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Download AppToko iOS 11.1.2/11.2: How to Install Without Jailbreak

AppToko iOS 11.2.1and iOS 11.1.2 are available to install on iPhone, iPad without jailbreak…

These days, when we don’t have Cydia or Jailbreak to install our favorite apps such as vShare, TutuAPP and other such apps, AppToko became famous due to it works without jailbreak.

This is the app for them who are looking for App Store alternative. Thanks to the developer who made AppToko compatible for iPhone and iPad without the support of jailbreak. Yeah, jailbreak is not a requirement now. You can download AppToko without installing Cydia.

Now you can grab all those paid apps right from App Store without spending anything. There are couple of benefits for installing AppToko iOS 11.1.2 or the latest update for iOS 11.2. Users can download multiple paid apps for free at once. There has been a separate section of paid apps which are available here for free. Users can categorize all of those paid-free apps based on ratings, reviews, installation and many other ways.

Now you should know a limitation that make me feel unhappy. AppToko English version is not available yet. Yeah, this is limitation of the app. You can found this app for Android, iOS and PC, but in Indonesian language. English version of the app is not available.

How to Install AppToko without Jailbreak iOS 11

You need to take some steps in order to download AppToko on your iPhone and install without jailbreak.

  1. You need active internet connection. Plus, you should always try Google Chrome to install this app. So, activate internet and open Google Chrome browser.
  2. Now, open website. Use Chrome web browser to open this address, because the website is in Indonesian language. Google chrome would translate AppToko Indonesia language into English.
  3. There you’d see Download button, tap on it and install it.

There won’t be any compilation to install it. Once you install it, open and configure the app. Suppose, AppToko not working, you can trust the developer profile for trusted certificate.

Done. If still you’re facing error or something trouble, you can comment below and I’d help you out.