Mussic, Moove and VineDownloader: Best Cydia Tweaks For iOS 8.2

This week, Mussic Cydia tweak was released with couple of other great tweaks such as Moove and VineDownloader Cydia tweak.

TaiG gonna release iOS 8.2 jailbreak today, and these jailbreak apps can be great tweaks for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

We specially conduct a review on these tweaks because these have completely unique concept and specially Moove Cydia tweak.

Moove is movement based gesture jailbreak tweak. Moove iPhone tweak is created by H3Xept and BigBoss repo. The first initial version is released yet, so, the developer has placed only $0.99 for lifetime updates.

Once you installed Moove iOS 8.2 tweak on your iPhone or iPad, it allows user to operate various tasks based on 3D movements using Gestures. User can kill active app, you can kill all apps at once by moving it at right direction. Detailed features have been listed below…

  1. Kill Active App: User can configure movement to kill currently active app or tweak.
  2. Kill All Apps: This feature allows you to kill all the apps just by moving your iPhone.
  3. Lock Kill: Suppose, you forgot to close apps on your iPhone and if you’ve enabled this feature, automatically all apps would be closes when you lock your iPhone.
  4. Clear LockScreen: If you’ve enabled clear lockscreen gesture from your, you can clean lockscreen by shaking your iPhone.
  5. BlackList: Suppose, you added your favorite apps in blacklist, those apps and tweaks would never killed by Moove Cydia tweak.

The developer is hopeful to bring a lot of features to Moove iOS 8.2 such as recording videos or capture a photo just by moving your iPhone. These features would be really great. You would able to use spy camera using Moove iPhone tweak in the future.

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Another two tweaks are media related Cydia tweaks. Mussic iOS 8.2 is a Cydia tweak that records music that you’re listening. Mussic tweak is available on BigBoss repo for $2.69.

Whereas, VineDownloader downloads Vine videos to your camera roll. The VineDownloader Cydia tweak is updated for iOS 8.2 that would costs you $0.99.

We would recommend you to wait for TaiG Jailbreak iOS 8.2 before purchasing any tweak compatible for iOS 8.2. If you’ve any query, you can ask via comments…

iOS 8.1.2 – iOS 8.1.1 Jailbreak iPad Air, Mini Status

Last week was very interesting for users who are looking jailbreak for iPhone, iPad Air, Mini and iPod Touch. Apple released iPad Air and iPad mini 2 and pushed out latest iOS 8.1.2 firmware to fix numerous bugs from 8.1. After this release, everyone is focusing on iOS 8.1.2 jailbreak for iPad Air, iPad Mini and of course for iPhone 5S, 5C.

iPad Air, iPad Mini Jailbreak iOS, 7.1

Evad3rs team, the developers of EvasiOn jailbreak, has published iOS 8.1.2 status report and timeline. They also mentioned that how eagerly users are requesting them to release iOS 8.1.2 jailbreak. They have published a few of most asked questions and blog post titles which were…

Good News! iOS 8.1.1 Jailbreak has been published.

Download iOS 8.1.1, 8.1 jailbreak now!

Untethered iOS 8.1.2 JB for iPad Air, Mini and iPhone 5 is ready.

Everyday they are receiving thousands of comments and emails related to iOS 8.1.1 jailbreak. They have published a updates timeline too…

September 10: Apple released Official iOS 8.1.2 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

September 11: A tweet from Planetbeing that evad3rs will start working on iOS 8.1.2 jailbreak

September 14: Pod2G, a developer of EvasiOn, has shown confidence to jailbreak 7

October 2: Planetbeing has said that they have all pieces for iOS 8.1.2 jailbreak

October 3: Pod2G announce that evad3rs can’t give release date of evasiOn for iOS 8.1.2 yet

These were the news from official evad3rs team and all other news were just fake. I have noticed that they have start tagging iOS 8.1.1 jailbreak. It seems like they are not going to release iOS 8.1.2 jailbreak and waiting for iOS 8.1.1. I have no clue, why they are doing this. If they have all the pieces for current iOS 8.1.2 jailbreak, they should release it, before Apple fix those loopholes.

TetherMe iOS 8.1.2 is out! The Best WiFi Tethering Cydia Tweak for iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini

TetherMe iOS 8.1.2 is out! The Best WiFi Tethering Cydia Tweak for iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini

TetherMe Cydia tweak is known as MyWi iOS 8.1.2 alternative. MyWi also works similar as TetherMe iPhone tweak for WiFi. If you’ve jailbroken iOS 8.1.2 or iOS 8.2, you should definitely try TetherMe tweak.

So, finally, we’ve TetherMe available for iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPod Touch to power up WiFi features. It brings a tons of features to native WiFi feature. TetherMe is one of the best WiFi tethering apps on Cydia.

TetherMe is created by Sam Bingner which was hosted on BigBoss repo later on. The app is pricey and it would cost $4.99 for full featured TetherMe iOS 8.1.2. Today, it got updated to iOS 8.1.2

Once you installed TetherMe, there would be an additional pane under For this release, the developers haven’t added any app icon for easy access to the settings and features.

TetherMe allows user to create instant hotspot to share WiFi connection to USB and a lot more. Using the updated version, user can edit APN too.

There are some drawbacks too. The app doesn’t offer any statistics or details about usage. The second thing is, TetherMe doesn’t have any toggles or gestures to quickly access WiFi features.

Comparing to MyWi, TetherMe is cheap, but has limited features. MyWi is such a great WiFi tweak that offers significant features for such price.

If you’re already using TetherMe, let share comments and thoughts on…

Free Jailbreak Apps of the Day: Move2Unlock, iOS7 i5 LS Cydget, NavidadAPP, iPad HD SBSettings

Yesterday, we had published Top 4 Best Jailbreak Apps. Today, we have another four great tweaks to share with you. Specially, iPad HD app and Christmas app that will let you create christmas cards.

There were a lot of things to share with you today, however, I have picked up only four apps that really worth to try. Actually, most of those stuff were related to themes and games that are not much important at all. We don’t change iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch theme daily. So, here are the apps that you might love to try.

the best lock screen app for iPhone and iPod Touch

1 Move2Unlock: It is developed by Keith Scheiw. It is the unique lock screen tweak that allows user to unlock their iPhone, iPod Touch just by moving the screen. Currently, it supports only iPhone and iPod Touch, so, if you are iPad owner, you have to wait for couple of days, because developers are working on iPad version.

It is fully customizable tweak. User can hide lock screen slider or make it transparent. Move2Unlock is hosted on ModMyi repo. If you have set your mind to use it, you can simply search “Move2Unlock” in ModMyi source that is located in your default Cydia sources list.

2 iOS7 i5 LS Cydget: it is also lock screen tweak. If you are bored with the old lock screen slider, then you can try this iOS 8.1.2 lockscreen slider in your older firmware. iOS7 i5 LockScreen Cydget is developed by JunesiPhone under ZodTTd Cydia repo. It doesn’t work with LockBuilder, so, if you are using LockBuilder, then don’t try this tweak.

3 NavidadAPP: Do you wanna make Christmas cards. NavidadAPP allows user to design Christmas cards to send them to your relatives and friends. There are a lot of designs, wallpapers, backgrounds, icons and frams to apply with NavidadApp. The best app to make Christmas cards. Its 100% free Cydia tweak that can be found under ModMyi repo source. It is developed by Juegamenia under games section.

4 iPad HD SBSettings: It works with iPad HD theme. If you wanna iOS 8.1.2 style experience, you can try this SBSettings theme.


I was excited for Move2Unlock and NavidadAPP. These are the two main apps that I would like to try. NavidadAPP is full with fun. At the same time, you can design Christmas cards too.

Move2Unlock is a good tweak for lockscreen. It offers completely different style option to unlock your iPhone, iPod Touch. Keep sharing your comments that push me to update these tweaks and apps regularly. I hope you are following me on Twitter, Facebook and Google+

IntelliID Free! The Best Smart CallerID Cydia Tweak for iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air

IntelliID Free! The Best Smart CallerID Cydia Tweak for iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air

Generally, how do you guess name of the person who is calling you and you haven’t saved his contact number on your iPhone, iPad Mini or iPad Air? It might be possible that you would just guess about the name and if you decided not to pick up that call, you just missed a important deal.

We’ve some good news for you. There is a Cydia tweak which can guess behalf of you and this time, the success ratio is about 100%. Yeah, its “IntelliID” Cydia tweak. IntelliID is jailbreak app which shows the correct name of the person who is calling you even when you haven’t saved the contact.

So, now you don’t need to bother about the numbers which are not saved by you as contact on your iPhone or iPad. IntelliID Cydia tweak will handle all your incoming calls whether it is stored or not.

IntelliBorn: Try other great tweaks from IntelliBorn Repo source. Another great tweak is IntelliScreenX Cydia tweak.

Simply, head to Cydia app and look into ModMyi repo source. IntelliID iPhone tweak is a paid tweak which costs you around $9.99 for 250 lookups and $17.99 for 500 lookups.

Great n? You can get IntelliID Cydia tweak for free from BiteYourApple repo, but its not tested by us and we don’t recommend such installation. So, its better that you forget IntelliID cracked version or repo source for such iPhone caller id app.

You would get better deal, if you go official by purchasing it from the official developer.

System Tweaks: SPTouch, Console, Auto AppTranslate, NoAdStoreOpen and Sleipnizer for Safari

Today, Auto AppTranslate, SPTouch, Console, NoAdStoreOpen and Sleipnizer for Safari were pushed out in jailbreak Cydia store. They are fully compatible iOS 8.1.2 system tweaks for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Air, Mini…

If I speak true, I had jailbroken my iPhone 5S for the system tweaks to maximize battery power, auto application translator, AdBlocker to surf the net without annoying advertisements and to decorate my iPhone 5S with new cool Cydia themes.

Finally, I got everything after iOS 8.1.2 jailbreak release. There were a lot of tweaks for me to try and I focused on Auto AppTranslate, NoAdStoreOpen, Console, SPTouch and Sleipnizer for Safari.

1 SPTouch: It is the perfect app for them, who don’t wanna touch physical home button. It offers multiple features such as virtual home button, app switcher and lock the device. Its completely free tweak and if you don’t wanna press home button again and again, then SPTouch for you. BigBoss is the repo, go and install it.

2 ConSole: Its a iWidget that shows essential widgets to your lock screen. Console is free Tweak hosted by ModMyi repository and still in beta stage. If you wanna add some widgets such as analog clock, weather, temp or date, then Console is for you.

3 Auto AppTranslate: This is my favorite app. I use almost all new tweaks on my iPhone and its not necessary that it is in English. It might be in Chinese, Japanese or in any other language. Auto AppTranslate is the app that helps me a lot. It simply translate that app for me in English language that’s it. If you wanna use Kuaiyong, 25PP or any other app thats in Chinese, then you should use Auto App translator tweak that works for you.

4 NoAdStoreOpen: This is must have app for all jailbreak users. Perhaps, you have faced any annoying redirection to the promoted app store app during opening any package from Zeusmos or any other Cydia package. This is totally Cydia related. Actually, some of the repos or packages redirect their user to the promoted app.

NoAdStoreOpen is a Cydia tweak that prevent such redirections. Its free and available on BigBoss Repository.

5 Sleipnizer for Safari: This is must have tweak, if you regularly use Safari web browser. Sleipnizer adds a lot features to the Safari web browser. It allows user to run JavaScript, easily copy, paste and find anything on page. It allows user to open any link in new tap in the background etc. It is available on BigBoss repo source for $1.99


Today’s section of tweaks was full of must have. All the tweaks are equally useful and you can go with them based on your needs. I would suggest all of them, but different user have their own preferences.

Let us know how did you planned to use these tweaks…

Top 5 Remote Desktop Apps iOS 8.1.2 – iOS 8.1.1 for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Remote desktop (RDP) iPad app allows you to control your computer remotely. We have sorted out the best 5 apps that will help you to control your PC easily…

iPad remote Desktop app offers great features and seamless connectivity between your iDevice and computer, whether it is Windows or MAC OS.

It is really tough to find out best remote access apps from thousands upon thousands iTunes apps. We have sorted out a few top iPad apps that work just like remote desktop and allow you to interact with your computer wirelessly.

What is Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop also known as RDP client. RDP app creates a connection between iPad and computer, and allows your iPad to view, modify files and everything that you could do directly on your computer. You can get full control on your computer using RDP app.

iPad Remote Desktop Apps

Most of these apps are free and specially designed for power users, who can handle their computer on the go with iPad large screen. Take a look at those apps…

1 Microsoft Remote Desktop: This is one of the best RDP ever that is made for iPad and iPhone by Microsoft itself. It’s powerful features allow your iPad to work seamlessly without losing connection to your computer.

Best iPad Remote Application

You will never feel that you are on iPad. With MS RDP, you can do almost everything on the go. If you have computer powered by Windows operating system, then this is the best for your iPad to control your PC.

2 Jump Desktop: It is another great remote desktop connection manager for iPad. Jump Desktop works on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. However, iPad desktop connection is amazing. It supports MAC OS, Windows 8, 8.1 runs on iOS to 5.0

Remote access Apps

It is easy to setup, secure and reliable. Jump desktop (RDP) is one of the best app that offers almost all features comparing to other applications. However, you have to pay around $14.99 for this app. iPhone, iPad and iPod users can purchase this RDP app from iTunes.

3 Remote Desktop Lite: It is also known as Mocha. It is lite version that offers similar features like other remote desktop applications. You can use it on your iPad, iPod and iPhone. As alternative, you can use it and test whether you like or not. Lite version has very few features and not recommendable for official work. If you are looking for any app that help you access your computer files or software on the go, then I would recommend above two RDP rather than this one.

4 PocketCloud: It is one of the best remote desktop applications for smaller screen iOS device whether you have iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. It works just like a winner. You get all the best features at free of cost. PocketCloud works seamlessly with Google account.

If you have Google gmail or any product account, you can use it to login PocketCloud application on your iPad to access your computer. Its 100% free. PocketCloud offers seamless remote connectivity for both Windows and MAC OS. There are very few apps that works for MAC OS as remote manager and PocketCloud is one of them.

5 TeamViewer: We all are familiar with TeamViewer. It is one of the trusted Windows 8 Remote Desktop Connection Manager that also works in iPad iOS whether you have iPad Air or Mini. TeamViewer offers connectivity with MAC OS and Windows operating system. It is also free utility.

From Editor’s Desk

These are the best and possible ways to connect remote desktop connection between your computer and iPad. I personally have been using TeamViewer in my Laptop to control my office desktop PC and Microsoft Remote Desktop iPad app for the same.

What is Cydia and How to Get it iOS 8.1.2 – iOS 8.1.1

Cydia is one of the best Apple store alternative. You can download premium App store apps free of cost. Now you’d know What is Cydia…

Definitely you have purchased a new iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and wanted to get premium apps and games at free of cost, but don’t know where and how to get it. Cydia allows all these stuff and much more, if you install it on your device.

Now you will have the question, “What is Cydia?“. The answer is simple, It is another app store that can be installed on jailbroken iOS. Now another question would be rise in your mind that how to download it and is it safe to install it? Don’t worry, we will discus all the aspect related to it. We will let you know that is it safe or not, or you should install it or not.

Everyday, we works with cydia tweaks, apps and downloads, so we can suggest you the best things what you need to know about it. We can understand that as a new iPhone user, you have many questions in your mind about the security and stuff related to cydia. But, keep in mind that we are here to provide all those information and answers of your questions. Lets begin to know the world about all those stuff.

What is Cydia?

If you will visit Apple app store, you will see many services in form of apps and games that are premium. You must pay to download or install on your iPad or iPhone device. Many of these premium apps and games are available on Cydia App store at free of charge.

In quick overview, Cydia is an app store that contains premium apps, games and tweaks that can be install on “Jailbroken” iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. It is neither developed nor supported by Apple. It is third-party app store developed by “Saurik”. Cydia is created by Jay Freeman at Jan, 2008. Jay Freeman also known as Saurik and the developer it.

You will able to decorate your iPhone, iPad or iPod or tweak with it what you want to do. Apple allows you to change only wallpaper of your iOS device, whereas if you install Cydia, you will able to change icons, lockscreen, themes and much more.

Cydia vs Apple App Store

Apple app store contains apps and games that are approved by Apple as per their quality guideline. Apple store follows certain guideline and they don’t approve apps and games that changes their device’s core features and design. They only allow users to change wallpaper. There are many apps that can change the look of your iPad or iPhone which couldn’t qualify for Apple app store.

Fortunately, you can find all those apps and games in Cydia App Store that couldn’t get approved in Apple app store. All those apps and games are useful and provide productivity to your iPhone. This app store serves more than 4 lakh apps and games that are categorized in networking, productivity, tools and etc.

Why you should install Cydia

It provides all those apps and games in your iPhone or iPad that Apple doesn’t provide. For example, Apple doesn’t allow you to change your iPhone or iPad theme or icons or lock screen, whereas Cydia has many apps that can easily change icons, wallpapers, themes and lock screen designs and much more.

Such as you can find Winterboard application on Cydia app store that allows you to download and install premium themes on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad totally free of cost. As a iPhone owner, I would love to change the look such as theme of my iPhone. It makes iPhone fresh and new experience.

How to Download and Install it

To install Cydia on your iOS device, you must jailbroken your iOS. Unfortunately, this is the toughest thing to jailbreak for new iOS device owners. First of all, you should know what is jailbroken iOS?

U.S. Government has confirmed that jailbreaking is 100% legal. However, Apple doesn’t allow you to jailbreak your iOS. Apple still fighting against it.

In quick overview, Jailbreaking means installing Cydia. To have all the premium apps free of cost in your iPhone, you will need to jailbreak your iPhone.

Can I Install Cydia Without Jailbreaking

Unfortunately no! As I said earlier when you jailbreak iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, Cydia will be automatically installed. Jailbreaking is only the way to get Cydia download in your iOS device.

Is it safe to install it

Yes of course, perhaps you don’t know that every apps on Cydia app store has been approved by trusted developers. It might possible that some apps have malicious codes, but you can prevent the risk. Just make sure that you are downloading apps from trusted repositories such as BigBoss. It is safest repo of this app store.

What is Repo

Repositories also known as “Repo”. Now we coming to explain what is repo. Repo is the online storage where all the developers stores their apps and cydia tweaks such as Modmyi and BigBoss repo.

You can download most of the tweak and premium apps from these repos. I hope that now you understood what is repositories.

From Editor’s Desk

It might possible that you have a lot more questions about Cydia download and tweaks. I have tried to explain each and every small things what I could do. To make everything readable, I request all of you that if I missed anything, ask in the comment box. I will try to answer as quick as possible.

Furthermore, I would like to suggest that understand each and everything about Cydia and it’s sources before approaching jailbreaking your iPhone. Its more beneficially to inquiry before damage.

Have you any other questions about Cydia? Please ask.

How to Downgrade iOS 8.3 to iOS 8.2 Jailbreak With TinyUmbrella or iFaith

How to Downgrade iOS 8.3 to iOS 8.2 Jailbreak With TinyUmbrella or iFaith

Apple Watch released with iOS 8.2, but the most supported firmware is iOS 8.3 which is released recently by Apple. iOS 8.3 is currently on beta stage and may have many bugs including issues related to WiFi, Safari web browser and FaceTime not working properly.

In other hand, iOS 8.2 jailbreak is available and it also supports Apple Watch. If you downgrade to iOS 8.2 from iOS 8.3, you can enjoy jailbreak iOS 8.2 + it works for Apple Watch too.

As per various tests, many iOS 8.2 users are getting 10 hours of WiFI usage and 10 days of standby time. Personally, we’ve tested these matrix on a iPhone 5 using iOS 8.2 firmware where we got exactly same result mentioned above. That’s really decent battery life.

So, if you’ve upgraded to iOS 8.3 beta or final public version, this is the right time to downgrade iOS 8.3 to 8.2 using TinyUmbrella or iFaith.

Update: TinyUmbrella Download Links Available for iOS 8.x that supports downgrading too.

If you’re one who is not satisfied with iOS 8.3 and downgrading iOS 8.3 to iOS 8.2 back, let share your thoughts what you have used and what you have done to downgrade iOS 8.3 to 8.2 and which iOS device you have used.

Checkout other related articles on downgrading to iOS 8.2…

Top 5 Cool Cydia Tweaks Compatible for iOS 8.1.2 – iOS 8.1.1

A few Cydia tweaks are really cool that you can’t miss out. We have sort it out for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad compatible for iOS 6+, iOS 8.1.2+…

There is no shortage of users who jailbreak their iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad just for fun. They always try to look for some cool stuff out there on Cydia Store. It contains thousands upon thousands of apps, tweaks and hacks available as free or paid (a few pennies).

To make everything easier, we hands on couple of tweaks that are really cool and you should try once. So, if you wanna test some cool tweaks, then these hacks are the first that you should try.

Cool Tweaks of the Month

We have picked up a few coolest Cydia tweaks that match in this category. You should keep in mind that if you will try each and every little hacks, your battery performance can suffer a lot. You dashboard will also mess up, so, here are 5 awesome tweaks that you should try.

1 Grooveshark: It is actually an app that is not available on Apple store yet, because of iTunes issues. Grooveshark is exclusively available on Cydia. What Grooveshark exactly does is, it adds music play functionality to your iOS.

New Tweak

It allows you to search any song out there on Grooveshark database. A cool part is, it allows you to download and bookmark your favorite song. Grooveshark also offers radio player at free of cost.

2 Cyntact: This is one of the coolest tweaks out there on Cydia. A must have hack for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. What it does is, it adds a tiny image or the contact person name at the left side.

Coolest Hack

It really looks something different and you should try this cool hack. Cyntact was released recently and rock the Cydia app store. Many jailbroken iOS owner install this cool tweak.

3 IntelliID: Did you ever wanna know the identity of the miss caller or the caller whose number is not in your contact list? IntelliID is the tweak that does exactly same thing for you. It finds out the caller name and display while he or she will call again.

The Caller Identity Hack

IntelliID is another cool hack, if you are looking to find out the person who annoying you, then this is the right tweak for you to find out them.

4 IntelliScreenX: We have previously discussed about IntelliScreenX in our Top Cydia tweaks. It was on second number on that list. If you wanna use iOS 8.1.2 notification center in your iOS 5 or iOS 6, then IntelliScreenX is the best for you.

It adds a lot of important information on your homescreen just above lockscreen. It includes your important emails, calender events and other social networking updates with cool weather information.

5 ProTube: Recently, Apple have decided not to include YouTube app on their iOS. ProTube is just an other YouTube app that can be easily find in Cydia app store. This cool app allows you to watch, download or comment on YouTube videos.

You can make your own playlist or watch your downloaded videos from My Videos category. There are many other cool features in this Cydia tweak that makes it perfect YouTube player. If you are currently using ProTube, then don’t forget to share your experience with us.

From Editor’s Desk

We also search new tweaks and hacks that can be useful to you and try to publish them here. If you have any tips or tricks related to Cydia, then we love to publish them here with full review and report. You can use contact form or comments to give us advice or tips.

Isn’t it cool? No? Then why are you waiting for. If you have something that is cool enough to beat this list, then we would also like to check it out. Just express your experience in the comment form in a few lines or words.

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