IDBox iOS 8.1.2: Quick Switch Between Multiple Apple ID Accounts

IDBox iOS 8.1.2: Quick Switch Between Multiple Apple ID Accounts

IDBox Cydia tweak allows jailbreak user to change or switch multiple Apple ID on your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad air or iPad Mini.

ioodo, the developer of IDBox, created this useful  Cydia tweak. It would cost you $1.49 for single full version app. Once you purchased IDBox app, you can use it on up to three iDevices whether it is iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Plus, you get life time updates with the purchase.

BigBoss repo has decided to host IDBox iPhone tweak, you can use it on various iDevices after purchasing and can change Apple accounts using ID Box.

IDBox supports iOS 8.1.2 and iOS 7 iDevices. It is extremely useful for those users who use multiple Apple ID accounts for some reasons.

Once you installed IDBox on your iPhone or iPad, a button and a link would be placed on Apple app store at the bottom. When you click on that button, you would be redirected to various Apple account page, where you can choose one of them.

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Apple ID page would show you all the register Apple account IDs and the countries that have been associated with that account ID.

If you face error or bug, please report those bugs at the developer site or ask here…

Flappy Bird iOS 8.1.2 – iOS 8.1.1: Add More Hack, Themes and Mods | Ultimate Cheats Tricks

Flappy Bird is the most popular iOS game among all iDevice owner. If you are one of them, you will be more than happy to learn hack, cheats by applying themes and mods to the regular app for iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPhone as well…

We are talking about the most famous and popular game “Flappy Bird” and all about it’s themes, cheat sheets and hacks. Flappy Bird got magnificent success and popularity in 2015.

Flappy Bird Themes, Hacks, Cheats

I would love to share a video that could seriously teach you how to change Flappy bird themes, applying mods and hacks and as well as cheats codes. The video is hosted by YouTube by one of the iDevice expert.

 Closely look the video and try those hacks, themes and cheats to the Flappy bird game.


Jailbreak users can easily apply Flappy bird themes using Winterboard. I have personally change default theme and applied mario style theme for iPad Air. It proves that you can change the theme for iPad Mini 2, iPhone 5S/5C too.

If you are getting any issues, mentioned them here…

Flex iOS 8.1.2: Now Create Your Own Cydia Tweak for iPhone, iPad Air or iPad Mini

Flex iOS 8.1.2: Now Create Your Own Cydia Tweak for iPhone, iPad Air or iPad Mini – Flex Cydia tweak allows jailbreak user to create their own tweak for iPhone, iPad Air and iPad Mini even without any knowledge or codes.

Flex has been released on Cydia store for $3.99 for a single time and all future updates would be available for you for free. Flex 2 can be installed on iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air or iPod Touch.

With Flex Cydia tweak, you can create, edit or modify your favorite jailbreak app. Its so easy to create your own jailbreak tweak that every single jailbreak user would try to modify his favorite tweak to make it better.

BigBoss repo source has decided to host Flex 2 on their repository which supports iOS 7, iOS 6 and iOS 5. Flex 3 Beta is under beta testing for iOS 8.1.2 and newer iDevices.

However, if you’re new and don’t know anything about jailbreaking or Cydia tweak classes files, then it would be risky task for you to edit or create and test your own Cydia tweak on your iPhone or iPad. You may get safe mode or even in worst case, you might have to lost your jailbreak and upgrade to the firmware which you don’t want to.

I advice and recommend users that you shouldn’t try Flex Cydia tweak, if you are in fun mood and don’t know anything or you are not serious about making a Cydia tweak.

Download Flex 2 Cydia tweak from BigBoss repository.

Insanelyi, SinFul iPhone Repo and iHacksRepo Are Best Cydia Sources for Cracked Apps

Insanelyi, SinFul iPhone Repo and BYA Are Best Cydia Sources for Cracked Apps

Insanelyi, iHacksRepo and SinFuliPhone repo are the best Cydia sources for cracked apps for iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPod Touch.

If you’re looking for cracked apps or full version games, the most probably sources are iHacksRepo, SinFul iPhone repo and Insanelyi.

These Cydia repos are known as pirated hub. So, only jailbreak pro users add Insanelyi, SinFul iPhone repo or iHacksRepo.

I would like to warn you that these repos can harm your iPhone, iPad Air or iPad Mini. Cydia or any jailbreak teams are not responsible for any damage occurred by these repositories.

I have tried couple of SinFuliPhone apps and Insanelyi tweaks. And, I found that most of the time my iPhone goes into safe mode or the app redirects me to app store for unknown applications or games. It might be advertisements.

If you’re new and don’t know how to put your iPhone in recovery mode or how to come out from DFU or safe mode then I would advice you to keep away from these repositories.

Keep these repositories in your mind…

  • Insanelyi repository
  • SinFul iPhone repo
  • iHacksRepo
  • BiteYourApple

AppShape iOS 8.1.2: The Best Cracked Apps Finder for iPhone, iPad

AppShape iOS 8.1.2: The Best Cracked Apps Finder for iPhone, iPad

AppShape is the best app finder that finds iPA directly from App Store and gives you download links for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Couple of days ago, we had covered an article for similar Cydia tweak called LinkStore iOS 8.1.2. Its the best alternative to AppShape Cydia tweak.

We have found that AppShape finds more direct links than LinkStore. AppShape iPhone app available on various repository such as HYI, BYA repo sources as free.

When you installed AppShape on your jailbroken iDevice, a button will be placed on app store page for any application or game.

Take a look at video captured on LinkStore which is completely clone with AppShape tweak. The same settings and features available on App Shape app.

You would find couple of settings there in where you can hide “AppShape” button from apps and games which are free.

Once you enable these settings, next time when you visit free app, AppShape button would be disappeared.

When you tap on AppShape button on paid app, it would take you a page where you would find download page. Hit the download link and it would ask you to install that apps. Simply tap on Install button to install your favorite app.

Note: AppShape finds cracked apps from AppAddict, vShare and AppCake repo sources. It doesn’t have it’s own database.

If you’re facing any issue, leave a comment.

Simple Mode iOS 8.1.2 – iOS 8.1.1 – A Best Cydia Lock Screen Tweak

Simple Mode is a Cydia tweak that adds up to 5 top apps on your lockscreen. Yesterday, it was updated with improved features, new icon sets and animation…

Simple Mode is Cydia lock screen app that can be installed only on jailbroken iOS. It is one of the best LockScreen Cydia Tweaks and developed by David M.

It is completely different from other lock screen tweaks such as Unlock7 and LockInfo. Actually it stands out from those tweaks, because it offers completely different lockscreen features.

It allows user to add top used up to 5 apps just above Slide to Unlock button. You can choose those apps or just left it on Simple mode tweak.

A best lock screen Cydia Tweak

Its one kind of app launcher that works directly from lock screen. When you tap on arrow button, top 5 apps will be pop up with cute icons and animation. You can control the speed of rotation and other animation from the setting menu.

Simple Mode Features

Do you wanna install this Cydia tweak? I want to add here that its paid application and you need to pay $1.99. Recently, the developer has reduced the price of this tweak from $2.99 to $1.99 and added more controls to attract users. Before everything, you should take a look at features first…

1 Automated: Simple Mode automatically tracks your uses and put top 5 applications based on your uses on lock screen for instant use.

2 When lock screen is active, Simple Mode Cydia tweak animates top 5 app icons with a variety of animations.

3 You can left configuration on Simple Mode tweak itself or configure it by yourself. You can disable any individual app, lock or unlock from lock screen. User can choose his own 5 apps to put on lockscreen.

4 You can set an auto open application when you unlock your iPhone, iPad or iPod. A particular app will be open automatically when there is no already open apps at the time when you unlock lockscreen.

5 Its highly customizable. You can control on animations, icons, apps and whole tweak.

Update 1.1.2: Misc bug fixes, Simplified the look of top 5 apps and some minor improvements.


Simple Mode is really a nice app launcher and great tweak for power user who doesn’t use his iDevice just for calls and SMS. However, it does miss one thing, there should be “Slide to Unlock” animation. This Cydia tweak has no relation with Slide to Unlock button.

Have you Simple Mode tweak or better than this one? Let us know your experience…

Stratos, StickerMe and StatusBright Cydia Tweak Updated to iOS 8.1.2 for iPhone, iPad

Stratos, StickerMe and StatusBright Cydia Tweak Updated to iOS 8.1.2 for iPhone, iPad. These jailbreak apps are completely free from HYI repo source…

After a long time, I’ve seen couple of new but useful Cydia tweaks in jailbreak store which are StatusBright, StickerMe and Stratos Cydia tweak.

I was quite disappointed with my iPhone battery life and since then I decided to control my iPhone brightness to extend battery life. I have achieved this goal using StatusBright Cydia tweak. Now, I can just swipe over status bar and brightness can be reduced or increased.

StatusBright Cydia tweak is completely free and available on ModMyi repository. StatusBright iOS 8.1.2 is developed by Cl3ment by request of a user.

There was another good tweak was released and that was Stratos iOS 8.1.2. I love Stratos Cydia tweak. It brings much needed app switching feature on my Control center page.

Stratos comes with numerous settings and allows full control to the control center. So, it would cost you $1.99. BigBoss was the repo source which has hosted this tweak. Once you have purchased and installed Stratos, you can set your preferred control center page with selected items.

I can bat that Stratos Cydia tweak is the best comparing to other control center tweaks such as CCControls, CCSettings and CCLoader. I recommend this tweak for all power users.

I’ve something new for social addicted users. Yeah, for the users who are addicted to Facebook, there is a tweak called StickerMe that brings quick Facebook updates to Message app.

It updates you with the all breaking activity on the sticker at Message app. This is exclusive Cydia tweak for all Facebook lovers.

So, I hope you have enjoyed StickerMe, StatusBright and Stratos Cydia tweak and would love to purchase it or if you don’t wanna purchase, leave your comment and I would show you the way to get it free.

Top 11 Must Have Jailbreak Apps in 2015 for iOS 8.1.2

In 2015, more and more iDevice users are moving towards iOS 8.1.2 or 8.1 Here we have picked up 11 top Jailbreak apps for you to download on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Air, Mini…

2013 was the big hit for jailbreak and Cydia. A lot of great apps and tools have been released for free download in 2013 such as EvasiOn Jailbreak for iOS 6.1.3 and the development of iOS 8.1.2 Jailbreak. EvasiOn 7.1 may be release in early 2015.

2015 will bring the new generation for jailbreak apps. Recently, Apple itself warned app store apps developers to update their applications before 28th Feb, 2015. After release of evasiOn jailbreak for iOS 8.1.2, the new series of Cydia tweaks will come in the jailbreak community.

Before listing the top tweaks of the year 2015, I would update you with the development of iOS 8.1.2 jailbreak. Evad3rs, the team who is developing evasiOn 7.1, is working on iOS 8.1.2 jailbreak and they have successfully ported Cydia on evasiOn 7.1. However, in the primary stage, it is not working properly. Additionally, there are few best apps such as Winterboard, Activator and substrate also not working properly.

How to Fix Cydia: Not working, not opening, not found.

Saurik, the creator of Cydia, Winterboard and many other projects, has been working hard to fix the issues. We are sure that they will fix all the errors and all these jailbreak tweaks would work in the best form in iOS 8.1.2 too.

Best 11 Cydia Apps – You must have in your Jailbreak

In 2013, many popular tweaks were released in the jailbreak community. A few of them will rock 2015 too. We have picked top 11 best apps that can rock iPhone 5S, 5C, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPod Touch 5G and newer iDevices, only if jailbreak comes at the right time in the market.

Note: All applications listed below are fully must have for any jailbreak device owner. We have invest a great time picking the best out of the best. Don’t avoid them, before read.

1 PKGBackup: It is the best backup app that has numerous great features. PKG Backup is developed under BigBoss repo source and you have to purchase it in order to use in your jailbreak iDevice. But, it worth to spend small amount for a great application. There is no alternative app for PKGBackup in the performance.

Once it installed, User can download and save SHSH blobs, take fully backup of contacts, calender entries, installed Cydia and other applications. User can store their backups to Cloud storage or just send them on your computer.

Whereas, Apple is working hard to remove jailbreak and forcing jailbreak user to uninstall all these Cydia stuff from their iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, use should take a regular backup. PKGBackup is the best app that does all things for you for backup your jailbreak.

2 Winterboard & Dreamboard: These both tweaks are for themes use. Winterboard is developed by Saurik that allows user to install custom themes on jailbreak iOS device. But, there are some limitation in Winterboard. Dreamboard fills all the limitations with advantages. It allows user to install themes without respiring in a quicky way with a lot more feature.

4 Unlock7 & LockBuilder: These both apps are for iOS 8.1.2 lock screen. If you are not happy with built-in lockscreen effects and design, you can change the way with these tweaks. Unlock7 and LockBuilder both will change the look of your old lockscreen style with a cool new series of creations in 2015.

6 CyDelete: Its a Cydia tweak that allows user to delete apps from their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. As a jailbreak user, you should have the basic apps that can save your great time. User can remove apps that they don’t want any more.

7 Poof: You don’t wanna delete apps? Okay, use Poof. It allows you to hide apps from springboard, so you don’t need to remove them. You can use them hidely. Nobody can track your activity. You can hide games and tweaks that you don’t like to show to anyone.

8 iFile: This is also a must have jailbreak app. iFile allows download, install files from Safari web browser. It also allows user to access system files. Using iFile, user can create, rename, delete, save files and folders easily. A must have file manager for every user.

9 3G Unrestrictor 5: The developers have launched new version that works on iPhone 5, iPad Mini and iPod Touch 5G. If you are using slow internet connection, then 3G Unrestrictor is the best app for you. I have seen many users who complain that they can’t use FaceTime and other apps such as photo stream due to slow internet connection, all those guys use 3G Unrestrictor 5 to use all the apps that require high speed net in slow internet connection.

10 BetterWiFi & MyWi6: Both of these jailbreak apps are for WiFi usage. BetterWiFi is better than MyWi6 in terms of money and features too. BetterWiFi helps you find out open WiFi networks. It detect WiFi based on slow and high speed networks and of course signal strength. It will cost you around $1.5, whereas MyWi6 will cost you around $19.99 with the same features. There is another alternative Cydia tweak for WiFi and that is WiFi analyzer.


Bottom line is, these are the best apps that you should install on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. One more thing, you can download alternative tweaks that have been mentioned above within the recommendation.

Furthermore, these applications can be installed only jailbreak iOS device, so, you must jailbreak your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad Air, Mini or whatever you have, before downloading these tweaks.

Note: If you recently upgraded to iOS 8.1.1 or iOS 8.1.2 and jailbroken it, then you should note that it might possible that these apps and tweaks may not support iOS 8.1.1 or iOS 8.1.2 properly. Install with caution.

The Best 25 Cydia Tweaks and Apps for iOS 8.2 for iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air

The Best 25 Cydia Tweaks and Apps for iOS 8.2 for iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air

Finally after a long period of updates, TaiG team has released Jailbreak 8.2 for iOS 8.2 firmware for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. With the release of iOS 8.2 jailbreak, all Cydia apps developers have started updating their existing tweaks and creating new ideas for the future.

No doubt, iOS 8.2 is one of the most famous jailbreak tools and this is the first time when we have seen jailbreak for beta firmware. It seems like there would be a gap for next release of jailbreak iOS 9 and iOS 8.2 officially, because Apple has patched all the exploits and vulnerabilities.

So, we have picked up top 25 Cydia tweaks that are best for your iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad air and iPod Touch compatible with iOS 8.2.

Note: The List of Best Cydia Apps contains beta version of tweaks for iOS 8.2

1. Cylinder: No doubt, Cylinder is the best and must have Cydia tweak. Whenever, I jailbreak my iPhone, I install Cylinder in the first place. Cylinder is free, so, its better idea to go with it. While it’s alternative Barrel is paid, but has more page scrolling effects.

2. CyDelete: Are you the one who often test new tweaks? CyDelete is the most comfortable jailbreak app for you. You will often need Cydelete to remove those unnecessary tweaks.

3. Springtomize iOS 8.2: I love Springtomize. It contains a lot of settings that allow me to customize my iPhone system wide. Springtomize changes whole UI of my iPhone and iPad. The upcoming app would be Springtomize 4.

4. AdBlocker: This is must have Cydia tweak for the users who often use Google Chrome or Safari web browser on iPad or iPhone. AdBlocker blocks all adverts from the pages and makes it clean. At least for me, AdBlocker is must have and one of the best Jailbreak app.

5. CCControls iOS 8.2: One of the most famous and useful Cydia hack to customize control center of your iPad or iPhone. It comes with couple of best features which help us to hide control center items and allow us to rearrange them as we like. CCControls can be install at no cost via HackYouriPhone repo.

6. CCHide: One more awesome Cydia app. Is there anything that you don’t like on your control center? CCHide would allow you hiding those items from control center. CCHide is free tweak that can be download and installed from BigBoss repo source.

7. Quit App for Activator: Are you surprised to see this app in the top list? Actually, very few users, I would say power users know the power of this tweak. I would install this Cydia tweak before all of these tweaks because it allows me to close any active app or tweak using Activator gesture by only one tap at any area selected by me.

8. StatusModifier: This Cydia tweak brings an easy solution to add date and time together nicely in the middle of status bar which is must I think. Additionally, it comes with couple of other settings which is must to modify Status bar.

9. WinterBoard iOS 8.2: This is the best alternative to Dreamboard Themes. Actually, Winterboard themes are better than Dreamboard themes and Winterboard is developed and maintained by Saurik, so, no doubt it would be the best. Note. Winterboard is still in beta stage where you can only install couple of most popular Winterboard themes.

10. Aeternum iOS 8.2: Wow, this is really one of the best Cydia tweaks for iPhone and iPad. Aeternum brings Apple Watch UI to your iPhone or iPad. Almost exactly same UI comes when you install Aeternum Cydia tweak on your iPhone. AcamarUI is alternative to Aeternum.

11. iFile iOS 8.2: Do you have installed Jailbreak iOS 8.2? You will need iFile Cydia tweak for your iPhone or iPad. iFile allows jailbreak users to manage files and edit system files as well. You can download iFile from HYI repository.

12. LinkTunes iOS 8.2: If you often use iTunes music, LinkTunes is the best tweak for you. LinkTunes allows user to download iTunes music for free on your iPad Air, iPad Mini or iPhone.

13. LinkStore iOS 8.2: Once you installed LinkStore, you would fall in love with it. This is a app finder which finds cracked iPA files.

14. BDaySpotify: It allows user to download songs directly from iTunes to your iDevice. It comes with settings that offers user a unique way to download music from iTunes.

15. 3G Unrestrictor iOS 8.2: If you can’t use WiFi, 3G Unrestrictor is the best tweak for you. It allows you to use WhatsAPP, Safari and other web applications using 3G internet.

Below are couple of other jailbreak apps which you can install…

  • BioProtect
  • iCleaner Pro
  • Social Duplicator
  • Movie Box
  • AppLocker
  • FolderEnhancer
  • WiFi Booster
  • SmartTap
  • Convergance
  • Aura
  • VideoPane
  • Ayeris iOS 8.2
  • Volume Amplifier
  • VoiceChanger
  • Call Recorder iOS 8.2
  • Vertex
  • Bridge
  • DataMeter
  • ReachApp
  • Safari Downloader+
  • Eclipse iOS 8.2 Theme

How to Add ModMyi Repo to Cydia

ModMyi repository is one of the best and must have Cydia Sources to download a lot themes, apps, tweaks and games on your jailbroken iOS device.

When you jailbreak your iOS, it comes as a default repo with Cydia. We have encountered many cases, especially with jailbreakme, redsnOw and other jailbreak tools, where ModMyi is not listed in the default source list. In such a way, you can easily modify default repository list.

Modify Cydia Sources: If you are getting any error installing repository or missing any default source, you can easily modify them. You don’t need to re-jailbreak your iOS for that.

I Can’t Add Repository to Cydia

Suppose, if you are getting error installing ModMyi repo to source list, you should read this tutorial word by word. I have mentioned all the possible way to add ModMyi into your repo list.

1 1st Method: If you haven’t tried to add this repo in your repository list, I would recommend to try this method first. Suppose, if you got error using this method, skip this step and follow second one. Here you have to manually enter ModMyi repo address that has been provided by ModMyi itself.

  1. Launch Cydia application.
  2. Tap on Manage, Now tap on Sources.
  3. You can add custom sources to the repo list here. Tap on Add button from the top left corner to add repo.
  4. Type below repository address in the box and add it. or

2 2nd Method: Many users add sources successfully using above method, however, if you are getting error saying, this repo not found or any other error, you can try this step. In the method, we will try to install ModMyi repository from Saurik’s, a developer of Cydia, repository.

  1. Open Cydia application and tap on Manage.
  2. Tap and “Sources” and click on “Telesphoreo Tangelo” repo (This is the repository that is developed by Saurik).
  3. Now scroll down until “M” letter comes. You will see ModMyi repository listed there. Tap on it.
  4. Tap on Install button to add it.

3 3rd Method: Somehow, all above method do not working on your case, you can finally add repo list manually using SSH program. On average, this is difficult method, you need OpenSSH program and other applications to edit default repo sources. However, if both of above method do not work, you can apply this one.

  • Open Cydia and Search for OpenSSH and install it.
  • Now create a text file on your computer and save it with the name of “” as a text file (notepad file). Add below content into text file.

# do not edit this file to add your own custom sources
# this file is subject to be upgraded as part of a package
# either add your own .list file to /etc/apt/sources.list.d
# or add your entry to the global /etc/apt/sources.list file

deb stable main

  • Now put this text file into your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch using SSH program in the root->private->etc->apt and add above text file in sources.list.d directory.

Note: If you don’t wanna use OpenSSH and SSH program, you can still do all the things right from your iPhone or iPad. Install iFile from Cydia and create text file with the above content with the same ModMyi file name and add that file using iFile to above mentioned directory.

Warning: I would recommend that you take Cydia Backup before following 3rd Method into effect. 3rd method can damage your source list, if you will make any mistake.


If you have added a lot of repositories in the source list, it could be one the sure shot reason for errors. Try to remove repositories that you are not using at all from source list and your error will be disappeared.

Wow, you exceeded the number of package names this APT is capable of

If you are getting above error while accessing ModMyi repo, you need to fix Cydia Sources to get rid of this error.

Cydia Sources - Repos iOS 8.1.2 © 2014