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How to Install iPA without Jailbreak Using iPA Installer iOS 11.1.2

Download iPA Installer iOS 11.1.2 for iPad, iPhone…

There are many iPA installer on the web for iDevices. But, here is the list of best tools that actually install iPA without jailbreak on iOS 9…

iOS apps, games and tweaks come in iPA file extension just like .exe. But, there are many restrictions which Apple has imposed on iDevice. One of the biggest restriction is, you can’t install iPA files. If you are looking for installing app files on your iTouch device, then It is difficult to to do it without jailbreak.

Every iOS 9, 8.1 and iOS 11.1.2 user is looking for fix to get iPA installer for iOS 11.1.2 without jailbreak it. As we know that till October, 2013, there is no iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak tool. But, there is a good news of you. We have something for your iOS 11.1.2 or 7.1.x iDevice that will install iPA apps without jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

How to install apps with iPA installer

The three primary aspects in installing apps are, do you have iDevice without jailbreak of jailbroken. Just take a look at those aspects…

#1 If you have iOS device without jailbreak, then there are many alternatives PC applications available for Windows and MAC OS. Pandaapp, iFunBox and Zeusmos are the best among them.

iPA file installer

#2Second, suppose you have jailbroken iDevice and you are looking for tweaks from Cydia Store, then you can easily install iPA files on your iOS. There are numerous Cydia Apps available such as Installous, AppCake and vShare. Installous was wonderful, however, it has been shut down due to hosting issues. But still, there are AppCake, vShare and other top Cydia sources that will do great job to install iPA files from Cydia app store.

#3Third, suppose you have jailbroken iOS, but you want to install apps, games and utilities from Apple app store at free of cost. This is the biggest issue, because Apple doesn’t allow you to hack those paid apps and install on your iOS 9, 8.1 or 7.1.x. Once again, there is a fix for this situation.

Without jailbreak, you can’t do this. If you have jailbroken iOS iTouch device, then you can install in-app cracker like iAP Patcher, LocaliAPstore or iAPfree. These are the top Cydia apps that allows you to install those paid apps on your jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

From Editor’s Desk

I personally have been using Pandaapp on my MAC OS for iPhone 5S that runs on iOS 7.1.x without jailbreak it. My aspect is to manage apps, files and folders. I always use it to modify iPhone 5S system files, install apps from Apple app store and from outside etc.

If you wanna get iPA installer for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, then above is the perfect fix that you can prefer for you and for any recommendation to your friends. Offers Cracked AppStore Apps for iPhone, iPad iOS 11.1.2 – iOS 9 alternative offers paid apps at free or cost for iOS 9. You can install App store paid applications in form of Free iPA files using App trackr on iPhone, iPod and iPad Air, Mini… was a wonderful source. It was offering a nice way to try paid applications from Apple app store in form of Free, before actually purchasing them. was extreamly popular among jailbreak iOS users who wanted to test paid applications. Most of them still available on Cydia Apps.


Apple doesn’t like piracy and Apple had started sending take down notices to the developers of Now the developers had no choice and they gone. Fortunately, still there are many Apptrackr alternatives for MAC OS, Windows and iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Users have better choices to test those paid apps, before purchasing them using desktop and iPhone applications.

However, users still have to jailbreak their iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad in order to install these Apptrackr alternatives on their iOS device. Oh yeah, there are couple of desktop applications such as AppAddictPandaApps, OpenAppMkt, Zeusmos and more. These applications are good alternatives for Apptrackr.

Apptrackr Alternatives for iOS & Desktop

Before hands on these alternatives, make sure that your jailbroken iOS device has Cydia installed. All these Apptrackr alternative apps require AppSync. So, you must install AppSync to run these apps smoothly. You don’t need to install all these alternatives, just choose best one that has all the Free apps that you wanted.

1 AppAddict: It is the best alternative. They have their own iOS app, forum and desktop client. AppAddict updates new Free apps, tweaks and hacks everyday. They have their own forum where they provide a variety of how to guides on error fixing and new apps. The large number of Free iOS, MAC OS apps you can find there. AppAddict also requires AppSync app to run properly.

2 PandaApp: It is desktop client that is quite similar to Apptrackr. It offers quite similar Free apps, games and tweaks. You can install PandaApps on Mac OS or Windows operating system. If you were using app trackr website to download Free apps, then you will feel the same experience on PandaApp too.

3 AppCake: It is one of the best alternatives for Installous. Installous was also shut down in the same period when App trackr was shut down. Since then, AppCake got great popularity among jailbroken iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users.

AppCake’s website and iOS app both look similar to’s iOS app and desktop client. AppCake also have a large Free apps database where user can find top paid games, apps, tweaks and hacks free of cost.

4 iAP Patcher: Its completely different kind of Cydia app that offers paid apps, games and utilities at no cost. What it does is, it redirects you directly on download item page, when you click on buy button. Simply, you get all the paid apps free of cost without cracking them.

This is how, it supports more apps comparing to, however, you can’t install iAP Patcher without jailbreak or Cydia. Its Cydia app that can be installed only on jailbroken iOS.

5 HipStore: It has many features which are quite similar to app trackr. We had included HipStore in our top Installous Alternatives’s list. You can take a look at HipStore too.


Now when Apptrackr has shut down, there are a lot of choice for you to choose from. We would recommend you to purchase paid apps, if you like it.

Let us know your experience…