Aurora iOS 11.1.2: Aurora Cydia Tweak – Get Notified For Each Tweak Update and More…

Aurora iOS 11.1.2: Aurora Cydia Tweak – Get Notified For Each Tweak Update and More…

Today, a new tweak is planned to release which brings a lot of cool things that may change your experience of Cydia which is known as Aurora Cydia tweak.

Its planned to release today that would be free. Yeah, the upcoming Cydia tweak named with Aurora would be available completely free.

The developer has planned to release it on BigBoss repo source. The tweak works itself and automatically checks update and notifies you about the update if any available for any of installed Cydia tweak.

As per developer note, Aurora Cydia tweak is light weight tweak and consume very low battery life even the change won’t be able to noticeable.


  1. Banner Alert Notification
  2. Settings Badge
  3. A button is given in the settings to open that tweak on Cydia app.
  4. Fully customization, you can change update color and choose any badge color.
  5. User can enable notification alert or lock screen alert mode from

The name of the tweak is not final, we’d update as soon as the final version would release on BigBoss. You can register for free email updates…

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  1. Carl Jacob says:

    Its the release from AccuraTweaks which is also known as Accura Tweaks. The upcoming Cydia tweak would notify you about the most current update for every cydia tweaks that have been installed on your iPhone or iPad.
    I comes with night mode theme and colourbadge

  2. Ryan Miller says:

    I’m just waiting for the update, I’ve seen the wallpaper on Twitter for this tweak. Thanks for the quick update.
    How to download Aurora tweak?

  3. Rob Westerling says:

    When is it coming? The final name is Aurora Cydia tweak or any other?

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