Asphaleia 2.0: Asphaleia Cydia Tweak Available for iPad, iPhone to Protect your Apps, Games

Do you love privacy? I mean secured application that none other than you can access? There is an ultimate solution to protect your important apps, games with fingerprint passcode named “Asphaleia Cydia tweak“.

Recently, this new tweak was released on Cydia with couple of great features and unmatched security features. Suppose, there are apps that you wanna secure from your friends or you’ve couple of games that you wanna protect from your children than Asphaleia Cydia app can help you seriously.

Asphaleia iPhone app is created by the developer team of A3Tweaks which is well known famous tweak developer. The tweak is hosted on BigBoss repository which is added to Cydia by default. The developers have put $1.99 price tag for the initial release.

Once Asphaleia installed on your iPhone or iPad, the bunch of settings and protection features will available for you to configure. There is a separate option in the settings pane to protect your apps. You can add as many apps or games there and configure passcode for your apps.

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Simply, scan and create your fingerprint passcode or use clean and simple password input option. Actually, there are two options available to access your protected apps via Asphaleia tweak. Where you can scan and set your fingerprint passcode to access these protected apps or just use simple and clean password input option. Both options are secure and tested.

Asphaleia Cydia hack is compatible for iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPod Touch. The latest version of iPhone can use fingerprint scanner feature whereas older version of devices can use traditional password input option which is also good.

If you wanna try Asphaleia app, you can simply navigate BigBoss repo for more details or just comment here to get it free.

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    it is very nice, please tell me how to get it free?

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