New iPhone 6SE Or iPhone 5SE Release, Price, Features | Clone of iPhone7 2016

iPhone 6SE 2016 Price, Release Date, Features…

Apple is bringing iPhone 6SE rather than iPhone 7 this year, this would be the same sized as iP5S, but features wise iPhone 6SE would be far better.

The new iDevice is said to be 4-inch and would be same like previous 5S and Apple is planning to give it’s name as iPhone 6SE.

There are couple of more products which would be released with iPhone 6SE and they’re iPad Air 3, New Apple Watch Bands, iOS 9.4 and more in the upcoming event of March, 2016.

4-inch device was most requested screen size device by many iDevice lovers and thus it may be possible that Apple took it seriously and developed iPhone 6SE 4-inch new gadget for iDevice fans.

It’s being said that Apple would release new iPhone 6SE at the March event which is gonna held by Apple this year of 2016. iPhone 6C was also the hot name of this device and many other tech experts said the new name would be iPhone 5E with all the new features such as Apple Watch support, Apple Pay would be included and many other things.

The iPhone 6SE would run on iOS 9.4 or iOS 10 at least with 3D Touch, Touch ID and some great features which were not available on iPhone 5. You shouldn’t surprised if Apple release iPhone 6SE with the name of iPhone 5SE because this new device would haveĀ 4-inch screen size.

According to rumors, iPhone 5SE or iPhone 6SE would be powered with A9 Chip which is developed by Apple and it would be cheap in price comparing to iPhone 6, iPhone 6S. So, if you were waiting for 4 inch iPhone 7, you’re just about to see the clone of iPhone 7 with iPhone 6SE or iPhone 5SE.

Many tech experts believe that this new iPhone 6SE would get super rock success and the sale would touch the sky.

iPhone 6SE price would be dropped, it’s gonna release soon in 2016, would you plan to hands on iPhone 6SE or iPhone 5SE?

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  1. I’d wanna get new iPhone 7 Clone. Can any body here who can predict price for the clone in USA or Canada?

  2. vova says:

    How big is screen?????

  3. Bravo says:

    Please some one update iPhone SE Clone link, but please give me genuine link, I can pay you whatever amount you’d say. I’m from USA. iPhoneSE clone needed urgently.

  4. I’m surprised to see iPhone Se Clone which is available for just $99 that supports Apple Store. Awesome!
    But, beware of fishing sites

  5. Igwe lucky says:

    How much is iphone6se

  6. can I purchase iPhone SE, or IPhone 6SE clone at cheap price. It would be okay if there is iPhone SE Clone

  7. Cecilia lombardi says:

    There is a strong likelihood if apples decides to go smaller (4inch) despite the price, I would switch to Samsung. My family presently supports four 6s’s

    • You’re really lucky that you’ve something to spend on iPhones, but Samsung is also great smartphone provider and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is great peace of example, but iPhone 6SE would be around 4″ screen size with all the features and specs of iPhone 7SE

  8. John wiltey says:

    I would like to try the iPhone 6se

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