Click2Kill, Aria, SwitcherFX and BerryC8 Cydia Tweaks Available for iOS 9

Click2Kill, Aria, SwitcherFX and BerryC8 Cydia Tweaks Available for iOS 9

Today was the great day for jailbreak users. There was couple cydia tweaks were released which were really awesome and useful.

Aria, BerryC8, SwitcherFX and Click2kill were the apps which released their updates to iOS 9. All the tweaks are compatible for iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPhone. You can use them on iPod Touch too.

Click2Kill: I love Click2Kill to close all running apps instant after use. Think about that you have finished your work on your iPad or iPhone and still there are numerous apps are running in the background, you can press a single button or Activator toggle to close all running apps instantly.

The author of “Click Tools” has released an update to iOS 11.1.2 today in BigBoss repository. Its free, you can try it on your iPhone or iPad.

Aria iOS 9: This is one of the best Music Cydia tweaks for iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPod Touch. BigBoss repo source has hosted this awesome tweak on their repository store. The tweak would cost you $1.99 but once you installed it, Aria would allow you to use great features such as queue, grid views and much more. One of the best Cydia tweak for music lovers.

SwitcherFX: This is a new Cydia tweak that has been hosted on BigBoss, a popular Cydia repository. SwitcherFX is free currently, so install and use without paying anything. Mr. Smith is the author of SwitcherFX and they have released the second update to iOS 9

There has been several settings come with SwitcherFX Cydia tweak. You can enable blur effects or hide labels from apps. One of the free solution for Stock Switcher application.

BerryC8 iOS 9: You can add apps and tweaks to the lock screen which can be access directly from lockscreen page. I would say, I love BerryC8 Cydia tweak for such a nice feature.

Without any app icon, BerryC8 offers numerous settings that allows you to add or remove apps or Cydia tweaks to the lockscreen for quick access.

If you have installed any of above tweaks, share your thoughts with us…

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  1. Ben Parker says:

    BerryC8 is really a wonderful Cydia tweak

  2. Bryan Laramore says:

    So I downloaded a tweak to allow my iPad mini to make phone calls and it went into safe mode so I uninstalled it and my imessage disappeared. Can someone please help me?

    • Ben Parker says:

      Are you still in safe mode? Remember that in safe mode some of the apps won’t work. If you’re still in safe mode then exit from it
      By the way which was the tweak it was?

      • Bryan Laramore says:

        No im not still in safe mode and I think the tweak was telepad

        • Ben Parker says:

          TelePad Cydia tweak converts iPad or iPod into iPhone. I mean it would allow you to call using your iPad.
          Have you old version of iPad and telepad?
          The latest version is TelePad 2 iOS 9

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