BiteSMS Alternative: Download Nuntius for iMessage to iPhone, iPad

Nuntius iOS 11.1.2 brings cool features for iMessage

This is my personal choice to use stock message app of iPhone while communicate via SMS or MMS. But, believe me stock message app doesn’t have much features and only jailbreak tweaks can fulfill the gap.

Yeah, I’m talking about Nuntius Cydia tweak which is new but offers some cool features for iPhone stock message application.

If you’ve used BiteSMS ever, you would get exact idea what I’m telling about. Nuntius is also like BiteSMS and it also brings some key features that iMessage is missing right now.

For some reasons, BiteSMS was taken back and the new version of BiteSMS iOS 9.3 never came to the floor. According to the developer, the developments of BiteSMS Cydia tweak has been stopped.

Anyway, Nuntius can be a great option for BiteSMS and you can still use your message app with Nuntius Cydia tweak to bring missing features.

Mine biggest issue with message app is out dated interface and some customization and details should be there. Nuntius jailbreak app is the ideal for this purpose and it allows me customizing iMessage interface and fully functional stock app for messaging.

There are couple of features I want to outline here after installing Nuntius Cydia app

  1. On stock message app, there isn’t any option available to make sticky message. I mean suppose there is message which is most important, I can’t make it sticky at the top. Nuntius can pin the conversation or the message on the top of all conversations.
  2. There are bunch of messages in my stock app and most of them are unread. There isn’t any option there to make them read without actually open each of those messages. Nuntius tweak can be used to swipe on that message to read or unread that message, which is cool.
  3. You can simply hide any conversation which you don’t want to show to others.
  4. Users can easily switch stock message app with iMessage and message app for SMS.
  5. After installation of Nuntius, now I can see all the message in the inbox rather than just few of the top messages.

There are other bunch of features and customization options so that you can ultimately use stock message app which can be used after Nuntius installation.

If you’re one who wanna download Nuntius tweak on your iPhone or iPad, you can simply look in BigBoss Cydia Source. This app is paid one and to install free version of Nuntius Cydia tweak, you need to make a comment and request us promo code.

Nuntius jailbreak app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch if you’ve customized it for calling and SMS. Oh yeah, iMessage conversations can also be handled with Nuntius.

So, start commenting if you’ve anything to ask…

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