Auxo Legacy Edition iOS 11.1.2: A3tweaks Brings New Features

Auxo Legacy Edition iOS 11.1.2: A3tweaks Brings New Features

Auxo iOS 9 is updated with couple of new features with Auxo Legacy Edition. If you’ve purchased Auxo 2 or Auxo 3 before, the latest version would cost you $0.99. Otherwise, you would have to pay $1.99

iOS 11.1.2 has a app switcher which allows couple of features, however, Auxo brings completely new set of features along with control center toggles.

Auxo Alternatives: Zephyr and Stratos are best alternatives to Auxo.

How to Install Auxo Legacy Edition

To install any version of Auxo, you need to jailbreak iOS 9. You can use TaiG Jailbreak to jailbreak 9.

TaiG is safest jailbreak at the moment. It installs Cydia for free. Using Cydia, you would be able to Download Auxo and install legacy Edition on your iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPhone or iPod Touch.

Once you install Cydia, Open it and search “Auxo Legacy Edition” or “Auxo iOS 9”. Install Auxo and reboot your device.

Once you have installed Auxo, head to and enable various settings and customize your app switcher along with Control Center.

If you’ve any issues, you can comment below…

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  1. Joshua Benjamin says:

    Why you need any third party Cydia tweak, iOS 10 has already wonderful app switcher. If you’d jailbreak and install Auxo iOS 9, your battery life will drain

  2. Christian Mancilla says:

    I’ve recently got iOS 10 update and it has app switcher, but it lack of many features. I don’t know how to fix this issue.

    • Ethan Aiden says:

      Did you read the post?
      You can use TaiG to jailbreak your iOS 10 or iOS 10 beta version and install this tweak.

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