Phenomenon iOS 9.1: The Best App Switcher Cydia Tweak for iPhone, iPad

Phenomenon Cydia Tweak replaces iPhone App Switcher…

In general usage and features are just okay with iOS 9.3 app switcher, and the best one with night mode shift and control center toggles in it.

However, IOS 9.1 control center and app switcher still misses couple of things. Phenomenon tweak can replace default app switcher and brings new features for iPhone and iPad.

I’ve found that users love App Switcher in the control center and this has been proved a lot of times with Tage, Auxo LE and many other Control center Cydia Tweaks. Phenomenon does exactly same thing in different view.

Phenomenon is developed to work with 3D Touch and Activator. So, if you don’t have 3D Touch on your device, you can do all the function with activator Cydia tweak.

But I found some features in the setting menu which are not so useful and consume a lot of battery life. I think jailbreak tweak should be developed with battery optimization. If you activate Phenomenon vibrate feature, it drains your battery too fast.

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It offers couple of below features…

  1. User can easily disable or enable main app switcher or 3D Touch App Switcher. If you don’t have 3D Touch enabled device, you can disable this feature.
  2. However, non 3D Touch device user can still access all the features with Activator Cydia tweak.
  3. Phenomenon Cydia tweak has two option for Control center User interface. You can use smaller CC or normal Control center.
  4. There are couple of vibrating options available. I recommend to disable them to prevent battery draining.

So, if you’ve made your mind to download Phenomenon Cydia tweak, you need to purchase it from BigBoss Cydia source.

You can ask more details about Phenomenon iOS 9.1 tweak via comment section…

How to Download Mojo Installer iOS 10 Without Jailbreak – Install Cydia Apps

How to Install Mojo Installer Without Jailbreak on iPhone, iPad…

On today’s date, large number of Cydia users who can’t jailbreak their iOS 9.3.2, iOS 9.4 or iOS 10 firmware, getting Mojo Without Jailbreak which is the shortest trick to enjoy Cydia Installer for iPhone or iPad.

Now, you’d think that I’m talking about iOS 10 and iOS 9.4 jailbreak and firmware! The simple answer is, I’m concern about future of jailbreak and Cydia tweaks.

Mojo Installer without jailbreak installs any Cydia app listed on their repository or hosted on their server. You can play countless apps, game hacks and emulator without jailbreaking on iOS 10 or any newer firmware.

We’re also on the test run and found some truth in initial stage about compatibility with iPad and iPhone. Users can actually download GBA4iOS, MovieBox and Minecraft which is impossible to install successfully on iOS 10 without jailbreak.

To test Mojo Installer, you need to download their iPhone app from the official website which is available completely free. The simple condition is, you should have iOS enabled device.

More and more Cydia Sources are adding up with Mojo without jailbreak and since starting point of this app, there are number of top Jailbreak apps have been added successfully for the iPhone users without jailbreak iOS 9.3.

Once question is most asked during comment session that, is Mojo Installer free? Yes. Mojo jailbreak alternative is completely free installer and it can be installed any iPhone or iPad running the latest firmware.

If you still found some question, I request you to make a comment…

Apple Pushed MacOS 10.11.5 Just After iOS 9.3.2 Beta

Download MacOS 10.11.5 for your iMac or MacBook for better performance…

MacOS 10.11.5 is now just about to be released for the public. If you were facing WiFi issues or slow Mac issues, you would feel something better after installing Mac OS X 10.11.5 El Capitan.

Today, Apple announced Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.5 beta which is actually the second beta version for developers and it’s public testers. If you’ve developer account or public beta tester account you can enjoy this new update on your Mac.

It’s almost a month have been passed since Apple released MacOS 10.11.4 and the new version would take another a month before releasing to public. There are couple things need to be fixed before Apple release Mac OS X 10.11.5 public version.

So, if you’re also interested to download MacOS 10.11.5, you need to have developer account. You can get a free developer account without paying anything. The link for that is given below…

We should note that iOS 9.3.2 is also in beta stage and Apple would release all these updates together for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch along with tvOS for Apple TV.

For your convenience, we’re going to update our MacBook Air with this beta software and would notify you about new features and improvements.

Till then if you can’t wait for this update to release publicly, you can head to the Apple Seed program where you can register yourself for free developer account and download MacOS 10.11.5 yourself.

Leave any comment if you found any trouble…

How to Download AirShou Using iEmulator iOS 9.3.2 Without Jailbreak

iEmulator iOS 9.3.2 allows iPhone to install Air Shou without Jailbreak…

iOS 9.3.2 is brand new firmware released by Apple and has new features such as Night Shift mode, Low power saving mode and bunch of tweaks to save battery life.

You can take screen shot too without any tool and without jailbreak, but it requires screen recorder software or feature that recent iOS 9.3.2 doesn’t have.

Air Shou iOS 9.3.2 is screen recorder for iPhone and iPad that can be installed without jailbreak using iEmulator on iOS 9.3.2.

Officially, Apple doesn’t allow AirShou to install on your iPhone so you need tweak to get hands on Air Shou on your iPad or iPhone or any iOS device such as iPod Touch. In this case, we can use iEmulator downloader.

iEmulator is the app and website which allows iOS 9.3.2 user to install AirShou to install on iPhone or iPad without jailbreak. You can record screen of your iOS device without any issue with bunch of features and functions.

You either need iEmulator app for iPhone or you can download Air Shou iPhone app from iEmulators website. Both the ways are easy and work same way.

I’ve personally installed Air Shou on my iPhone using the said method and it works even without jailbreak on my iOS 9.3.2 as I’ve public beta software.

This is fun way to download jailbreak apps without Cydia. The best way to stay tuned without Cydia apps specially when there isn’t any jailbreak since long time.

iOS 9.3.2 Jailbreak is still on the way and the time of release is not sure. We’re constantly waiting for the leaks and underground news and as soon as we get something, we’d deliver it to you all.

Till then download iEmulator or access their website to install AirShou without jailbreak and if AirShou not working on your device, just leave a comment below…

Enable iPod Touch 6G Battery Percentage [No Jailbreak iOS 9.3.2]

How to enable battery percentage of iPod Touch 6G, 5th generation and so on without jailbreak IOS 9.3.2

Guys i’ve iPod Touch and without battery percentage, I’ve passed a lot of months. Finally, I decided to put battery percentage again on my iPod Touch 6th generation and searched on YouTube about enabling it.

After a quick search, I got two closely related videos about enable iPod Touch battery percentage which is nearly impossible officially.

There isn’t any app or setting that allows user to enable battery percentage unlike iPhone and other devices such as iPad. I’ve attached one of those videos that demonstrates the process to enable battery percentage for iPod Touch.

So, if you don’t understand the writing process, you can head to that video and directly check the demo who the guy enables iPod Touch battery percentage and number.

Over all the process is easy and takes only five minutes total. During the process of enabling iPod Touch battery percentage, you need to have Windows or Mac computer.

Additionally, iTunes and iBackUpBot software is needed to edit some system files. This can be done easily without having computer or any software if you’ve jailbreak device using Cydia tweak that does whole job without editing any file, but if you don’t have jailbreak device or Cydia, you can follow the video.

So you need to edit a system file that allows iPod Touch to show battery percentage and you’re done. Below is the video that can be followed to put battery number on your iPod Touch without jailbreak.

Don’t forget to make a comment if anything goes wrong. One more thing, don’t forget to take whole iPod Touch backup because you’re just about to edit system file which is really harmful and suppose anything would be wrong, you need to restore whole device and in that case, you may loss important iPod Touch data.

So, I’m waiting for your comments guys, let’s start it…

New Tweaks: Volume Mixer 2, FTAdjust, PowerDown Customize, SpringFade Cydia Tweaks for iPhone, iPad

New Cydia Tweaks came to this week – Volume Mixer 2, PowerDown Customizer, FTAdjust and SpringFade jailbreak apps…

So, you are missing iOS 9.3.2 jailbreak but we can’t do anything to bring jailbreak 9.3.2 for you right now, it depends on PanGu or Taig team to offer free untethered jailbreak for iOS 9.3.2.

Today, we can show you some new Cydia tweaks that reached to jailbreak app store for iPhone and iPad. These are new tweaks and dedicated to iPad and iPhone and compatible for iOS 9.1 jailbreak.

So, if you’ve iOS 9.1 jailbreak, you can try these new jailbreak apps on your iPhone or iPad before iOS 9.3.2 jailbreak comes.

Volume Mixer 2

I’ve something special for you if you’re not happy with default volume controls and features of iPhone. Volume Mixer Cydia tweak is new and released to jailbreak appStore for couple of cents. The tweak brings ultimate volume control features.

On one screen, you can manage volume controls for all the media which are connected to your device. The volume of ringtone, phone volume for calls and bluetooth speaker volume.

If you’ve installed Activator on your iPhone, you can customize gestures to control these volume controls using Volume Mixer 2.

EarthView Walls: Do you love Google Earth wallpaper? If you do, EarthView Walls is the Cydia tweak that brings all new Google earth wallpaper to you which can be applied to your iPhone or iPad for free.

FTAdjust: This tweak allows user to change the size of folder’s title. It’s free and you can do a test for your iPhone if you’ve multiple nested folders.

PauseAfterCall: This tweak is developed to pause music at the time of incoming call and the music would be restart when the call would be disconnected. The cool Cydia tweak is free and available on BigBoss repo.

PowerDown Customizer: If you need to respring or reboot your iPhone and you don’t know how to do that, PowerDown Customizer brings easy controls for you to manage power functions for your iPhone or iPad.

SpringFade: SpringFade brings fade animation effect to your device. Once you installed SpringFade Cydia tweak on your iPhone, whenever you unlock your iPhone or iPad, the fade effect would be appear.

So, in the absence of iOS 9.3.2 jailbreak, there are many new Cydia tweaks available which can be installed on your iPad or iPhone.

These Cydia apps can help you for wait of the next jailbreak tool. If you wanna download more new tweaks, you can add these Cydia sources to your jailbreak app store.

Make a comment if you’ve anything to ask…

BiteSMS Alternative: Download Nuntius for iMessage to iPhone, iPad

Nuntius iOS 9.3 brings cool features for iMessage

This is my personal choice to use stock message app of iPhone while communicate via SMS or MMS. But, believe me stock message app doesn’t have much features and only jailbreak tweaks can fulfill the gap.

Yeah, I’m talking about Nuntius Cydia tweak which is new but offers some cool features for iPhone stock message application.

If you’ve used BiteSMS ever, you would get exact idea what I’m telling about. Nuntius is also like BiteSMS and it also brings some key features that iMessage is missing right now.

For some reasons, BiteSMS was taken back and the new version of BiteSMS iOS 9.3 never came to the floor. According to the developer, the developments of BiteSMS Cydia tweak has been stopped.

Anyway, Nuntius can be a great option for BiteSMS and you can still use your message app with Nuntius Cydia tweak to bring missing features.

Mine biggest issue with message app is out dated interface and some customization and details should be there. Nuntius jailbreak app is the ideal for this purpose and it allows me customizing iMessage interface and fully functional stock app for messaging.

There are couple of features I want to outline here after installing Nuntius Cydia app

  1. On stock message app, there isn’t any option available to make sticky message. I mean suppose there is message which is most important, I can’t make it sticky at the top. Nuntius can pin the conversation or the message on the top of all conversations.
  2. There are bunch of messages in my stock app and most of them are unread. There isn’t any option there to make them read without actually open each of those messages. Nuntius tweak can be used to swipe on that message to read or unread that message, which is cool.
  3. You can simply hide any conversation which you don’t want to show to others.
  4. Users can easily switch stock message app with iMessage and message app for SMS.
  5. After installation of Nuntius, now I can see all the message in the inbox rather than just few of the top messages.

There are other bunch of features and customization options so that you can ultimately use stock message app which can be used after Nuntius installation.

If you’re one who wanna download Nuntius tweak on your iPhone or iPad, you can simply look in BigBoss Cydia Source. This app is paid one and to install free version of Nuntius Cydia tweak, you need to make a comment and request us promo code.

Nuntius jailbreak app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch if you’ve customized it for calling and SMS. Oh yeah, iMessage conversations can also be handled with Nuntius.

So, start commenting if you’ve anything to ask…

CCTools Cydia Tweak: The Best Control Center App to Customize your iPhone, iPad CC

Download CCTools iOS 9.3 for iPhone, iPad

We’ve reviewed a bunch of tweaks, and most of are really useful. Today, I’d like to redirect your attention to the app which has ability to customize your control center. It’s one of the best Control Center Cydia Tweak.

It’s new so you may not know what is it. This tweak is known as CCTools control center Cydia tweak. It’s developed specially for control center to customize.

CCTools is compatible for most of the devices that run on iOS 9.3 or lower firmware, but it must be jailbroken. After jailbreak, you can install CCTools without any restrictions.

Developer may ask you to pay couple of cents in order to hands on CCTools, but you can get this tweak for free from HackYouriPhone with CCTools Free full version app.

So, you may want to know that which are the features and why you should look into CCTools as best Control Center Cydia tweak. Okay, let’s figure out features.

CCTools Features…

This new Cydia tweak basically brings bunch of settings to hide, show, enable or disable couple of sections, toggles or shortcuts from Control Center. This is how, you can hide the sections which you don’t use.

Take a look in details…

  1. Hide CC Toggles: This section is located in the settings penal under CCTools Cydia tweak. You can hide, show, enable or disable any toggle that you don’t wanna use.
  2. Hide CC Shortcuts: Same as above. This setting would overwrite your control center and hide or show couple of shortcuts from Control Center.
  3. Now come to third feature. Users can hide separator which is located before Dark Bright control. The very next option would allow you hide completely brightness option from control Center. But, I’d suggest you that don’t use CCTools’s this feature because Brightness control is important in CC.
  4. Hide Media: CCTools users can hide media controllers and along with separators around it.
  5. Highlight Airdrop: After installation of CCTools, users can highlight AirPlay AirDrop sections.
  6. Users can enable or disable couple of effects from Control center while opening or closing ControlCenter.

I’m personally using CCTools Cydia app on my iPhone and iPad that helps me to hide couple of sections from Control Center that I hate.

This tweak is available in BigBoss Cydia Source, but as I said that developer can ask you to pay. You can still get CCTools for free. Just leave a comment below…

SlideMe Cydia Tweak: Change LockScreen Unlock Style for iPhone, iPad

Download SlideMe app for iPhone, iPad

If you’re one who always looking to do something different, then there is a Cydia tweak released today that’s gonna change your mood.

SlideMe Cydia tweak is the one which allows user to change unlock style on your iPhone or iPad running on jailbreak firmware.

If you’ve ever seen rotary style telephones, you would see the similar effects on your iPhone lock screen while unlocking iPad or iPhone.

To unlock your iPhone or iPad after installing SlideMe, you need to scroll your fingers from 1 to 9 number and your iPhone would be unlocked. Isn’t it great?

This cool SlideMe tweak is available on Cydia which can be purchased from $1.49 for a life time upgrade. Once you activated the tweak, it completely changes your lock screen with new rotary style unlocking feature.

This new tweak is created by one of the popular Cydia tweak developer and it has been hosted on one of the most popular Cydia Sources, it’s BigBoss.

You can change the look of your lock screen using SlideMe Cydia app for iOS 9.3.1 too or any new firmware just after jailbreak it. And, if you don’t have jailbreak tool for it, you can hands on Extensify or iPAWind which have been published on our blog that allows user to install Cydia apps without jailbreak.

But before anything, let me mention one thing that after installation of SlideMe tweak, you need enable the tweak from Settings menu. It allows users to use different styles, you can choose one.

And, if you feel hard, you can post a comment below and we’d be there for you instantly…

Best WhatsAPP Cydia Tweak: Install WhatsPad iOS 9.3.1 Without Jailbreak

WhatsApp is available for iPad Air, iPad Pro, iPad MInii and iPod Touch with WhatsPad

If you’re one of those users who wanna download WhatsAPP iOS 9.3.1 on your iPad, iPod Touch or any Apple tablet and you couldn’t installing, then you should read this article.

There are certain restrictions made by developers of WhatsAPP 9.3.1 and so you can’t install it on your iPad or iPod Touch. There isn’t any way to hands on your favorite messenger app without WhatsPad.

But unfortunately, WhatsPad iOS 9.3.1 is jailbreak app and it can’t be installed without jailbreak. The badness is, there isn’t any jailbreak iOS 9.3.1 available right now.

However, we’ve published an article about the iPhone, iPad app that can install certain Cydia tweaks iOS 9.3.1 without jailbreak. The good thing is, WhatsPad is in the list of supported Cydia apps made by Extensify.

You can download Extensify anytime from your iPhone or iPad and install the client on your iPad or iPhone. After installing the app, there would be a list of tweaks and extensions which are supported by the developers, you need to choose WhatsPad to install WhatsAPP on iPad Pro, iPad Air or iPad Mini.

Along with WhatsAPP extensions, there are many other great tweaks and apps listed on the front page or Extensify. And, a lot more developers are joining the app to put their jailbreak apps without jailbreak for iPhone and iPad.

So, if you really wanna enjoy WhatsAPP iPad version or iPod Touch app, then you need to check out Extensify and WhatsPad once.

If you need any further details or knowledge about WhatsAPP, WhatsPad or Extensify, just make a comment by filling your name.

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