CCSettings Cydia Tweak: One of the Best Control Center Tweak

CCSettings iOS 11.1.2 is compatible with the latest jailbreak…

The most current jailbreak is just released and many useful Cydia tweaks have been updated to this jailbreak. CCSettings is also one of those jailbreak apps that were lucky to get update.

If you’re looking for best control center tweaks, you don’t want to miss this tweak as its free, useful and have all the basic controls to configure your control center.

CCSettings tweak brings custom toggles that is impossible to add some other way. So, it would be the best option available for you if you wanna some custom toggles such as GPS, Mobile Data settings turn on or off and such other toggles.

If you know, you’re getting some default toggles on your control center such as Do not disturb, Wi-Fi, Airplane Mode, Bluetooth and other. In daily usage, I never use Bluetooth so it’s useless toggle for me and covers main part of my control center. I can add mobile data or other toggles such as location service instead of that using CCSettings Cydia tweak.

This way, CCSettings does some incredible jobs that other tweaks can’t do. You can add more than five toggles on your control center. So, if you’ve added more than five toggles, you can swipe left or right to access those toggles easily.

CCSettings repo is BigBoss and can be installed completely free from that repo source. You won’t need to add any repo source to get it free. Just search this tweak on App Store from where you can install it completely free.

I’ve attached screenshot of CCSettings below that looks amazing:


You comment would do two things. I would get motivation from your comment and other thing that your comment can edit or improve this article. So, please share anything that can help users to understand CCSettings better.

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300+ Cydia Tweaks, Jailbreak Apps for iPad, iPhone [Compatibility List for iOS 11/iOS 11.1.2 ]

If you’ve jailbroken your iPad Mini, iPad Air or iPhone, you’d wanna install many good iOS 11 jailbreak tweaks.

Since iOS 11 jailbreak has been released, many Cydia tweaks have been updated and thus, it’s hard to choose the best working jailbreak apps for your iPhone and iPad.

To make everything smooth and easy, I tried hard and prepared a list of Cydia apps which are compatible and working with jailbreak for iOS 11.

Now suppose, there is any tweak that’s not working on your iPhone or iPad with jailbreak 11, you can report it via comments. But make sure that you’ve jailbroken your iPhone or iPad properly, because without jailbreak, these tweaks don’t work.

Take a look…

  1. Andrios
  2. AFVideo
  3. UniFaces
  4. AnyRing
  5. Acapella II
  6. Uniformity
  7. AppButton
  8. PowerTap
  9. AutoBrightness
  10. Arise 2
  11. ABCopyTXT
  12. AccountLabels
  13. BatteryUsageEnhancer
  14. UnlimTones
  15. Asphaleia
  16. AlarmVolume
  17. Protean
  18. Automa
  19. betterShutdown
  20. AdvancedSettings8
  21. AutoRotateVideos
  22. UnlockSound8
  23. BytaFont 2 or BytaFont 3
  24. Auxo 3
  25. AlienBlue++
  26. PreferenceLoader
  27. Auxo Legacy
  28. Apex 2
  29. CCControls
  30. BatteryStatusBar
  31. Upscale
  32. Alkaline
  33. Bigify
  34. Almpoum
  35. CCSettings
  36. BlueBoard
  37. QuickActivator
  38. Apple File Conduit “2”
  39. Boover
  40. VirtualHome
  41. ClearLockNotifications
  42. Boxy 2
  43. AndroidLock XT
  44. AppList
  45. Bolt
  46. Remove Badges
  47. vWallpaper2
  48. Boxy
  49. ColorBanners
  50. AppSync Unified
  51. Callbar
  52. AutoTouch
  53. RoundDock
  54. CallConnect
  55. Convos
  56. WatchNotifications
  57. Cercube
  58. Assistant+
  59. BatteryLife
  60. ClassicSwitcher
  61. Copic
  62. ASUpdateHider
  63. ClassicFolders
  64. WhatsApp++
  65. RoundScreenCorners
  66. CCHide
  67. BerryC8
  68. Csources2
  69. ColorY0urBoard8
  70. Barrel
  71. WhatsAppCustomizer
  72. Couria
  73. betterFiveColumnHomescreen
  74. Cylinder
  75. Convergence
  76. Safari Downloader+
  77. BetterNC7
  78. Cydget
  79. Whoozit Pro
  80. DetailedBatteryUsage
  81. Columba
  82. betterFiveIconDock
  83. BetterPowerDown
  84. Codling
  85. SaveGram
  86. Eclipse 2
  87. Forecast
  88. Eclipse
  89. FolderEnhancer
  90. WiCarrier
  91. BetterFourByFourFolders
  92. Dissident
  93. Bridge
  94. Epicenter
  95. BetterWifi7
  96. f.lux Flipswitch
  97. SleekCode
  98. WiFi Explorer
  99. ExKeyboard
  100. Dimmer
  101. BIM
  102. CacheClearer
  103. Bloard
  104. Grabby
  105. Filza File Manager
  106. Snooscreens
  107. WiFi Explorer
  108. GroovyLock
  109. CC Deseparator
  110. CCMeters
  111. FlipControlCenter
  112. Harbor
  113. CCBackground
  114. HomescreenDesigner
  115. Spin
  116. Wink
  117. FlipLaunch
  118. HUDSpeed
  119. CCSliders
  120. CircleIcons
  121. InfiniDock
  122. ClassicDock
  123. MusicMod
  124. Vine++
  125. FlipSwitch
  126. IntelliScreenX
  127. VPNOnly
  128. WinterBoard
  129. iRelease
  130. Speed Intensifier
  131. Kodi
  132. Watusi
  133. Censio
  134. iTouchSecure
  135. HiddenConvos Pro
  136. Cloaky
  137. ColorBadges
  138. WeatherBadge
  139. IntelliScreenX9
  140. YouTube++
  141. HideMe8
  142. NoBlur
  143. LastApp
  144. StatusModifier
  145. LockInfo8
  146. ColorFlow 2
  147. HideMe
  148. MobileTerminal
  149. CyDelete8
  150. Animate
  151. CrashReporter
  152. mSpy
  153. HotDog
  154. NoCarrier
  155. Sticky
  156. LockInfo9
  157. DataMeter
  158. iWidgets
  159. Beacon 2
  160. VideoPane
  161. DeleteForever
  162. LegacySwitcher
  163. Dim
  164. MyWi
  165. NoMotion
  166. BetterLS
  167. Mikoto
  168. MultiIconMover
  169. Superslam
  170. NCMeters
  171. DockShift
  172. DietBar
  173. Multiplexer
  174. Mobius
  175. BioLockdown
  176. MTerminal
  177. F.lux
  178. Notate
  179. NetworkList+
  180. Moveable
  181. SwipeExpander
  182. Nitrous
  183. Flex 2
  184. SpotlightBeGone
  185. BootLogoCustomizer
  186. NoAppSetting
  187. NightMode8
  188. Facebook++
  189. NoSlowAnimations
  190. Flurry
  191. Swipeformore
  192. OneTapClear
  193. Zeppelin
  194. NightMode
  195. BounceNotify8
  196. Pandora Downloader
  197. NoUpdateAll
  198. Faces
  199. PebbleSiri
  200. YouTubed
  201. NightMode9
  202. Forcy
  203. PhotosLive
  204. OnlineNotify
  205. BTStack
  206. Flex
  207. Polus
  208. NudeKeys
  209. SwipeSelection
  210. Perpetual
  211. Flyer
  212. Fuse
  213. PhotoInfo
  214. Photo Organizer
  215. OpenSSH
  216. PreferenceOrganizer
  217. CustomLS
  218. Remote Messages
  219. ReplaceBlurs
  220. Hide Labels
  221. Tabless
  222. RePower
  223. GlowBadge
  224. PkgBackup
  225. Poof
  226. Aria 2
  227. Orangered
  228. Retroarch
  229. ExKey
  230. ResetAllKiller
  231. SafeTexting
  232. iAdministrator
  233. TagExplorer
  234. SelectiveReading
  235. AudioRecorder2
  236. iCaughtU Pro
  237. Sleeper
  238. Shou
  239. Icon Renamer
  240. Sicarius
  241. HiddenSettings7
  242. Package Update Notifier
  243. SimpleNC
  244. TetherMe
  245. Simi
  246. iCleaner
  247. SlideForUsage
  248. PDANet
  249. IfFound
  250. Slices
  251. IDBox
  252. StatusVol
  253. Smartwatch+
  254. TimePasscode Pro
  255. InfiniBoard
  256. SpaceText
  257. iFile
  258. TypeTab
  259. Sol
  260. JellyLock Unified
  261. PhoneCaller
  262. Activator
  263. Sorta
  264. Untethered Hey Siri
  265. TinyBar
  266. IPA Installer
  267. StealthCam
  268. PhotoSize
  269. WhatsPad
  270. Springtomize
  271. Anchor
  272. LocationFaker8
  273. SwipeForMore
  274. iKeyWi8
  275. WiPi
  276. SubtleLock
  277. ToneEnabler
  278. InfiniFolders
  279. Tage
  280. Anemone
  281. xModGames
  282. TapTapFolder
  283. Power Saver Mode
  284. MagicBadges
  285. Transference
  286. Instagram++
  287. YouTube Essentials
  288. Rubik
  289. TapTapFlip
  290. Mousai
  291. TransparentDock
  292. SwitchSpring
  293. Xcon
  294. PowerApp
  295. Springtomize3
  296. Protube Download Enabler
  297. KeyShortcut Pro
  298. TransparentVolume
  299. 3G Unrestrictor 5
  300. UIColors
  301. Universalforce
  302. Sectional
  303. LockGlyph
  304. ADKeys
  305. TranslucentCydia
  306. NCAllOnly
  307. Seng
  308. TypeStatus
  309. Lithium
  310. Alarmy
  311. Springtomize4
  312. Twitter++
  313. Minimal HUD
  314. Vertex
  315. RASBerry
  316. AltKeyboard2
  317. DissmissMyKeyboard

So, these are almost more than 300+ Cydia tweaks which are working just fine after updating PreferenceLoader and AppSync Cydia tweaks.

Jailbreak Update

iOS 11.0.1: We got a new about Luca who is working on iOS 11.0.1 jailbreak and you may soon jailbreak iPhone, iPad and iPhone X too using Yalu jailbreak. Untethered tool may be late and even come to iOS 11.0.2, iOS 11.0.3 or for iOS 11.1.

iOS 11.1: iPhone X is the device for which Apple is preparing the next major software update. Apple started the test with iOS 11.1.2 beta software update for developers and public testers.

Don’t forget to update Cydia Substrate to the latest version, if you’re getting Cydia not working error. And please report when Cydia won’t install one of these tweaks.

Don’t forget to comment if any Cydia apps not working on your iPhone or iPad.

Keek Cydia Tweak: Review Recent Apps on Control Center

Keek iPhone jailbreak tweak brings recent apps to Control Center

There are really good Control Center Cydia tweaks and we recently discovered Keek, which is also the master one. Before Keek Cydia app, we’ve discovered CCMore, Stratos and CCControls which are also in the top list of Cydia apps.

Stratos Cydia tweak brings live app switcher within control center, the same way Keek brings recent apps to control center. Quick launch of most recently used apps was never been so easy.

In simple words, suppose you wanna access iPhone app that you’ve used recently (Up to 4), you need to swipe up control center and the app that you wanna use, would be listed there. Keek comes with several settings and features to configure.

What does Keek actually bring is, it adds a row to the control center at bottom. This additional row of icons can be found at the bottom of control center which can be accessed to view and use recently used apps within control center. Remember that the whole app can be used within CC without exiting from existing app.

Suppose, you’re working on MicroSoft Word and you wanna access calculator, you can simply swipe up and use your recently used calculator again on the same screen without closing Microsoft word.

It means, you just need to tap a icon from that additional row that has been added by Keek Cydia tweak. User can swipe right or left to access more recent apps. One more thing, you can either use any app on the same screen or on a whole new full screen mode using Keek Cydia tweak. There have been buttons separately given to access it.

You’ve few options out there on Settings app. You can enable or disable the Keek tweak. The recent app numbers can be increased or decreased using settings pane. The users who wanna do multitasking on the same screen, should definitely install Keek Cydia tweak. User can resize app icon of the Control Center.


Once you installed Keek app and enabled it, the additional row would be added to the control center. The settings also has option to configure “Stretch Center”. While enable Stretch feature, you’d be able to use it while accessing app from Control Center.

I found that the developer has taken a great care of privacy by making Keek Cydia tweak. You can use the features of Keek Cydia tweak from HomeScreen and or any app. Suppose, you’re on the lockscreen and swipe up to access control center, Keek won’t be there.

Keek iPhone app can be installed from BigBoss repo for $1.99. So, to download Keek Cydia tweak, go to BigBoss source and type Keek as keyword.

Don’t forget to mention how do you like Keek tweak.

Top 3 iPhone Control Center Cydia Tweaks: CCMore, CCControls, CCSettings, CCQuick

CCMore, CCControls, CCQuick and CCSettings are a few best Control Center Cydia tweaks for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Mini and of course for iPad Air.

Yeah, today I’m gonna talk about control center tweaks. I got a lot of requests about sharing top notch Cydia apps specially for iPhone Control Center and here it is.

Remember, these tweaks are not end of the list of control center apps, but there are a bunch of Cydia apps for that, but I’ve found these as the best options available for control center.


If you wanna expand your control center with more features, you can go for CCMore Cydia tweak. This tweak is amazing as it works with swipe and users can use quick launch apps within control center without quit from any active app of the screen.

Once it installed, you’re ready to chose what is best for you. You’ve option to choose default control center app from Calculator, Timer, Notes, Camera and last used app. Yeah, if you use calculator most, you can set it default control center and the next time it would be pop up as control center and you don’t need to quite your current app to access calculator.

Suppose, you don’t wanna set it default, you can swipe left to access same calculator, timer, camera or notes at the same method. Further more, CCMore allows user to put Notes app as fifth app icon to the quick launch icons at the bottom of control center.

It costs $1.99 and available on BigBoss repo.


CCControls Cydia tweak comes with couple of cool control center icon themes which can be applied without respiring your iPhone. Yeah, you can choose which item should be on Control center along with completely customization quick launch section.

Furthermore, user can change control center icons using CCControls settings. This is how, CCControls tweak is also very good and available for latest firmware for iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone.


I don’t like to double tap Home button to close existing apps from background. I don’t like it even my son can’t double tap on Home button to exit from multiple opened background apps at once. Thanks to CCQuick Cydia tweak.

Really, CCQuick app is one of the best Control center Cydia tweak available on jailbreak AppStore. CCQuick tweak adds up to 4 more icons to quick launch icons at the bottom of Control center where one app icon allows user to close all the active open apps from control center.


I love to access couple of most useful features such as Reboot, Respring, Volume Control and much more. CCSettings offers these options to me easily.

However, CCControls has better options for this such as you can change app icons too, but you can use both of these tweaks at the same time.

CCSettings Cydia tweak also available on BigBoss repo. You can purchase it access your favorite quick launch features using CCSettings.

I hope, you’ve enjoyed these tweaks. Don’t forget to share your thoughts on these tweaks…

Today’s Apps: Background Manager, CCSettings, CCToggles, BigiFy, ControlTask and NCAllOnly

Today, CCSetings, ControlTask, CCToggles, BigiFy, Background Manager and NCAllOnly were the top and useful tweaks of the day.

There were a lot of new jailbreak tweaks in Cydia app store from BigBoss repo source, but I have to choose best out of best tweaks for you. I took serious care to pick iOS 11.1.2 compatible apps for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Air, iPad Mini.

BigBoss was the repository that delivered numerous hacks today in the tweak section and ZodTTD was on number one for iOS 11.1.2 themes. Above listed all tweaks have picked up from BigBoss.

Take a look at them…



1 CCSettings: It is developed by Plipala and hosted under BigBoss repo. Its a free Control center tweak that adds numerous controls on your iOS 11.1.2 or higher firmware. CCSettings is the best alternative to SBSettings.

2 CCToggles: Its a best alternative for Activator that create iOS 11.1.2 toggles and shortcuts to quick launch applications. CCToggles developed by deVbug. It can be found under BigBoss repository. Its a free tweak that does everything what iOS 11.1.2 Activator does. CCToggles works best with FlipSwitch. I would personally recommend to use FlipSwitch with CCToggles. Furthermore, it works on iPhone, iPod Touch and even in iPad Air, iPad Mini and all former iPads.



3 BigiFy: Do you need bigger icons on your iPhone or iPad Air? If yes, BigiFy is for you. This jailbreak tweak increases the size of icons. Its completely free app that is developed by J.Corbett & J.Einbinder and hosted under BigBoss repository. There is a paid version BigiFy that has much more control and features. BigiFy is fully compatible for iOS 11.1.2 iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Mini, Air etc. It can make icons bigger, smaller and even rotate it. BigiFy is fully customizable app that can be customized.

Background Manager

Background Manager

4 Background Manager: Its a paid tweak that is developed by deVbug. This Cydia app is fully built for multitasking feature. Background Manager is much better multitasking jailbreak tweak than built in multitasking feature in iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. You can purchase it at $0.99 from BigBoss repository.

5 ControlTask: Its another multitasking Cydia app. Ethan Arbuckle is the developer. If you don’t wanna purchase Background Manager, use ControlTask. Its free and fully compatible for iOS 9. App switch and closing will be quicker than ever before.

6 NCAllOnly: Its a tiny Cydia hack that removes Today and Missed taps from notification center. It is developed by Jonathan Bailey and hosted as free under BigBoss repo source.


I would recommend you all to subscribe free email notification for the daily best apps and tweaks. There are a lot more iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Air, Mini tweaks remaining to come out.

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CCLoader iOS 11.1.2: The Best Cydia Tweak to Customize Control Center

CCLoader iOS 11.1.2: The Best Cydia Tweak to Customize Control Center

Cydia Appstore is full of tweaks that allows user to customize lockscreen, springboard, notification center and control Center. Today, a Cydia tweak which is used to customize control center was released known as CCLoader.

CCLoader is updated that can be installed on iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPod Touch. Jonas Gessner is the guy who developed this wonderful jailbreak hack that can power up your experience when you would use control center.

Control center is full of items such as Brightness control, music settings, quick launch apps and much more. CCLoader simply allows you to rearrange or remove any useless items or separator from control center for free of cost.

CCLoader Similar Apps: CCDock, CCSettings, CCControls, CCQuick Pro, CCBackground

Unlike other paid Cydia tweaks, CCLoader is available for free only on BigBoss source. Just type the name and install instantly on your iPhone.

Once CCLoader installed, you can ready to configure it from settings app. It doesn’t have any icon, so head to and scroll down to CCLoader.

Customize control center as you like and just check the preview instantly. It doesn’t require respring or restart.

If you’re already using CCLoader, share your thoughts on it…

Stratos, StickerMe and StatusBright Cydia Tweak Updated to iOS 11.1.2 for iPhone, iPad

Stratos, StickerMe and StatusBright Cydia Tweak Updated to iOS 11.1.2 for iPhone, iPad. These jailbreak apps are completely free from HYI repo source…

After a long time, I’ve seen couple of new but useful Cydia tweaks in jailbreak store which are StatusBright, StickerMe and Stratos Cydia tweak.

I was quite disappointed with my iPhone battery life and since then I decided to control my iPhone brightness to extend battery life. I have achieved this goal using StatusBright Cydia tweak. Now, I can just swipe over status bar and brightness can be reduced or increased.

StatusBright Cydia tweak is completely free and available on ModMyi repository. StatusBright iOS 11.1.2 is developed by Cl3ment by request of a user.

There was another good tweak was released and that was Stratos iOS 9. I love Stratos Cydia tweak. It brings much needed app switching feature on my Control center page.

Stratos comes with numerous settings and allows full control to the control center. So, it would cost you $1.99. BigBoss was the repo source which has hosted this tweak. Once you have purchased and installed Stratos, you can set your preferred control center page with selected items.

I can bat that Stratos Cydia tweak is the best comparing to other control center tweaks such as CCControls, CCSettings and CCLoader. I recommend this tweak for all power users.

I’ve something new for social addicted users. Yeah, for the users who are addicted to Facebook, there is a tweak called StickerMe that brings quick Facebook updates to Message app.

It updates you with the all breaking activity on the sticker at Message app. This is exclusive Cydia tweak for all Facebook lovers.

So, I hope you have enjoyed StickerMe, StatusBright and Stratos Cydia tweak and would love to purchase it or if you don’t wanna purchase, leave your comment and I would show you the way to get it free.