How to Download and Install AppAddict Apps for Free

If you were looking alternative for Installous to get Free applications for free, then AppAddict.ORG is the best source…

Previously, we have talked about AppTrackr, HipStore and many other alternatives for Installous and AppAddict is also one of the best Installous alternative. It allows jailbreak user to install Free iPA files on Cydia enabled iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Most of the jailbreak users jailbreak their iOS devices just because to install Free apps that they can’t buy before try. AppAddict allows jailbreak user to install and try Free apps before actual purchase. If you like that app, you can then purchase it from Apple app store.

AppDora, iPAStore and iAP Patcher also handy source to get apps for free, however, AppAddict.ORG offers updated apps with great support. They have active forum and a website, where you can find thousands of Free apps to try before purchase.

Many iPA Store have been shut down recently, but, AppAddict is the live and active source and Cydia repo to get thousands of apps for free. Jailbreak user install it’s app on Cydia store and can download and install daily updated tweaks and hacks for free.

How to Install AppAddict Repo Source

Before you proceed, I would like to mention that you must have jailbroken iOS device in order to install AppAddict repo into your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. If you have jailbroken your iOS device, then you can easily install it, otherwise use EvasiOn to jailbreak iOS 11.1.2 firmware.


Untether Jailbreak for iOS 11.1.2 Confirmed: Evad3rs has confirmed that iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak is ready and it could be released any time now.
How to Jailbreak iPhone 5, iPad or iPod Touch

1 First of all, launch Cydia and tap on Manage, then “Sources”, “Edit” and tap on “Add” to add AppAddict repo source.

2 Here you will need to add AppAddict repo address. Fill below repo source and save it.

3 Once you have successfully added repo address, tap on AppAddict source and search “AppSync”. Download and install it.

4 Finally search AppAddict in the same source and install “AppAddict” app. Download and install it too.

# AppAddict won’t work without AppSync. AppSync is the Cydia app that works as a plugin or addon for other apps like AppAddict, AppTrackr, LocaliAPstore, iAP Patcher and iAPFree. Its a free app that can be found on BigBoss repo, AppAddict repo source, Installous ( has been shut down, so, try another source).


iAPFree, iAP Patcher and LocaliAPstore also work nice to get paid apps free of cost. However, AppAddict works differently. It already has their own database of such apps that can be downloaded using their application either from iPhone, iPad, iPad Touch or their website from PC.

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  1. Koda says:

    vShare SE absolutely works with no jailbreak and it’s absolutely free. Install “vShare helper” on your PC and follow its directions. It loads vShare SE on your device and off you go. It works because I’ve done it

  2. Dianne says:


  3. […] AppShape finds Free apps from AppAddict, vShare and AppCake repo sources. It doesn’t have it’s own […]

  4. […] has been shut down. But, this is not an end. You can try iPhoneCake (AppCake), vShare and AppAddict repos source as the alternative to […]

  5. […] I will talk about iOS apps like AppAddict, AppCake, iAP Patcher, iAPFree and a lot more that will allow downloading thousands of Cydia and […]

  6. Jerry says:

    this is a good web site to go to HiP store it helped me out a lot for iOS 9.3.1

    • Alan Aurmont says:

      Hey Jerry, you could download a lot better app such as Mojo installer that’s allowing users to add Cydia sources without any jailbreak support. You can head to their website to install any of Cydia tweaks or even Appaddict repo and their apps without jailbreak. Try it once.

  7. Curtis Licuris says:

    why AppAddict not working on iOS 9.3. I’ve heard that these kind of apps can be installed even without jailbreak and since I’ve latest firmware that’s stable one, why I can’t install app addict on my iPhone.

    Please guide me with detailed steps and if there is any app available for iPhone, iPad or Android device, please let me know why email or comment.

    • Yeah, you’re right, I’ve just installed iOS 9.3.1 and found that we can’t upgrade Appaddict on this firmware because there is no jailbreak available right now for this new firmware. I read on this blog that we can hope the next jailbreak for iOS 9.4

  8. Mathew Taovsky says:


  9. Ryan says:

    I heard that app addict can be installed on iOS 9.2 without jailbreak. Is it true?

  10. Ethan Aiden says:

    I wanna know one thing, i recently tried to install app addict iphone app without jailbreak on iOS 10 and it works. It was installed on my iPhone without jailbreak, how is it possible?
    Note: I didn’t tried to install any app using it

  11. nimby says:

    Has anyone had any difficulties with appsync and? APVV never worked for me with this update. It also caused problems like freezing, and crashing Cydia. Odd stuff.

  12. Mlijmlk says:

    New source for AppAddict please ?..ty

  13. TrashyAppAddict says:

    This is crap. Now you have to purchase premium in order to install AppAddict. Looks like I need to search for alternative sources to find AppAddict.

    • Mathew Taovsky says:

      Not true! You only need to purchase if you’re not jailbroken. Jailbreak with TaiG or Pangu.

    • You can’t say that buddy. Because you don’t have better application right now if you don’t have jailbreak. This app works without jailbreak and personally i just checked it. If you want better Cydia tweak, just install it.

  14. npjunior says:

    I did in my iphone5 worked on my ipad mini it makes the whole process in the last stage it just closes and does not install cydia? anyone have an idea what it might be?

  15. KaitlynTechGirl says:

    I Recommended 25pp because it’s replaced the old install0us and has AppSync 😀

  16. Christopher says:

    I had added repo and install their application, but its not working on my iPhone 4S runs on iOS 9
    please help

    • Michael Edward says:

      Perhaps, you have forgot to install AppSync with AppAddic application. Install both of them and try to access it again

      • Asim says:

        Hi, I have downloaded app addict, zeusmos and apvv. However when I am trying to upgrade my apps (downloaded previously on apvv or installous) they do not install, it is becoming frustrating, please help. I am on ios5.1 with ip4s. Thanks

  17. Carl math says:

    when I try to add this repo, it gives me error, how to add AppAddict repo to Cydia?

    • Michael Edward says:

      It might possible that you have added more than normal sources to Cydia. Try to remove unused repos and then install AppAddict repo source.

  18. kk tim says:

    I have just subscribe your rss feed via email, you are just the best source that provides accurate and updated news about jailbreak and Cydia apps

  19. mark ban says:

    you forgot zeusmos
    zeusmos also works same as App addict app. It also has desktop client and Cydia app. You can use any of them free of cost to get Free iPA apps free of cost.
    iPA installer is the second best alternative for App Addict. It allows you download and install any iPA files.
    I hope this will add some value to the article

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