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Cercube, CCQuick Pro, DissiDent, AutoBrightness, Battivator Cydia Tweaks of the Day for iPhone, iPad

Couple of new tweaks have been released in which CCQuick Pro, Cercube, Battivator, AutoBrightness and Dissident are main and useful Cydia tweaks for iPhone and iPad.

I have noticed slow response from Cydia tweak developers and the main reason should be late jailbreak releases. But today, there are many new updates have been made by various Cydia tweaks developers.

If you’re familiar with Battivator, Dissident, Cercube – YouTube downloader, CCQuick or AutoBrightness Cydia tweaks, you should check the updated version of these jailbreak apps for iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak.

Cercube a brand new Cydia tweak to download YouTube videos has been updated for iOS 11.1.2 support. Yeah, now the users who love YouTube videos can download those videos with Cercube after jailbreaking their iPhone or iPad.

Of course the tweak is paid one and you can install it after purchasing from BigBoss jailbreak repo source. You’d get full featured and powerful YouTube video downloader Cydia tweak.

AutoBrightness and Battivator are dedicated to iPhone performance. Yeah, if you’re facing iPhone battery drain, you can download one of these Cydia tweaks on your iPhone or any iDevice with jailbreak and install to reduce battery consumption and boost battery life.

AutoBrightness or other tweak which is known as Battivator, both the tweak reduce iPhone brightness to the lower or higher level based on preferences and light and reduce the power consumption, thus the battery life would be increased.

Dissident Cydia tweak is also hosted on BigBoss Cydia source which is for. Dissident iOS 11.1.2 tweak allows user to manage background task. The first ever Cydia tweak has been released to manage background task and it’s Dissident.

Now, the remaining Cydia app is, CCQuick Pro. Yeah, this is the most current updated version of the CCQuick tweak. It has been updated with some cool features for iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak.

All of these tweaks can be easily installed from BigBoss repo source. If you’ve any questions or doubts, please leave comments.

Today’s Cydia Tweaks iOS 11.1.2: CCQuick Pro, iCallAnnounce, Status Modifier, Volume Amplifier, CrazyCall for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Mini, Air

Today, there were a lot of apps released in Utility section. CrazyCall, CCQuick Pro, Status Modifier, Volume Amplifier and iCallAnnounce were the best out of them. All these apps are compatible for iOS 9…

So, most of you might have upgraded to iOS 11.1.2 now. All the popular applications getting updated compatible for iOS 11.1.2 including Cydia Substrate, Winterboard, Activator and AppSync iOS 9 as well as all the new tweaks are releasing with the compatible version for iPhone 5S/5C, iPod Touch and iPad Mini, iPad Air etc.

Today, I have picked up top 3 utility apps from the new releases. If you are looking for fun with calling, these are the apps that you can give a try.

1 CrazyCall: Its one kind of Spoof jailbreak app that allows user to change voice and as well as CallerID too. The receiver sees totally different CallerID that is pre selected by you. CrazyCall is completely free tweak, however, your carrier might charge you. Actually, when you change your CallerID, CrazyCall dials a number from another country or international number, so, the rates of internation call might be apply in your case.

BigBoss is the repository from where you can download and install this app. Read full review and process of calling before trying.

2 iCallAnnounce: Its true must have tweak for any iPhone, iPad Air or iPad Mini. iCallAnnounce announce incoming calls and SMS in human voice, so, that you don’t need to see the screen to know who is calling you.

iCallAnnounce also reads SMS title and Text and the sender name along with these details and so, I would recommend that you should try at least once on your iPhone or iPad.

3 Volume Amplifier: Its one of the best app to increase your iPhone or iPad volume by up to 200%. Normally, all the iPhone models and iPad models including iPad Air and iPad Mini have low volume on loud speaker. Volume Amplifier boosts this volume up to 200%.

BigBoss has released this tweak that costs you around $1.99. I would recommend all of you to install this tweak, if you have any issue with low volume. It is created by Hacx.

4 CCQuick Pro: Its a paid jailbreak tweak for $2.99. CCQuick Pro has many features. It is developed by Cunstruck and hosted by BigBoss repo source. Take a look at features…

  • It adds statusbar Gesture
  • It allows user to lock, unlock iDevice
  • CCQuick Pro provides easy access to multitasking feature.
  • CCQuick user can hide or unhide many sections from ControlCenter.

5 Status Modifier: Firemoon777 has created this tiny app that has been hosted by ModMyi repo source. Status Modifier is a free Cydia app. It adds free RAM info and seconds to the default status bar clock. I found it useful specially when I had a lot of tweaks were installed. It allows me to check up free RAM instantly.

Quick note

So, here is the tweaks that you can try for today. Don’t forget to tell us, how do they work on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch via comments or social media.

If you have any request or suggestion, you can contact us.

CCLoader iOS 11.1.2: The Best Cydia Tweak to Customize Control Center

CCLoader iOS 11.1.2: The Best Cydia Tweak to Customize Control Center

Cydia Appstore is full of tweaks that allows user to customize lockscreen, springboard, notification center and control Center. Today, a Cydia tweak which is used to customize control center was released known as CCLoader.

CCLoader is updated that can be installed on iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPod Touch. Jonas Gessner is the guy who developed this wonderful jailbreak hack that can power up your experience when you would use control center.

Control center is full of items such as Brightness control, music settings, quick launch apps and much more. CCLoader simply allows you to rearrange or remove any useless items or separator from control center for free of cost.

CCLoader Similar Apps: CCDock, CCSettings, CCControls, CCQuick Pro, CCBackground

Unlike other paid Cydia tweaks, CCLoader is available for free only on BigBoss source. Just type the name and install instantly on your iPhone.

Once CCLoader installed, you can ready to configure it from settings app. It doesn’t have any icon, so head to and scroll down to CCLoader.

Customize control center as you like and just check the preview instantly. It doesn’t require respring or restart.

If you’re already using CCLoader, share your thoughts on it…

Stratos, StickerMe and StatusBright Cydia Tweak Updated to iOS 11.1.2 for iPhone, iPad

Stratos, StickerMe and StatusBright Cydia Tweak Updated to iOS 11.1.2 for iPhone, iPad. These jailbreak apps are completely free from HYI repo source…

After a long time, I’ve seen couple of new but useful Cydia tweaks in jailbreak store which are StatusBright, StickerMe and Stratos Cydia tweak.

I was quite disappointed with my iPhone battery life and since then I decided to control my iPhone brightness to extend battery life. I have achieved this goal using StatusBright Cydia tweak. Now, I can just swipe over status bar and brightness can be reduced or increased.

StatusBright Cydia tweak is completely free and available on ModMyi repository. StatusBright iOS 11.1.2 is developed by Cl3ment by request of a user.

There was another good tweak was released and that was Stratos iOS 9. I love Stratos Cydia tweak. It brings much needed app switching feature on my Control center page.

Stratos comes with numerous settings and allows full control to the control center. So, it would cost you $1.99. BigBoss was the repo source which has hosted this tweak. Once you have purchased and installed Stratos, you can set your preferred control center page with selected items.

I can bat that Stratos Cydia tweak is the best comparing to other control center tweaks such as CCControls, CCSettings and CCLoader. I recommend this tweak for all power users.

I’ve something new for social addicted users. Yeah, for the users who are addicted to Facebook, there is a tweak called StickerMe that brings quick Facebook updates to Message app.

It updates you with the all breaking activity on the sticker at Message app. This is exclusive Cydia tweak for all Facebook lovers.

So, I hope you have enjoyed StickerMe, StatusBright and Stratos Cydia tweak and would love to purchase it or if you don’t wanna purchase, leave your comment and I would show you the way to get it free.