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Cydia Sources was actually built to explore all sources related to Cydia. However, now we are focussing on weblog that provides breaking news about latest iOS, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch updates and how we can make your experience better and easy.

In very short time, we got a great popularity and love from our loyal readers. We have always tried to provide information rich updates. With time, we have written a lot of articles about Cydia sources, apps and resources.

Founder: Rehana Shaikh (28 Years)


1. Michael Edward
Michael is 32 Years old technologist. He is regular author of Cydiasources.net. He loves to write about iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch along with other Apple products.

2. Alex Xavier
He actively writes technology related articles on CydiaSources.net. He loves smartphone and has good info about few things about it. He manages how to, jailbreak news, new Cydia stuff etc.

3. Rachel Connor
Rachel is a student and loves to write about Apple products. She mostly writes about new releases, specs, prices and upcoming updates.

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  1. anon.619.nc@gmail.com says:


    I have a question. Is there a way to retrieve the data off of a iPhone when it is in the itunes Screen on power up.

    Any help would be apprieciated.

  2. hks says:


  3. MachOSX says:

    How can I contact you?

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