Pokemon Go iOS 11.2 Hack: Now 1.53.2 Hack Available for iPhone X, iPad Pro

Pokemon Go++ is back with the hack of latest version 1.53.2 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch…

Users who are already aware of Pokemon Go hacks, they already know that 1.49 hack was not available. All were waiting to see latest hack for Pokemon Go++ and 1.53.2 is one of the latest release that comes with hack.

The first thing you would need to do is, you must download Pokemon Go 1.53.2 iPA file. Once you’ve this file installed on your iPhone, you can do hack for it and enjoy unlimited playing. This new modified and updated version comes with hack and it brings couple of new features along with bug fixes that almost all new version do, but the good part is, it comes with 1.53.2 hack, that is something interesting.

Pokemon Go 1.53.2 is special because its a modified version that is bundled with hack. The Plus point for users is, they can not only enjoy new features that were missing in the previous version, but also 1.53.2 hack, means more liberty and more features.

Another good part is, this Pokemon Go++ hack is released for Android too. Android version is 0.83.0 hack. Users having Android smartphone can download Pokemon Go 0.83.0 hack APK online and enjoy unlimited experience of new update.

How to Install Pokemon 1.53.2 Hack

Users having iPhone or iPad can follow this and If you’ve Android device, please wait couple of hours, I’d post a new article following installation of Pokemon Go++ Hack for 0.83.0 dedicated to Android devices.

  1. First install Pokemon Go from Apple App Store for iOS 11.2 or any iOS update that you’re using.
  2. Make sure that App Store Pokemon Go is running without any issue. Then, download 1.53.2 hack modified version iPA file. You can use download Pokemon Go++ 1.53.2 hack iPA too.
  3. Once you’ve both app installed on your iPhone, restart your iPhone.

Note: You can use Xcode or Cydia Impactor without jailbreak from your Computer running on MacOS or Windows to install these hacks.

If you’re any doubt related to these hacks, please make a comment below.

iGBA iOS 11.1/11.2: Download iGBAEmu without Jailbreak

iGBA for iPhone running on iOS 11.2 or iOS 11.1 without jailbreaking or tweaking your iOS…

I know, its very hard to maintain regular iPhone usage without jailbreak if you’re fan of Game Boy Advance games. GBA is one of the largely used game for iPhone, iPad and all other Android devices.

Today, I’m here to share my own personal experience of downloading and installing iGBA iOS 11.1 that can be installed on iOS 11.2 also same way. So, if you were in search to install iGBA then, this is great opportunity for you to look for.

But here, I’m talking about iGBA that is something different than GBA in the first place. While having GBA, you need to manually download and install it while here with iGBA, you don’t need to download any software or install it on your iPhone. iGBA can be run directly on your iPhone web browser without installing it.

Additionally, iGBA doesn’t require any computer, no Windows, no MacOS or Linux. It doesn’t require jailbreak too. Means, you don’t need to have jailbreak device in order to play iGBAEmu.

Today, you’d learn something very exciting that would change your life for some instance because of easy of playing such interesting game without jailbreaking your iPhone.

For your knowledge, here is short info about iGBA. You would have already knew about GBA, Game Boy Advance games. iGBA is nothing but web version of this emulator. You would have know that certificate of these game emulator get expires in short time of period so you must uninstall and reinstall them again and again after some times. After following this article, you’d play iGBA without installing or downloading any software. This way, you won’t require to jailbreak or run computer.

How to Play iGBA on iPhone without Installing it

So, you’re going to play iGBA after following below steps. You won’t require to install it or download it to play. So, look below steps.

    1. To play, you must be on Internet. To do this, activate WiFi or mobile internet data first. Then open Safari web browser. You can use Google Chrome to play iGBA too.
    2. To play this, you must open iGBAEmu website that can be accessed using iGBAEmu.com address.
    3. There you’d see iGBA link that you must open.
    4. Confirm that you’re not robot using ticking on the box and then proceed.
    5. Website would prepare for play and once it would be prepared for run, you’d be asked to tap on iGBA 2.0.
    6. Just like GBA4iOS, you can add ROM here or just play regular.

That’s it.

If iGBA not working, you can comment below. I’d request to comment so that if you’re facing any difficulty then I’d edit this article accordingly.

Download AppToko iOS 11.1/11.2: How to Install Without Jailbreak

AppToko iOS 11.2 and iOS 11.1 are available to install on iPhone, iPad without jailbreak…

These days, when we don’t have Cydia or Jailbreak to install our favorite apps such as vShare, TutuAPP and other such apps, AppToko became famous due to it works without jailbreak.

This is the app for them who are looking for App Store alternative. Thanks to the developer who made AppToko compatible for iPhone and iPad without the support of jailbreak. Yeah, jailbreak is not a requirement now. You can download AppToko without installing Cydia.

Now you can grab all those paid apps right from App Store without spending anything. There are couple of benefits for installing AppToko iOS 11.1 or the latest update for iOS 11.2. Users can download multiple paid apps for free at once. There has been a separate section of paid apps which are available here for free. Users can categorize all of those paid-free apps based on ratings, reviews, installation and many other ways.

Now you should know a limitation that make me feel unhappy. AppToko English version is not available yet. Yeah, this is limitation of the app. You can found this app for Android, iOS and PC, but in Indonesian language. English version of the app is not available.

How to Install AppToko without Jailbreak iOS 11

You need to take some steps in order to download AppToko on your iPhone and install without jailbreak.

  1. You need active internet connection. Plus, you should always try Google Chrome to install this app. So, activate internet and open Google Chrome browser.
  2. Now, open AppToko.com website. Use Chrome web browser to open this address, because the website is in Indonesian language. Google chrome would translate AppToko Indonesia language into English.
  3. There you’d see Download button, tap on it and install it.

There won’t be any compilation to install it. Once you install it, open and configure the app. Suppose, AppToko not working, you can trust the developer profile for trusted certificate.

Done. If still you’re facing error or something trouble, you can comment below and I’d help you out.

ProTube++ iOS 11.1/iOS 11.2 Without Jailbreak for iPhone, iPad

ProTube for iPhone, iPad on iOS 11.1 or iOS 11.2 without jailbreak…

Downloading jailbreak apps without installing Cydia these days became harder and since Apple released iOS 11, it became more harder.

Until iOS 10, there were couple of third party apps help downloading jailbreak apps such as ProTube++, Spotify++ and Instagram++. Now, it becomes nearly impossible to install Cydia apps without actually jailbreaking iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Today, I’m with you to talk about ProTube++ that I had installed yesterday on my iPhone X running iOS 11.1. According to user experience ProTube++ iOS 11.2 also works.

Here you don’t require jailbreak iPhone in order to install ProTube++, it means without jailbreak, you’d have unlimited YouTube video, music and many other things.

You would have already know about ProTube++. Until now, it was one of the most popular Cydia tweak for jailbroken iPhone and iPad. Large number of users download it every month. Since jailbreak is not available, the developer has managed to make it available for non Jailbreak devices too.

There were couple of dispute between the author and YouTube owner and thus, ProTube++ was pulled out from Apple App Store. Now the users who still want to download and install this tweak can use certain way in order to install it. Here you’re actually side loading this app.

How to Install ProTube without Jailbreak

Follow the steps…

  1. Here, the first step is downloading ProTube++ iPA.
  2. Now, you’ve ProTube iPA file that we need to inject on our iPhone. To do this, we need either Cydia Impactor or Xcode using our computer. Yeah, with the help of computer and after connecting our iPhone to computer using Data cable, use Cydia Impactor to install ProTube on iPhone. It won’t require you to jailbreak.
  3. Now, you’d have installed iPA on your iPhone successfully. The third and most important step is remaining now is trusting the developer profile. To do so, head to settings app and find out Profiles & Device Management settings. You’d found ProTube developer profile, trust it.

This is gonna confusing steps because Cydia Impactor is Computer application and you need to use it together with ProTube iPA file. Basically it is because, Apple app store has pulled out it from their database due to some dispute.

But once, you’d have this app on your iPhone, it won’t ask you to update or reinstall the app. If you still have some query, please comment below…

How to Setup Face ID on iPhone X iOS 11.1

iPhone X Face ID setup quickly…

Quickly and correctly face id setup is more importantly. Suppose, you only setup face id quickly and not correctly, you’d get error again and again when you’d try to unlock iPhone X using Face ID. Thus, you must configure Face ID correctly on your iPhone X once while you’re configuring it first time.

Now iPhone X become one step ahead from Android and all other smartphone powered by iOS and Android whether you talk about Samsung, Google Pixel or any other brand available in the Smartphone industry. This step was iPhone X Face ID.

Truely, iPhone X is sensation with Face ID. One can unlock his iPhone X with Face ID without pressing those annoying buttons and filling passcode. Still you’re getting best security even using Face ID. Experts believe that Face ID is more secure than Touch ID and pass code security.

Experts have found that iPhone X Face ID is more accurate, secure and successful comparing to Samsung Galaxy S8’s face ID. At the same time, Face ID is more reliable, quick and better option to unlock your iPhone X comparing to passcode, Touch ID or any other tricks.

Most of you might have missed to add your Face ID to iPhone X and believe me that its most important part of iPhone X Face ID to setup first time. Here are some quick steps.

How to Set up iPhone X Face ID

For the first time when you’re going to setup FaceID on your iPhone X, you must create passcode. To proceed, head on Settings application and then tap on “Face ID & Passcode” section. If you’ve already configured your passcode, just enter it to go next step.

Now what next is, System would analyze and scan your face with every possible angles and prepare an image in the system with all possible changes. Apple made iPhone X Face ID so smartly that you won’t face any issue.

Once the iPhone X software would detect your Face, it would ask you to continue. Tap on continue and you’re done.

How to Unlock iPhone X using Face ID?

Personally saying, if you don’t have iPhone X with Face ID then you don’t have any iPhone X. This Face ID feature makes it iPhone X, a step ahead.

So basically, you’re getting Face ID feature already with your iPhone X and you just need to set up it once, that’s it. After setting up Face ID, you can tap on screen twice or press side buttons to wake your iPhone and bring your iPhone X front camera in front of your face. It would detect your face and would unlock iPhone X.

Have you still confusion or difficulty unlocking iPhone X using Face ID? Make a comment below…

How to Increase iPhone X Battery Life [No Jailbreak Required]

iPhone X Battery Life Boost after configuring it fully where no jailbreak required…

After having iPhone X, you’d be keen to learn couple of things on iPhone X to perform. Like increasing battery life is one of the goal that has been set in your mind. Since this is normal after buying new phone, we wait to get familiar with the phone and during this period, we run it smoothly, slowly slowly without doing major task.

Ever while playing games, watching videos on YouTube or surfing net on web browsers you can actually save your battery life and increase it a lot. To do all of this things, you must understand couple of things.

Apple has implemented many features that can be turned on or off and doing this you can actually increase battery life on your iPhone X.

Yeah, iOS has many features that consumes a lot of battery from your iPhone X. To turn off those features and enabling couple of more features can easily boost iPhone X Battery life.

Today, I’d mention all of those features that leave impact on your iPhone X while playing games, during web or doing nothing while sleeping or in ideal phase. So, get ready for increase battery time on iPhone X.

iPhone X WiFi: When you’re ideal and not using your iPhone X, you should turn of WiFi. This one thing would save a lot of battery time on your iPhone X. You can turn off your iPhone X WiFi at night at least, thus you won’t be charged extra battery drain duing night.

iPhone X Bluetooth: At night when you’re not using Bluetooth connected devices such as Apple watch and other such devices, you can turn of your Bluetooth feature at night at least. This way, you’d get huge battery life time and you’d notice big difference in battery life.

iPhone X Location GPS: This is the feature that isn’t useful while you’re not driving or using location service at all. Still GPS or location feature consumes a lot of battery during the ideal time. GPS doesn’t have any relation whether you’re driving car or sitting at home, it would keep tracking location and this way, you’d loss a lot of battery life. You can turn it off during not in use. The best time to turn of is night.

iPhone X Power Saver: iOS 11.1 has Power save mode that can be used while you’re ideal or not using your iPhone X actively. This way, you’d be the king of battery because it saves a lot of battery time by disabling many hidden features that are not in use.

So, these features are the best to enable and disable in order to save battery time on your iPhone X, if you know any other tricks or tips, please share with us in the comment section.

How to Switch Apps on iPhone X without App Switcher Quickly [No Jailbreak Required]

How to Switch Apps between each other on iPhone X without jailbreak or app switcher at all…

Switching apps between each other quickly is really a most useful feature of iPhone and thus many users like me jailbreak most of the time on iPhone. But now when Apple implemented this feature on iPhone X without any Cydia tweak, that’s really worth knowing.

So, iPhone X switch apps work like normal gesture on iPhone after jailbreak, but here without cracking your iPhone X, you can easily perform all those action easily, today, I’d show you how exactly it works.

So now you’ve already have iPhone X which brings most powerful features implemented without jailbreak. Its probably you’ve opened up the box and got your first charge completed successfully. Okay, after configure it completely, you’d be teaching how to switch apps between each other without accessing App switcher on IPhone X.

I know most of the time, we don’t actually press home button again and again and since there is no physical home button available on iPhone X, you’d be keen to know some tricks to access app switcher without double pressing home button like that.

Well Apple knows your feeling. Thus, iPhone maker company has started a new feature and that would allow you to switch apps on iPhone X without activating app switcher using Home button. Users can now able to switch any app one by one without actually open Apple switcher feature from Home button. You can perform some gestures to switch apps easily.

Switch Apps for iPhone X without App Switcher

Below are some gestures that you can apply to perform app switching on IPhone X…

  1. While configuring iPhone X, you’d have accessed Home indicator at the bottom area. You just need to do some gesture there.
  2. To switch apps quickly, you need to swipe left or swipe right from the Home indicator to switch apps without actually activating app switcher.


I’m sure, this is quite easy and sounds interesting. But yes, its true and this is how Apple build this IPhone X. The new phone is really worth buying, because there are a lot of gestures out there to perform.

We’re going to start a series of such iPhone Actions that can be performed to access some quick apps, task and other things.

If you have something to ask, please use comment box below…

How to Install HipStore iOS 11.1/11.2 Without Jailbreak

HipStore iOS 11.1, the best ever app in jailbreak category after iPhoneCake and AppCake

Users having jailbroken device always think about to jailbreak their device, why? The primary reason is, they need to install certain apps that offer some value products, applications, games and tweaks for free.

HipStore is one of those best applications that have been used while jailbreaking. Since couple of times, the developers making Cydia apps that don’t require jailbreak at all. Yeah, the jailbreak limitation has been remove.

Without any trick, you can easily download HipStore on your iPhone and system would install it after your confirmation. This way, you’d get all those jb juice in your plate even without jailbreaking your iPhone.

HipStore is developed by Vietnamese developer and I’ve mentioned many times in our blog before because this was the top pick of best jailbreak apps in the age of PanGu, TaiG and Evasion.

Now, you might don’t know about Installous, Kuaiyong and iFunBox because the usage of these apps is decreasing. But, HipStore still the alternative to these apps.

Currently only few apps out there that are able to fight HipStore and they’re vShare, Cyrus Installer and TutuApp. So, you can try them too.

Look without jailbreak, there would be some issues with these kind of apps such as your complaint would be that HipStore not working, or it won’t install apps even after doing everything. Primary reason for this is, Cydia. There were such apps available while jailbreaking that support HipStore and other such apps.

How to Download HipStore without Jailbreak

So, you wanna try your hands on this App Store, okay. To install this app, you must have download couple of other apps and that way you won’t need to use your computer or any iPA file manually like using Cydia Impactor on your PC using HipStore iPA file.

  1. Connect your iPhone to internet and download HipStore iPA file and use iPA installer to install it or follow next step.
  2. Download iOSEmulatorSpot, once I’ve installed Hip Store using this app. There are other applications also exist that offer this package.
  3. You can try Tutu App Helper for iPhone to install HipStore on your iPhone. Try Tutu if, HipStore not working.

Remember, keep your hopes low because without jailbreaking these apps won’t work at you were using it while having Cydia on your iPhone. So, keep calm and follow the steps as I’m mentioned above.

You can make a comment and share your thoughts and confirm that it works on your iPhone running on iOS 11 or any latest firmware or not.

Download iPadian iOS 11.1 Simulator for Any Computer – Windows/Mac

iPadian iOS Simulator 11.1 for MacOS, Windows and other computer for free…

You would have already know that iOS apps can be run on computer. And if you’re lover of iOS, then you would have definitely planning to run those iOS apps on your computer. If you’ve MacOS, then its really easy for you using Xcode, but if you’re on Windows then real challenge would create.

Thanks to iPadian iOS that offers a great simulator for Windows and MacOS that allows users to run iOS apps on your computer. We’ve hands on this great app and found that any App Store app can be run on MacOS or Windows computer using iPadian Simulator. This is actually a great way to enjoy your favourite operating system on your computer.

If you were thinking to run WhatsAPP on your computer without actually connected your mobile to your computer to sync messages, then now you can use iPadian and run WhatsAPP on your Mac or Windows and run that app without syncing or connecting that app to your iPhone and enjoy your app standalone.

You would have already know this too that iOS apps are only available for Apple devices that can run iOS ex. iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. In this case, how one can install iOS on Computer without Xcode, because we’re not developers and Xcode is only for developers.

iPadian is actually a iOS simulator that make you feel like you’re using your iPad right on your computer. So now, if you’ve PC and wanna run iOS apps, you can look at this app and you’d instantly get all those iPhone apps right on your computer using iPad simulator.

The best thing with iPadian is, you won’t need to install it. Yeah, no installation or installer is required to run iOS apps. This app is just like your iPad in form of exe file. iPadian.exe file is enough to run iPad simulator without installing any file on your computer. Just place this exe file on your computer desktop and run as Administrator whenever you wanna use iOS apps on your computer.

iPadian Simulator similarly looks like iPad interface and any iOS firmware can be installed. Any app that is available on Apple App Store can be installed right on your simulator using Apple App Store. You just need to sign in to your Apple account using Apple ID. WhatsAPP, Facebook, Spotify, Instagram or any other games or apps can be installed on your computer as standalone just like you’ve iPad.

iPadian WhatsAPP

I was guessing since a long while ago that is it possible to run WhatsAPP without syncing to my iPhone with my PC (Windows Computer). As I hate BlueStakes, I don’t wanted to run that Android simulator on my computer. Finally, I got to know about iPadian iOS that is just like emulator that I was looking for and I downloaded it.

After singing up to my Apple account, I could install WhatsAPP iOS 11.1 on my Windows computer using iPadian. Now, I’m using WhatsAPP the same app that I’m using on my iPhone without affecting to my battery life.

Instagram & Facebook

The same way, we can install Facebook, Spotify and Instagram on our computer with the help of this app. If you’re not aware of how to use iPadian, then I’d say download iPadian free app and run it right from your computer. Sign in to your Apple account using Apple ID and install Facebook, Instagram or Spotify from App Store.

Use these apps just like you’re using them on your iPhone device. If you’ve any confusion or query, you can make a comment and we’d be there for you to help.



iOS 11.2 Beta Battery Life, Features, Downgrade, Jailbreak & More

iOS 11.2 Beta release, compatible for iPhone X, iPhone SE and iPod touch 6th Generation…

iPhone X is just about to be available for public along with iOS 11.1 public version. Right now iOS 11.1 is in beta stage. I think iOS 11.1 is on final stage where it can be available for public any time now.

Since iPhone X and iOS 11.1 release are just about to be happened, Apple is preparing for next firmware developments. I’m talking about iOS 11.2. Yeah, iOS 11.2 is getting reality in form of iOS 11.2 beta first.

Guilherme Rambo, a developer at Apple, has made some tweets regarding iOS 11.2. He claims Apple is testing iOS 11.2 in the background and it would be reality within a month where Apple would release first beta of iOS 11.2 to the developers next week after iOS 11.1 public release.

The Brazil based developer has added an image to that tweet that claims iOS 11.2 beta exist. iOS 11.2 beta has some bug fixes, improvements. But it doesn’t shows any features that have been added to this new firmware update. In the initial period, the first beta would be released for developers and then public beta testers with the name of iOS 11.2 beta 1.

Since iOS 11.1 is still in beta and you know about it, iOS 11.2 may be available very soon after iOS 11.1 public release. We expect iOS 11.2 beta public release within a month.

Meanwhile, there is no such news about iOS 11.2 jailbreak at all. Yeah after iOS 11.2 beta release, it may be possible that one or another team jailbreak may test their exploits on this new firmware. But again, it would take at least a month to get hands on this new firmware for any jailbreak developer.

We’re constantly reporting on iOS 11.2 and as soon as new beta would be available, we’d inform you here.

Don’t forget to comment and share your thoughts, your planning and your edits in the comment section.

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