Today’s Apps: Background Manager, CCSettings, CCToggles, BigiFy, ControlTask and NCAllOnly

Today, CCSetings, ControlTask, CCToggles, BigiFy, Background Manager and NCAllOnly were the top and useful tweaks of the day.

There were a lot of new jailbreak tweaks in Cydia app store from BigBoss repo source, but I have to choose best out of best tweaks for you. I took serious care to pick iOS 11.1.2 compatible apps for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Air, iPad Mini.

BigBoss was the repository that delivered numerous hacks today in the tweak section and ZodTTD was on number one for iOS 11.1.2 themes. Above listed all tweaks have picked up from BigBoss.

Take a look at them…



1 CCSettings: It is developed by Plipala and hosted under BigBoss repo. Its a free Control center tweak that adds numerous controls on your iOS 11.1.2 or higher firmware. CCSettings is the best alternative to SBSettings.

2 CCToggles: Its a best alternative for Activator that create iOS 11.1.2 toggles and shortcuts to quick launch applications. CCToggles developed by deVbug. It can be found under BigBoss repository. Its a free tweak that does everything what iOS 11.1.2 Activator does. CCToggles works best with FlipSwitch. I would personally recommend to use FlipSwitch with CCToggles. Furthermore, it works on iPhone, iPod Touch and even in iPad Air, iPad Mini and all former iPads.



3 BigiFy: Do you need bigger icons on your iPhone or iPad Air? If yes, BigiFy is for you. This jailbreak tweak increases the size of icons. Its completely free app that is developed by J.Corbett & J.Einbinder and hosted under BigBoss repository. There is a paid version BigiFy that has much more control and features. BigiFy is fully compatible for iOS 11.1.2 iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Mini, Air etc. It can make icons bigger, smaller and even rotate it. BigiFy is fully customizable app that can be customized.

Background Manager

Background Manager

4 Background Manager: Its a paid tweak that is developed by deVbug. This Cydia app is fully built for multitasking feature. Background Manager is much better multitasking jailbreak tweak than built in multitasking feature in iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. You can purchase it at $0.99 from BigBoss repository.

5 ControlTask: Its another multitasking Cydia app. Ethan Arbuckle is the developer. If you don’t wanna purchase Background Manager, use ControlTask. Its free and fully compatible for iOS 9. App switch and closing will be quicker than ever before.

6 NCAllOnly: Its a tiny Cydia hack that removes Today and Missed taps from notification center. It is developed by Jonathan Bailey and hosted as free under BigBoss repo source.


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  1. Nikki Smith says:

    as of today 11/30/14 cctoggles does not work with ios 8.1

  2. Endrias says:

    Bigify ios8.1 in iphone 4s and iphone 5 not work. update your information i tried ios 10 is ok

  3. james says:

    we are waiting for cctoggles

  4. mike says:

    cctoggles doesnt work on ios 8.1

  5. Guest says:

    thanks for sharing these jailbreak apps

  6. ben says:

    BigiFy is the app i was searching for my iPad Mini 2. It can increase the size of your apps. Now apps are looking clear on iPad Mini 2 8.1

  7. tony says:

    I like CCSettings and CCToggles. They are working smoothly on iOS 10 firmware

  8. parul says:

    Can someone provide me full list of compatible evasi0n7 jailbreak apps for iOS 9?
    I’ve iPhone 5S on 8.1

  9. iPad Air Genius says:

    ControlTask works on iOS 10 and its really amazing and must have multitasking Cydia tweak

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