AppSync iOS 10.2: Working App Repo Source for iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad

AppSync is must have app for all most all iAP crackers including iAP Cracker 9.3, iAPFree and LocaliAPStore etc. Jump to AppSync.

AppSync is not working on iOS 10.2 jailbreak properly, somehow, you can fix app sync 9.1. Read How to fix AppSync.

In recent couple of days, many users have reported AppSync installation error. Users can’t install Free apps, AppSync is not installing etc. Here is updated repo and installation trick to avoid these errors.

In a quick review, AppSync is must have requirement for Installous, AppCake, vShare and other apps that allow us to download paid apps free of cost. You can count it as a plugin of above listed apps. AppCake, vShare and other Installous alternative wouldn’t work, if you have not installed AppSync properly. was the first repo that had this great app, however, unfortunately, has been shut down now. With this effect, Installous and App Sync apps stopped working. If you were using it from, then you need to update it.

Fortunately, other sources have also added AppSync on their repo. Meanwhile, there are couple of jailbreak tools including evasiOn and RedsnOw which has been fixed to make it work properly.

How to Download and Install AppSync

AppCake, vShare and other Installous alternatives still need AppSync, so, a few big sources have added it on their repo. Take a look at that list of repos…

1 The first thing you need is jailbreak iDevice with Cydia. Suppose, if you have not jailbreak your iOS device, you can use EvasiOn to jailbreak 6.1.3 and if you have iOS 10.2 or recently released iOS 9, then use iJailbreakPro that claims that they have iOS 10.2 jailbreak with Cydia.

2 Once you have Cydia installed, launch it and tap on “Manage”, “Sources”, “Edit” and “Add”. There are a few trusted sources that have AppSync in their repo. You can add one of them to download it.

You will get repository warning message, tap on “Add anyway”.

3 Once you have added one of above listed repo, tap on that source and search “AppSync“. Cydia will search that repo and show you result. Choose it and tap on install link. Done.

Note: Don’t need to add all above AppSync repos, just add one that works in your case.


Many users have reported that Appsync iOS 10.2 doesn’t work properly even it can’t be installed. If you have tested AppSync iOS 9 compatible version on iPhone 5S/5C, iPad Air or Mini, let us know using comment or contact us.


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  1. how to sync iPhone music with iTunes using appsync? I was successfully doing that on iOS 10 jailbreak using Bridge and appsync unified combination, but since I’ve came to the first beta of iOS 10, it looks completely impossible to use this app without jailbreak. Please help

    1. As far as beta version is concern, there would be a lot of beta versions would come. Recently, Apple released iOS 10 and you’d be surprise that AppSync iOS 10 is not available because it’s not working on the devices without jailbreak. So, I recommend to wait for the jailbreak IOS 10 for working AppSync Unified Cydia tweak. I hope you got it.

    1. Oh it’s really great to listen about Yahoo! Anyway, I’m happy that you’ve managed yourself with appsync, I found that most of users only complain about the app and because it doesn’t support new apps

  2. Is it still working on iOS 9.3? I’ve one from Openappmkt, but appsync not working without jailbreaking my iPhone
    Please help me otherwise I’ll uninstall it

    1. Look, as I said earlier that AppSync is jailbreak application which can’t be installed without jailbreak. The default repo source work on jailbroken platform and this is only the way to get hands on AppSync Unified iOS 9.3.

      If you’ve working iOS 10 jailbreak, you can try installing this app on your iPhone or iPad. And, don’t try Open App Mkt or any other app to install Cydia apps.

  3. Is there any option to update this version for iOS 9.1? Please help, i accidently updated my iPhone iOS to iOS 10 and Now the updated version of Unified appsync iOS 10 is not available

  4. This only works with games that doesn’t use wife. Games like “Temple Run” don’t use wifi that much however game such as “Hay Day” or “Cast of clans” it won’t work.

  5. “appsync for ios 8” doesn’t show up on that server. Only one that I see is “appsync 5.x – 8.x” also “appsync unified”

  6. If you think app sync unified is a good idea think again cause it works but it stops any further app icons from ever showing up so ya

  7. I have ipad mini gsm and any sources and any appsync even if it is appsync unified does not work in my ipad. My jailbroken device is useless without appsync. Please help us and give update for ios 10 appsync

  8. Appsync unified,appcake and ifunbox.Could not get appcake to work using ANY other appsync version ONLY UNIFIED!
    iphone 6+ 10 taig

  9. iphone 6 plus + ios 10 + jailbreaked by Taig + appsync 8 (hackyouriphone) + I can not install or make a backup of app by ifunbox

  10. iOS 10 + ipad 2, using AppSync Unified (5.3-1) from BiteYourApple repo and iFunBox to install the crack apps. can install and run the app without any problem

  11. I am just trying to clone app as I have 8 Puzzle and Dragons accounts on my iPad mini 2 running iOS7.

    In my testing, I can install modified app but it have problem runnng, it just stucked, not flash crash back to springboard.

    1. After installing either AppSync Unified 5.3-1 or AppSync 8+ on iPhone 6 with JB iOS8.4, Puzzle and Dragons installed and run but cannot connect to the server. The same method was used in iOS 7 on iPhone 4S which runs 4 accounts on the same device flawlessly. Help please!!

    1. That odd i seen “appsync for ios 6+”, “appsync for ios 7”, “appsync 5.x – 8.x” also “appsync unified”. i haven’t seen “appsync for ios 8+”.

    1. hopefuly just days :/ i have had my device jailbroken since the first hour of the release about a week ago. or 2 cant remember

  12. So I’m hoping to get some help. I have cydia on my iPad and I can get apps and in app purchases on my iPad. I was wondering if there is a way to sync my apps and “in app purchases” to my non jailbroken iPhone 6. Any help?

  13. Can someone explain how this work on an Ipad, since these instruction are ipod?iphone orientated. If i start up Cydia i do not have a manage tap what i do have is Cydia- Sources – Changes – Installed – Search if i select sources it has no edit/add option I used the pangu jailbrake on an ipad 2 with ios iOS 9.1

  14. i have iphone 4g ,, and jailbroken by pangu ,, and i have IOS iOS 10
    i want a source that have an appsync IOS10.1.x ..
    if anyone can help me ,, i’ll be greatful .

  15. I have iPhone 4S running ios 8.1. I have installed the appsync 7 but some of the apps I install force close and some work perfectly. Any help!!!!!

  16. I have an ipod touch 5g running ios 6.1.2 and am trying to get an older youtube app version to run, like 1.4 or so (because the newer versions suck). I’ve installed the app and appsync for ios 6, but it needs an Apple ID in order to run. I enter it and the app just closes. Anybody able to help?

  17. I have an iPhone 4S on 7.0.6 and installed AppSync 7 from the IHS Repo. Have installed ipa files via iFunBox without any problems at all. Everything working fine.

  18. I have installed on iphone 5 with ios 7.0.6 but when I tried to sync an ipa from itunes the app didn’t work. Appears shaded the app icon. Any idea?

    1. I don’t know why but all the games and apps are out dated
      the server is under maintenance whenever I click update
      I’ve iPad air iOS 9.0.6

  19. I have successfully installed from HYI repo source, but how to know that its working or not?
    iPad Mini 2, iPod Touch iOS 10 Jailbroken

  20. The problem I am facing is continuous boot of ipad 3 at apple logo. This happened after I try to reinstall appsync for ios7.0. I had jailbroken my ipad a month back. But I had installed appsync for ios7.0 from 1 source already! Now this was from another repository.
    I have the option of restoring the ipad to factory setting. But I want to find a way to take care of this by uninstalling appsync, which might be the root cause of this problem. Any idea?

      1. Great. Let me try and I will get back to you. Actually I searched everywhere about this, but it seems everyone suggests restoring the ios! I want to try something different and experiment whether the problem can be resolved by simply removing appsync.

          1. iTools is not able to connect to iPad since it keeps rebooting. It is always showing connecting! However, using iFunbox I can access iPad and its file system. Weird!

                    1. It’s bad luck that I’m not on the desktop now, so, I can’t tell you anything surely
                      But it could mess up your iPad file structure

                    2. Eventually I had to restore ipad with latest ios. I could not find any solution even after deleting couple of files, which I thought were appsync files! I wish I knew how to play around.

  21. Tweak Depending on how you use or install Apps need AppSync or not, if you installed the apps and do not give you any problems do not need to install it 😉 Regards

  22. Questions. Saying that you need AppSync for ios 7 I install the tweak but get no option to install AppSync mind if I do it manually but I have to do noce now I have not installed but I see vajan apps

  23. I have upgraded my iPad Air iOS 10 to 7.0.5 from 8.1
    and successfully jailbreak iPad Air iOS 9.0.5
    now the issue is, there isn’t any appsync iOS 9.0.5 plugin available for iPad air or iPad Mini
    how to fix this and how to install it on updated jailbreak?

    1. Very soon appsync iOS 9.0.5 will be available. All major apps require this core plugin. I’m gonna jailbreak iPad air iOS 9.0.5

  24. Hi on my iphone 4S IOS 8.1 with appsync for 8.1 i can not start application when this one is installed by itunes or copied with SSH.

    some idea ?


    Super funky

  25. AppSync for ios 7 works halfway like mobile substrate was working before cydia substrate came out. it works until you reboot the device, then system apps like mail, safari, calculator, etc stop working until you remove appsync and delete two files through ifiles. I had to restore my iphone 4 and left out appsync until one that doesn’t have this problem comes out. So far versions 2.5 and 2.9 have this problem.

    1. I also jailbreaked my iPad 2 on iOS 10 and have tried all sorts of combinations of AppSyncs from various repo sources, several patches, and different AppCake packages, but my hacked apps still don’t work.

      What’s weird is I jailbreaked my iPhone 4S and installed AppCake 3.96 (insanelyi), AppSync for iOS 5.0+ (xSellize), and the AppSync Patched iOS7.X (iPhoneCake) and I’m able to use the hacked apps.

      What’s going on?

    2. Update: I’m able to download and install Free apps from AppCake on my iPad, but the Free apps that I previously downloaded before jailbreaking do not work. This is weird. Again, no troubles with the iPhone.

  26. This appsync 7 in this repo, is not working on my ios 8.1 🙁 probably I have only working Zeusmos and nothing else of installers not working 🙁

  27. Thanks a lot, Appsync 8.1 has been installed successfully on my iPhone 5C. I’ve upgraded my firmware to iOS 10 and jailbroken using evasion 7

    1. Hey man, as long as I know, you need to SHSH into iPhone to install files from the PC, but I don’t know if you can do that without wifi =. If your computer have a wifi adapter (USB, pci-e oh even integrated in the motherboard) you can share your connection to the iPhone, but I can’t upload that files right now because I’m in the iPad, but you can search it on google.
      iPad Mini 2

  28. Mine still doesn’t work. I added the source then installed AppSync for iOS 6. I opened iFunbox and tried to install an app but the same thing happened “Error Installing Package” HELP

  29. Works excellent. iOS6xxx user. jailbroken device. I added this source today, was able to install Appsync 8.1, then ip file for BBM messenger.
    work good, thanks.

      1. Man, I found a way, but everytime you want to send a ipa to iTunes, you will need to download the ipa and send it to the Installous download directory. I’ve put the 3 files that you need (along with the AppSync) in my repo, but I haven’t tested it yet.
        After that, you just open Installous and install the app (or put the device in AirPlane mode before, if installous close). Or, by the easy way, you can use CopyTrans, and select just the ipas you want to transfer to iTunes (it is limited to 250 files in the beta version, but as we are download Free apps, I don’t see anything wrong in crack the copytrans too

  30. Hey, I’ve tried this AppSync and it still works, I thinks there’s something wrong with your iDevice. I can still install my ipas with iTunes and ifunbox, in both my iPad Air and iphone 5S/5C

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