Download iOS 11.1 Wallpaper For Free Compatible for iPhone X

Finally, a most advanced and brand new iOS 11.1 firmware is released for iPhone and all other Apple devices that run on iOS platform. Today, I would give you option to download iOS 11.1 wallpapers.

iOS 11.1 has some beautiful wallpapers. Thus some users try to download iOS 11.1 just to install those wallpaper on their devices. As iOS 11.1 is beta firmware currently, so if you’re looking only for installing iOS 11.1 wallpapers, you can do it without installing whole firmware on your iPhone or iPad.

iOS 11.1 is announced by Apple and many new features and theme changes have been demonstrated on YouTube by various YouTube users. Developers have got the firmware chance to hands on iOS 11.1 on their compatible iPhone and iPad devices.

Before installing whole iOS 11.1 firmware on your iPhone, please consider watching at least one demonstration on YouTube. And if iOS 11.1 wallpaper is one of that reason that’s why you’re hoping to install iOS 11.1, then you can download that wallpaper from here.

According to Apple, around 100 new features and performance issues have been addressed in iOS 11.1. A new iOS 11.1 wallpaper is also added to this new firmware to make it unique.

Users looking for iOS 11.1 new wallpaper can head to below paragraph where they can just tap on the wallpaper and save it. Once it has been saved to your gallery, you can go to settings and then Wallpapers option. There you can choose iOS 11.1 wallpaper to apply.

New iOS 11 Wallpapers

Don’t forget to share your thoughts on iOS 11.1 features, wallpaper and all those things that you like or don’t like in this new firmware. I’d keep posting new things on iOS 11.1 after your tips, suggestions and guidances.

If you want any other new wallpaper for your iPhone or iPad, please comment below and leave your request…

10 Best Cydia Repos/Sources for iOS 11 – 11.1

Top 10 Best Cydia Sources iOS 11 for 2017…

We’re really excited to update you about the latest Pangu jailbreak and of course bunch of Cydia Sources out there which are specially updated for you.

We’ve added couple of most recent and updated Cydia Repos specially for iOS 11 which are added recently in 2017.

To remind you that you can download your favorite Cydia tweaks, jailbreak apps for free from these Cydia sources iOS 11.

All of these jailbreak sources must be added manually because they’re not in the list of default Cydia Sources List for IOS 11.

We’d add or remove any of repo sources on your request, so please comment and share your experience for the best Cydia Sources list compatible for iOS 11.

Updated: 02-10-2017

The list has been updated compatibility for iOS 11, however, there isn’t tool available for jailbreak thus, you can actually use it right now, yeah, you may use it later when you get the working tool in your hand.

Comments are open…

The 20 Jailbreak Apps You Can’t Miss on iOS 11 – The Best Cydia Collection

Top 20 Jailbreak Apps, Cydia tweaks for iOS 11…

The ultimate list of top 20 Cydia tweaks and Jailbreak apps for your iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPod Touch that can be installed on iOS 11 and all other newer firmware that is jailbroken.

Jailbreaking community has been developed significantly in large scale. There are thousands upon thousands users available who use Cydia AppStore as their main source to install top jailbreak apps.

Most of jailbreak users look for new and unique Cydia tweak that you can’t find anywhere else. But, at the same you shouldn’t forget about those top evergreen Cydia apps that can’t miss your iPhone forever such as Springtomize, MyWi and IntelliScreenX, BytaFont, Zeppelin and Alkaline.

Today, I’m with you to show you couple of best Cydia tweaks and jailbreak apps that you won’t forget for ever. These Cydia apps would change the look and the way of your iPhone. All of these Cydia tweaks are compatible for iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPod Touch and iPhone.

Just note down these tweak on your notebook. Yeah, forgot to mention about iCrackUriDevice who has uploaded YouTube videos demonstrating these tweaks on his channel. You can follow him or like his channel for sure. Below is the URL of the YouTube video too.

  1. SpringTomize: Customize whole look of your iPad Mini, iPad Air or iPhone with this Cydia tweak. I install this tweak for the first in the queue after jailbreaking.
  2. MultiIconMover+
  3. BioLockDown
  4. BioBoot
  5. MiniPlayer
  6. f.lux: You can use this tweak to configure lights and brightness of your iPhone or iPad to get better battery life.
  7. Cornered
  8. PandoraSkips
  9. GBA4iOS: If you love games, GBA game emulator for iPhone is the best for you. Just demo it on YoutTube which is uploaded above for your convenient. Such as GBA4iOS, you can test Emu4iOS, NDS4iOS and other iPhone game emulators.
  10. betterFiveIconDock: This Cydia tweak brings fifth icon to the dock. One of the must have Cydia tweaks for your iPhone.
  11. Activator: Activator brings completely unbelievable set of features. I’m sure this is must have jailbreak app after installing Cydia to my iOS 11 iPhone or any other device such as iPad.
  12. Transparentdock: No doubt, Transparentdock Cydia tweak makes your dock transparent.
  13. betterFourByFourFolders
  14. CC Deseperator: This jailbreak tweak removes separator from Control center and makes it clean and neat.
  15. BlurryBadges: Do you love blur? This tweak makes icons badges blurring. Yeah, BlurryBadges is the Cydia tweak that brings blur feature to your iPhone or iPad.
  16. AlwaysClear
  17. NoGrabber
  18. Bars: This tweak is gonna bring bars on your iPhone.
  19. Emoji83+: This tweak offers pre installed set of Emoji icons and animations that can be used while typing text or in a WhatsAPP message. So, I would say this is gonna include in the top Cydia tweaks for sure if you love text message and emoji specially through WhatsAPP.
  20. BounceNotify8

iOS 11.1 Download, Features, iPhone Compatibility List

iOS 11.1 would be compatible for all iPhone devices except iPhone 5…

If you’d compare couple of past iOS releases, you’d know that Apple discontinued supporting older iPhones one by one with the time and compatibility.

With the time, Apple made better iOS platform and according to that they made changes to iPhone device. iPhone 8 and iOS 11.1 may be perfect match with each other.

Thus, iPhone 5 may miss iOS 11.1 as iPhone 4S was unlucky to get iOS 10 last year. Anyway, this is regular cycle that we face most of the time and I think this is healthy practice by Apple.

Look, older phones couldn’t handle feature rich and larger iOS platform and we expect iOS 11.1 would be one of them. We believe iOS 10 was the toughest firmware that was completely incompatible for iPhone 4S and may be iOS 11.1 would be for iPhone 5.

Since last iOS release, Apple made a huge changes to their firmware features. Now, we’ve a redesigned control center and new lock screen. Yeah, iOS 11.1 lock screen should be more effective and we expect that there should be a dedicated option to add your own widget. Suppose, I want to add a to do widget, I should allow to add that. But who knows, what the future of iOS 11.1.

If you want to download iOS 11.1, you have to wait couple of days more since its under development and we’re catching it on Analytics normally everyday now.

iOS 11.1 Compatible Devices List

Most devices including iPhone 8 would support iOS 11.1 however iPhone 5 may lose it’s grip from iOS 11.1 as I believe it was not compatible for iOS 10 too.

Yeah, there are couple of iPad devices exist out there that gonna out from compatibility list of iOS 11.1 this year.

I believe, iPod Touch 6 would definitely get the iOS 11.1 flavor iOS 12 too, because it’s very powerful device and you can at least expect iOS 11.1 this year.

Apple may want to add more features in iOS 11.1 according to iPhone 8 and we’d be here to update each and every new features reveal from the web.

Would you purchase iPhone 8?

Jailbreak + Must Have Cydia Tweaks Compatible for iOS 11 / iOS 11.1

How to Jailbreak iOS 11.1 with TaiG, PanGu on iPhone, iPad

Apple has really did a great job and they’re successful in protecting iPhone from iOS 11.1 jailbreak. This is constant 3rd firmware release without Cydia or any jbreak since iOS 11.

It’s like Apple has achieved it’s goal by preventing the community from breaking it’s secret codes. The users now adopting various ways to get hands on Cydia tweaks and other sources.

The most current version of the iPhone device is, iOS 11.1 which is untouched from jbreak teams. TaiG had cleared that they’ve exploits and they would release next jailbreak iOS 11.1 anytime.

PanGu are also in the game where they’re constantly trying to win the battle against their closest friends, Taig. Another team rises his hand and the leader is Luca Todesco. He has claimed to have jailbreak for iOS 11.

If you’re closely watching this game of jailbreak 11, you’d get full enjoyment and in the return there would be iOS 11.1 jailbreak untethered in your hand for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

A year ago, Apple released most secured iOS 11.1 firmware with root less file system that somehow got success to stop various teams from jailbreaking. In other hand, Cydia developer – Saurik is still active and releases one by one update to Cydia iOS 11.1 with new tweaks and developments.

The new year is began and still there isn’t any announcement for new jailbreak for iOS 11.1 with Cydia installer. The users are still in the hope that TaiG, Luca or PanGu would come up with their excellent jailbreak iOS 11.1 compatible for iPad and iPhone.

With each new firmware, Apple is patching all the key exploits from new firmware. They’re getting ahead and ahead and they are truly one step ahead from TaiG and PanGu by preventing them jailbreak iPhone operating system.

A new hacker, Luca twitted about iOS 11.1 jailbreak. According to this guy, he got partial success in developing jailbreak for iOS 11. He posted couple of photos with Cydia iOS 11.1 and couple of Cydia tweaks running on this so called iOS 11.1 jailbreak.

If it’s true, we’d have jailbreak 11.1 very soon for iPad Pro, iPad air, iPad Mini, iPhone and iPod Touch. The users who are waiting for the jbreak iOS 11, would get chance to download and install Cydia iOS 11.1 for free.

Suppose, you got the chance to jailbreak current iOS 11.1 firmware, which Cydia apps would you install?

TutuApp Helper: How to Install on iOS 11 [Without Jailbreak, No Computer]

Tutu App Helper for iOS 11 Running on iPhone…

Tutu app Helper is released. Its similar to vShare app helper, you may heard of. Today, I’d mention whole thing how to install it on your iPhone running iOS 11.

There are two ways to get this app on your iPhone, you can use Computer to install Tutu App helper and you can download iPA file and use Cydia Impactor without jailbreak or you can install it directly using your iPhone. Both the ways, I’d mention here.

What is TutuHelper?

If you know that after jailbreaking, you can download and install tweaks, games and apps specially those ++ tweaked applications. But since there isn’t any jailbreak available for iOS 11, you may want to install those apps without jailbreak, right? TutuApp Helper can be useful for you to do so.

Tutu Helper is an app for iOS and Android devices that allows user to install ++ tweaked apps, games for free without accessing App Store or computer. Users can side load many useful applications with a single solution such as Tutu app. To do these things, you won’t need computer even don’t need of jailbreak at all.

How to Install TutuApp on iOS 11 without jailbreak

As I mentioned earlier, you can use computer and Cydia Impactor to install Tutu Helper without jailbreak iOS 11.

  1. Download Cydia Impactor, Tutu Helper iPA file.
  2. Run Cy Impactor on your Windows or MacOS and drag this iPA to the box.
  3. It may ask you Apple ID and computer password to access and ask you to connect your phone to computer using data cable.
  4. Once you completed these steps, the app would be installed.

Or you can use your iPhone directly to install this app. Follow me…

  1. You’d need internet connection, so connect your iPhone to WiFi.
  2. Open Safari and head to
  3. You’d notice Download Now button, tap on it.
  4. Follow on screen instruction and install Tutu App Helper.


I’m getting a lot of complains that Tutu app not working on iOS 11.0.1. Look, it seems like there is something that Apple has either improved or upgraded thus in some cases, you may get issues, problems using TutuApp Helper.

Without getting proper information about why TutuApp not working on your iPhone, I can’t help you out. So, please give your feedback and comments if you’ve any problem using this app.

Download iOS 11.1: Apple Releases First Public & Developer Beta for iPhone, iPad

iOS 11.1 Public beta 1 was out today morning for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad…

The initial first beta of the next generation iOS 11.1 is officially out for iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and all other older iPhone including iPad and iPod Touch. This beta update is available on all devices as OTA update that are registered under Apple Beta Program.

Two days ago, Apple had pushed the same beta to Registered developers only and after some good feedback and testing, iOS 11.1 beta is now available for public beta testers too.

Apple knows what they’re doing. Thus, they have successfully prevented PanGu, Yalu, Keen and TaiG teams to release jailbreak for iOS. They’re so expert and valuable brand that they release any products after bunch of beta tests and discovering. During these beta releases, Apple gets thousands of feedback regarding bugs, glitch and performance issues. This is how, they can improve the software better and release the next beta version.

If you’ve seen iPhone X demonstration while announcement that was held in Apple Event, iPhone X was able to do some tricks while using multitasking, closing apps, accessing control center and notification center. Plus, there were some tricks related to camera and message app such as Animated Emoji. All of these features may land with iOS 11.1.

However, all of these features may land one by one or in a bunch, but the first beta doesn’t have such features that we observed in our first impression to iOS 11.1 beta 1.

Download iOS 11.1 Beta 1

If you also want to download and install this beta 1 release of iOS 11.1, you must register your iPhone under “iOS Beta Program” that is completely free.

You just need to add a “iOS Beta Software Profile” to your iPhone and restart your iPhone. Once you do that, you’d get all the upcoming new beta updates directly to your iPhone via OTA.

We’ve published a detailed tutorial on How to Install iOS 11.1 Beta without Developer Account, you can read the full article and you’d get the benefit for free.

Software Updates

iOS 11.1 Beta 1: Now, very first beta version of iOS 11.1 is available for registered developers and for those who have added iOS beta software profile on their iPhone. The software is released aiming iPhone X release.

And at last, if you’ve any query, suggestions, please share your thoughts in the comment section.

iOS 11.1 IPSW Download, Downgrade 11.1, Jailbreak, Cydia & More

iOS 11.1 is available for download now for all compatible devices including iPhone SE, iPhone 8 and iPhone 7…

Quickly after iOS 11, Apple pushed another series of beta firmware update for Developers and public testers. This time, Apple has released iOS 11.1 beta software update for all compatible devices.

Without wasting further time, Apple has started new era of updates. This time, Apple came back with iOS 11.1 beta 1. Its available for developers now and expected to be available for public beta testers within two days.

During last few months, Apple has tested iOS 11 so closely with almost 9 beta tests including golden master update. Now when iOS 11 is finally out for public, the Cupertino based company started iOS 11.1 beta testing with the aim to take new update at highest level.

It seems like Apple doesn’t want to repeat the same mistake with iOS 11.1. iOS 11 was little buggy even it was released after so many beta releases. But, if you’ve upgraded your iPhone from iOS 11 to iOS 11.0.1, then you shouldn’t be worry about the bugs. Most of those bugs have been fixed with iOS 11.0.1.

How to Install iOS 11.1 on iPhone

As iOS 11.1 is released only for developers now, you can become public beta tester for free. Once you’d install beta profile on your iPhone you would be able to download iOS 11.1 and all future updates.

  1. After installing beta profile, open Settings.
  2. Tap on General section.
  3. Tap on Software update menu.
  4. If you’re connected to WiFi and installed beta profile correctly, you’d get update of iOS 11.1, tap on it and install.
  5. System would verify iOS 11.1 update and install it.

Meanwhile, even after a week of iOS 11 release, there isn’t any news about PanGu jailbreak or from other team such as Yalu and K33n. Now, we’re sure that they’re looking forward to iOS 11.1.

In other hand, Apple would try their best practices to prevent jailbreak 11.1. They’ve made some significant changes to the software in last couple of months and most probably, they’d continue to update their software technology.

While Saurik is ready with Cydia and he can update to any firmware update according to jailbreak availability. He has already updated the Cydia coding compatible to iOS 11.

One more thing, if you still wanna jailbreak, you should downgrade iOS 11.1 to iOS 10.3.1.

Jailbreak Updates

iOS 11.1 Beta 1: iOS 11.1 Beta 1 is out. However, still there isn’t any news of iOS 11.1 jailbreak. IOS 11.1 is aiming to bring Facial ID, Better Multitasking, Quick closing apps, Control Center and Notification center from top and much more.

We’re here to update all about the jailbreak iOS 11.1, Cydia and all other topics related to it. Don’t forget to comment and share your thoughts.

Instagram++ iOS: Brings a Lot of Unique Features for iPhone, iPad

Instagram++ for iPhone released with updates…

++ tweaked app, Instagram Plus version released for iPhone, iPad and that’s all without jailbreak or even without computer use. Yeah, now you can install this premium version for free on the go on your iPhone running iOS 11 or any future update.

Bunch of new features have been added to this update along with super easy installation with the support of iOS 11. The only condition is, you must use original default Instagram also with this update.

Once Instagram++ installed on your iPhone, you’re free to do whatever you want. Download any image or photo, copy video from Instagram to your iPhone or create unlimited accounts or profiles at this social media platform. You’re allowed to set your own pass code or Touch ID to create super security environment.

You won’t estimate how much features you’re getting with this one. Even I can’t tell you full list because I myself have to use it with full swing. Instagram++ tweak has so many features now.

You can create fake profile, muted list of users and much more. The most important thing is, you don’t need to jailbreak your iPhone in order to install Instagram++, isn’t is cool?

How to Install Instagram++ without Jailbreak iOS 11

Finally, Instagram++ iOS 11 is ready to download and install without any trick. You can follow some very easy steps that have been mentioned below to install it.

Note: Try iOSEmulatorSpot, if you encounter any issue installing it from

  1. Its super easy to install it now. First you should be connected to WiFi in order to install it easily. Open Safari and search Instagram++.
  2. Choose
  3. You must choose above result and once page loads completely, tap on “Install“.
  4. System would download Instagram++ in the background and once it has been downloaded, you’d be asked to confirm installation.
  5. Tap on Confirm and done.

Instagram iOS 11 would be installed on your iPhone right away. In any case, if Instagram not working on your iPhone even after following exact steps, you can comment below and I’d help you out in this installation.

Spotify++ for iPhone: The Best Ever iPA for Spotify Without Jailbreak

Spotify++ iOS 11 is available for iPhone, iPad…

Nowadays, we’ve seen many ++ tweaked applications such as Instagram++, Spotify++ and YouTube++. These apps don’t need jailbreak or Cydia at all. Some of these apps can be installed directly from your iPhone and some other apps require computer to install.

Today, I’m here to show you exact path of installing Spotify++ iPA on iPhone running iOS 11. As I told you no computer, jailbreak or Cydia are required to install it. You may follow this tutorial even if you’re on iOS 10.3.3.

You listen music even when you’re walking or taking rest. Music is ultimate part of our life. At gym or in garden we listen music. For music listening Spotify is the best app for iPhone world wide. Fortunately, we’ve Spotify++ that offers wide range of free and paid music. Plus version is full of advance features.

As free version of the app doesn’t offer shuffle, skipping and repeat functions, we need Plus version that is also free. To get unlimited skips, shuffle music and advanced repeat feature, you must install Spotify++ on your iPhone.

The Plus version offers HD music comparing to normal quality in basic default version. You should note that Spotify is standard iPhone app while Spotify++ is third party tweaked app that works with the combination of default app. The Plus version offers you to import songs too.

For advanced users, Spotify++ is the best app and specially without jailbreak, you’re getting every single important features. If you use Spotify regularly and missing some basic features in free app, then you should move to this plus version that fills the gap between free and premium.

Important Read:

So now, if you’ve decided to give a try to this app, I’d help you out with the simple process. There are various methods available from which you should use one. If you’re developer, you can use Xcode to install Spotify++ iPA. While, if you’re not developer but have computer, you can use Cydia Impactor to install this tweak right on your computer using data cable.

While if you don’t have computer, there are certain ways still available that can be used to download Spotify++ and install without jailbreak iOS 11. In this article, I’m mentioning the way that can be installed this app directly to your iPhone without computer or jailbreaking your device.

How to Install Spotify++ without Jailbreak [No Computer Required]

So here, I’m using iOSEmulatorSpot trick that offers various ++ tweaked apps which are basically a jailbreak applications but using iOSEmus, we can install them without installing Cydia or Jailbreaking our device.

  1. First of all, Download iOSEmus on your iPhone.
  2. Once you installed it, that is very easy, open it.
  3. Tap on Apps section where you need to choose Spotify++ tweak.
  4. Follow on screen instructions and complete installation.

Using iOS Emulator Spot, you’d be able to install this tweak easily. Even if you want YouTube++ or Instagram++ to install, you’re allowed to do that.

If you need any help or getting error of Spotify++ not working, you can comment below.

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