Best WhatsAPP Cydia Tweak: Install WhatsPad Without Jailbreak

WhatsApp is available for iPad Air, iPad Pro, iPad MInii and iPod Touch with WhatsPad

If you’re one of those users who wanna download WhatsAPP iOS 11.1.2 on your iPad, iPod Touch or any Apple tablet and you couldn’t installing, then you should read this article.

There are certain restrictions made by developers of WhatsAPP 11.1.2 and so you can’t install it on your iPad or iPod Touch. There isn’t any way to hands on your favorite messenger app without WhatsPad.

But unfortunately, WhatsPad iOS 11.1.2 is jailbreak app and it can’t be installed without jailbreak. The badness is, there isn’t any jailbreak iOS 11.1.2 available right now.

However, we’ve published an article about the iPhone, iPad app that can install certain Cydia tweaks iOS 11.1.2 without jailbreak. The good thing is, WhatsPad is in the list of supported Cydia apps made by Extensify.

You can download Extensify anytime from your iPhone or iPad and install the client on your iPad or iPhone. After installing the app, there would be a list of tweaks and extensions which are supported by the developers, you need to choose WhatsPad to install WhatsAPP on iPad Pro, iPad Air or iPad Mini.

Along with WhatsAPP extensions, there are many other great tweaks and apps listed on the front page or Extensify. And, a lot more developers are joining the app to put their jailbreak apps without jailbreak for iPhone and iPad.

So, if you really wanna enjoy WhatsAPP iPad version or iPod Touch app, then you need to check out Extensify and WhatsPad once.

If you need any further details or knowledge about WhatsAPP, WhatsPad or Extensify, just make a comment by filling your name.

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  1. Trey says:

    Is there a 10 jailbreak yet?

  2. Julia Adams says:

    Please tell me which firmware is the best to install this app on iPad ?

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