it. However, still there are a lot more developers who provides great tweaks, mods and apps. I have tried to include those repos too in our list. All most all repos are free. Lets take a look at those top Cydia Sources.

1 BigBoss Repository: This is the best repo in whole cydia directory. It contains large number of themes, apps, mods and tweaks in many sections. If you have newly jailbroken your iPhone, iPad or iPod, then you should first visit this source. BigBoss apps have great ability to change the look of your iOS.


2 ModMyi Repository: This is the second most favorite repo for all jailbroken iOS owners. It is also pre-loaded with Cydia installation. They regularly update their database that includes themes, mods, tweaks and much more. You will never fill boring with this source, because it gets updates too frequently.


3 xSellize Repository: It is most favorite game repo. If you are game lover, then xSellize is for you. It offers thousands of games that includes the categories of SEGA, NES, Game Boy and many other popular game brands. Furthermore, xSellize provides many useful tweaks, apps and themes that are also awesome. In short, this is the repo which you can’t miss out.


4 Repository: This is most famous and wanted Cydia Source specially for those who want to get premium apps at free of cost. There are many useful apps in the Apple app store that are paid and in premium category, you can easily find many of those apps and games at free of cost in Cydia app store using this repo. In quick review, is for those who want to install cracked apps without paying anything. includes apps and tweaks like installous, crackulous, hresources, idone, security.deb and many more. It allows to install many paid apps free of cost.


5 SiNful iPhone Repository: SiNful is similar to Hackulo. If you are missing “Installous” in your iPhone, then try Sinful source to find out best Cydia cracked apps, theme, mods free of cost. It is fasted growing cydia repo in this community.


6 Insanelyi Repository: It is mainly for those users who love customization. I have many users asking best Cydia Apps to customize their iOS. If you have iPhone and you are unhappy with it’s look, then try Insanelyi. It offers a variety of tweaks, mods and apps that will change the actual look of you iOS device.

Recently, I have noticed that Insanelyi users are increasing because of iOS 8.1.x. Actually, many iOS 8.1.x don’t like the look and performance and so that they are try to jailbreak their iOS 8.1.x to install Cydia Insanelyi repo. It shows the popularity of this Cydia Source.


7 iPhoneCake Repository: Another great Cydia source for game lover. A server says Apple users spend more than 50% of their time in playing games. iPhone Cake is on the best Game Repos game category.


8 iHackStore Repository: The name says everything about iHackStore. It is one of the best source for the cracked apps and tweaks. You can’t find similar tweaks that iHackStore offers. They are investing their precious time to develop awesome apps free for us. I would like to recommend you to support them, if you are using their mods on regular basis. Till then have some fun with their repo.


9 iHacksRepo Repository: This is my favorite place to customize my iPhone. It has great apps like WinterBoard, Dreamboard and other tweaks that change my iOS in completely new look. If you are looking for themes for jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad then I would recommend you to note down this Cydia source.


10 Your Favorite Cydia Source: I left this space for your choice. It would be appreciated, if you submit your favorite and famous repo which you are using everyday. Please make it categorized in themes, apps and tweaks.

From Editor’s Desk

I personally have been using these repos to download new themes, games, apps and tweaks. Installous was my favorite place to install apps, but it is closed. So, I almost using these repos in my daily life to decorate and customize the look of my iOS.

Don’t forget to mention your favorite Cydia Sources…

Best Cydia Themes for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Air, iPad Mini iOS 8 – iOS 8.1 – 9

Cydia Themes give you exactly what you will see on your iPhone, iPad and iPad that runs on iOS 9, iOS 8.1, iOS 8.1…

iOS 8, 7.0.3, 8.1 and now 7.1 is released, but until there is no jailbreak success. 7.x.x is cool enough. Evad3rs jailbreak developer team warned iOS 6.1.3 device owner not to upgrade newer firmware till the iOS 8 Jailbreak isn’t release.

How to get iOS 8 style icons, wallpapers and lockscreen? Here is what Cydia themes are for! It can change your old 6.1.3, 6.1.4 themes with new updated iOS 8 style themes. All the icons, lockscreen and wallpapers will look a like 7.x.x style. Previously, we have published best Winterboard Themes for jailbroken iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. You should take a look at those cool themes too.

Top 5 Cydia Themes

We have sorted out the best of the best 5 Cydia themes that give you iOS 8 look on your 6+ iPhone or iPad. Take a look at those screenshot. 1 Fifty Foot Shadows HD Cydia foot themes Fifty foot shadows HD is one of the coolest Cydia theme that exactly look a like iOS 8 style and best for iPhone and iPod Touch. If you are using iPad, then simply choose another one. It is a free Winterboard theme. 2 Jaku Best Cydia Jaku for iPhone Jaku is the best premium Cydia theme that is highly customizable. You can change notification center wallpaper, design and icons. Fully compatible for iPhone and iPad. However, it will cost you around $2.99. You can buy this theme from Cydia store using your paypal or credit card. 3 Glasklart HD Cydia HD Theme Glasklart HD offers more than 5000 icons and all are unique. New icons has been added specially for iOS 8 style. You can get fun on your iOS 6. HD icons and visual design makes it coolest Cydia theme. It is fully compatible for iPhone and iPod touch. iPad users also get this theme. 4 Minuet HD New Cydia Themes Minuet HD is one of the favorite themes I have. It looks awesome on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. If you want something very natural, this Cydia theme for you. One of the best Cydia themes for iOS 6+ users.

5 Sublime Lock HD Best-Cydia-Themes Sublime is a Cydia HD theme that is fully integrated with social networking sites. You can add Twitter notification alerts on home screen. There are couple of tweaks integrated with this HD theme like weather forecast, date and cool unlock button. Everything that you wanna put on your home screen.

From Editor’s Desk

Winterboard themes has best wallpapers, icons and tweaks integrated. If you wanna see something different, then take a look at Dreamboard themes, you will forget Winterboard Cydia Themes. Have you wanna share any Cydia theme with us? Just write a comment…

Download SemiRestore iOS 8.1 and Restore iOS 8 Without Losing Jailbreak Cydia

Download SemiRestore iOS 8.1 and Restore iOS 8 Without Losing Jailbreak Cydia

There is certainly finally some good announcement regarding devoted iOS 8 jailbreakers, as CoolStar (the well known developer of SemiRestore), features merely updated his or her device together with help with regard to iOS 8 — iOS 8.1 only in time.

With Apple Recently patching upwards several of makes use of utilised by the actual PanGu Group with all the discharge of iOS 8.1.1 bring up to date, the existing PanGu8 jailbreak has become murdered.

Consequently, the particular jailbreak community has been doing any predicament no matter whether to be able to up grade their particular devices to the most current iOS version or keep back till the following jailbreak happens on the actual landscape.

To be able to Add to their issues, this iOS 8.1.1 bring up to date has become afflicted with a lot of bugs linked with Safari as well as Wi-Fi, even though overheating difficulties happen to be a significant concern pertaining to iPad Mini customers managing Apple’s most recent software.

Nevertheless, it really is nonetheless probable to be able to Restore your current jailbroken products in order to manufacturing facility Settings or even Stock condition throughout iOS 8 Without dropping jailbreak, due to Coolstar’s most current version of SemiRestore, the actual SemiRestore8.

Provided the point that Apple will probably soon cease signing iOS 8.1, it gets imperative to accomplish a new SemiRestore when you will certainly no longer have the ability to Downgrade from iOS 8.1.1 in order to iOS 8.1.

SemiRestore8 could can be found in convenient to resolve machine looping problems caused by tricky or maybe buggy jailbreak changes or Apps, Without burning off the jailbreak installed.

Basically, SemiRestore8 assists you to with restoring to Stock Settings by getting rid of merely your tricky Apps and changes, although still keeping Cydia plus the jailbreak functionality.

Unit Compatibility

SemiRestore8 is compatible along with many iPhone, iPad and also iPod Touch types, that are jailbroken on iOS 5.0 by way of iOS 8.1.


— You have to, nevertheless, remember that SemiRestore demands OpenSSH to become installed on your jailbroken iOS device, previous to make use of the particular Restore option.
— You should adjust this pass word after installing OpenSSH of which will allow you to transform the main security password of your current jailbroken iOS gadget. This will help prevent unauthorised usage of your own jailbroken unit.

Be aware: SemiRestore8 is now backed intended for Home windows and also Linux systems only, since the Macintosh personal computer version is usually reportedly under advancement and we could only hope who’s will certainly arrive soon.


Interested iOS 8 end users may Download the modern version of SemiRestore8 through in this article.

How to Use DoulCi to Unlock iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini by Bypassing iCloud Activation Passcode

Use DoulCi to Unlock your iPhone and iPad iCloud activation lock. DoulCi Server does bypass iCloud passcode and then allows to use your iDevice with any sim card as you want without computer or jailbreak…

You may use the actual iCloud Get around Lock weightlifting the particular handy iOS 8 obtain go around and commence the item. Then you can definitely hook up with your personal computer and first turn on this DFU method.

Your own new iphone 4 or perhaps ipad tablet Pick the correct style of your current system and hang on 20-25 a few minutes to permit the get around iCloud can do their task plus the telephone or even capsule will become unlocked.

Soon after making use of the particular iOS go around the iDevice will certainly machine immediately. You can see that this iCloud Activation Fasten is fully gone, so you can fixed. Iphone 3gs or apple ipad once again. The avoid iCloud regarding iOS is suitable for a lot of brands of Apple mackintosh.

It’s the apple iphone, iphone, i phone 4S, new iphone 4 5, new iphone 4 5C along with the i phone 5S, together with many iPads As you’re able discover, this portion by simply item gadgets which assist iOS7 in addition to iOS 8.1.

Use DoulCi Activator to Unlock iPhone/iPad

At this time there it is possible to to handle this iCloud Activation Lock, by means of Uncover My Telephone in iOS. It will open while using handy software, to help you to apply it completely with no longer has the fasten.

How to Work with DoulCi

A couple of online hackers, a short time before gone community having a software that they had produced. This kind of application called doulCi (iCloud spelled backwards), helped one to avoid iCloud service on any kind of iphone, apple company ipad in addition to ipod itouch.

How to Bypass iCloud Activation Using DoulCi

The idea also made it easier for persons unlock iphones which are thieved. Currently since it bypasses iCloud service possibly in taken apple iphones, it’s caused a good stir. That is some-what illegitimate and some persons (Apple) is reasonably upset regarding it.

Right this moment Apple company company has supplied zero standard assertion and is almost certainly implementing a new correct, right up until you then are absolve to go around iCloud account activation and also open ones apple iphone. The particular tool doulCi is full totally free, thus you should test it.

doulCi activator

In our past article, wherever My spouse and i mentioned the doulCi instrument, My spouse and i described the way to go around iCloud initial (it is actually talked about within the recognized website too). But it isn’t composed easy and several consumers are mixed up.

If you are one particular people this kind of guide is made for you.

Now previous to My partner and i really get started there are some considerations to consider with regards to. Read the notes underneath.


doulCi will probably sidestep iCloud service this means you should utilize ones i phone, apple ipad tablet or even ipod itouch in case it was closed prior to.

doulCi is actually some sort of server that’s run through the 2 cyber-terrorist, in order that they develop the techie chance to intercept any kind of info through your iOS device.

By using doulCi, you are not absolutely unlocking the iphone. To completely open your iphone 3gs you however the need important factors which in turn Apple company has. The actual cyber criminals have got pointed out these are working away at a method to have the apple iphone to read ones SIM cards (complete unlocking). This will be up to date inside the on its way days and nights – I most certainly will article this upon Maypalo after the fresh version can be found.

The tactic will not likely generally do the job as the “Magic Line” is essentially some sort of server and quite often it’s not online.

The actual server used because the “Magic Line” might get changed, if it’s I’ll update the actual article.

Because of the substantial amount the procedure may very well be slow and also online hackers happen to be wanting to assault the server and so it will be not online.

Maypalo. com doesn’t carry accountability when you destruction your iOS unit or maybe your computer.

Today quite paperwork in relation to doulCi tend to be out-of-the-way – let’s commence.

doulCi is usually free and you don’t for you to down load whatever, the whole course of action is very easy. Only stick to the actual information under.

Step one: On your pc head over to: /private/etc/hosts pertaining to Macintosh personal computer along with D: /windows/system32/drivers/etc/hosts pertaining to Home windows. Right now you must create the actual miraculous collection and that is simply the IP in the server. The Secret Series is:

109. 120. 169. 64

Update: Allow me to share fresh Magic lines:

107. 170. 72. 61

188. 226. 251. 76

188. 25. 246. 27

162. 253. 154. 177

41. 214. 225. 246

197. 247. 122. 170

Take note: I most certainly will up-date this particular piece in case a brand-new “Magic Line” will be added in.

Step two: About the iphone, apple company ipad or maybe ipod itouch navigate to the service lockscreen.

Step 3: Currently join your device for you to iTunes. An email will certainly induce saying the server an individual looking to link just isn’t honest; press “Yes” and also progress. Today reconnect ones gadget along with iTunes.

Voila! Should you have followed the actual ways the right way ones gadget really should have bypassed this iCloud service lockscreen and might have already been unlocked.

Since usually if you have any question, just abandon some sort of remark beneath within the review part and I will are able to a person.

Trick to Install WhatsApp iOS 8, 8.1 on iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone 6, iPod Touch

Trick to Install WhatsApp iOS 8, 8.1 on iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone 6, iPod Touch

How to install and Initialize WhatsApp on iPod Touch in addition to iPad on LAPTOP OR COMPUTER Without jailbreak : WhatsApp can be a common quick messenger Application which operates on iOS in addition to Android OPERATING-SYSTEM, which permits you to deliver text Messages, MMS and also words Messages involving the buddies from free of price.

On the other hand, it’s incompatible having iPod Touch as well as iPad. We now have worked out the best way to easily install WhatsApp on iPod Touch along with iPad Without the need to jailbreak your current unit.

Before commencing in order to install WhatsApp on iPod or even iPad, you’d probably will need the subsequent:

iTunes installed on your pc
Download SynciOS App to your Home windows COMPUTER SYSTEM from internet. SynciOS. com
iPad or maybe iPod Touch

How to install along with Activate WhatsApp on iPad, iPod Without jailbreak Step simply by Step instructions

install WhatsApp on iPad, iPod Without jailbreak

Step 1, Kick off iTunes, Search and Download WhatsApp. ipa on your pc, this can be to find the iPA document.

Step 2, Find the way in order to iTunes Press Folder, this default path is usually: Chemical > Customers > Username > The Songs > iTunes > iTunes Mass media > Cellular Applications > WhatsApp. iPad. If people improved the way prior to, obtain the. Ipa report at this time there.

Step 3, Connect the iPod or perhaps iPad for you to pc and also run SynciOS. Press on The device Case, you will find 5 menus on the actual quit side of the panel. Head over to Apps, you will observe an email list of installed Applications. Pick out “install” button, find the WhatsApp file you’ve cloned through the “iTunes mass media folder”. It will be without problems installed on your own iPad or iPod Touch.

Step 4, You could have properly installed WhatsApp on your iPad and iPod once the actual installation course of action finished. Disconnect your own iPad Air, iPad Mini or even iPod Touch.

Activate WhatsApp on iPad, iPod Without jailbreak

Step 5, Get the iPhone in addition to install Whatspp on it. In the event the iPhone offers WhatsApp formerly installed, a person will have to uninstall this because course of action uses a refreshing install.

Step 6, Following your re-installation, you have got to type your Phone number to trigger that. Make sure the phone number you entered is the one you wish to use on the iPad as well as iPod.

Step 7, Connect your current iPhone on your laptop or computer and also kick off SynciOS software. Go to My own Device>Apps>WhatsApp. Click on the preview button on the correct side to reach WhatApp App report program, decide on both Documents along with Catalogue folder, press Upload button in order to backup these 3 version in your PERSONAL COMPUTER. Observe graphic underneath.

Step 8, Unplug your current iPhone and also connect iPad or maybe iPod back to your COMPUTER. Yet again head to Our Device>Apps>WhatsApp App report record program, rub out Document along with Stockpile version, next transfer the 2 folders stored on PC or simply get in addition to decrease the two files on the App File Administration Section as shown under.

Step 9, Disconnect the iPad or maybe iPod from your PC, WhatsApp could well be triggered along with wanting to work with. Delight in WhatsApp regarding iPad, iPod Touch.

Use New Magic Lines With DoulCi iCloud Bypass Service

Use New Magic Lines With DoulCi iCloud Bypass Service…

DouCi Magic Lines would be the secrets for you to Bypass iCloud Activation on by any means. If you are using wrong MagicLines regarding iTunes, it could certainly not successfully Bypass Activation lock regarding iPhone 6, iPad Air, iPad Mini.

Tips on how to work with doulCi for you to Bypass iCloud Activation lock

When the options in the above list don’t fix your Activation lock trouble, use alternative websites, that happen to be accessible equally at no cost as well as to get a price.

Third party Activation is needed whenever you experience the next dilemmas:

People didn’t remember your current Apple USERNAME facts in addition to Apple Wizard Tavern off and also online aren’t helpful.

Magic lines

An individual don’t employ a appropriate bill for many reason or perhaps one more. It is likely you misplaced the item.

An individual can’t reach the actual person that will offered the unit for you.

The most used Activation lock Hack is actually furnished by doulCi and it’s no cost.

DoulCi is basically some sort of server that will remotely mimics Apple’s very own iCloud server as well as sets off the iPhone, by in some way fooling iTunes into receiving the exploits. DoulCi take advantage of is done possible by means of 2 Hackers heading with the bands AquaXetine and MerrukTechnology.

Download iREB r7 Fixes for iOS 8 – iOS 8.1 – Status Update

iREB is developed by iH8sn0w to fix numerous iTunes and iOS errors. iREB r7 is the latest release from iH8sn0w for iOS 3.x.x to 6.1.2.

iPhone 5S Jailbreak: Evad3rs, the developers of Evasi0n, are working on jailbreak for iOS 8.1 that will be compatible for iPhone 5S, 5C, iPad 5, iPad Air, iPad Mini 2, iPod Touch 5th Generation. Its almost ready to jailbreak iOS 8 and newer firmware such as iOS 8.1.x etc.

Perhaps, you are aware of iTunes errors 16xx and specially 1600, 1601, 1604 and many others. These errors are occurred specially when we restore, upgrade or update our iOS. iREB r7 compress firmware and fixes these errors from your firmware.

If you are facing iTunes errors while restoring iOS, then you should have the latest iREB download. What it does is, it puts our iDevice into DFU Mode (jailbreak mode), thus it helps bypassing iTunes errors while restoring or upgradation.

iREB r7 is ready for download as iH8sn0w has made some fixes on latest release. The iH8sn0w, the developer of f0recast, iDetector, iFaith, iREB and Sn0wbreeze, has recently tweeted about updates of iREB r7 Download.

It can be downloaded from iH8snOw official website. There is iREB r7 download link is available for Windows and MAC OS.


Jailbreak iOS 8.1.1: PanGu Would Come with Untether Jailbreak 8.1.1, 8.1.2, 8.1.3 or iOS 8.2

Jailbreak iOS 8.1.1: PanGu Would Come with Untether Jailbreak 8.1.1, 8.1.2, 8.1.3 or iOS 8.2

Renowned iOS Hacker iH8sn0w possesses published the latest online video media on their Youtube funnel of the iPad 3 (J2a model) managing the untethered iOS 8.1.1 jailbreak. This really is significant because 8.1.1 patched 3 of the PanGu team’s exploits, efficiently eliminating the most up-to-date jailbreak.

Seeing that normal, because we’ve proof which a firmware might be jailbroken, doesn’t show that we’re guaranteed to view any open relieve when soon. In reality, it’s well worth going available that will iH8sn0w has previously demonstrated jailbreaks in which in no way noticed this gentle of day time.

“Been operating on this kind of considering that final Comes to an end along with @XanderKitteh, ” he or she explained within the description of his or her video clip. “This utilizes a few brand new reSearch between the a pair of of us all. ” He Adds which the jailbreak isn’t bootrom or maybe HFS-related, knowning that it’s at present limited by 30-pin iOS gadgets.

Even though it’s usually great to see that this most current version of iOS is jailbreakable, we all however advise certainly not Updating in order to iOS 8.1.1. Yet again, most of us don’t recognize in the event just about any of this can bring about some sort of open public jailbreak, with Apple seeding 8.2 betas to help designers, maybe it’s some time just before it can.

For those who current to iOS 8.1.1, Apple remains signing iOS 8.1 for the getting, significance you possibly can nonetheless Downgrade.

Top 5 Jailbreak Cydia Themes, Apps and Tweaks For iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPod Touch

iOS 8 themes, apps and tweaks convert your 6.1.3 into 7.x.x look.

Apple has released iOS 8 with completely new design and theme before couple of months ago. However, there is no jailbreak for iOS 8 till yet. Therefore, many of us, who has iOS 6.1.3 jailbreak iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, have to manage with 6.1.3 jailbreak without upgrading to iOS 8.1.x, because of jailbreak.

iOS 8 Themes, Apps and Tweaks

There are many tweaks, hacks and themes available in the Cydia app store that can convert iOS 6 into iOS 8 look. Simply use some of the best iOS 8 themes and couple of tweaks and apps to change your 6.1.3 into iOS 8. However, you can’t use all these stuff without jailbreak your iOS 6.1.3. If it is already jailbroken, then its okay, just go ahead. Here are those themes, tweaks and apps…

1 iOS 8 Redesign Theme

iOS 8 Themes

This iOS 8 theme is developed by Andrew Hunter under BigBoss repo. Its a free that is redesigned to make it look a like iOS 8 interface. BigBoss never includes low quality apps, tweaks and themes. No doubt iOS 8 redesigned theme is also awesome. New icon set is already added with the theme pack. User need to use Winterboard or Dreamboard to apply this one on your 6.1.3 or later.

2 A i7redesigned HD Theme

iOS 8 Theme, Apps, Tweaks

This theme has close look of iOS 8 style icons and springboard wallpaper. It is developed by iAvengers Studios and available under ZodTTD repo in the theme section. Its also free Cydia theme. A better design and icons make it better than previous iOS 8 theme.

3 iOS7 Parallax Variety Pack

Its a pack of Parallax lockscreens and springboard widgets. Simon is the developer of this tweak under Modmyi repo. Just search it in Modmyi repo to download it. Its highly customized to make it look like iOS 8 theme. Numerous parallax effects has been added in it. Parallax is one of the best iOS 8 tweaks.

4 SevenCenter

Its wonderful tweak for iOS 8 notification center. It brings the same notification effects in your iOS 5 or 6.1.3 and later. However, its compatible for iPhone and iPod Touch only. You can download it from BigBoss repo. Search “SevenCenter” in Cydia sources.

5 iOS7 Ringtones

This tweak is developed by Almaz and available on BigBoss repo at free of cost. It brings iOS 8 ringtones on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.


These are the best stuff, if you are not ready to upgrade your iOS 6.1.3 to 7 now. You can use these tweaks, apps and themes till the iOS 8.1.x jailbreak.

[Solved] How to Downgrade iOS 8.1.1, 8.1.2, 8.1.3 to iOS 8.1 [Jailbreak 8.1 Supported], Restore iOS 8.1

[Solved] How to Downgrade iOS 8.1.1, 8.1.2, 8.1.3 to iOS 8.1 [Jailbreak 8.1 Supported], Restore iOS 8.1

iOS 8.1.1 was already released with a number of fixes and changes above iOS 8.1. In case you received up-to-date in order to iOS 8.1.1 along with noticed you’ll want to get back on iOS 8.1 regarding state, jailbreak uses, and also the bring up to date for you to iOS 8.1.1 down load seemed to be random, you’re inside chance since you can nevertheless Downgrade ones iPhone, iPad as well as iPod touch in order to iOS 8.1.

You have to realize that this process operates regarding downgrading iOS 8.1.1 to iOS 8.1 merely because Apple continues to signal this iOS 8.1 firmware record. If the putting your signature on windows will be finished, that may possibly be virtually any day currently, an individual won’t have the ability to Downgrade via iOS 8.1.1.

Consequently here’s tips on how to Downgrade your current system from iOS 8.1.1 to iOS 8.1.

iOS 8.1 firmware record, which you’ll want to take hold of through: Acquire iOS 8 and iOS 8.1 And also Mount On iPhone 6, 5s, 5c, 5, 4S, iPad, iPod effect [How-To Tutorial]
Newest type connected with iTunes installed with your Mac pc or even COMPUTER SYSTEM.
Downgrade iOS 8.1.1 For you to iOS 8.1

Step 1: Ensure that you require a backup of your respective product employing iCloud or even iTunes therefore you have got anything to drop here we are at in case anything moves inappropriate.

Employing iCloud: Find their way to Controls > iCloud > Backup along with faucet on iCloud Backup, then Back up Today.
Employing iTunes: Join the product for your PERSONAL COMPUTER or even Mac. Pick out your own iOS device, next beneath the Backups lite, simply click Copy Now. It’s very best to produce a neighborhood backup, consequently be sure you pick the That Laptop or computer solution before clicking on Backup Now.

Step 2: Join the iOS 8.1.1 running unit in your laptop or computer.

Step 3: Run iTunes and select the related iOS unit while proven inside screenshot beneath.

Step 4: Holding decrease this ‘Alt/Option’ critical about Apple pc or eventually left ‘Shift’ essential about Home windows, click on the ‘Restore iPhone and iPad’ button.

Step 5: When motivated to select an IPSW record, understand in order to wherever a person saved this firmware record and select the idea.

Step 6: A great iTunes induce can currently request you to examine if you need to move forward with the replace. Click Replace.

Permit iTunes complete it’s magic and in a couple of minutes you’ll become Downgraded to help iOS 8.1, ready in order to jailbreak applying Pangu8.

Currently Apple is usually putting your signature on your iOS 8.1 firmware data, however that may stop any time, thus if you would like Downgrade your current iOS unit, you should hurry way up.

How to Download Cydia Apps iOS 8 – iOS 8.1 for Free

Cydia has thousands upon thousands free cracked apps on app store. There are a few tools that allow us to download and install those tweaks for free…

Like Apple App store, Cydia also has thousands upon thousands free apps and tweaks. iOS users can download and install these tweaks and hacks free of cost, if they have jailbroken their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Cydia apps open all possibilities to customize your iDevice which Apple doesn’t allow without jailbreaking. Jailbreak removes all the restrictions from your iPhone or iPad and install Cydia that is another Apple app store alternative.

There are thousands of apps to download such as WiFi tweaks to tweak your WiFi, 3G and network related stuff, WinterBoard that allows you to change themes, icons and lockscreen effects and much more. There are limitless free Cydia apps to download only after jailbreak.

The result, many jailbreak iOS user wanna download these apps from Cydia for free. Countless iOS and desktop client available free of cost that allow us to download these tweaks and hacks for free. Here we have exclusively added all possible ways get thousands of best out of best stuff for free from Cydia and Apple app store.

iOS Apps to Get Free Tweaks From Cydia

First I will talk about iOS apps like AppAddict, AppCake, iAP Cracker, iAPFree and a lot more that will allow downloading thousands of Cydia and Apple app store paid apps for free.

In a quick recap, I would like to mention that you must have jailbroken iOS device. Suppose, if you haven’t jailbreak your iOS such as iOS 8.x.x, you need to jailbreak it first and install Cydia. Additionally, to run below apps properly, you need to get AppSync installed before installing below tweaks.

1 AppCake: This is one of the best Cydia apps that has a large database of free tweaks, hacks and resources that seriously change your iDevice experience. After Installous, AppCake is the repo source that provides large number of stuff to download for free. There are two versions available. AppCake can be installed on any iDevice, however, AppCake+ HD can be installed only on high end newer devices. Install AppSync, add AppCake repo and search a thousand of free apps.

2 AppAddict: It is available on iOS device and desktop. Numerous iOS users use it to get Cydia free stuff. AppAddict provides both free and paid applications. There has been a dedicated repo source for AppAddict that can be added in your Cydia sources directory to get a countless free downloadable cracked apps. It also requires AppSync as a plugin.

3 vShare: It is also top tier free tweak provider. You need to download AppSync and vShare from the official source. vShare has a huge hosting database that contains most of the Cydia tweaks that are free. If you are looking for Apple app store paid applications, then vShare is the best repo source. It contains many apps that are paid subscription on iTunes.

Download Apple App Store Apps for Free

Apple app store has many useful and must have apps that you can’t find on Cydia store. However, many apps are just for showcase, they are not useful. You can test them, before actual purchase. Its possible using below Cydia apps.

1 iAP Cracker: It is completely different kind of app that allows us to get a large number of paid apps from Apple app store. However, it also requires jailbreak and Cydia. Once you download and installed iAP Cracker, it converts every paid apps to free. What exactly it does is, when you click on buy link on the app store for any item, this app will bypass payment page and redirect you directly to download page from where you can download your desire application or game.

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2 iAPFree: It is one of the best alternatives to iAP Cracker. It also does the same thing that iAP cracker does. The difference is, there are a lot of apps, some apps iAP Cracker supports while others are iAPFree compatible. You can try both.

3 LocaliAPStore: It’s name says everything. You don’t need to buy every paid item from Apple store without test it. You can use LocaliAPStore to download and install that Apple store app and test it first, then purchase it if you like the performance.

MAC OS Application to Get Free Cydia Stuff

There are couple of computer software that allow us to download Cydia apps for free even faster than iDevice. Take a look at those software…

1 Zeusmos: It is one of the famous software that allows us to install Cydia tweaks and hacks for free. You just need to jailbreak your iOS device in order to install these tweaks. If you wanna install iPA file, it allow you to do so.

2 iFunBox: It not only allows us to download free Cydia apps, but also allows us to backup installed apps. It has many features that you should checkout to get stuff from Cydia.

3 There are countless other software that are HipStore, Kuaiyong and iTools that work as iTunes alternatives and allow to install stuff from Cydia.


This article has all the resources that will be needed for you to download best free tweaks, applications and hacks from Cydia and Apple App store. However, all the things need jailbreak iOS device. If you have latest iOS firmware, then you have to jailbreak it first to download this apps. You can use EvasiOn to jailbreak latest iOS firmware.

I have categorized these apps in three categories. You can choose them as per your need. If you are using any of these tweaks or apps, let us know your experience.

BioLockDown, ChimpCall, HomescreenDesigner: You Should Check It Out This Weekend

ChimpCall, BioLockDown and HomescreenDesigner are the hot pick from Cydia app store this week. iOS 8 compatible these tweaks can be installed on iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPod Touch 5th Gen…

If you have jailbroken your iPhone 5S/5C or iPad Air, iPad Mini this weekend and wanna install good applications, then these three app can really be wonderful experience for you. BioLockDown is a protection app, while ChimpCall and HomescreenDesigner are related to communication and home screen UI.

BigBoss has finally delivered some great apps this weekend. All above apps are free except HomescreenDesigner which is premium paid tweak that has been created by JailPod user.

1 HomescreenDesigner: Do you wanna custom layout of your own choice? If yes, HomescreenDesigner is app that does it for you. Its complete layout designer jailbreak application. Now users can create new layouts, Save them for permanent use and apply right now to see it in action.

Its a paid tweak that would cost you $1.99 for life time. Take a look at features…

  • HomescreenDesigner supports edit existing theme.
  • User can tweak with icons, wallpapers and homescreen widget.
  • Full compatible with iOS 8 iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPhone 5S/5C

2 BioLockDown: Previously, I had reviewed AppLocker and BioProtect and had recommended BioProtect even its a paid app, because of features. Here is the app called BioLockDown that is developed by Ryan Petrich, a famous developer of Activator iOS 8.

BioLockDown is a free Cydia app that does the same things that BioProtect does. The difference is BioProtect is paid app, while BioLockDown is completely free. Its highly recommendable Cydia tweak and if I say, its a must have app for every iDevice that supports TouchID technology.

BioLockDown is fully compatible with iOS 8, so, the users who have iDevice that supports TouchID sensors can install this tweak at free of cost. Just look in BigBoss repo source and search “BioLockDown” and tap on install button.

3 ChimpCall: This can be a great fun for you. You can use ChimpCall to fool your friends. This free Cydia tweak is hosted by BigBoss repository that allows user to change CallerID, Voice and Sound effects. A perfect app to have fun. Someone to whom you have called upon would see a CallerID that you will set before making call to him. You can change voice sound and add additional effects to your voice to completely fool that guy.

  • ChimpCall is 100% Free
  • Its compatible for iOS 8
  • User can change CallerID, Voice and Sound Effects


No doubt, BioLockDown and ChimpCall are the best tweaks jailbreak tweaks.

Keep stay with us for daily free and paid app updates and don’t forget to comment even in single line or word. Your comments put a great impact on us.

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