Top 5 Best Battery Themes and Apps for iPad Air, Mini, iPhone

The Battery is the icon which you notice most the whole day. Here is the best themes and apps that shows usage and extend it at the maximum level. You can use these jailbreak tweaks on iPad Mini, Air, iPhone and iPod Touch…

Normally without jailbreak, Apple doesn’t allow us to change the look or use tweaks at all. We can’t customize the look that we want or extend the functionality. If you have jailbroken your iOS iDevice, you can use many tweaks.

During last month, there were a lot of battery themes and battery apps have been updated or pushed out. Some were the best battery tweaks out of them. All these are jailbreak tweaks, but you can find similar apps from Apple app store with similar functionality.

1 Alkaline: This is the best battery tweak that allows user to customize and change the default icon from the status bar. If you wanna try something new, then I would recommend to try Alkaline.

Alkaline was brand new release last month and got magnificent popularity among Cydia users. It allows user to apply different battery icons and themes. Its free and available on ModMyi Repository.

2 NCBattery: Suppose, you have applied battery theme and you still wanna checkout percentage, then NCBattery may help you. It adds percentage to the notification center in “all” section.

Its free and can be installed from BigBoss repository. User can configure settings to customize it.

3 Best Themes: A few best battery themes, I would like to share with my jailbreak readers. VetoBattery, CircularBattery and MACBattery are some of them.

4 BatteryLife: It is the best tweak out there for battery usage. It shows many important details about your battery charging, usage and other things.

You can determine battery health, capacity and temperature. Jailbreak users can extend battery usage time, if they follow this app wisely.

Just full charge your battery once it fully drain. ModMyi is the repo source from where you can install this tweak. Its free at all.

5 PowerSaver: Do you wanna maximize the usage time? Your battery drain too quickly? Then you should perform some action that maximize the usage time and PowerSaver is the best Cydia app that does all these things automatically.

It allows user to configure different settings at different level of your battery usage. You can change the brightness, close certain applications and much more.


I would strongly recommend users to use these tweak and specially PowerSaver, it extend the battery usage time at some levels.

Don’t forget to comment or ask, if you have low battery issues.

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  1. Smjpo Knfyl says:

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  2. Angelo says:

    Everyone i think you have to have it charging to see the different battery themes. Notice in the top right hand corner that that charging icon is displayed.

  3. Pedro says:

    when i install a battery theme, its small and on the top left, not centered and large. How do i fix this, i have iphone 5S running ios 7.0.5

    iPad Mini 2

  4. Carter Corey says:

    i don’t know about the battery themes now but, i do remember that there is different battery ones for example for the one in the top right and the main battery on the lock screen

    iPad Air, iPhone 5S

  5. Jonah says:

    ok i keep trying to get a battery theme from cydia but nothings working! i have an iphone 5S help please!!

  6. victor says:

    One thing I noticed when I install this tweaks is that my battery drains faster. When I used to use bolt on ios 7 I was having the same problems. I think most of the tweaks that change the look of the battery have this issue.

  7. Sebastian says:

    how to maximize iPad Mini 2 battery life
    it drain too fast
    a few hours only

  8. Mason says:

    I’m on an ipad air I only have 2 battery symbols why is that?

  9. Jackson says:

    Can someone please help.. I have battery percentage on my iPod Air somehow from the last jailbreak I have no idea how.. And I don’t know how to remove it. It doesn’t look good with Alkaline. Can anyone help??

  10. Benjamin says:

    Hey, how did you remove the annoying battery percentage? I can’t seem to remove it 🙁

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