BuddyLock – Cydia Lockscreen Hack

“BuddyLock is a Lock screen replacement hack. With a variety of themes, effects and features, it is the best Lockscreen tweak.”

BuddyLock is developed under BigBoss repo by Jacob Caraballo in tweak section. If you are bored with old and the same lock screen features, then Buddylock is the tweak that allows user to add lock screen themes, apps shortcuts and widgets. It is similar to JellyLock, but with more features and themes.

I love this tweak more than Jellylock, because I can add folder and couple extra apps within it to lock screen. BuddyLock allows user to add up to 6 icons, in which you can add folder too that contains apps. This is how, extra apps. Suppose, I wanna access network apps quickly, then I can add network folder that contains a bunch of network apps with a cute Slide to unlock feature.

BuddyLock features

There are couple of features that are really interesting which you can’t find in any other lockscreen tweak. Take a look at those features…

BuddyLock Slide to Unlock tweak

1 Side Views: When you install this Cydia tweak, it adds left sidebar to quickly access to music playlist, contacts and widgets. User just need to slide your finger left to right.

2 When you will tap on the header area, Buddylock activates header options like Bluetooth, WiFi, Social networking apps etc.

3 Themes: You can access numerous cool themes with Buddylock. It gives a new life to your old lock screen. It changes clock effects, header options, status bar, slide to unlock button and completely customizable lock screen options.

4 Full Control: You have full control on this Cydia tweak. User can easily enable or disable any part of this tweak such as status bar, clock or side views etc. Even you can hide battery charging level too.


We have previously seen many Slide to Unlock and lock screen tweaks, however, Buddylock is really stand out from them. If you like, you can purchase it from BigBoss repo. Its around $0.99 and available on Cydia Store.

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  1. Isaiah says:

    Is it available on iOS 10 without jailbreak or Cydia? I have iPhone 5S and wanna this same tweak in my iOS iOS 10 without jailbreak it
    Is it possible?

  2. Isaiah says:

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  3. Christian says:

    If Steve Jobs see this He Just give a Spit’em.
    H’s looks like MiuI apple copy china
    Cellphone UI? is realy Stupid
    Samsung is better than apple.

  4. Makayla says:

    Just a comment on the article… It lists the swipe to unlock as “right to left” & it’s actually a left to right swipe, as always.

  5. Jacob says:

    I wanna iOS 10 style lock screen tweak, this is not what I was looking for
    I have iPhone 4S runs on ios iOS 10 jailbroken, please give a direct link

  6. Kaitlyn says:

    Isn’t the whole point of a lock screen to prevent others from using your phone and seeing its contents? We’ve reached the point where the screen displays so much personal information that calling it a lock screen is farcical. At least Apple gives users the option of disabling all those features.

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