5 Best Cydia Sources For iOS 9 – iOS 9.0.2 Cracked Apps, Tweaks

Here I’m gonna show you some of the best Cydia Sources for iOS 9 to Download and install Free apps, tweaks and games for iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPhone…

iOS 9.0.6 jailbreak has been pushed out yesterday and a lot of iOS 9 jailbreak tweaks already have been updated to the latest jailbreak. The bad part is, almost all useful jailbreak tweaks are paid and there is no trial period for testing them. The good part is, there are some Cydia repos available on the web that offer Free tweaks with the same updated version and features.

Many users are already downloading and using those tweaks and apps without any issues. I have seen almost ten thousands of online users on their repository at once. It proves that they are live and working. So today, I will talk about them with the top apps and tweak list for the repositories.

1 HackYouriPhone.ORG: Hack Your iPhone is the most active Cydia repo to download and install iOS 9 updated tweaks and as well as App store apps. For testing purpose, I had installed some of the best jailbreak tweaks from HYI repo and it works like a charm.

Add: http://repo.hackyouriphone.org

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Best Tweaks: Barrel iOS 9, Springtomize 3 iOS 9, LinkStore iOS 9, CCControls, iAP Patcher iOS 9 are the top tweaks out there in HYI repo source.

2 BiteYourApple.NET: After HYI Repo source, Bite Your Apple repo is most active in this category. They have a bunch of iOS 9 tweaks for iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPhone compatible. I have installed one or two jailbreak tweaks from BiteYourApple repo source and they worked out.

Add http://repo.biteyourapple.net

Best Apps: BYA Cloud for iPad Mini, iPad Air, SpotiUM iOS 9, iFile iOS 9, LocaliAPStore iOS 9

Other Top Cydia Sources For iOS 9 Tweaks

  1. iPhoneCake.COM
  2. SiNfuliPhone Repo
  3. AppAddict


If you are interested to test some of the tweaks, then I would say, add top two Cydia repo source. I have listed only a few tweaks and sources that are worth to test, you can explore more.

  • sumit gupta

    what is the source for individual app lock for iphone 5s 9

  • Peter

    I’m trying to get new Cydia repo for Free Cydia tweaks

  • teejay

    couldnt get cydia after install to phone..like 10 times

    • paul

      The best solution is rejailbreak or use semirestore iOS 9, its one of the best cydia app to restore your iOS 9 iPhone, iPad air and iPad Mini to stock condition without losing jailbreak

    • Rashad Jackson

      You have to download it using pp because taig doesn’t work use pp

  • Ddp

    I have a quick question I’ve heard installing repos with Free apps and tweaks will brick your phone has anyone had this problem?

    • Helper

      Millions users already using Free repo sources and still running well conditioned iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPhone
      By the way, jailbreak itself modifies security files

  • carl

    Hack Your iPhone repo source is awesome, it has many iOS 9 tweaks that have been Free. Additionally, it has app store Free apps too
    completely dedicated to iPad Mini 2 and iPhone

    • Helper

      I’ve iPad air iOS 9.0.6 jailbreak
      HYI has many nice tweaks and apps for iOS 9

  • Peter Just

    ipad mini/air 7.1 compatible with jailbreak?!? Is that correct??

    • mark ben

      It depends on many things
      It depends on Evad3rs team who is developing iOS 9.1 Jailbreak,
      The chances of loopholes that can support iPad Air jailbreak with evasi0n,
      Right now, its difficult to say the possibility of evasi0n 7.1 jailbreak

      • Peter Just

        Sure, but read the gray square in Conclusion, it says:

        iPAD AIR: IOS 7.03, 7.04, 7.10

        • Helper

          evasiOn 7.0.6 has been released yesterday for iOS 9.0.6 jailbreak
          now iPad air, iPad mini 2, iPhone can be jailbreak with iOS 9.0.6

          • Peter Just

            OK, I know. just read carefully my first post and the grey square after conclusion. IT SAYS THAT IPAD AIR AND IPAD MINI ARE 7.1 JAILBREAK COMPATIBLE!! It’s some kind of error I’m sure I’m just WARNING!!

          • Helper

            I’ll try to connect the author

  • Kyler

    i downloaded winterboard using cydia and then used a theme and resprung it but then my cydia app was gone! does anyone know why?

    • Helper

      now it’s working, try updated winterboard

  • Keith

    go to Cydia / Manage / Sources, then click Edit / Add.. I have more videos on my channel that show you in depth how to add sources.. Go to my channel and find a video called “Top 5 Cydia Sources of all time”

  • Frank

    Nah you’re good with the top 5.. The #6 Source was just just a lil somethin extra for the people who like Sources/Repos with plenty of themes and theme style add-ons.

  • Rafael

    bro, it would have helped if you explain what each one does. Unless you just want us to know what your top 5 are. Which i think would be a waist of time since i don’t know you and i don’t really give a fuh

    • Helper

      all are famous for Free apps and tweaks

  • Trenton

    how to jailbreak iOS 9 if you need to also,, it’s only for A4 devices and older right now, but soon an untethered update will be available via Cydia..

  • Colby

    Remove whatever u installed last from Cydia,, Then Respring & Reboot your device, this should work !!

  • Paul

    u might have too many sources added, or too many tweaks installed..

  • Victor

    Bro i need your help when i download a source from hackyouriphone etc I cant find the source on my device, I can see it in my settings but that’s it can you help? Thanks

  • Isaac

    actually most of the sources are updated and there are quite a lot of tweaks compatible with iOS 9 jailbreak. point proven i think don’t you

    • manicure

      what like 100 tweaks compatible? Compared to the 100s of thousands other tweaks? Yeah your far from most of them… So point not proven you still the dumb

  • Justin

    do evasion
    the best one!!!!
    that happned to me with redsn0w to
    make sure you dont type evasion
    type evasi0n

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