OnlineNotify Cydia Tweak Notifies WhatsAPP iOS 8.3 online friends

OnlineNotify Cydia Tweak Notifies WhatsAPP iOS 8.3 online friends

Do you have ever missed your online friends on WhatsAPP? Normally, WhatsAPP doesn’t notify you about your online friends. It updates latest messages and changes, but it doesn’t notify you real time status of online.

Thanks to OnlineNotify WhatsAPP tweak that notifies WhatsAPP users about online friends on your iPhone or iPad. OnlineNotify is a jailbreak tweak and available on Cydia app store for $1.99.

Such other tweaks, OnlineNotify Cydia tweak is hosted on BigBoss repo source and available cracked version of HackYouriPhone repo source for free. It works on WhatsAPP iOS 8.3 latest version without any issue.

OnlineNotify features…

  • Notifies for selected Contacts: OnlineNotify Cydia tweak allows you to add some contact numbers for your friend and relatives for which you wanna get online notification. The tweak would notify you when the friend from that list would be online or offline. Suppose, any friend who is not added to the list, for him, you won’t get notified.
  • Online Indicator: The tweak adds online indicator next to contact name of the friend or group info. This is how, if you’re accessing WhatsAPP, you get clear signal for online members.

However, there is some drawbacks. Suppose, you’re out of WhatsAPP and locked your iPhone. In such situation, your WiFi would be turned off and OnlineNotify tweak would also be turned off. In this case, you need another tweak to keep this tweak connected to WiFi. You need to install “Insomnia Cydia tweak” to do that.

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The tweak is extremely, but may consume a lot of battery life. So, before installing Online Notify Cydia tweak, keep your battery status in your mind. If your battery drain quickly, I won’t recommend you to install this tweak.

If you’ve any suggestion or comments, leave them below…

Download iOS 9 Jailbreak 9.0, 9.1, 9.2 – Status Updates for iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPod Touch

Download iOS 9 Jailbreak 9.0, 9.1, 9.2 – Status Updates

Very next release of iOS would be iOS 9. The most feature rich and improved firmware in the history of Apple iOS firmwares and iDevice.

This year, Apple would release Apple Watch and couple of new iDevices may be iPhone 7 or i6s whatever. But, one thing is sure, they would launch them with iOS 9 and Apple Pay service.

With the time, jailbreak developers have also improved themselves and made a great competition between each other. A while ago, there was only one or two teams of developers were working on any jailbreak and hardly release any jailbreak even after five or six months later.

But, now the jailbreak iOS 9 would be available for download in a few days later of release and thanks to the teams like TaiG, PanGu and of course EvasiOn9.

Recently, a new jailbreak team, PP Jailbreak has released iOS 8.1.2 jailbreak for Mac OS X. This proves that there is another team, PP Jailbreak who would work and release Download iOS 9 Jailbreak.

Nowadays, there are so many new Cydia tweaks developers who develop new jailbreak apps each new day after day. Definitely, 2015 would be a great year in jailbreak community. A list of new events would come such as iOS 9 jailbreak, new Cydia tweaks, jailbreak apps, new Cydia repos and sources and of course new features.

What would you like to see in iOS 9 and what are you expecting from iOS 9 Jailbreak 9?

Aoraki Cydia Tweak Brings Multi Functions With Floating Button on iPhone, iPad for iOS 8.1.2

Aoraki Cydia Tweak Brings Multi Functions With Floating Button on iPhone, iPad for iOS 8.1.2

There are many jailbreak apps that known to extend functionality for iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPod Touch. Yesterday, the Cydia tweak called Aoraki was released in store for $1.99 on BigBoss repository that brings couple of nice features and really extend functionality of your iPad or iPhone.

The popular jailbreak tweak developer, iMokhles, released Aoraki Cydia tweak on BigBoss repo source that brings multi function features with virtual floating button.

Once you install Aoraki tweak, you would be able to access a bunch of essential features within a click from anywhere using that virtual floating button. Aoraki has been updated to iOS 8.1.2 firmware.

Some of the features listed below…

  1. WhatsAPP Quick Compose: Do you have found something interesting and wanna share on WhatsAPP, now you can quickly compose WhatsAPP message using Aoraki jailbreak app. It supports iMessage, Mail app, Twitter and Facebook too.
  2. Direct Message to Twitter: User can share pictures or any tweet to his Twitter follower directly.
  3. Share System Files: Aoraki Cydia tweak brings support to upload and share system files with supported apps.
  4. Share Photos: User can share photos quickly using Aoraki.
  5. Switch Penal: Aoraki brings cute switch penal quickly on your screen.
  6. Quick Camera, Search, Respring, Reboot, Shutdown, SafeMode and Clean UIC (User Interface Cache)

Do you have made any changes to your iPhone or iPad look? Just use Aoraki to quickly respring, shutdown or reboot or even clean UIC feature to give quick effect.

Share your thoughts or effects with us…

Today BigBoss’s Tweaks: aLock4WhatsApp, aLock4Line, knowy0urCallActive & Railway

No doubt BigBoss is one of the best Cydia Sources. Today we have seen aLock4WhatsApp, aLock4line, KnowyOurcallActive and Railway tweaks under this repo.

Today, there were a lot of apps to share with you specially from BigBoss repo, because most of the apps were from this repo. Now, the limitation is, I have to choose only best tweaks of the day from all around the repo sources, so, I had to choose only best four apps and luckily all four tweaks were from BigBoss.

Couple of days ago, I had shared a WhatsApp trick to install on iPad Air, Mini and iPod Touch and iPhone. Today, I have picked a tweak called aLock4WhatsApp that is dedicated to WhatsApp. There are another three tweaks. We will see them in detail.

4 Best Tweaks of the day


1 aLock4WhatsApp: Its a privacy option who uses WhatsApp in iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone. One kind of gesture lock that protect WhatsApp from unauthorized access. Lock4WhatsApp is developed by lock4app and hosted under BigBoss repo source. If you have interest to try it, I would like to mention the price. It will cost your pocket $4.99

  1. First, launch Cydia and tap on Sources.
  2. Tap on BigBoss repo.
  3. Search “Lock4WhatsApp” or “aLock4WhatsApp”
  4. Within the result, tap on the app and tap on Install button.
  5. Done

2 aLock4Line: From the same developer of Lock4WhatsApp and the same feature that above tweak has, but in “Line” App. It protects unauthorized access to Line app on your iPhone or iPad. It also cost your $4.99 and you can find it on BigBoss repo of course.

3 knowy0urCallActive: It is developed by MoonWolf and hosted under BigBoss repo. KnowYourCallActive is a free tweak protects from radiation effects. We all are aware of health issues. Once you have installed this tweak, you can put your iPhone anywhere, the tweak will make vibrate when any incoming call comes.

4 Railway: Note: Its not a rail or transport related iPhone app. What do you do when you don’t have USB stick and wanna transfer music songs, videos and files from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to computer? It becomes more complex especially when you’re on other one’s computer.

Railway allows user to transfer files and music easily. Connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to computer and simply drag and drop files that you wanna transfer. This tweak is developed by Luciano and you can find this app on BigBoss repo. It will cost you around $0.99


Sometimes, these simple tweaks save a great time and efforts and if it is privacy matter, we never give up. Lock4WhatsApp is just that kind of app. But, as a jailbreak users, we never forget to search free app rather than paid. And of course, there are a hundreds of apps that are free and do the same features that paid apps provide.

MyWi 8 iOS 8.1.2: Install the Best WiFi Tethering Cydia Tweak for iPhone, iPad Air, Mini 2…

MyWi 8 has been updated compatible for iOS 8.1.2 jailbreak. It is one of the best WiFi tethering Cydia tweaks ever. Now users can install it on iPhone, iPad Mini, Air and iPod Touch…

I have seen many jailbreak users who had actually jailbroken their iOS iDevice just because of the WiFi tethering, you guys won’t believe that I’m also one of them. iOS 8.1.2 MyWi 8 is the perfect app for WiFi tethering and it requires jailbreak, because its a Cydia tweak.

MyWi 8 is developed by Intelliborn and hosted under ModMyi. This WiFi jailbreak tweak is not a free one and will charge a handsome money from your pocket ($19.99), but if you need a trusted WiFi tethering, you have no choice rather than MyWi Cydia tweak.

In terms of features MyWi 8 stands out. It has great stability and most of the WiFi users who needs WiFi tethering, install this tweak. There is an add on with this app called MyWi onDemand ($4.99 Additional) to provide on demand WiFi tethering. But, its an optional add on  and you can avoid it. In many cases, MyWi is enough for all kind of WiFi Tethering.


1 MyWi 8 creates WiFi hotspot with just a one tap on a link. That WiFi hotspot is extremely useful to connect your iDevice to iDevice or iDevice to computer and share WiFi signals in good quality.

2 WiFi On demand is an optional feature that’s now available. User can tether WiFi whenever they want.

3 MyWi offers WiFi sharing, USB tethering, Bluetooth tethering features.

4 It is now fully compatible for iOS 8.1.2 iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini

Note: iOS 8.1.2 MyWi 8 is completely redesigned and optimized for low battery consumption, quality WiFi signals and quick performance.


No doubt, MyWi is the best WiFi app, however, its costly too. Suppose, you wanna free or cheap Cydia tweak that provides all these features, then there are pretty good amount of paid (cheap) and free WiFi jailbreak apps including BetterWiFi, WiFi Analyzer.

iOS 8.1.2 – iOS 8.1.1 AppLocker – Lock iPhone, iPad Apps with Password

AppLocker offers great security feature that allows you to lock particular apps, folders and even home screen layout. It has numerous features. All these at 100% Free.

In the age of social networking, we should be alert and need a solution that keeps our personal data separate from other unauthorized access. AppLocker can give you perfect security feature that you are looking for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

AppLocker is developed by Cjori which can be found in ModMyi repo. ModMyi is a recognized Cydia repo that contains a large number of Cydia apps and tweaks. AppLocker was paid application in earlier days of it’s launch, but now its completely free.

AppLocker Features – How to Lock iPhone, iPad Apps

I would say, AppLocker is must have app that every iPhone and iPad user should have to protect personal data from unauthorized access. It has a bunch of features that are awesome. Take a look at those features…

AppLocker allows you to lock iPhone and iPad applications at free of cost.

1 Session Locking: You can lock any iPhone and iPad application and can be accessed only using a single password that has been generated by the use. Each and every application asks you password to open it. Sometimes, it becomes irritating.

AppLocker has session locking feature. When you activate session locking feature, all applications, folders and home screen layout and everything that have been locked using AppLocker will be unlocked when you unlock your phone and everything will be locked again, when your iPhone or iPad get locked.

2 Addon Toggles: You are getting a numerous toggles that make easy navigation. SBSettings toggle and Activator toggle can be useful with SBSettings and Activator Cydia apps.

3 WiFi: You can set your prefered WiFi. When you are connected with that WiFi, AppLocker will be disable and everything will be unlocked. You can easily change WiFi settings from Setting menu.

4 Jiggle: Once you activate Jiggle mode, you can enable and disable Applocker by entering jiggle mode from the home screen and lock or unlock apps using single button.

5 Multiple Locking features: iPhone, iPad users can lock home screen, notification banners and even folders. It means, when you lock any folder, all the apps will be locked automatically on that particular folder.

6 Disable Photos: User can disable access to photos from Camera app. No one can access your photo gallery except you.


At the moment, AppLocker is the best app to lock apps on iPhone or iPad. As its a Cydia tweak, so, it can be installed only on jailbroken iOS device. If you haven’t jailbroken your iOS device, you can use EvasiOn to jailbreak it.

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AndriOS iOS 8.3: The Cydia Tweak That Brings Android Style Experience to iPhone, iPad

AndriOS iOS 8.3: The Cydia Tweak That Brings Android Style Experience to iPhone, iPad

We’re the first who have came up with AndriOS Cydia tweak. This Android style Cydia tweak brings some great features and graphics for Android lovers.

This tweak is really cool enough that everyone wanna get AndriOS iPhone app on his iOS device. It brings brand new Notification center, lockscreen widgets, search bar, slider bar and nav bar.

AndriOS Cydia tweak is not officially out yet, but it seems like it would come for iOS 8.3 jailbreak. However, its hard to predict release date, it may be release for iOS 8.1.2 too.

Below, we’re gonna attach couple of screenshot from AndriOS iOS 8.3 cydia tweak which is tested on iPhone 6 Plus, try to imaging how it would look on your iPad Air, iPad Mini or iPhone.

Take a look…

AndriOS Cydia Tweak

AndriOS iOS 8.3

A lot more pictures are coming from AndriOS iPhone tweak. This is just preview of alternative notification center that contains settings for various things like WiFi, Bluetooth, Auto-brightness, Ringer, Do not Disturb, Airplane Mode, FlashLight, Location, HotSpot and Auto rotate.

AndriOS Features…

  1. A completely customization penal included in this Cydia tweak.
  2. Action Bar: Action bar contains three buttons. First button let you go back to the previous app while middle of the button would act like “Home” button using which you can go to home screen or if you hold it, you can activate Siri. You can use third button to open app switcher and if you hold third button, all the open apps would be closed. AndriOS Action bar is exactly same look like Android style action bar on iPhone or iPad.
  3. Power Menu: The developer has added very cool power menu to AndriOS Cydiia tweak. It contains toggles for Power Off, AirPlane Mode and Ringer settings. In the same penal, AndriOS gives you Respring, Reboot and other setting’s options.
  4. Search Widget: Search bar brings completely new way to search using Google search feature, you’ve never searched like this ever before. AndriOS brings this search feature for you.
  5. Volume Slider: It brings cool volume slider.
  6. LockScreen Widget: AndriOS brings brand new and cool lockscreen widgets too.

Stay tuned with us to welcome AndriOS Cydia tweak to Cydia store. If you’ve any suggestions, share with us via comments…

All About Jailbreak & JailbreakMe

In core, jailbreaking your iPhone means freeing it from restrictions imposed on it. You install unofficial application installers to your iOS device, such as Cydia, where it “breaks open” the iPhone’s file system to allow you to modify it.. finally you’ll no longer be forced to get all your apps from iTunes!

Conclusion from our point of view the most important benefits of jailbreaking are:

  • Normally use each page of the springboard for a specific category of application, so I have a page for multimedia, office, tools, games, finance, etc. I then install Orbit, place it as a docked application. By touching orbit, I get a display of all the pages instantly, and by touching the right page, that springboard page is called up. This makes launching applications really productive.
  • By installing Backgrounder, I can multitask. So, my Golf Card program does not get terminated risking the loss of data when an SMS or Phone call comes in while using that application
  • Use SBSettings to hide unused applications such as the stock weather program. It also let me quickly toggle on and off things like WiFi, 3G, rotation inhibitor
  • Installing Kirikae, I can double click to bring up the list of active programs and switch to any of them without having to go back to the springboard, swipe to the page containing that application, and launch the application. I can also launch favorite still inactive applications from there.
  • When you install the 3.1 update for instance Apple actually puts a new image of the software on your phone and thus the jailbreak is wiped. Therefore the devs recommend waiting to update your device until they have come out with an updated jailbreak for the 3.1 software. It is more of an issue with people who rely on Ultrasn0w to use other networks, because if you update and it isn’t compatible your device will effectively be a very expensive iPod touch.That being said, the recent 3.01 update had no effect on the baseband (which would render the unlock useless) or on the ability for redsn0w to jailbreak your device. So it really depends on what kind of update apple issues. Sites like this and the official dev site will provide you with information on what software version redsn0w is currently compatible with.

Jailbreak is the way to go as it gives you that extra level of flexibility. The great thing about jailbreaking is you can be selective in what features you want. Some elements of the jailbreak can be draining on the battery and can thus be perceived by users as being negative

Many people asking:

  • Do you need to unlock the iPhone as-well or just jailbreak it using redsnow only ?
  • Do you loose your existing apps if you jailbreak your iDevice ?
  • What happens when a new iPhone version update released ?
  • Can you return back to the past release or version  of the phone after jailbreaking it or not ?

NOW lets go together through the answer to clarify and highlight the Jailbreak benefits,

Redsn0w is a software used to jailbreak your idevice, giving you access to Cydia and other third party sources of programs that arent allowed in the app store. Unlocking the phone is done by Ultrasn0w and can be downloaded from within Cydia. If you are happy on your network and have no need to use a different sim card it will be no need to install Ultrasn0w. Jailbreaking is the way to go as it gives you that extra level of flexibility. The great thing about jailbreaking is you can be selective in what features you want. Some elements of the jailbreak can be draining on the battery and can thus be perceived by users as being negative, If you just want the ability to multitask (run background apps) then just download that program and thats it. I recommend trying it out and you have the ability to restore if you’re not happy. Some of the big things are the ability to “theme” your iphone by changing icons, backgrounds, sounds, etc. Little touches here and there. If you like customizing and basically “screwing” with electronics, jailbreaking will make you happy.

Themes, and generally tidying up the GUI: I much prefer “tap to unlock” than the usual slider. “5 Column” and “5 Dock” icons are also awesome, as i can fit more on one screen now too, along with folders (“Categories”). I also love the ability to hide certain items, like “Stocks” and “Weather”, which i don’t use. Open SSH: Seeing what’s actually on my iPhone. The extra apps. Not that i’ve found much of use, or bothered to search, however. Also we faced some people asking ‘ Can you brick your iPhone if the JB process goes wrong? ‘ We suppose anything is possible but from what we’ve read it’s pretty hard to get it wrong. Redsnow was a breeze to use for me & I’m not that technically minded. If anything does go wrong you can restore to original settings in iTunes & start again. When you get the iPhone, activate it in iTunes & update if needed then Jailbreak, others asking If i Jailbreak, can i still plug it into my PC and use the iTunes connectivity. Do i need to avoid any sort of official apple software so they don’t find out that my phone is jailbroken? we answer Yes you can still use iTunes, just when an update comes out you don’t update until JB software is updated to JB the new update. Basically you have to JB each time a update is released if you want the new update on the iPhone.

Nuntius iOS 8.1.2: WhatsAPP Quick Reply Feature Added to iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone and Google Chrome

Nuntius iOS 8.1.2: WhatsAPP Quick Reply Feature Added to iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone

Today a new Cydia tweak, known as Nuntius, has arrived in the jailbreak app store for iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPod Touch that adds quick reply feature to WhatsAPP.

Nuntius is a great tweak for WhatsAPP users as quick reply was the most wanted feature since a long time for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users. Many WhatsAPP users were asking for quick reply feature since a long time and with Nuntius Cydia tweak, the feature alternatively came to WhatsAPP.

As Nuntius is jailbreak app, the WhatsAPP users who doesn’t have jailbreak iDevice, can’t be able to use this feature and they need to depend on upcoming update to WhatsApp itself.

To install this tweak, the user needs to add a repo source given below and search Nuntius within the repo to install it.

If you don’t know how to add Cydia Repo, read the following article to add Cydia Sources.

If you face any trouble or facing error, let us know via comments, we would try to look into it…

How to Install MovieBox iOS 8.3 Using vShare Without Jailbreak

How to Install MovieBox Using vShare iOS 8.3 Without Jailbreak

MovieBox is movie app based on jailbreak and Cydia. It was disapproved from Apple app store and then since then its available on Cydia store from various repo source and on big jailbreak app stores such as vShare, AppCake, HipStore, AppAddict and 25PP store.

However, the most current version of Movie Box iOS 8.3, can be installed without jailbreak using vShare or any other jailbreak app store. You can download iPA file of MovieBox iOS 8.3 and install it using iFunBox or iPA installer.

So, finally, we’ve Movie Box app that works without jailbreak and its confirmed. We’ve personally tested installing it using vShare iOS 8.3 on iPhone. The app works just fine and doesn’t give any error.

If you’ve installed iOS 8.3 on your iPhone or iPad, you can download vShare and install moviebox app on your iPhone for free. Follow below steps to get it in your iPhone.

  1. First of all, go and open Safari web browser.
  2. Visit
  3. This is the tricky part, vShare would ask you to install vShare installer, Install it.
  4. After downloading vShare, search “Movie Box iOS 8.3″ on the vShare app store.
  5. You’d found the MovieBox app, install it.
  6. Done

Enjoy MovieBox without jailbreaking using vShare iOS 8.3.

Don’t forget to install vShare (non-jailbreak) version on your iPhone or iPad, if you’ve iOS device that is not jailbroken. If you’ve any query, just leave your comment.

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