25PP Download iOS 11.1.2 Available: Now Get Thousands of Free Jailbreak Apps, Tweaks

Download 25PP iOS 11.1.2 for iPad, iPhone…

Unlike Kuaiyong, 25PP has been translated from Chinese language  to English version. The latest version of 1.05 was translated in English language and available download for iOS 11.1.2 and all former firmware devices.

So, here is the another Install0us alternative available for free in English version. 25PP exactly works like Install0us, AppCake, AppAddict and vShare, however, in something different form. It has some newly added app store apps that you can’t find anywhere else.

The limitation is, 25PP has not been translated fully and still there are a lot of things which are in Chinese characters. If you are trying all install0us alternatives, then you should check it too, but with caution.

Just like any iAP Patcher, 25PP also requires jailbreak. If you have jailbroken your iOS device, then you can easily install it. Recently, it was translated by Tanvir Bhatti.

I would like to add here that there are a lot of app store apps are compatible with 25PP app, that’s a good thing for the users who are looking install0us alternative.

It is available on MySpaceRepo as a deb package in iPA file. You have to add that repo and download this English version. Most probably after jailbreak, you would able to install 25PP English translated version on iOS 11.1.2 too.

How to Download 25PP English Version

To download any tweak from this app, you need to first of all add the repo source to install it. If you have already jailbroken your iOS, follow below steps…

1 Navigate Cydia app in your iOS 11.1.2 device. The first thing, tap on “Manage”, then “Sources”, and finally tap on “Edit” and then “Add”.

2 Here you have to add the repo source. Add below repo source from where, you will be able to download 25PP English version.


3 You have successfully added repo source to download 25PP. Now browse that repo source and search for “25PP English” or “25PP 1.05”. Both are the same and will bring the deb iPA file in search result. Tap on install button.

Note: It requires AppSync iOS 9.3 app for compatibility issues.

How to Use it

If you are familiar with Install0us or AppCake, you would be adjust yourself with this app too easily. Just open and play with it.


One thing that I don’t like in this jailbreak app and that’s the Chinese language. The translator has worked hard on a few buttons, however, the other parts are still in Chinese language.

AppCake, AppAddict and vShare are the good alternatives and they all are in proper English version. You’ll be able to use with enjoyment.

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  1. Williamhors says:

    Im grateful for the forum topic.Really thank you! Awesome. Ryberg

  2. Alan Aurmont says:

    I’d be lucky if I would get 25pp translation in english. How to download it on iPhone running latest firmware with English support? The developers should think about us. We can’t use their app in chinese lang. and it works on iOS 10 too so need updated app patiently

    • Bryan says:

      Unfortunately you can’t download 25pp english for iOS 10 because the developers are in focus to work on iOS 10 which is still in beta version for public beta testers. I think once the iOS 10 final version would come for public, you’d get the update of 25pp for iPhone running on iOS 10. Wait and watch.

  3. I just tried the new app from the developer website and I must say that this is the best app that works without jailbreak. I can confirm this because I’ve added it to my primary list for test. First of all, I did a test and installed it on Android device and it started working. Then, I download 25PP on my iPad Pro that was not jailbroken, it works on iPad Pro too without jailbreak.

    Note: Try 25PP after jailbreak, it can be used with auto translate applications.

  4. Carter says:

    thanks man for updating the article for iOS 9.2, does 25PP iOS 9.2 works on iPhone? I’m really in doubt that does it work or not?

  5. Jack says:

    How to use 25pp to jailbreak iOS 9.2 on Mac?

  6. Fifkfkdjrjf says:

    The post below me is a lie. It aint working on ios 8 don’t even bother.

  7. yolo says:

    u have too download both to get it to work

  8. Fernando says:

    I got pangù 8.1 and the 25pp dont work! How can i fix it?

  9. Jason says:

    How do you downloadJijiji leeelo esta chisto

  10. Ejoruu says:

    Hey guys don’t install the 25pp 1.5 version, just add the repo in cydia and install the 25pp 0.99 that’s the one that works. Enjoy

  11. Ash says:

    Never has crashed on my ipad and im on iOS 10 pangu ….

  12. Curu says:

    I Tried to install app from itools and doesn’t work, i am using appsync 7+ unified but nothing, and when install 25pp v1.05 crash at open.
    I am using IOS iOS 10 jailbroken with pangu 1.1.
    Anyone lucky?

  13. Steve says:

    Doesn’t work with pangu jailbreak Ios iOS 10 the app automatically crashes

  14. SOS says:

    I installed this 25PP thing from Cydia, but when I tried to open it, the app itself immediately closes. Can someone help me solve this problem? Please reply asap. Thanks.

    • ipad air says:

      download the second version
      25p (english version) v0.990

    • Why you’re trying Cydia where you can easily get the 25PP iOS 10 or iOS 9.3.1 from the official website listed above. I also installed it so I can say that the new app version is far better but it’s still not in English at all. You need to learn Chinese in order to use their app or jailbreak.

    • William says:

      go to Settings -> General -> Device Management and mark the developer Beijing Huifeng Xingye Technology Co. Ltd. as a trusted developer. When you tap on the name, a prompt will appear on iOS and tap the red ‘Trust’ button.

  15. Hshshash says:

    I want this app pleas

  16. Hshshash says:

    Ho to install?

  17. yonic69 says:

    no 25.pp English in the repository

  18. Keelan says:

    Oh I really want to get recording for ultimate team for ipod and I want to download this for free without signing in

  19. kyle john says:

    I need 25PP download in english version for iPad Air or iPhone 5S
    my iTools 2015 doesn’t connecting my device
    please help

  20. rose says:

    I tried everything with this app download thing and when I opened that app I downloaded and it told me to enter an Apple ID but I don’t have one!! And how can you play the application without a Apple ID?? Please reply back I need help!! ):

    • Ahmad says:

      Dear Rose, there is only one thing you can do. You have to connect your device to a PC, and then open 25pp software on your PC. Afterwards, you have to click on the tab on yhe left side which shows a hand. After clicking that,on the top right hand corner there is a blue tab which you have to press. After the operation is done, the apps you have downloaded and ibstalled on your device will start working and you no longer need an Apple Id!

    • LaGekko . says:

      try to download from a different store the one with an apple in what looks like a boat then there is a blue button inn the top right when on the downloaded apps page, click that

  21. peter says:

    Please help me,when i want to INSTALL it it goes to 15 percent and it stops and a red warning in chines pops up and i cant even click it pls help me D

    I am using iPad air and iOS 10 ( 7.0.5 jailbroken)

  22. Helper says:

    Kuaiyong is the best 25pp alternative

  23. emad rabah says:


  24. english version says:

    u have to get it from cydia. but after i downloaded and installed it, that app isn’t translate for the whole. i don’t know what is wrong with it.

  25. Name says:

    That’s correct, 1.05 crashes on ios7 but .990 works fine. Hopefully v1.05 is more translated, as .990 is hardly translated. And auto app translate always crashes.

  26. Jori says:

    v1.05 wont work but v.990 works just fine .

  27. benz says:

    i can’t open it !

  28. acik says:

    yeah !! can’t open ..

  29. Abdullah Alfanar says:

    Don’t work too!

  30. erencansu says:

    don’t work!

  31. Jarel says:

    it just keeps crashing apon opening

  32. Smjpo Knfyl says:

    use my links in safari
    featu. re/8x7gz2

    m.freemyapps. com/share/url/1db90364
    photorewards. net/blackjug
    use my code: blackjug

  33. bhat says:

    It sounds good

  34. travis says:

    i’m looking download for 25pp ios 7 compatible english version

  35. wyatt says:

    please help somebody, i have jailbroken my ipad mini 2 ios 8.1 and installed 25pp english version, but it doesn’t work on 8.1. What should i do? please reply urgently.

  36. landon says:

    25pp repo pls
    above repo is not working. I have searched a lot on that repo, but none the result
    i’ve iPad air iOS 9.1

  37. colin says:

    AppCake is much much better than this in app cracker. I love appcake ios 7 app. 25 pp is not compatible for ios 7 yet

  38. noah says:

    i tried it, it works, but it is partially translated. Only buttons are translated in english version, however, worth the try.
    appsync ios 7 version is must to make it work.

  39. james says:

    i wanna download 25pp iOS 10 app to download app store applications. does it work on 8.1 iphone 5s?

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