CCustomize, BrowserChanger, TimeFormat, Sinatra Cydia Tweaks

BrowserChanger, CCustomize and Sinatra Cydia Tweaks have been released for iPhone, iPad…

Lately, jailbreak community has responded the very recent jailbreak, iOS 10.2 and tweak developers are now confirmed about the future of Cydia installer and the jailbreak iPhone.

So now, the tweak developers have provided another set of some cool tweaks this week. Sinatra and CCustomize were the tweaks released for iPhone control centre whereas there are other jailbreak apps also released in which one was for status bar and one for web browser for surfing.

Many other tweaks also released this week in which FullSafari, CarPlay Lockout and Accelerated Unlock tweaks were the first after CCustomize, TimeFormat, Sinatra and BrowserChanger Cydia tweaks.

All of these tweaks provide great functionality to iPhone specially for those who love to make their iPhone look better and feature rich.


You may have noticed while opening any link on Whatsapp, Google calendar or in any other apps that you have been redirected to Safari or Google Chrome by default on your iPhone. If you want to configure your default web browser on iPhone to open links or any other things, then BrowserChanger10 is the tweak that may help you a lot.

BrowserChanger10 is completely free tweak available on Cydia App Store. You can head to BigBoss, where you can search or explore this tweak and install for free.

You would be able to configure default web browser which is essential for any user who surf a lot.

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Personally I love tweaks that changes control centre, lock screen and spring board behaviour and look. So, I tried CCustomize tweak which was free and available on BigBoss repo.

I just head on that repo where I installed CCustomize app. It just changed the whole look of my iPhone control centre. You can add any of important toggles or change position of the elements available on Control centre. I added Low Power Mode and Screen Recording toggle which were very important to me.

You can change the feel, look and features of control centre with the help of CCustomize iOS 10.2 tweak. As CCustomize is completely free, you can also try your hands on this tweak.


Sinatra tweak is developed to bring full screen music and video playback on Control centre. Sinatra iOS hack is too beautiful that if you’ve music lover then you’d really love this tweak too.

I’m sure if you’d try it once, you won’t uninstall Sinatra easily. To make it sure, just search this tweak on YouTube or Google and then you’d know all the features on the demonstration.


I always missed date and day on Status bar. With TimeFormat Cydia tweak I again added those elements to my status bar at the centre of Status bar.

TimeFormat tweak is hosted on BigBoss where you can install it for free. You can try to add date and day with time on Status bar and if you don’t like it, just remove TimeFormat Cydia tweak.

Other tweaks

  • Accelerated Unlock
  • CarPlay Lockout
  • FullSafari

iOS 11 Jailbreak: Cydia Gets New Interface

Now when Apple released another beta of iOS 11, jailbreak teams and Cydia is getting make over for the next major firmware update for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch…

Users are eagerly waiting for the upcoming Cydia iOS 11 along with PanGu jailbreak as this team is working hard for each and every new firmware update to make better jailbreak environment.

Users have faith that they’d enjoy jailbreak iOS 11 once more time when iPhone maker company releases final update of iOS 11. The whole jb community have hope that iOS 11 series would be full of jb entertainment. Users would be able to download PanGu and install Cydia 11.

Tweets have already started to come out with updates of iOS 11 jailbreak and we know already that Cydia installer is a tool that’s always ready to serve best tweaks and apps out there for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

In other hand, Apple doesn’t want to take any risk. The iPhone maker company would try it’s best to prevent all possible jailbreak iOS 11. To prevent possible jailbreak 11 update, the Cupertino based company is ready to release iOS 11.0.1, iOS 11.0.3 and iOS 11.0.2 along with iOS 11.1 with most advanced features and security patched.

iOS 11 has many new features as completely new redesigned control centre, lock screen widgets and Notification Center. According to reports, iPhone dock is also getting completely new design and features. Dock bar can be customized with more than four dock bar icons along with ability to change color and dock bar theme.

Apple is tweaking a lot with iOS 11. It seems like they’re learning a lot with Cydia and jailbreak as they’re creating customized status bar, lock screen and control centre. They don’t let you think about jailbreak at any cost after installing iOS 11.

Before installing any jailbreak installer, make sure to visit our blog to see any official updates for iOS 11. Cydia iPA file would be available with PanGu tool to prevent any additional installation.

You can make a comment to ask latest update or check update log here…

Update On: iOS 11 beta 2 released by Apple. PanGu has made an official announcement to jailbreak11. Cydia would be free be installation with PanGu iOS 11 tool.

Jailbreak iOS 11: PanGu Tries iOS 10.3.1 Exploits on New Firmware

Jailbreak 11: The game changer firmware for iPhone that want to install Cydia…

This month, Apple unveiled many new developments to the public or to the developers. iOS 11 and iOS 10.3.3 were few of them that got beta updates for iPhone and iPad.

All the compatible devices can install these firmware and thus developers have started testing both of these firmware on their level.

A jailbreak developer who is known as PanGu demonstrated the most awaiting jb tool for iOS 10.3.1. They have working exploits and thus, it is expected that the team would try iOS 10.3.1 vulnerabilities on iOS 11 firmware.

Meanwhile, Apple has included many changes, features and security enhancements. All of these changes make iOS 11 so excited and special. Just similar to iOS 10, Apple would want that no body jailbreak iOS 11 at any way. As, the iPhone maker company was most successful preventing jailbreak for iPhone during previous firmware releases.

iOS 10.3.1 Jailbreak Status

iOS 10.3.1 was a quick update after iOS 10.2 jailbreak released by Luca that was jailbroken by Yalu tethered tool. iOS 10.3.1 can be jailbreak using Yalu which is completely free tool available for iPhone and iPad.

PanGu has already demonstrated iOS 10.3.1 jailbreak couple of times during various security conferences and on video channels. The jailbreak community believes, PanGu would release this jailbreak for iPhone.

iOS 10.3.3 Jailbreak Possibilities

But, why they’re not releasing iOS 10.3.1 jailbreak. Its simple, PanGu has tested their hands on iOS 10.3.2 and iOS 10.3.3. We believe that some of their exploits still work on iOS 10.3.3. As iOS 10.3.3 is still on beta stage, the team doesn’t want to lose their exploits.

We’re hoping that PanGu would see all the possibilities to jailbreak iOS 10.3.3 after the public release of iOS 10.3.3. Apple may release iOS 10.3.3 within a month and then PanGu team would complete all their remaining work.

PanGu iOS 11 Jailbreak

At the same time, the China based team, PanGu is expected to try their exploits on iOS 11. The first two beta versions of iOS 11 have been released for developers and whole community believes PanGu would try their exploits on iOS 11 for best use.

iOS 11 has many new features and capabilities to turn your iPhone limitless. Apple want to prevent jailbreak 11 by offering many new features and unlocking limitless possibilities to change lock screen, control centre, Notification Center and dock bar.

iOS 11 would get so many new features and thus the jailbreak community would have to work at their best level to release iOS 11 jailbreak.

While its long time passed since last untethered jailbreak release, would you still wait to jailbreak iOS 11 or upcoming releases such as iOS 11.1, iOS 11.2 or iOS 11.3?

Download iOS 11 Wallpaper For Free Compatible for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Finally, a most advanced and brand new iOS 11 firmware is released for iPhone and all other Apple devices that run on iOS platform. Today, I would give you option to download iOS 11 wallpapers.

iOS 11 has some beautiful wallpapers. Thus some users try to download iOS 11 just to install those wallpaper on their devices. As iOS 11 is beta firmware currently, so if you’re looking only for installing iOS 11 wallpapers, you can do it without installing whole firmware on your iPhone or iPad.

iOS 11 is announced by Apple and many new features and theme changes have been demonstrated on YouTube by various YouTube users. Developers have got the firmware chance to hands on iOS 11 on their compatible iPhone and iPad devices.

Before installing whole iOS 11 firmware on your iPhone, please consider watching at least one demonstration on YouTube. And if iOS 11 wallpaper is one of that reason that’s why you’re hoping to install iOS 11, then you can download that wallpaper from here.

According to Apple, around 100 new features and performance issues have been addressed in iOS 11. A new iOS 11 wallpaper is also added to this new firmware to make it unique.

Users looking for iOS 11 new wallpaper can head to below paragraph where they can just tap on the wallpaper and save it. Once it has been saved to your gallery, you can go to settings and then Wallpapers option. There you can choose iOS 11 wallpaper to apply.

New iOS 11 Wallpapers

Don’t forget to share your thoughts on iOS 11 features, wallpaper and all those things that you like or don’t like in this new firmware. I’d keep posting new things on iOS 11 after your tips, suggestions and guidances.

If you want any other new wallpaper for your iPhone or iPad, please comment below and leave your request…

Download Lucky Patcher for iOS [Updated Version for iPhone]

Lucky Patcher for iPhone is getting too popular these days, you should know it’s features dedicated to iOS…

These days, many ++ apps have been released for non jailbreak devices such as Deezer++, WhatsAPP++, Pandora++, Pokemon Go++ and many more.

It seems like the developers are still working on Lucky Patcher for iPhone to make it compatible for iOS without jailbreak. Currently, it can be try only after jailbreaking to get the full featured Cydia app.

Normally, the users having a lot of in app purchase apps, install Lucky Patcher on their iOS devices. This jailbreak tweak allows users to get all the paid and exclusive in app purchases without investing any money on purchase.

I’m getting huge number of request posting a tutorial on installing Lucky Patcher for iOS, I decided to post another article on this topic. Previously, I mentioned few features and concept on which this Cydia tweak works.

You should know one thing clearly that Lucky Patcher works great on the devices that are jailbroken. It means, if you’ve any iPhone or iPad device that is jailbroken, you can instantly try this tweak without worry any thing. It would work for most of the apps and games that have in app purchases.

If you’re looking best Cydia hacks, surely, LuckyPatcher iOS version can be a good alternative after iAPfree or IAP Cracker.

I’ve tested one more tweak to get free in app purchases that is equally effective comparing to above mentioned jailbreak apps that is known as LocaliAPStore. However, Lucky Patcher can be a real game changer for you if you try it right way.

I mean, there are some other apps also required to run it smoothly. If you’ve managed it to install without jailbreak iOS, then those other apps won’t work. I’m talking about AppSync and Unified AppSync apps. And if, these other apps not working on the device that’s jailbroken already, there is a fix: AppSync not working, but if you’ve non jailbreak device, then there isn’t any solution to run Lucky Patcher.

I’d recommend to try Cydia hack on the device that is jailbroken already or wait for PanGu jailbreak which is getting prepared to hit iOS devices.

Additionally, as I mentioned in the title, there is updated version of Lucky Patcher iOS and Android that can be installed if you’ve jailbreak device or any android device after root.

If you’ve any details about installation or download, please consider above mentioned articles which are good references.

If you still need any help for your iPhone or iOS, please comment below…

How to Install SoundCloud++ iOS Without Jailbreak for iPhone

SoundCloud++ tweak on iOS without jailbreak iPhone…

Users love SoundCloud music service and personally I also love it. The service is too good, however, misses some important features in free version. It would be best if they can add all the premium features on free version of Sound Cloud music service.

Thanks to SoundCloud++ tweak that can be installed on iOS without jailbreak now. Yeah, without jailbreaking iPhone, you can actually install this tweak on any iOS running on your iPhone.

I personally tried SoundCloud++ on my iOS 10.3.1 currently that’s not jailbroken. I’m also waiting for PanGu jailbreak that is ready for iOS 10.3.1, but they may be waiting for iOS 10.3.2 public release.

Anyway, now you can install SoundCloud Plus tweak on any iOS version including recently released iOS 10.3.3 beta too. You just need to read this article carefully.

What is SoundCloud and this tweak?

SoundCloud is most downloaded iPhone app from Apple App Store and thus its so famous and favorite. Users whether they’re professionals or student or regular users, they love this music service. You can found SoundCloud in the top list within music & video category.

You may have noted that despite SoundCloud so famous, it still misses couple of key features for free version. If they can add some important features to the basic version, its best.

Here SoundCloud++ comes into light. Yeah, do you wanna download SoundCloud music directly to your iPhone? Install this tweak on your iPhone whether its jailbroken or not, you can install it.

Everything on SoundCloud is perfect and thus its one of the most download app on Apple App Store. Users constantly enjoying wonderful new content from Sound Cloud. You can enjoy music service online, however, if you wanna enjoy their service offline after downloading those music, you can’t on official app.

You can install SoundCloud or DownCloud tweak that can allow you to download any content from SoundCloud++ without jailbreak or installing Cydia. DownCloud is also useful tweak for iPhone that brings many important and key features for this music service.

How to install SoundCloud++ without Jailbreak iOS?

Now, if you’ve decided to install this music service, let me explain how you can do it. Before anything else, please consider this important info.

You need any computer running Windows or MacOS. Additionally, you must have two files, one is SoundCloud++ IPA and second is Cydia Impactor. You can use Xcode instead of Cydia Impactor, however, we recommend Cydia Impactor for installing any tweak on iOS without jailbreak iPhone.

If you’ve read above instructions carefully and decided to install this tweak or DownCloud tweak, you can follow below steps…

  1. As I mentioned above, you need to connect your computer to internet and download Cydia Impactor along with SoundCloud++ tweak.
  2. After downloading these two files, you want to connect your iPhone to that computer with data cable.
  3. Run Cydia Impactor and drag SoundCloud++ IPA file to the Cydia Impactor.
  4. Follow on screen instructions and install it.
  5. Done.

You may require to trust developer profile from Settings app, if it is, you can comment below and explain the exact situation in the comment section.

We’d try to help you out…

Download Betternet++ for iPhone without Jailbreak iOS

How to Download and Install Betternet++ for iPad, iPhone running on iOS 10.3.2 or any firmware without jailbreak…

You may have recently released jailbreak by Luca on iOS 10.2, so you can install unlimited number of Cydia tweaks such as Betternet++.

However, if you’ve upgraded your iPhone to the latest firmware for which jailbreak isn’t released yet, you may require the trick to install Betternet++ and such jailbreak apps without jailbreak.

With the help of your computer running Windows or MacOS, you can still install Betternet++, if you follow some simple steps given below.

Before you decide to install Betternet Plus app on your iPhone, you should understand how it works. If you wanna install any VPN jailbreak app, Betternet would be best for managing best VPN network.

Betternet++ connects users to fastest VPN server. Additionally, users can connect to best available VPN network with simple and one tap login options. In simple words, Betternet plus plus app brings premium features to use VPN services.

Now, if you wanna try Betternet++, you can follow some very simple steps that apply while installation of any jailbreak app without jailbreaking iOS on iPhone or iPad.

How to Install Betternet++ iOS 10.3.2 without Jailbreak

  1. If you wanna install this app on your iPhone or iPad, you must have two files on your computer. You need Betternet++ IPA file. And the second thing you need is, Cydia Impactor.
  2. After successfully downloaded both of files on your computer, you can head to second steps. Here, you’ve to launch Cydia Impactor after connecting your computer to internet.
  3. Connect your iPhone to computer on which you’ve activated internet and opened Cydia Impactor. Now, drag and drop Betternet++ IPA to Impactor app.
  4. After following some on screen instructions, the app would be installed to your iPhone. Now, head to settings app and locate device management section under General section. There you want to trust the developer profile.
  5. Done

Once Betternet++ installed on iOS without jailbreak, you’re ready to configure different features given for VPN. If you’re unsure how does Betternet++ work, you can comment below and I’m ready to teach each and every configuration options given within Settings app.

I hope Betternet++ jailbreak app would add some useful features to your iPhone without jailbreaking iOS 10.3.2 or any other firmware.

SpringToolz Cydia Tweak: Customize Home Screen Icons for iPhone

SpringToolz tweak is designed to customize and decorate spring board icons for iPhone or iPad…

The users who wanna customize home screen icons or they wanna look spring board icons something differently, then you should try SpringToolz Cydia tweak once.

A well talented Cydia tweak developer, Stoyan Stoyanov has made it possible to decorate your home screen with cool rounded icons or any shape that you want to give to your icons whether home screen icons or dock icons.

Yeah, you can customize dock icons and even change the drop down shadows also along with many other features that would make you able to customize your home screen icons.

SpringToolz comes with many unique shapes around 20 shapes or may be more than that, however, I like circle shape most. You can choose any shape given there and enable other features too.

Once you installed the tweak, SpringToolz would add a separate pane within Settings that can be configured according to your choice.

In the Settings app, you can configure three options from SpringToolz settings. The first option would allow you to customize icons from spring board. The second option would allow you to customize dock bar icons. And the third option would allow you to enable shadow option within icons given on home screen.

Each option would require respring to take effect. So after each change, you must respring your device. Within each option, you get various internal options such as shape, shadow and satellite enable options. Satellite dots are really cool, but they look cool on dock bar more than springboard icons.

Users are allowed to choose any shape given within SpringToolz settings, however, Circle shape looks more comfortable and cool.

I personally don’t like shadow option, but it my choice, you can enable that option freely. As SpringToolz tweak is completely free, you can give it a try without losing anything. Additionally, you don’t need to add any additional repo source because of BigBoss. Yeah, BigBoss is the repository that hosted this tweak.

SpringToolz is compatible for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It can be installed on iOS 10.2, iOS 9.3.3 or iOS 8 jailbreak device.

If you need any other information, you can comment below…

How to Download iTransmission 5 iPhone Client without Jailbreak

iTransmission 5 is most recently updated iPhone client application for iOS platform that can be installed without jailbreak now…

The users who have already hands on iTransmission 4, they know that iTransmission iPhone app is one of the best download client application for all kind of needs. The major issue is, if they can install this app without jailbreak on any iOS firmware update.

To clear all your doubts and confusions, we decided to push an article that would guide you installing iTransmission 5 on iPhone running on iOS 10.3.2 or any other newer firmware without worry of jailbreak on it.

There are many downloader available for iPhone such as iTransmission, BitTorrent and many more that are not so famous. iTransmission is one of the most famous and most downloaded iPhone client to download certain files on the web for free.

Millions of users in the world download iTransmission and BitTorrent to download their favorite content on the go using iPhone or iPad. Numbers of users download these client applications for computer also. These downloader clients are also available for Mac OS and Windows Computer.

Most of the time, such applications require jailbreak and you must jailbreak and install Cydia in order to install such iPhone client applications on iOS platform. However, if you follow right method on your computer after connecting iPhone or iPad to the computer, you can easily install iTransmission or any other downloader on your iPhone or iPad running any firmware whether its new or old.

Yeah, its difficult to install it on device that is not jailbroken, however using Cydia Impactor on your computer. Follow me…

  1. Simply, download two files on your computer. First download Cydia Impactor and secondly download iTransmission 5 IPA file.
  2. Once you’ve both of above mentioned files on your computer, you’re ready to jump on second step. Connect your iPhone to the computer that you’re using to install iTransmission 5 on your iPhone.
  3. After successfully connection of your iPhone to your computer, run Cydia Impactor and drag iTransmission 5 IPA file to Cydia Impactor.
  4. System would ask you Administrator password or computer password. Follow on screen instructions and Cydia Impactor would install iTransmission 5 on your iPhone within few seconds.
  5. Done.

If you found that you’re stuck at any step mentioned above, you can comment below and we’d try to make it clear.

There is also second trick that uses Xcode to install iTransmission without jailbreak on iPhone, but it would require you to be developer first. So, avoid that method and try to follow the steps mentioned above.

Download Phantom for Snapchat iOS 10.3.1 without Jailbreak Compatible for iPhone

Snapchat users love Phantom tweak to enhance user experience for iPhone…

We’ve covered many social media tweaks for iPhone and iPad for jailbreak and non jailbreak devices. Today, we’re gonna talk about Phantom tweak that is available for Snapchat.

Phantom is a Cydia tweak that can be installed in form of iPA file using Cydia installer. Many jailbreak users install it for Snapchat to increase features or to unlock many premium features.

Now, if you’ve iOS firmware on your iPhone that isn’t jailbroken, then how would you install Phantom for Snapchat without jailbreak? That’s the topic that we’d discus today. Recently, we’ve covered many jailbreak apps that can be installed without jailbreak on our iPhone or iPad. Such as vShare, GBA4iOS, SNES4iOS, Kuaiyong, 25PP and many more.

Once Phantom for Snapchat tweak installed on iPhone, you’d be able to save incoming media such as photos and videos directly to the custom location such as password protected folders or to photos app. This way all the media contents that have been saved on Snapchat would be saved to the location specified by you. Many more features Phantom Snapchat tweak offers. In a short info, Phantom iOS tweak brings missing features of Snapchat for you.


  1. Phantom brings option to choose multiple contacts for various purpose.
  2. You get the option to save incoming media to either Camera Roll, Custom Password protected folder or any where you want.
  3. You can send any image where you can crop the image using Phantom tweak.
  4. You can add custom text with unlimited amount as caption to any image or video.
  5. Users can change text, font, colour and size of the caption to your own choice.
  6. Choose your own custom notification ringtone for Snapchat.
  7. You can also add your own custom status bar notification.
  8. Users can hide badge count from the app.



In short, I’d would love if I can install Phantom like tweak for Snapchat for iPhone that that’s without jailbreak! You just need to download Phantom iPA file for Snapchat, that’s it. Below is the download option that would allow you to download Phantom for Snapchat iPA.

Compatible firmware: iOS 10.3.2, iOS 10.3.1, iOS 10.2.1, iOS 10.2, iOS 9, iOS 8

Phantom for Snapchat download: Here

Now the question is, how would you install Phantom tweak for Snapchat without jailbreak. Here you’d need to create app specific password from Apple ID website after downloading Phantom Snapchat iPA file.

Once you downloaded the iPA file for Phantom Snapchat tweak and created app specific password, you can head to the second step where you have to drag and drop the downloaded Phantom tweak to Cydia Impactor on your MacOS or Windows computer.

Yeah, you can use any computer that can run Cydia Impactor. You have to drag and drop the downloaded file to that installer and follow on screen instruction. The basic requirement would be app specific password, that’s it.

Once you installed Phantom for Snapchat, you have to trust the developer profile from Settings app. You can comment below and ask any question or query that you’re facing while installing this tweak.

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