Top iOS 11.1.2 Camera Tweaks: Burst Mode, Camera Button UI Mod, FrontFlash, QuickShoot Pro, CameraTweak HD

Cydia is full of Camera apps. There are about hundreds of tweaks available to download for jailbreak iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Mini, iPad Air etc.

After a long time, we have picked some apps for fun. Today, its time to showcase Camera tweaks here on These are the best camera apps ever for any jailbreak iOS device, whether it is iPhone 5S, 5C or iPad Air. It must be jailbreak.

6 Camera tweaks

If you have jailbroken iOS device, you can try these tweaks to enhance your multimedia experience using your camera and take unlimited photos and videos.

1 Burst Mode: It is developed by PoomSmart. It is 100% free camera tweak that got significant popularity in past couple of months. Jailbreak users can download it from BigBoss repo source. Default camera app doesn’t have burst mode feature, Burst Mode tweak adds burst mode to that app.

The good news is, it works on iOS 11.1.2 too. The condition is, you must have jailbroken iOS iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad Air etc.

2 QuickShoot Pro: QuickShoot is developed by Flux. Its a paid application that can be found under famous BigBoss repository. It works on iOS 6 and higher. If you have jailbroken iOS 11.1.2 or higher, you can use this tweak on that iDevice too.

Best Camera App

QuickShoot offers a quicky opportunity to capture photos with a lot more features. This jailbreak app adds camera icon on the status bar and provide user a quick option to capture photos or videos. User can easily configure numerous options from settings menu such as flash, HDR and much more.

Search this app on BigBoss repository to download it.

3 FrontFlash: Its a flash Camera Cydia tweak. Front Flash tweak is developed by PoomSmart on the same repository. FrontFlash tweak adds flash to front camera even in iPad. User can configure brightness, flash and other options from setting penal.

camera button ui mod-Cy

4 Camera Button UI Mod: It looks too irritating to tap on settings to configure camera options while capturing photos or videos. Camera button UI mod helps you to get rid of this. It adds translucent grey buttons that provide you options to make your photos perfect.

HD Camera App

5 CameraTweak HD: Its for iPad. This camera tweak works on iPad, iPad Air and iPad Mini. This beautiful jailbreak app made by Samball and hosted under BigBoss repo source. It will cost you $0.99. It has numerous options to configure. Take a look at some features…

  1. Separate focus
  2. Lapse Timer Mode
  3. Burst Mode
  4. Easy Zoom Mode
  5. Fully optimized for HD iPad camera.

6 Grabby: Its a popular and must have camera grabber app. Currently, its free, but anytime developer can put it in a premium zone. Grabby can be found on private repository. You have to Google it. It is developed by Ryan Petrich. Must have tweak that brings a lot of feature with quick camera.


Keep connected and browse more categories and pages for best jailbreak apps ever for each and every equipment. I would love to add more and more iOS 11.1.2 apps and tweaks. If you haven’t jailbreak your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad Air or Mini, just jailbreak them now to enjoy these jailbreak apps.

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  1. G. Schneider says:

    There is a burst option since iPhone 5S. Just hold the camera trigger.

  2. Ron says:

    Quickshoot Pro not support iOS 10

  3. wchp says:

    Just checked in with Cydia and CameraTweak (for iPhone) and CameraTweak HD (for iPad) are still both coming up as “This product is not supported on your IOS version”.
    Is there another repo where a more current version is being hosted that is not in the default list?

  4. Guest says:

    Is there any alternative app available for Quickshoot pro. I need free one for my iPad Mini

  5. tango c says:

    I would like to try these, but without jailbreak

  6. Kyle mile says:

    Your blog is awesome. I love these camera tweaks. How do you find such apps? Most of these tweaks are compatible for iOS 10 too.

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