5 Must Have Cydia Repositories for iOS 9 – iOS 9.0.2 – 2015

iOS 9 Jailbreak has been released, We have picked up best 5 must have Cydia repos for any iPhone 5S/5C, iPad Air, iPad Mini user in 2015…

Suppose, you are thinking to remove one or more of the default repositories from your repo source, then you should know the specifications and benefits of those repo source that have been listed in the default source list. BigBoss, ZodTTD, ModMyi are the default repositories followed by other sources.

In this article, I have picked up 5 must have repos including default sources plus two more must have repositories. BigBoss, ModMyi and ZodTTD will be the same and we will add another two repo source in this list.

1 BigBoss: No doubt BigBoss is the best Cydia repository. It has been listed in the first place on Cydia app store, because it gets updates almost everyday with a lot of free and paid applications. Most  of the useful apps are paid, but still worth to have. There are a lot of tweaks that you must have on your jailbroken iOS device. Take a look the best applications from BigBoss repository.

2 ModMyi: It comes in good combination of paid and free applications. Mostly, ModMyi offers apps and tweaks. The most popular Cydia repo of the App store. There are a lot of tweaks that are too popular among jailbreak users.

  • NCSettings
  • FastLock
  • IntelliscreenX
  • SwipeAway
  • Zeppelin
  • AutoProtect

3 ZodTTD: It is known as theme repo. Mostly, ZodTTD offers themes for jailbroken iOS device. There are a large number of theme developers who develop awesome themes for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Air, iPad Mini. You can find themes for iOS 9, iOS 6 and iOS 5. Take a look at most popular themes from ZodTTD.

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  • iOS 9 Theme
  • A8stract NTW Theme
  • Flux Theme
  • psx4all
  • iOS 9 Velox Theme
  • Auxo Theme
  • Adoris HD iPad

4 SiNful iPhone: BigBoss and ModMyi repos have a lot of paid applications. In some cases, SiNful iPhone repository has the Free version for that app or tweak. Simply, you can get paid BigBoss and ModMyi tweaks for free from SiNful iPhone repo.

5 Hackulo.us: Its a most popular jailbreak repo source to get free tweaks and apps. However, Hackulo.us and InstallOus has been shut down. But, this is not an end. You can try iPhoneCake (AppCake), vShare and AppAddict repos source as the alternative to Hackulo.us


Simply look for the must have jailbreak apps rather than digging into repo sources. There are a good number of Best Cydia tweaks that you can try in 2015.

I would love to hear comments…

  • G

    I just can’t install ihacksrepo on the iPhone 5. It used to be my favorite when I had a 4. :c

  • Fabian Fabian

    My favorite repositories are as

    SiNful iPhone,
    HackulOus (Previously, Now Appcake and vshare)

    Removed ZodTTD and other repo sources

  • Henry

    I installed Untrackable from BigBoss repo and now my personal “rights” restored, although apple has stated it was just a bug in ios many police departments already have a “tool” that connects directly to any idevice and gives them full access to any/all the data stored in the consolidated.db file. I called a old friend who works for the state patrol and he said “we have had these tools for reading iphone gps coordinates for almost 6 months now”. So apple not only knows but lied to the public about ios and the intent of the consolidated.bd file.

    • Alexis Micah

      My wife and I -want- the tracking to work for a while. We are going on a long trip and it would be nice to have automatic tacking (iPad2, current iOS) of where we are, of course, that means the tracking is -not- working.

      I visited the website of the people who wrote iPhone Tracker – it did not work. Moreover, the file that is supposed to be created to store the tracking data wasn’t there.

      • Dante Malik

        Yet another reason to be jailbroken… Although I’m going to wait a little bit and see if anyone has any issues with this. Seems like process that’s continuously running in the background could possibly slow down the device.

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