Protecti+ Cydia Tweak – The Best iPhone App for Privacy Use

Protecti+ is really a great Cydia app for those users who wanna protect their iPhone or iPad from unauthorized access.

Till now, there was only a solution to protect your iPhone with Passcode code lock from unauthorized access. You was asked to set you own passcode password lock to secure your iPhone from others. But, sometimes you’ve to give your iPhone in unauthorized person and in this type of case, you can’t secure your iPhone.

However, there is a Cydia tweak which can create a great gap between you and that unauthorized person. You can use Protecti+ aka Protecti Cydia tweak which allows user to block or disable certain features and makes you secure. Protecti+ brings high security to your iPhone with the help of Cydia jailbreak app store. Plus, it comes with couple of great privacy features that can assure you to give access to unauthorized person.

Protecti Cydia app is ultimate solution for your privacy. The privacy tools and features can be enable or disable or apply using Activator gestures which are extremely easy to use. You can enable features from any app or any time with just a Activator gesture.

If you wanna hide couple of games and apps from your homescreen or springboard, then just install Protecti+, configure it and forget all the things. Protecti Cydia app can hide app icons, settings configuration from Settings.

Protecti iPhone tweak is just like Windows 10 that protects everything just using Activator gestures. You can access all the security and privacy features from any app or view. Its so awesome that you can access Protecti+ privacy features while browsing or watching videos too.

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You don’t like to show your photos to anybody? Okay, Protecti Cydia tweak brings an amazing feature that enables locking photos feature that blocks photos and prevent access to any app.

Protecti is not just limited to photos, but it can prevent checking installed stuff on your jailbroken iPhone or iPad. It can disable some other features also, check it out…

  • You can disable checking installed apps
  • Protecti Cydia app can disable Notification center.
  • You can also disable accessing Control center, Lockscreen, Siri and Spotlight feature.


If you desire, you can disable access of App Switcher, so nobody can access multitasking feature at all. After disabling this feature, you can check back and track what was accessed recently.

Now, we come to the installation part. Protecti jailbreak app is available only for jailbroken device on Cydia. It’s available on Cydia for $1.99 which is small price for such a nice features. You can download and install Protecti+ after purchasing it from Cydia app store.

But yeah, there is an alternative. iAPPLock Cydia tweak available as a great alternative to Protecti iOS 8.4. It also brings some great privacy features for free. You can easily lock Apps, Photos, Videos, Mails and other few things using passcode.

iApplock iPhone app is available on Cydia for free. But again, I would recommend users to watch Protecti demo on YouTube and check some great privacy features before purchasing the tweak.


Free WiFi Finder App for iOS 8.4 – iOS 8.3 iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Apple is removing one after one great WiFi apps from their app store. Recently, they have removed WiFi Fofum, yFy Network finder and Wi-Fi Where apps from this category. Wi-Fi Analyzer also removed from their store and now it is available on Cydia app store.

Fortunately, WiFi Finder is still there as a free app that offers many wonderful features. It can be install on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with iOS and later firmware. It is specially optimized for iPhone 5. It finds Wi-Fi hotspot within couple of minutes or seconds as per signal strength.

Wi-Fi finder provides the functionality to find free or paid hotspot anywhere in the world. If you are traveling, then this app can help you most to search free hotspot easily. If you regularly using WiFi hotspot for internet connection even while travelling, then this is must have app that you can’t miss out.

How to Get WiFi for Free

Do you know what is the main reason to love this great app? It offers great features at quicky way. The features are made for easy use and that make it so unique. Take a look at those wonderful features…

WiFi Hotspot Finder

User can finds Wi-Fi hotspot three ways. The first of these allows you to find public hotspot near you, it means, it will detect Public Wifi hotspots near your current location based on free and paid. The same way, you can search hotspots worldwide. Additionally, user can download database for finding public hotspots for offline. Once app will download database, you can find free WiFi hotspot when you are not online. Wi-Fi Analyzer also provides exact location based on various filters.

It finds Wi-Fi worldwide

It will find all possible Wi-Fi hotspot destinations based on your query. Suppose, you are going somewhere and you want to know the Wi-Fi hotspot availability, just tap on search Wifi world wide and it will come up with the result. It will show you free and paid WiFi connections.

WiFi Finder App

WiFi finder offers a lot of filters that can be extremely useful to search your desire hotspot. You can filter free or paid, venue type, based on provider and more. It will come up with the targeted result. User can save the result or add their own hotspot.


The app displays results two ways. By default it will show result in map view. You can turn it to list based too. Additionally, it will show you distance, so that you can judge the signal strength.

Furthermore, you can save your result or favorite WiFi hotspot. User can analyze recently used connection by pressing recent connection tab.


WiFi Finder is one of the best apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. You must have this app, if you use Wi-Fi hotspots. As it is free app on Apple app store, you can get it directly from iTunes.

If you have jailbroken iOS device, there are a variety of Cydia WiFi apps that you should try.

Activator iOS 8.4 – iOS 8.3+ 100% Working: How to Install with Evasi0n7

Cydia Substrate, Winterboard, Activator and a few top apps and tweaks were not working with Evasi0n7 iOS 8.4 jailbreak. But, today, Ryan Petrich has updated Activator for iOS 8.4 that works on Evasi0n7 jailbreak.

Activator is one of the best Cydia app that adds shortcuts to your iOS device. It really supercharge your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with the unique style of shortcuts.

Activator was not working on iOS 8.4 with Evasi0n7, but the creator and developer, Ryan Petrich, has updated the source code and its now working smoothly. It was released yesterday 27th Dec, 2015. Activator 1.8.4 RC 1 is still in beta stage and try to make itself adjustable with iOS 8.3 and newer firmwares.

The Timeline of Updates and Changes…

January 4, 2015:

  • Activator 1.8.3 has been released

December 27, 2013:

  • Now statusbar events has been fixed with many iOS 8.4 apps Using RocketBootstrap
  • Now Activator allows Camera app to steal volume events on iOS 8.4
  • Schedule events has been fixed
  • Now activator supports search feature on iOS 8.4
  • Now it supports lock action
  • New Activator iOS 8.4 icon has been added.

December 23, 2013:

  • Now Activator can adjust iOS 8.4 notifications and warning messages.
  • Now tap/pinch/spread events has been fixed
  • Home button has been improved for iOS 8.4

December 20, 2013:

  • WiFi network events have been added.
  • iOS 8.4 libhide warning message has been added
  • Now Activator supports lock button

How to Install iOS 8.4 Activator 1.8.4 Beta Version

If you have used Activator ever before on your jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, then its easy for you to download and install this beta version. But, before that you should keep in mind that this is beta release and especially for testing purpose.

1 Open your Cydia application from springboard and tap on “Manage” button from the bottom.

2 Now, tap on “Sources” and again tap on “Edit”. Now tap on Add button out there to add the Activator repo source.

3 here you need to add the repo source of Ryan Petrich where you can install iOS 8.4 Activator.


4 Now navigate Ryan Petrich repo source and search “Activator iOS 8.4“, tap on install to get on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad Air, Mini whatever you have.


iOS 8.4 Activator still in beta stage and the developers are working hard to make it compatible. Within 7 days, we have seen 4 beta versions. And, the final beta that is RC 1 working smoothly with many apps on iOS 8.3.

However, there are few more Activator alternatives that you can try to get multitasking features. If you are facing any error, let us know via comments, we will report them to Ryan Petrich.


TinyUmbrella Download: It Supports iOS 8.4, iOS 8.3 to Save SHSH Blobs and More

TinyUmbrella Download: It Supports iOS 8.4, iOS 8.3 to Save SHSH Blobs and More

You possibly can stick to these types of points in order to save SHSH blobs of the new iphone 4, ipad or maybe ipod itouch.

1. Get the latest variation regarding TinyUmbrella coming from here
3. Connect the iOS gadget towards the computer
3. Put in then kick off the newest version involving TinyUmbrella

Pick out the iOS system from the “Connected Devices” number within the quit palm section.

If you have definitely not jailborken your iOS product still, subsequently click on the Innovative tabs in addition to deselect “Request SHSH from Cydia” solution. If you have jailbroken your current iOS product as well as introduced Cydia, you may miss this task.

Subsequently click on the “Save SHSH” key.

Following SHSH blobs are properly ended up saving, you must view your current iOS device listed combined with the iOS edition that it’s running on at this time beneath Standard section, which says Ended up saving SHSHs.

How to Install AirBlue Sharing iOS 8.4 – iOS 8.3 For free

AirBlue Sharing iOS 8.4 allows to receive and send files using bluetooth. It can be installed free of cost using HYI repo source and compatible for iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini…

Finally, AirBlue Sharing Cydia Tweak has been updated for iOS 8.4 and now compatible for iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPhone to share music, video, PDFs and much more file types and attachments to other devices.

So, if you wanna send or receive files from other devices like Nokia, Samsung Galaxy S4 or Windows 8 powered smartphone that has Bluetooth feature, simply, you can.

AirBlue Sharing iOS 8.4

The famous jailbreak tweak AirBlue Sharing iOS 8.4 is developed by Eric Day and recently got updated for iOS 8.4 ARM-64 iDevices that means it can be installed on iPad Air, Retina iPad Mini 2 and iPhone 5S too.

AirBlue Sharing Cydia tweak is not limited to send files only to iOS based iDevices, but it can send or receive music, videos and many type of file attachments to any smartphones that have Bluetooth feature. AirBlue Sharing iOS 8.4 is extreamly useful for the users who wanna send or receive big files over Bluetooth specially from other smartphones.

AirBlue Sharing is paid app, but many users are downloading and installing it for free from HYI repo source. It offers paid Cydia tweaks at free of cost. You just need to add HackYouriPhone repo source on your iDevice, that’s it. Once you have added that repo source, look for “AirBlue Sharing iOS 8.4” on Cydia app store and tap on install.


I would recommend to purchase it from official repository to get all the support. Other than support, Free app is also working just fine. If you have any issue, you can comment.

If you are using it, please let us know how is it working on your iPad or iPhone…

RecBoot v1.3 Download for Windows and MAC OS To Get iPhone, iPad or iPod Recovery Mode

RecBoot is used to put iDevices in Recovery mode. Suppose, you are in recovery mode and you wanna get rid of it, you can use RecBoot to get out from recovery.

Normally, If you wanna put your iPhone or iPad Mini into recovery mode, you need to follow 4 to 5 steps before getting recovery mode and its really annoying especially when you wanna do something urgently.

At many occasions, I have seen that we are able to get recovery mode in the first try even after following all the steps. RecBoot is the app for MAC and Windows operating system that allows user to get recovery mode instantly in a click.

That helps, because when we are jailbreaking or restoring, we need urgent steps. Mostly during jailbreaking or restoring, we do mistakes because of confusion. RecBoot helps us to get rid of those steps and allows to do an easy process to put iPhone, iPad Air into recovery mode.

How to do that?

1 First of all, download RecBoot for MAC OS or Windows whatever operating system you have and install it.

2 Connect your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad Air, iPad Mini to your computer and open RecBoot on your MAC or Windows computer.

RecBoot - Kick iPhone, iPad into Recovery Mode

3 Once you connect your iPhone, iPad to your computer and it gets recognized, you will see the two options on RecBoot. First will be “Enter Recovery Mode” and second will be “Exit Recovery Mode”. Yeah, you can use RecBoot to get out from recovery mode.

4 Just hit the button and that’s it. You will get what you want. Try it and don’t forget to let us know what you got and what was your expression for this easy tool.


Look, recovery mode and DFU mode are totally different from each other. If you wanna put your iPad or iPhone into DFU mode, you will have to follow other steps and other tools. RecBoot won’t work for DFU mode.

To make it clear, read How to put iPhone or iPad into DFU mode.

Or you can read

How to Put iPhone or iPad into Recovery mode during restoring or upgrading your iOS to newer or older one.

AllDrop, AndriOS, Acapella, AppRun Cydia Tweaks for iPhone, iPad

AllDrop, AndriOS, Acapella, AppRun Cydia Tweaks for iPhone, iPad

All tweaks were released today with the letter starts with “A”. Acapella, AndriOS, AppRun and AllDrop were pushed with the latest compatibility to iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPod Touch.

The tweaks were updated to iOS 8.4 and would be available for download from Cydia store from right now. With the letter “A”, all these Cydia tweaks work differently on your jailbroken device.

Lets check descriptions and usage of these jailbreak tweaks that what do all they do on any jailbroken iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air or iPod Touch.

AllDrop: It is created by Andrea Silvi and made AllDrop Cydia tweak available on BigBoss repo for $0.99. You can purchase and install AllDrop from BigBoss repo anytime for your iOS 8.4 or later devices.

AllDrop Cydia tweak allows user to access system files and allows to upload any files needed using DropBox. The latest version of DropBox for iPhone app is supported by AllDrop Cydia tweak.

AppRun: Now, you can schedule any app to run automatically at specified time. AppRun was created by Lucien Lee and it is now available on BigBoss source of repository for just $1.00

AppRun was the first tweak made by Lucien Lee. Once AppRun Cydia tweak would installed on your iPhone, you can configure various settings to run any particular app at specified time. This is an awesome Cydia tweak if you would use AppRun at right manner.

Acapella: Pat Sluth created Acapella Cydia tweak specially for music lovers. If you wanna get some cool controls based on Gestures, then here is the tweak.

Acapella is unique Cydia tweak that allows user to change, play or pause any song or music using various gestures. There are a lot of settings give in the preference pane for Acapella Cydia tweak.

Acapella iPhone app is also available on BigBoss for $2.

AndriOS: This is new, but innovative and unique jailbreak app. AndriOS brings Android User interface to iPhone or iPad. You can install AndriOS after jailbreak your iPad or iPhone.

AndriOS is available for $3.99 on BigBoss repo. This tweak got a great popularity within a week. Check these tweaks and if you like one, don’t forget to leave a comment.

We hope that you got something new from these Cydia apps today. Don’t forget to make a list of these tweaks to use with upcoming jailbreak iOS 8.4. Its gonna release soon by TaiG Jailbreak 8.4 team.

How to Fix AppSync iOS 8.4 – iOS 8.3

Evad3rs team has surprisingly released evasi0n 7, but many Cydia apps including AppSync iOS 8.4 is not working properly. Here are the few Cydia repos that can be helpful to get patch versions.

With thousands of apps and tweaks, the key app AppSync 7 also not working properly with iOS 8.4 jailbreak. Now the key factor is how to fix it and make it to work on jailbroken iDevices.

There are a few steps that you can take to fix it easily, however, it would take a few more days to release any fixed patch version for iOS 8.3. Many Cydia users have already jailbreak their iOS device to enjoy jailbreak apps, but, a huge number of apps are not compatible without AppSync 7.

Steps that you can take to fix AppSync 7

1 BigBoss, ModMyi, AppAddict, AppCake are the best Cydia sources and previously, they had 6 compatible App Sync app. I would recommend all the users to keep watch on their repo and try to search appsync iOS 8.4 on their repo source. Sooner or later, they will surely update the working packager for appsync 7.

2 To search working AppSync for iOS 8.4, you have to add their repo, as BigBoss, ModMyi repo are already added as default repositories. Search “AppSync for iOS 8.4″ and for other repositories, try to follow 3rd step.

3 If BigBoss and ModMyi don’t have the working package, you can search working appsync in AppAddict repo or iPhoneCake repositories. Perhaps, you knew that AppAddict and AppCake work with AppSync, so, the developers can update the package for their app to work on iOS 8.4 and further releases.

  1. To add AppAddict, add or seach appsync on website.
  2. To add AppCake repo, add

Look, it might possible that the sources listed above have not updated the working appsync working version for iOS 8.4 yet, its better to look AppSync alternatives.


We are all the time here to help, just leave an comment and get instant reply within a few minutes. Test it…

How to Install Zeusmos iOS 8.4 – iOS 8.3 on iPhone, iPod and iPad Air, Mini

Zeusmos allows you to install .IPA apps on your iDevice. It works great on iPhone, iPad and or iPod Touch. Its a great alternative for Installous that got huge popularity in jailbroken iOS.”

You know there are thousands upon thousands users, including me, who want to install .IPA files without jailbreaking my precious iPhone. Zeusmos repo is something that everyone was looking for. It works great on iPhone, however and not limited to, you can download it for your iPad or iPod Touch too. It is one of the best alternative to Installous, iFunBox, AppCake, vShare and many more.

Download Zeusmos Repo

There is a huge list of .iPA file installer in jailbreaking web. But, Zeusmos is something different, it works on iOS 5, 6.1.2, 6.1.3 and 6.1.4 even without jailbreaking. That is what I was waiting for, but, I would like to add here that if you want to install Cydia tweaks and hacks, then you need to jailbreak your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad to download those wonderful tweaks using Zeusmos, because Cydia tweaks require jailbreaking.

What is Zeusmos Source

It is one of the best Installous alternatives, that can be download and install on iOS without jailbreak it. If you are looking for any app that works to test paid apps before purchasing them without jailbreaking your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, then this is for you. But, if you are looking for installing paid apps at free of cost on jailbroken iTouch device, then Zeusmos works great on jailbroken iOS too. You can use it as you like.

Because of popularity and extremely large numbers of downloads and installation, It was shut down. But, now it came back to rock the world again.

How to Download Zeusmos Repo Source

It works on non-jailbroken iDevice too, but there will be no support of thousands of Cydia tweaks that you can’t miss out, so I would prefer to jailbreak iOS before installing Zeusmos.

1 First jailbreak iOS 8.3 or iOS 8.4 iOS using iJailbreakPro and don’t forget to install Cydia during installation procedure and if you have iOS 6 or 5, then you can use EvasiOn to jailbreak it. The same Cydia thing will be required during installation. However, if you have already jailbroken your iPhone, iPod or iPad, then skip this step.

2 Zeusmos will not work properly without AppSync and AppSync works only on jailbroken iDevice. You need to download it too. Nowadays many Top Cydia Repos offers AppSync app to download. Use one of the top source to get trustable repo. You can download AppSync using this repo:

3 After downloading AppSync, install it. Now you need to download Zeusmos app. First add it’s repo source in your Cydia store. Launch Cydia in your iDevice and tap on “Manage”, now tap on “Source”, and then “Edit” and finally add repo source by tapping on “Add”. Repo source is:

4 Now search “Zeusmos” in Cydia. You will see the app from the official developers. Tap on Install for download and installation.

Download it for Non-Jailbroken iDevice

Note: If you have non-jailbroken iTouch device, then follow below steps to get it installed.

1 You can download and install it from the developer’s website directly at free of cost, however you must purchase certificate from the same developer’s website that will cost you around $9.99. Actually, Zeusmos doesn’t work without these certificates on non-jailbroken iDevice.

2 Once you have downloaded those certificates, point your Safari browser to to download the main app. Install it.

From Editor’s Desk

Zeusmos is a good Cydia application to try those paid apps before purchase. If you have downloaded it to install paid .iPA files, then I would recommend you to buy paid apps, if you like any after try and respect the developer’s hard work.

Have you tried AppTrackr, iAP Patcher and LocaliAPStore ever to get a thousands of in-app purchases?

Have you anything to say? Just comment it. Subscribe for email notification for all upcoming news, downloads, new updated repo source about Zeusmos.

Top iOS 8.4 Camera Tweaks: Burst Mode, Camera Button UI Mod, FrontFlash, QuickShoot Pro, CameraTweak HD

Cydia is full of Camera apps. There are about hundreds of tweaks available to download for jailbreak iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Mini, iPad Air etc.

After a long time, we have picked some apps for fun. Today, its time to showcase Camera tweaks here on These are the best camera apps ever for any jailbreak iOS device, whether it is iPhone 5S, 5C or iPad Air. It must be jailbreak.

6 Camera tweaks

If you have jailbroken iOS device, you can try these tweaks to enhance your multimedia experience using your camera and take unlimited photos and videos.

1 Burst Mode: It is developed by PoomSmart. It is 100% free camera tweak that got significant popularity in past couple of months. Jailbreak users can download it from BigBoss repo source. Default camera app doesn’t have burst mode feature, Burst Mode tweak adds burst mode to that app.

The good news is, it works on iOS 8.4 too. The condition is, you must have jailbroken iOS iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad Air etc.

2 QuickShoot Pro: QuickShoot is developed by Flux. Its a paid application that can be found under famous BigBoss repository. It works on iOS 6 and higher. If you have jailbroken iOS 8.4 or higher, you can use this tweak on that iDevice too.

Best Camera App

QuickShoot offers a quicky opportunity to capture photos with a lot more features. This jailbreak app adds camera icon on the status bar and provide user a quick option to capture photos or videos. User can easily configure numerous options from settings menu such as flash, HDR and much more.

Search this app on BigBoss repository to download it.

3 FrontFlash: Its a flash Camera Cydia tweak. Front Flash tweak is developed by PoomSmart on the same repository. FrontFlash tweak adds flash to front camera even in iPad. User can configure brightness, flash and other options from setting penal.

camera button ui mod-Cy

4 Camera Button UI Mod: It looks too irritating to tap on settings to configure camera options while capturing photos or videos. Camera button UI mod helps you to get rid of this. It adds translucent grey buttons that provide you options to make your photos perfect.

HD Camera App

5 CameraTweak HD: Its for iPad. This camera tweak works on iPad, iPad Air and iPad Mini. This beautiful jailbreak app made by Samball and hosted under BigBoss repo source. It will cost you $0.99. It has numerous options to configure. Take a look at some features…

  1. Separate focus
  2. Lapse Timer Mode
  3. Burst Mode
  4. Easy Zoom Mode
  5. Fully optimized for HD iPad camera.

6 Grabby: Its a popular and must have camera grabber app. Currently, its free, but anytime developer can put it in a premium zone. Grabby can be found on private repository. You have to Google it. It is developed by Ryan Petrich. Must have tweak that brings a lot of feature with quick camera.


Keep connected and browse more categories and pages for best jailbreak apps ever for each and every equipment. I would love to add more and more iOS 8.4 apps and tweaks. If you haven’t jailbreak your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad Air or Mini, just jailbreak them now to enjoy these jailbreak apps.

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