Today BigBoss’s Tweaks: aLock4WhatsApp, aLock4Line, knowy0urCallActive & Railway

No doubt BigBoss is one of the best Cydia Sources. Today we have seen aLock4WhatsApp, aLock4line, KnowyOurcallActive and Railway tweaks under this repo.

Today, there were a lot of apps to share with you specially from BigBoss repo, because most of the apps were from this repo. Now, the limitation is, I have to choose only best tweaks of the day from all around the repo sources, so, I had to choose only best four apps and luckily all four tweaks were from BigBoss.

Couple of days ago, I had shared a WhatsApp trick to install on iPad Air, Mini and iPod Touch and iPhone. Today, I have picked a tweak called aLock4WhatsApp that is dedicated to WhatsApp. There are another three tweaks. We will see them in detail.

4 Best Tweaks of the day


1 aLock4WhatsApp: Its a privacy option who uses WhatsApp in iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone. One kind of gesture lock that protect WhatsApp from unauthorized access. Lock4WhatsApp is developed by lock4app and hosted under BigBoss repo source. If you have interest to try it, I would like to mention the price. It will cost your pocket $4.99

  1. First, launch Cydia and tap on Sources.
  2. Tap on BigBoss repo.
  3. Search “Lock4WhatsApp” or “aLock4WhatsApp”
  4. Within the result, tap on the app and tap on Install button.
  5. Done

2 aLock4Line: From the same developer of Lock4WhatsApp and the same feature that above tweak has, but in “Line” App. It protects unauthorized access to Line app on your iPhone or iPad. It also cost your $4.99 and you can find it on BigBoss repo of course.

3 knowy0urCallActive: It is developed by MoonWolf and hosted under BigBoss repo. KnowYourCallActive is a free tweak protects from radiation effects. We all are aware of health issues. Once you have installed this tweak, you can put your iPhone anywhere, the tweak will make vibrate when any incoming call comes.

4 Railway: Note: Its not a rail or transport related iPhone app. What do you do when you don’t have USB stick and wanna transfer music songs, videos and files from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to computer? It becomes more complex especially when you’re on other one’s computer.

Railway allows user to transfer files and music easily. Connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to computer and simply drag and drop files that you wanna transfer. This tweak is developed by Luciano and you can find this app on BigBoss repo. It will cost you around $0.99


Sometimes, these simple tweaks save a great time and efforts and if it is privacy matter, we never give up. Lock4WhatsApp is just that kind of app. But, as a jailbreak users, we never forget to search free app rather than paid. And of course, there are a hundreds of apps that are free and do the same features that paid apps provide.

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  2. taptap says:

    purchased lock4whatsapp, it looks like we can do the same job using app locker tweak. I would suggest not to buy this tweak as you can use AppLockr and other app lock tweak.
    I have found one from this blog. You can search it on right sidebar search penal
    that was nice review, thx Rachel

  3. john carl says:

    Does it work with WhatsPad? I am using WhatsPad in my iPad from couple of months.
    I have jailbroken device

  4. banny says:

    Is there any application such as lock4whatsapp for free? I wanna one for my iPad. I had one more question, when will new jailbreak come for iOS 9.1

    • sarah ple says:

      Are you new to jailbreak? iOS 10 JB still not released, how can you expect for the jailbreak10.1?
      It would come in 2015 January to February.
      X ))

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