MultiActions, Copic 2, ByeBadges Cydia Tweaks for iPhone, iPad

Copic 2, MultiActions, ByeBadges Tweaks for the week for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch…

During the early days of 2017, there are some tweaks released for your iPhone, iPad which can be applied to improve iOS 10.2 operating system according to your flavor.

So without wasting time, we head to the Jailbreak apps that can change your iPhone experience for some instance.


I found numerous users complaining about apps badges on iPhone. If you’re one of those users and have jail broken iPhone or iPad, you can try ByeBadges Cydia tweak on your iPhone and you can be free from badges on your device.

It’s available for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Additionally, you can try ByeBadges on iOS 10.2, iOS 10.1.1 jailbreak iOS device. BigBoss is the repo that you want to search for this tweak and don’t worry because this tweak is completely free available for all.

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Copic 2

I love to see profile picture for all possible contacts on my iPhone and so I’ve installed Copic 2 on my iPhone 7. Yeah, Copic 2 Cydia tweak brings contact pictures for most possible contacts.

Once you installed and enabled Copic 2 iOS 10.1.1 tweak, it’s ready for you to show pictures next to contacts. But yes, this tweak would cost you $1.99 for one time installation while upgrades are completely free.

Copic 2 is also available on BigBoss repo source. It’s developed by IArrays.


Often, it’s too irritating to move certain apps from one folder to another or from springboard to any certain folders. Suppose, you wanna create folder and move certain apps into it, you need to move all the apps or games one by one and it’s very irritating and boring.

To avoid this and making the process easy, you can install MultiActions Cydia app and enable it. Once it’s installed and activated, you just need to activate Jingle mode to create folder or move apps more than one to any folder just in few taps.

MultiActions is hosted by BigBoss that costs you $1.49.

You can search them for more details on our blog or ask via comments.

iPadian iOS Emulator for Windows, Download iOS 10.2 Simulator

iPadian, the coolest way to enjoy iOS apps on Windows…

Users having Windows operating system always look for Mac and iOS style themes, platform and apps icon either using theme transformation or using theme or icon changer.

We’ve found that many users love to play iOS games on computer having Windows platform on it and iPadian can be a great option for them to play them just like on iPad or iPhone having iOS 10.2 or newer.

There are bunch of popular games available only for iOS and they don’t have anything to do with Windows powered phones or PC. In such conditions if you’ve installed iPadian, you can play those games on your Windows operating systems very easily.

This can be done once you installed iPadian on Windows PC. To do this you need to download latest version of iPadian iOS Emulator on your PC which is limited to Windows computer.

Note: If you’ve MacOS powered PC, you can try XCode to have fun with iOS Emulator on your iMac, MacBook or any MacOS PC. Users having Google Chromebook, Android platform can search those games on Google Play Store or Google Chrome Store or you can also search the latest version of iPadian for Google Chromebook or for Android.

Super Mario Run iOS game is recently released for iOS 10.2 and would be available soon for Android OS too, but it won’t be available for Windows PC or phones, but you can play that game too for Windows using iPadian.

Now, you may want to know that how to download iPadian and install on Windows. And suppose there is Android apps too available for PC, it would be great. Fortunately, it’s available for Windows with both iOS Emulator including option for Android Simulator also.

There are two options available with iPadian. You can enjoy iOS 10.2 apps, games and themes with completely custom Apple App Store for free while other option allows you to run Android apps too on Windows computer for $10 which allows you to play Android games exclusively on Windows PC.

Good News: iPadian developers have recently updated the iOS emulator, Android Emulator – iPadian for Mac PC too that allows MacOS users to run this Simulator to run Android, iOS games, Apps on Mac.

Recently, the developers have added iMessage with this iOS Simulator. It means without having iPhone you can run and can start chat with iPhone users having iMessage.

Our comments are open and you can ask any question about download, install and other configuration details.

Pokemon Go++ Tweak: Cydia Hack Updated with New Features for iPhone, iPad

Pokemon Go ++ Tweak Updated to the new version available for iPhone, iPad…

Bad luckily, Poke Go ++ tweak is not out there for Android users where they’re waiting for the update for this Cydia tweak in Android play store that can be installed on Android powered devices.

Fortunately for iPhone, Pokemon Go Plus Hack is available and one can install without any issue or afraid of ban of Poke Go account for sure at least for now and till this moment.

Many users out there who are already getting the new Pokemon Go++ update on their devices who have noticed few new features and compatibility with the new update which is available on Apple app store.

The developers from this huge game which can be played on iPhone, iPad and Android devices all over the world has removed the restriction to install new update on jailbroken devices so that users having jailbreak devices can install and play this game without any issue.

And when you’ve jailbreak iPhone why not install the Cydia hack, Pokemon Go Plus Plus which can become seriously useful and make play easy. Actually, Pokemon Go++ unlocks new features and restrictions which is applied to normal users on Android and iOS platform.

Users who have already installed Poke Go ++ tweak on their iPhone or iPad, are reporting that there isn’t any issue installing this new update and it means any one can install and run the game with Pokemon Go ++ tweak with newly released game update for iPhone and iPad.

Till now, we didn’t tested the new update with this Cydia hack on our test device so we can’t confirm anything right now, but according to different report and top blog post and from trusted sources, we came to know that you shouldn’t worry about the new update if you’re planning or thinking to install Pokemon Go++ hack on your iPhone.

If you’ve any issue, or you’re concern about Pokemon Go account ban, you can comment below and confirm the issue. You can read further articles regarding this.

Download iOS 10.2 IPSW for iPhone, iPad Fixing Health Data, Adding Lock Screen Widgets

iOS 10.2 is now available for Download but limited to developers at the moment…

Today morning a new update popped up on my mobile screen at software section which was named with iOS 10.2 beta 1. I just tapped it to download and the software update was downloaded to install on my iPhone.

Because I’m developer, I can download and install iOS 10.2 so early. Apple pushed iOS 10.2 beta 1 to developers so that this update came to me too. If you’re not developer, you should not expect iOS 10.2 at the moment.

However, Apple released another update to iPhone which was public and stable one. iOS 10.1.1 has just been released by Apple to address couple of bug fixes, software improvements and also for bringing new features.

iOS 10.2 is different and unlike iOS 10.1.1, it focuses on new features. You’d see couple of exciting new features on your iOS device after installing iOS 10.2. There’s some new wallpapers to apply, new Emoji, iMessage new screen, new Video widget at lock screen and bunch of minor software improvements.

But if you don’t have developer account, you may wait couple of weeks download for iOS 10.2. So don’t expect more for this new update right now, and enjoy iOS 10.1.1 for now.

New Lock Screen Video Widget

With iOS 10.2, Apple adds new video widget to lock screen which is actually a stock Video app widget. This video widget can be accessed so quickly just by swiping right from lock screen or home screen. This is how, you can quickly play your favorite video at the lock screen.

Apple Music

I found it too difficult to sort out music tracks in iOS 10.1.1 and too address this issue, Apple has integrated new sorting option for Apple Music App. You can sort your music track many ways in iOS 10.2.

Emergency Contact Notifications

iOS 10.2 brings a specially and most useful feature on your iPhone. It’s SOS notification for emergency numbers. Yeah, after activating SOS feature, you’d be asked to enter some emergency numbers can would be notified at the time of SOS conditions.

Preserve Camera Settings

Most of the time, you may found difficult to set your iPhone camera for capturing new photos all the time. To solve out this issue, Apple has introduced a brand new feature called Preserve Camera settings by using which you can save your last camera settings for next time.

Screen Effects

Some new Celebrate screens have been added to iMessage which can be used occasionally.

Plus, there are much more new emojis have been added to iOS 10.2 which are ready to use after downloading and installing iOS 10.2 IPSW files.

So for which you’re waiting? Just sign up with Apple public beta program and once the public beta would be out that can be happened within a week, you’d be able to download iOS 10.2 before public users.

Would you need further help?

iOS 10.0.3 Jailbreak, PanGu, Cydia Coming to your iPhone 7

iOS 10.0.3, the firmware you’re waiting for…

Today, Apple unveiled another beta update to iOS 10.1 which could be land during upcoming month. But, before that iOS 10.0.3 and iOS 10.0.4 are surely the next smaller update which may be released just for to update minor features and performance issues.

We’ve seen couple updates before iOS 10.0.3 and noticed that iPhone 7 Plus portrait camera mode issue is still there intact. The previous updates don’t fix them properly.

It is being said that iOS 10.0.3 may fix the camera feature which is missing in iPhone 7 Plus camera. As iOS 10.0.2 is already out there but it seems like it doesn’t fix the missing features from existing firmware for iPhone 7.

It’s also in the rumor that iOS 10.1 would slow up older devices specially iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 6G. So, it would be advisable that you stay on iOS 10.0.3 until all things are sorted out.

iOS 10.0.3 Changes – Expected

Below are the things which are expected from upcoming iOS 10.0.3:

  • iOS 10.0.3 may bring Portrait mode in Camera app for iPhone 7 Plus.
  • iMessage not working issue may be sorted out in the upcoming update.
  • iOS 10 widget not working issue is also expected to be fixed in iOS 10.0.3.

As iOS 10.0.3 is minor update which may come before iOS 10.1, we don’t expect much new features or fixes at this stage. Note: iOS 10.0.3 would be released without any beta tests.

Jailbreaking iOS 10.0.3 PanGu with Cydia

iOS 10.0.2 Jailbreak Security

As you can easily notice that Apple is very serious about jailbreak for iOS and the iPhone maker company doesn’t want to see Cydia for iPhone or any jailbreak from PanGu at all. They’re strictly killing PanGu jailbreak from each of their firmware update.

But if we see the past, PanGu has successfully released most of the jailbreak for all the firmware so we can expect iOS 10.0.3 jailbreak from PanGu and Cydia developers are always ready.

With caution, PanGu may consider iOS 10.1 jailbreak instead of iOS 10.0.3. As iOS 10.1 is more stable comparing to this minor update. Apple would kill this minor jailbreak 10.0.3 very easily in iOS 10.1 release so better to wait for the next major update.

Would you Download Pangu 10.0.3 and Cydia 10.0.3?

Comment below if you want to jailbreak iOS 10.0.3 using PanGu iOS 10.0.3 tool and install Cydia iOS 10.0.3 on your iPhone or iPad.

We’d be first to notify you about the release…

Prometheus iOS tool: Downgrade iOS 10.1 to iOS 10.0.2 or iOS 10.1.1

Download Prometheus Downgrade tool for iPhone or iPad to downgrade iOS 10.1 to iOS 10.0.2 or 10.1.1…

If you were looking iTunes alternative to downgrade iOS 10.0.2 to iOS 10.1.1 or recently released beta to downgrade iOS 10.1 at any older version then we’ve a name that can be consider as iTunes alternative but better than that is “Prometheus”.

Prometheus iOS software is developed specially to downgrade any firmware to any firmware you want without any need of iTunes or any other software. You just need couple of things which can be generated in advance to perform downgrade using Prometheus on your iOS platform.

Take an example, if you want to downgrade iOS 10.1 or iOS 10.0.2 to iOS 10.1.1 you can easily perform this task using Prometheus downgrade too. Isn’t it useful? It’s completely unrelated and not depend whether Apple signs any particular firmware or not, you can still use this tool to downgrade to iOS 10.1.1 or any firmware for any reason you’ve using Prometheus iOS.

However, there are couple things which you should consider and keep them in your mind. Prometheus downgrade tool uses APTicket and SHSH Blobs. Plus, without these things, you can’t use this iOS tool anyway. So, if you’ve set your mind to downgrade iOS 10.0.2 or any further firmware to iOS 10.1.1 to jailbreak it, you can’t without the required things that we’ve mentioned above.

Prometheus is developed by a YouTube user, “tihmstar”. A video is uploaded on YouTube by him that proves that the developer can easily downgrade iOS 9.3.5 to iOS 10.1.1 without any need of iTunes. The developer is confident that he can downgrade iOS 10.0.2 to iOS 10.1.1 too and for any firmware very soon.

Prometheus has to be passed from many development stages and there is a lot of work to be done to make it compatible for any iOS firmware to restore older version. However, it’s really good sign and news for us that there is another tool to downgrade iOS without need of iTunes. Prometheus is useless without SHSH Blobs and APTicket. It means you must create SHSH Blobs along with APTicket for the firmware on which you wanna downgrade to.

Download Prometheus Downgrade!

Because Prometheus needs lot of developments, it’s not available for public now. It’s also not declared that it would be paid or free. At this stage, we can confirm that it’s working without the help of iTunes and it would be really beneficial for restoring the firmware specially that which has been stopped signing from Apple.

Furthermore, Prometheus iOS is the tool which supports only 64-bit devices. It means you can use this tool for iPhone 7, 6S, 5S and not on iPhone 5 or iPod Touch 5G and older models.


If you were thinking to use Prometheus to restore iOS 10.1.1, then I would say, you can’t use it right now as you don’t have SHSH blobs and APTicket. But, you can download this downgrade tool and generate above things for iOS 10.0.2 in advance so that if PanGu release jailbreak iOS 10.0.2 when Apple already released iOS 10.1 or so on, you can downgrade to IOS 10.0.2 easily from iOS 10.1.

You would be able to download Prometheus as soon as developer put the links to our blog. So, keep connected and subscribe to our blog and we’d notify you as soon as we’re able to give your download links.

Would you use Prometheus to downgrade?

PanGu iOS 10.1 Jailbreak for iPhone 7, Apple Watch 2, Mac

PanGu 10.1, the upcoming jailbreak for iOS 10.1 for iPhone, iPad compatible for Mac…

What can be expected from upcoming firmware update iOS 10.1 specially when Apple already has already shown their interest in iOS 10.1 with developer beta.

If you’re still stuck on iOS 10.1.1 jailbreak using PPHelper and PanGu untether tool, then you’re lucky because iOS 10.1 is so laggy on older devices. We’re not talking about lagginess for iPhone 7 and new iPad models, but older devices can’t perform well on this heavy software update.

Yeah, Apple pushed the most advanced, feature rich and secure firmware update for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to developers and within couple of days, public beta would be out for all.

PPHelper and PanGu iOS 10.1.0 is not available yet, however the users having iOS 10.1.1 or lower version firmware can jailbreak using PanGu tool for free for now. Because, there isn’t any news about iOS 10.1 jailbreak yet.

Today morning, Apple pushed iOS 10.1 download links for developers stating a new feature called Portrait mode for camera app specially for iPhone 7. It means, the new firmware update is focusing on features along with security. It won’t be easy for any developers to inject their codes to develop jailbreak iOS 10.1.0.

According to PanGu, iPhone 7 Plus has some glitch in camera app which would be fixed with iOS 10.1 which may come in November, 2016. It means there isn’t any mean to release untethered jailbreak iOS 10.1 for the first beta for said firmware update for iPhone users.

Meanwhile, Luca Todesco has published a video again demonstrating a new jailbreak on iPhone 7 and proves that nothing is impossible when we work hardly. He has uploaded couple images of jailbreak iOS 10.0.1 with iPhone 7 too.

PanGu 10.1 jailbreak iOS 10.1 Release

At the moment, we can say that it’s possible to see untethered jailbreak for iOS 10.1, iOS 10.1.1 and for iOS 10.1.2. But, it would be little early to talk about iOS 10.1.1 and iOS 10.1.2 right now. Yeah, iOS 10.1 jailbreak can be released because it would be most stable firmware update release by Apple and PanGu 10.1 can inject jailbreak 10.1 codes into it to install Cydia iOS 10.1.

There is some solid sign to see upcoming jailbreak for iOS 10.1.0 because PanGu already has some exploits which they tried on iOS 10 beta update and they didn’t release that jailbreak to the public, it means there are some more exploits needed to update final code which can be applied to iOS 10.1 jailbreak.

Suppose, there is jailbreak 10.1 available from PanGu 10.1 team, would you jailbreak this firmware on your iPhone 7? It would be really interesting to install Cydia tweaks iOS 10.1 and of course jailbreak apps dedicating iPhone 7 features.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts…

Pokemon Go Plus Plus Hack, Cydia Tweak Brings new Features for Pokemon Go ++

Pokemon Go ++ is the Cydia tweak which brings numerous new features…

It seems like Pokemon Go users won’t get down and they’re making new and different tricks to get new and completely refreshed features for building up solid game on their Android, iPhone and iPad device.

Jailbreak and Root tools making their lives easy by producing new Pokemon Go tweaks. One is recently released Pokemon Go Plus Plus hack. It’s available for both iOS and Android devices.

If you still can’t install Pokemon Go tweaks on your iPhone, you can head to PokePatch which is very popular jailbreak app for PokeGO users to install on jailbreak device. You won’t get incompatible error ever after installing this tweak.

You may have heard about Poke Go Plus Plus aka Pokemon Go ++ which is hosted on HackYouriPhone repo for free. The jailbreak users can directly download and install this Cydia tweak on their iPhone after installing PokePatch.

If you wanna unlock hidden features of Pokemon Go Plus, you can install Pokemon Go++ tweak and enjoy this famous game using GBA4iOS, NDS4iOS or Emu4iOS game emulator exclusively on iOS 10.1.1 or running iOS 10.0.1 jailbreak device.

To get it on your device, the first thing you want to do is, jailbreak. It can be achieved using PanGu or PPHelper iOS 10.0.1 jailbreak tool. I’ve listed all the tools including Prometheus which is downgrade tool developed to downgrade iOS 10.0.1 to iOS 10.1.1 easily without tension about Apple signing program.

Once you’ve PP jailbreak app iOS 10.0.1 on iPhone, you can then easily install or reinstall Cydia on your jailbroken device. This is how, you’d be compatible to install Pokemon Go ++ hack for free. Poke Go ++ is very easy to run and expand the features.

Having all the tools and tweaks, don’t forget to enable features which you like most. Complete list of Pokemon Go Hacks can be found on Cydiahacks.

You can comment if you need anything more to know about activating new features for your country using Pokemon Go iOS 10.0.1…

iOS 10 AirDrop not Working: How to Fix

AirDrop not working iOS 10, here is the fix…

Every new firmware that released by Apple, Google or Microsoft, may have bugs and glitch and in most cases company fixes those bugs in very next firmware update.

Apple, a giant iPhone developer company, prepared brand new iPhone operating system which is known as iOS 10 which is said to be one of the most advanced and innovative firmware update till yet.

However, iOS 10 may also have performance issues along with the bugs within some features such as WiFi not working or AirDrop not working. In most of new firmware update, iMessage not working issues have been rose very frequently.

Actually, these is regular practice for them and also for us as users to fix some of those features issues from our side because sometimes it’s really easy to fix AirDrop related issues or the issues related to WiFi or iMessage.

  • iMessage Error iOS 10.1.1: Waiting for Activation for iPhone, iPad

So today after upgrading to the newest release iOS 10, we faced AirDrop not working and we fixed it successfully and decided to bring that fix for you too. You can also fix AirDrop iOS 10 feature using below steps.

AirDrop Not Working on iOS 10

Remember that we’re not making any changes to the code of iOS 10 to fix AirDrop or WiFi not working issue. We’d just disable and enable couple of features and thus the issue would be fixed automatically.

So first, check below things before actually fix AirDrop iOS 10…

  • All iOS 10 devices would have AirDrop and it’s final, but make sure that the app which you’re trying to connect using AirDrop actually supports AirDrop feature as sharing option or not.
  • Please double check that both the devices in which you’re trying to connect AirDrop have enabled AirDrop feature before making connection.

After above verification, follow below steps in order to solve AirDrop not working…

  • Jailbreak iOS 10.0.1 Status Update
  1. You need to enable WiFi and Bluetooth feature and so that slide to unlock your iPhone and swipe up to access control center.
  2. Tap on WiFi toggle to enable it.
  3. Follow same step to enable Bluetooth feature via control center toggles.
  4. It’s important to enable AirDrop on both devices in which you wanna make connection or sharing something over AirDrop.
  5. So, enable AirDrop and select “Everyone” as sharing option within AirDrop option.

Note: You need to complete these steps on both the devices whether both the devices are running on iOS 10 or not. AirDrop not working would fixed if you’d follow above steps accurately.

In many cases, other tricks work while in most cases above steps have fixed all the issues related to WiFi, Bluetooth and AirDrop. If other features are not working such as WiFi not working, iMessage not working or FaceTime not working, just leave a comment and we’d try to fix your particular issue via comments or via posting new tutorial.

Till then, enjoy iOS 10 and keep reading Cydia Sources on our blog…

Jailbreak 10.0.2, iOS 10.0.3 Status Update

iOS 10.0.2 Jailbreak untethered and Cydia…

Apple’s newest firmware update is iOS 10.0.2. If you’ve newer 64-bit devices or iPhone 5 which is actually a 32-bit device then you can download iOS 10.0.2 and install IPSW files to your device for free.

iOS 10.0.2 can be installed over the air which is most easy and recommended method. iOS 10.0.2 brings couple of changes, bug fixes and performance improvements over iOS 10 firmware update.

iPhone 7 comes with iOS 10.0.2, so if you’ve purchased brand new iPhone 7, then you can upgrade older firmware to newly updated iOS 10.0.2.

In addition, users who don’t like iOS 10.0.2 can downgrade iOS 10.0.2 to iOS 10.0.1 to get all those features and benefits which you were getting from newly purchased iPhone 7 iOS 10.0.1 device.

Jailbreak 10.0.2 Possibility

As far as iOS 10.0.2 jailbreak is concern, PanGu and OverSky are pretty confident about exploits but we think they are waiting for best time to release their jailbreak.

PanGu 10.0.2 jailbreak is most awaited because it’s one of the trusted and have much experience from older jailbreak and Cydia that they’ve released together.

While TaiG are still silent and they’re failed to update any news or untethered jailbreak for iOS 10.0.2 or previous versions.

iOS 10.0.2 jailbreak can be released any time after confirmation by PanGu. Would you jailbreak iOS 10.0.2 and Install Cydia iOS 10.0.2?

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