CallPlus iOS 10.3.3 – iOS 11: Ultimate Calling Cydia Tweak for iPhone

CallPlus Cydia tweak released for iPhone running latest jailbreak…

Very few tweaks have been released for calling related section. And most of them are not so useful. CallPlus tweak is truly useful and has bunch of new features and functions.

CallPlus gives your iPhone more features, power and comfort while using phone app. You’re getting a new Screen Dialer, ultimate protection on Touch ID Call and many more such features.

Nowadays, many users just use video call, text and other way of communication while they want to connect with their friends and relatives. In such way, the old and actual phone feature is missed out. CallPlus tweak brings some essential functions that any iPhone or basic phone should have.

You can easily found CallPlus on BigBoss repo source. As its paid tweak, you want to pay $1.50 to get life time update from the developer. The main feature that this tweak offers is, you can connect with your most closed friends or relatives from anywhere of your iPhone screen.

Once after CallPlus has been installed on your iPhone, the app would add a dialer on your lock screen and a shortcut for calling to your favorite contact number instantly.

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When you check this demonstration where a YouTube user has uploaded a video where he is demonstrating the tweak, there are many really useful features. One can connect some quick numbers very quickly.

A completely new settings pane has been added to the Settings app from where you can customize CallPlus app on your iPhone. You’re allowed to add some favorite numbers to the app switcher and other screens to call immediately to your favorite numbers.

There are few Cydia Sources available on the jailbreak community that offer CallPlus free app, but please aware of such app which has been cracked or hacked. You can comment and ask for any info regarding this Cydia tweak.

Emus4u iOS 10.3.3-iOS 11: Download Emus IPA for iPhone, iPad

Emus4u IPA for iPhone, iPad…

iOS 10 or iOS 11 installed device without jailbreak would want to know the process of installing Emus4u game emulator for iPhone or iPad devices. So today, we’re going to mention exact method to have this game emulator exclusive on your iPhone running iOS 11.0.1 or iOS 10.3.3 firmware.

Emus4u represent the combination of different emulator in one without jailbreak and without having any kind of computer or iTunes installed. You can download Emus4u and install it without need of Cydia or jailbreak.

Its just like an installer like vShare, TutuApp and AppValley released by various developers that can also be installed without jailbreak that we’ve mentioned in our articles before.

If TutuApp not working or game emulator that you want is not available in vShare then you can try Emus4u which is really useful for all devices whether it is jailbreak or not jailbroken.

Emus4u iOS app is compatible for:

iPhone, iPod, iPad running iOS 11, iOS 10.3.3, iOS 10.3.2 and all other non jailbreaking device too. 

How to Install Game Emulators or Jailbreak apps using Emus4u

To follow these steps and install Emus4u, you wont require any computer or Cydia impactor that were needed in all other methods that we’ve mentioned in previously.

  1. You don’t need computer or any app, because their website cab be accessed using Safari browser after connecting to internet. So, enable WiFi and head to
  2. Once page is loaded completely, you’d see the information regarding the app with features and and other things. After reading whole page, you’d notice button that would say, “Install Onto Your iDevice”.
  3. System would ask you to open Settings app and try to install, just tap on “Allow” or “Yes” button on the page. During installation, System would ask your Passcode, just allow you and give your Passcode.
  4. Website would install Emus4u on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad device.
  5. After successful installation, head to Settings again and open Device management from General section. There you’d see Profile settings, tap on it and trust the Emus developer profile to make it trusted.
  6. Done.

After completing these steps, you’d be able to use Emus4u on your Apple device, if you’re facing any other error or issue, you can make a comment to ask help from us. We hope, you won’t get any error during installation or Emus4u not working situation.

Downgrade to iOS 10.3.2 from iOS 10.3.3 [Apple Stopped Signing 10.3.2]

Downgrade iOS 10.3.3 to iOS 10.3.2, Apple stopped singing iOS 10.3.2…

Apple did what they normally do after or at the time of releasing next new firmware. Yeah, iOS 10.3.2 has been stopped getting sign and approval for downgrade to iOS 10.3.2 from iOS 10.3.3.

Since couple of years, hackers release their jailbreak for the older firmware so that Apple can’t patch that firmware jailbreak and thus, Apple has made it trend to stop signing older firmware to prevent downgrade and jailbreak possibility.

After releasing iOS 10.3.3, now after a week, Apple has stopped giving approval for downgrade iOS 10.3.3 to iOS 10.3.2 using official steps, iTunes.

As we all know that jailbreak iOS 10.3.2 is not possible and its admitted by many security researcher, however, Apple tends to follow it’s rule and prevented iPhone users from downgrading to iOS 10.3.2 at any way.

Now, you’d think what effects would come now when Apple stopped singing iOS 10.3.2? This step by Apple would prevent iTunes to restore iOS 10.3.2 from iOS 11 or iOS 10.3.3. Now, the users who wanna downgrade to iOS 10.3.2 need to use some other tools.

Yeah, there is still some minor chances available for the users who wanna go back to iOS 10.3.2. They must use Prometheus, because DoulCi not working since couple of months. And, when iTunes won’t downgrade your firmware, you must have to use Prometheus that can be used after couple of tricks.

Important note: Users who are already on iOS 10.3.2 or any jailbroken firmware can easily avoid upgrading to iOS 10.3.3. And since, jailbreak users won’t get forced update to iOS 10.3.3 until their phone break some way or they own want to downgrade or upgrade to new firmware using iTunes.

If you’re on iOS 10.3.2, you should downgrade iOS 10.3.2 to iOS 10.3.1 using Prometheus, because jailbreak 10.3.2 is not possible and since PanGu has working iOS 10.3.1 jailbreak, users should be on iOS 10.3.1 rather than iOS 10.3.2 for jailbreak prospective.

If you’ve any difficulty using Prometheus, you can comment below and solve your query…

iPhone 7S Clone, Goophone 7S Plus Price, Shipping Cost, Features

New iPhone 7S Clone Price….

The new iPhone 7S Plus and 4.7″ i7S would be on sale next month. We’ve noticed clone devices accordingly after each new device release.

As this time, iPhone 8 would be on sale, you may found iPhone 8 Clone too on online websites. These clone devices are cheap in price and available on DHGate, Goophone website and of course on some Chinese websites.

Along with iPhone 7S, iPhone 8, some SE series devices may also get listed on iMac maker company website. We’re getting newsletter for iPhone 7SE and 6SE clone price and feature list. Its clear indication that the company is preparing for the release for said product world wide.

If you’re not aware, we’d mention here there are already Apple Watch clones available. One can easily contact some online websites to purchase these clone versions in cheap rate.

Meanwhile, iPhone X aka iPhoneX is one the talk that can be announced by Apple this year. If you see iPhoneX clone, don’t purchase it as it doesn’t have anything reality with the original iPhone or iOS.

Most of the users purchase these clone phones to check the iOS functions on it, but to mention here, we’d say that these phone doesn’t have iOS installed. The installed operating system is Android with iOS skin. iPhone clone can be hacked easily and shouldn’t purchase any of these clone phone at any price.

iPhone Clone

While searching on the web, I found above deal on a website called DHGate for iPhone 7 clone. Actually, its a Goophone i7 aka iPhone 7 clone and the same would be available very soon for iPhone 7S clone and iPhone 7S Plus clone too. The surprise thing is the price of these Goophone. Because how can they manage the similar iPhone 7 clone device in such cheap rate. Then, we came across that these clone phones run on Android operating system that has iOS skin installed.

There is one more thing that I’d mention here about these iPhone 7S clone. Shipping is free to any country of the world that would take 20 days to 45 days depending on your country. Paid or premium shipping method cost you around $45 to $60 or more depending on the method you’re choosing. Plus, your own country can charge you heavy custom duty as they may think that these are original iPhone 7S that you’re importing from other country.

Goophone 7S Price

As above image is clearly stating the price of iPhone 7S clone, but you can easily purchase such iPhone 7S Plus clone or the 4.7″ regular model at $100 to $250 excluding shipping charges.

Shipping charges may vary depending on your country as I mentioned above. Before purchasing, please ask some expert for any iPhone 7S clone phones. You can comment here and if any volunteer available here, he would help you answer any query you’ve regarding Goophone 7S or i7S clone.

iPhone 7S Clone Features

To checkout features, you may check some videos that are uploaded by those website owners listing their iPhone 7S Plus clone and other clone devices. They’d list all the features, specs and shipping method in detail.

Plus, you can ask you own personal query with they below the comment section.

Downgrade iOS 10.3.3 to iOS 10.3.1 [Jailbreak Users]

How to Downgrade iOS 10.3.3 and jailbreak iOS 10.3.1 after restore…

I found many users still stuck on iOS 10.3.1 in hope for PanGu jailbreak and many iOS 10.3.3 who is still waiting for a chance to downgrade 10.3.3 to iOS 10.3.1 for jailbreak need.

Apple is still signing iOS 10.3.1 and iOS 10.3.2 so basically its possible to downgrade iOS 10.3.3. Once Apple has closed the doors and stopped singing iOS 10.3.1 is won’t be possible to downgrade 10.3.3 even after using iTunes.

Since PanGu has declared that iOS 10.3.1 is possible and we can release it once we checked the possibility of iOS 10.3.3 jailbreak, Cydia users are excited about downgrading iOS 10.3.3 to iOS 10.3.1. Users who have upgraded to iOS 10.3.3 are now willing to come back to iOS 10.3.1 at any cost in hope of jailbreak.

It is being said that after doing a lot of tests, Apple has finally patched the exploits that have been used in iOS 10.3.1 before releasing iOS 10.3.3 to public. And, its clear that PanGu won’t release any jailbreak for iOS 10.3.3, but yes they can release one for iOS 10.3.1 definitely.

Once Apple stopped singing iOS 10.3.1, you would be able to downgrade iOS 10.3.3 to iOS 10.3.2 only. And since, PanGu doesn’t have any plan to release tool for iOS 10.3.2, you won’t able to install Cydia on your iPhone or iPad. So, having iPhone downgrade to iOS 10.3.1 from iOS 10.3.3, you must do hurry.

How to Downgrade iOS 10.3.3 to iOS 10.2

There some good news for users who wanna downgrade 10.3.3 to iOS 10.2 for jailbreak purpose. You can use Prometheus, a downgrade tool. Yeah, if you’ve saved SHSH blobs for iOS 10.2, you can easily downgrade to iOS 10.2 easily without any help of iTunes. But, you’d need to upgrade Prometheus tool for that.

So guys don’t lose your hope because you can also downgrade iPhone to iOS 10.2 with the help of Prometheus. You can easily found an article on our blog that would help you downgrading your newer firmware to any firmware that you want using Prometheus.

Is it possible to downgrade to iOS 10.3.1 from iOS 10.3.3?

Yeah, its possible for now. I’ve said many times that Apple stops signing older firmware as soon as they release new firmware. iOS 10.3.1 is older enough and can be disable by apple for downgrading purpose.

If you want to jailbreak iOS 10.3.1 in the future, you can use iTunes to downgrade iOS 10.3.3 to this firmware.

I’m always available here to help you regarding downgrade…

TutuApp won’t Install Install or Download Pokemon Go Or Any App – Helper Tips

Now, you can easily fix TutuApp to install Pokemon go on iPhone, iPad or even any smartphone running Android OS…

You are not able to download Pokemon Go using TutuApp Helper? Or even after download if you can’t install it on your smartphone, then you should read this article carefully from start to end.

For many different different games and applications, TutuApp APK is most essential application for any smartphone whether you’ve iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone. Today, I’m gonna talk about Pokemon Go because many users have complained that Tutuapp won’t install Pokemon Go. For many such games, Tutu app apk is one of the best app.

Try vShare, 25PP, Kuaiyong, HipStore, Mojo Installer, Cyrus Installer or Jailbreak App Store to install Pokemon Go Hack

Most of the times, TutuApp works without any issue and suddenly on the next day, Tutu App not working or it won’t install any game or app out there on it’s database. To fix these issues is just a matter of luck, because most of the time, it get fixed automatically next day or sometimes, you have to fix it manually after a lot of tricks. In many cases, Tutuapp not working because, you’re trying to install new updated games using older version of Tutu Helper app.

While fixing one of these kind issue on my Samsung smartphone that runs on Android operating system, I came across to a very important and key article that is based on how to fix TutuApp not working? If its unable to install or download any third party app or game or it won’t install or giving download error, you should read that article too.

As I mentioned sometimes, its very easy to fix these type of error because most of the time it depends on Tutu servers if TutuApp won’t download or install anything, but sometimes following some simple steps you can easily fix Tutu app.

TutuApp Won’t Download/Won’t Install

In this article, I’ve tried to explain, how you can install Pokemon Go using TutuApp if its not working or you’re facing it won’t download/install Pokemon Go this time, however, you can follow below steps to install any app you want using Tutu Helper following below steps.

  1. In most cases after Uninstalling Tutu app and reinstall the newest update available for iPhone or Android phone, you can fix not working issue. So try to uninstall it and download most current and updated version available for your device and install it. Check out: Tutu Helper Download Links, TutuApp iOS Latest Version
  2. Secondly, you can try another key method where you can reset network settings. In most cases, I fixed this error after reset network settings and TutuApp won’t download error gone. So, head to settings and tap on General, Reset and Reset Network Settings. Complete the reseting process.
  3. One more thing, you can reset iPhone or your Android smartphone after backing up your important apps and data if you failed completely to fix Tutu app not working or Tutu Helper unable to download your favourite app.

I hope this would help you a lot and fix Tutu not working issue while downloading or installing app even after having working internet connection.


I’ve noticed many times that TutuApp unable to Install app at this time or Tutu won’t download app at this time error comes, it means that error can be for short time. After two days or on next day error would be automatically fixed.

I’ve personally faced many times that TutuApp not working today and the next day even without doing anything to fix it, TutuApp works smoothly. Its just because of server issues.

I’d love to fix TutuApp for your device if its not working or it won’t install app that you want to install on your smartphone. You just need to post a comment and explain your issue. That’s it.

DHGate Goophone 8: New iPhone 8 Clone 2017, Price, Features, Shipping Info

Apple iPhone 8 Clone, wow that’s something I want at cheap price to showcase my phone to my friends…

Most users do that before or quickly after released of new Apple device. And nowadays, iPhone 8 Clone is in the craze. Users are searching clone phones like crazy deals and they’re making purchase without checking compatibility, features and price that are being offered from some websites.

iPhone clone phones at DHGate are most favourite in young boys and girls. They just want to make those iPhone 8 Clone their own at any cost. Right now some clone phones are being sold at premium rate where iPhone 7S clone is available at cheap rate because it’s now old or discounted.

iPhone8, iPhone X and iPhone 8 Clone are some hot terms that are being used to search these DHGate provided Goophone. These phones are available easily between $50 to $250 from Chinese websites. DHGate is one of the most trustable in them.

Before release of new iPhone 8, some clone devices already hit the market. Users can easily place order on those Chinese websites for their preferred iPhone clone available on those store using premium or free shipping method.

Free shipping takes some time to deliver from China to India or China to US or UK. My own experience says that your order may reach to your home from China between 15 days to 45 days. If it takes more time then you should visit local custom office to make sure that iPhone 8 clone isn’t stuck in the customs.

The best way to purchase any iPhone 8 clone, you should check the demonstration video from different users, so that you’d get the best idea how does iPhone8 clone would work if you purchase the same model. Additionally, you would get the individual experience for shipping charges, features and price in those videos, so I’d recommend to check YouTube channel for searching those clone phone demonstration video.

But before making final purchase, I’d recommend to get best advice from us by commenting below.

Cyrus Installer iOS 10.3.3: You Can Now Install Cydia Apps without Jailbreak

Cyrus Installer is not a Cydia alternative, but users can install bunch of jailbreak apps with the help of this app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch running all latest new firmware that can’t be jailbreak using PanGu or Yalu…

Nowadays, a new iPhone app is becoming crazy in users. Specially Cydia lovers look  Cyrus as special app because previously released Mojo Installer, vShare, AppCake, Kuaiyong and iNoCydia don’t work without jailbreak updates or lake of updates.

Cyrus can be a great option for users specially game lovers. Emu4iOS and all other top game emulators such as GBA4iOS and NDS4iOS work great with the combination of Cyrus Installer.

So if your demand is for a app that can install your favourite jailbreak apps, then after TutuApp, Cyrus is the best iPhone app for you that can be downloaded to iPad and iPod touch too.

Nowadays, 25PP, vShare, HipStore and PandaApps can’t be installed on iPhone or iPad without jailbreak. Cyrus works on iOS 11 as well as iOS 10.3.3 and iOS 10.3.2 without any issue and that’s why right now, you can look for this app better then any other options available for iPad and iPhone.

One more thing that I’ve noticed is, Cyrus Installer is being downloaded by thousands of users these days. After trying their apps from database, most of apps and games work without any issue. The most important thing is, it is updated for the iOS 11 and iOS 10.3.3 which are newest firmware till date.

Additionally, Cyrus works on iPhone without jailbreak iOS 11 or other firmware. A clean interface without any error, Cyrus Installer would catch all your attention if you found it useful.

How to Install Cyrus Installer iPhone App Without Jailbreak

If you’ve interest to install this app, you must follow some very simple steps that would require computer.

  1. First, download Cyrus Installer iPA file and Cydia Impactor for MacOS or Windows computer that have iTunes installed on.
  2. Then, connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer to install iPA file.
  3. After successful pairing to the computer, open Cydia Impactor and drag Cyrus iPA file to the program.
  4. Cydia Impactor would ask you to enter Administrator password and other details such as app specific password and so and so.
  5. Follow on screen steps and it would install Cyrus iOS app.


For complete list of supported apps, games and tweaks, make a comment and request for it. If Cyrus not working on your iPhone, then don’t forget to trust the developer profile before using it.

Our comment system is always open, you can comment and request for help.

PanGu11 vs Yalu11: Yalu, PanGu iOS 11 Jailbreak

PanGu, Yalu iOS 11 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch: Status update…

Jailbreak iOS 11, we all get excited after listening news about PanGu and Yalu. Today, I’ve some good new regarding iOS 11 jb.

Since iOS 11 beta release, most of iPhone owners are asking only one question that can we jailbreak iOS 11? Does PanGu11 would be available because PanGu was developing iOS 10.3.1 jailbreak too! And, whether Luca would create another series of Yalu jailbreak with the start of Yalu11??? There are bunch of such questions may disturb you if you really wanna install Cydia tweaks, key jailbreak apps and game emulators.

Since we’ve passed a lot of time in the jailbreak community, we’re aware of each and every development regarding new software, development and creation. We can confirm whether jailbreak would be release or not. PanGu or Yalu would be able to give you option of installing Cydia or not and such more questions.

In the first place, Apple is now more concerned and focused to prevent every possible attempt to jailbreak iOS 11 with PanGu11 and Yalu11 jailbreak. The iPhone maker company would take each and every steps to stop iPhone owners installing Cydia apps, PanGu or Yalu jailbreak tools.

The users who are currently enjoying Cydia tweaks have installed iOS 10.2 jailbreak on their iPhone or iPad. PanGu has demonstrated iOS 10.3.1 jailbreak, but they’ve never released it publicly. It means they’re sure about compatibility of those exploits on iOS 11.

And since, PanGu is so silent and they’ve learned many things regarding silence because if you’re making statements about your developments, Apple would become more powerful in patching exploits and then it would be more difficult to jailbreak 11 using PanGu11 or if you’re hoping for Yalu11.

Meanwhile, KeenLab has demonstrated iOS 11 Jailbreak with KeenLab iOS 11 tool. As, iOS 11 still in beta stage, they also haven’t release such tool publicly.

So, you can hope for PanGu11, Yalu11 and KeenLab iOS 11 Jailbreak for sure, but you shouldn’t rally on any of these team for 100%.

TutuApp iOS 10.3.3: Tutu Helper Would Support on iOS 11 Beta too for iPhone

The most requested app, TutuApp for iPhone now supports iOS 11 – iOS 10.3.3…

Nowadays, there isn’t any news or updates regarding iOS 10.3.3 jailbreak or even I haven’t heard about any development for iOS 11 Cydia.

There are millions of users exist in all over the world with the hope that they’d be able to install Cydia apps after downloading PanGu iOS 11 or Yalu iOS 11 jailbreak.

I won’t make them unhappy with any sad news about Cydia iOS 11 development or about jailbreak possibility, however, I wanna talk about Tutu App iOS update that supports latest beta version as well as iOS 11 that is gonna release this month in the public.

Currently, iOS 11 and iOS 10.3.3 both can be easily download and install on any public device without any issue, but they can’t be jailbreak right now with PanGu iOS 10.3.3 or Yalu11 tool. Then, if you’re still in hope to install any jailbreak apps without installing Cydia on your iPhone, then I’ve something for you to install first.

I’m talking about TutuApp iOS 10.3.3.

Compatible firmwares…

  • iOS 11
  • iOS 10.3.3
  • iOS 10.3.2
  • iOS 10.3.1

Note: It can be installed on any iPhone or iPad and even iPod touch device too. You just install any public or beta version from above listed firmware that I’ve listed above.

Additionally, Tutu App is one of the app thats working on these firmware unlike vShare, Kuaiyong, AppCake, HipStore, 25PP and Lucky Patcher iOS apps.

If Tutuapp not working, not installing or somebody says you that Tutuapp won’t install on your iPhone, then show this article to them and recommend them to follow the instructions listed below in order to successfully download Tutu App Helper iPhone app and install it without having any further stress on mind and on your iPhone device.

If you’re one of them who is thinking to have jailbreak apps, game emulator and Cydia hacks on iPad, iPod or iPhone, then you should read all information that I’ve here for you. TutuApp Helper iOS app is for you to get all of them on your device.

So now without wasting any further time, let’s talk about how to download Tutu app iOS 10.3.3 or TutuApp iOS 11 latest update on your iPhone without paying anything or without accessing computer at all.

Download Tutu Helper iOS App

Follow exact steps that I’m gonna list below…

  1. You must visit:, the website that would install TutuApp Helper on iPhone first. Its official website released by the developers of Tutu and it can install Tutu Helper along with the jailbreak App Store that contains bunch of other jailbreak apps. To visit that website, you must enable internet access and then, open Safari Browser or any other default browser, but here I would recommend to use Safari web browser only.
  2. After page loading is completed, you’d get download button, tap on it.
  3. The system would ask you to install the Tutu App Helper after downloading, tap on Install button.
  4. iPhone OS would install TutuApp Helper successfully.


TutuApp not working, Tutu Helper not working

Look, the initial part has been completely, you’d have Tutu App iOS update on your iPhone after following above steps. But many time, TutuApp won’t work or after installing Tutu Helper, you won’t install Tutu apps. To fix all of these things, follow below steps.

  1. If you’ve successfully installed Tutu App, but it’s not opening, you can tap on Settings.
  2. Here, you should tap on General section.
  3. Scroll down until you see “Profiles“. This section may be renamed to Profiles & Device Management also. Just find out Profiles and tap on it.
  4. Here you’d get the list of apps profiles, tap on TutuApp Helper profile and tap on Trust to make it trusted app.


If still you’re getting error installing Tutu App iOS 10.3.2 – iOS 10.3.3 or TutuApp not working, you can comment below with the exact error code. Have a best luck.

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