Top 10 Cydia Hacks iOS 11.1.2 for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Cydia Hacks give you more control on your iOS. We have listed top tweaks, game and WiFi hacks for iOS 11.1.2 and 7.1 compatible for iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone…

There are thousands upon thousands hacks and tweaks on Cydia app store. Recently, we have published top 15 Cydia Tweaks on our blog that got wonderful response. You can get full control on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch using WiFi hack, game hack and other customization hack out there.

So there are many things to be hack, but before that you make sure that you have jailbroken your iPhone to use all these tweaks. Without jailbreaking, you will not able to download and install them. Use EvasiOn to jailbreak iOS 6+ andĀ iJailbreakPro to jailbreak iOS 9. One more thing, don’t forget to install Cydia during jailbreaking your iPhone, iPod or iPad.

WiFi Cydia Hacks

Top Cydia Tweaks and Hacks

Here we hands on some of the best hacks and tweaks that can allow you to do whatever you want such as Wi-Fi, game and apps modifications. So, if we have missed anything, just let us know using comments and we will feel more than happy to add them here.

1 Theme: We all are familiar with Apple’s default theme and layout. Many of us want new one or just inject a few features to it. Cydia has many hacks and tweaks that allow you to customize and add more features to your iPhone, iPad. Winterboard and Dreamboard work good to customize your iOS layout.

Winterboard allows you to change your theme, icons and lockscreen and add more features to your dashboard. This hack works for them who want just more than default theme and layout.

2 SMS & Messaging: This is second stuff, we can’t use iPhone, iPod or iPad without. Default messaging app is too boring and many techno friendly users don’t wanna see that. There is a Cydia hack “SBSettings” that can change your opinion towards SMSing. The good part of SBSettings is, this hack adds couple of very interesting features. You can access inbox, new SMS, reply and other messaging related features within a seconds.

3 WiFi Hack: This is one of the most requested hacks. Many users wanna use free WiFi. If you are also looking for good WiFi Cydia hack, then read this carefully. iWeb Pro is the best iPhone Wi-Fi hacking tool which can found on Cydia easily. It easily hack Wi-Fi and allows you to use it at free of cost. If you are not aware of iWeb Pro, then search on Google about iWeb Pro. To install this WiFi hack follow below steps.

  • First of all, you will need to add iWazowski WiFi Cydia repo source. So tap on Manage, then Sources, then tap “Edit” and Click on Add. Fill
  • Now search “iWeb Pro” in Cydia to find this free hack. Tap on iWeb Pro and install it.
  • Don’t forget to install relative dictionaries from Network category from 2005 to 2010.

4 Game Hack: xSellize is the best Cydia game hack. You will find a variety of paid games at free of cost from xSellize repo. I noticed one thing there that we never feel borred. Hours can be passed like minutes, if you are searching games in this repo. A few best hacks available in xSellize. If you were looking for game hack, then you should explore it once.

5 3G Hack: If you are frequent user of 3G internet, then you are aware of that couple of apps don’t work with 3G and they require Wi-Fi access instead of 3G internet access. In those case, 3G Unrestrictor can be useful to you. 3G Unrestrictor converts your 3G internet into Wi-Fi. It means all apps that require WiFi access, they work with 3G internet. You can easily download it from Cydia store. However, you will need to pay a few dollars to purchase it.

From Editor’s Desk

The biggest hack is Jailbreaking. If you jailbroken your iOS, you can do everything using Cydia. It may be possible that I have missed a lot of Hacks in above list. I just hands on a few of top hacks and listed above.

If you think that I am missing something, Please let me know and I will try to hands on and list them here. One more thing, if you are using iOS 9, then you can jailbreak your iOS using iJailbreakPro.

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  1. Clash trainer says:

    How to hack clash of clans ? Please make Video some peuple have aproblen to hack clash of klans

  2. Navy says:

    I just want to..uninstall can i do it

    • Atlas says:

      If you made a back up on your computer just boot the back up not your device if you didn’t and your desperate you can restore it to factory settings

  3. Don't online says:

    How the heck do you download the app

  4. johal says:

    i am hack in hay day with 9. 1(all unlimted)

  5. I think the developers have updated their Cydia hacks for iOS 10 and now it can be installed without jailbreak using Extensify. You can test drive those extensions and Cydia tweaks without jailbreak, you just need to fill your email address and forget about it. If you’re selected, the developers would contact your to install their Cydia hacks without jailbreak.

  6. Jojo says:

    Is clash of clans possible to hack with ios 8

    • jamie says:

      Can you still hack game of war on iPad running ios 7?

    • Blaze says:

      Clash of Clans is impossible to hack due to its ”online format” which means that the game is running live on a server, making it impossible to hack, don’t fall for any ”Clash Of Clans hack Free Download” videos, as for they are nothing but a virus (malware, adware, trojan, etc.)
      Hope This helps,

  7. Dehestani Esmail says:

    How restart an iPad with jailbreak ?ihave shot cydia and iPad not start.

  8. Kyle says:

    How do I hack brave frontier

  9. jotavitor says:

    is there a gameplayer alternative for ios 8.1

  10. JOKER says:

    Plz anybody knows a source that can hack the coins of the apps like instagram likes or followers??

    • Kagame says:

      You can’t hack those apps because that data isn’t from your phone, it’s stored on a server. I mea, yes, you could hack into the server, but an international felony isn’t worth a few more followers on Instagram.

    • Ben Tomasko says:

      Cydia is the default app that you get when you jailbreak Your iOS device. It enables you to download the many themes tweaks utilitys and tools that you need to get the best look and the coolest features out of your iOS device.
      -Ben Tomasko
      11:29 PM

  11. Mo says:

    The wifi hack aint working like iweb pro aint coming help me im homeless šŸ™

  12. PearlOrc30 says:

    Does anyone know a cydia tweak for hacked saved files? I wanna do it to my Injustice but don’t know what the tweak is called, thanks

  13. Mohammad5522 says:

    If don’t found iWeb pro type iwep pro

  14. jkvbdj says:

    I would like to hacve it the version10.1

  15. jkvbdj says:

    when did u thing the cydia app is coming out for the version10.1

  16. James Payne says:

    try alternatives

  17. Kyle Lynch says:

    how come when i put in the repo for iWeb Pro it doesnt work ?

  18. Jeremiah Genesse says:

    what about hacks for the Best games to have more gems or coins

    • Jake says:

      I would love if you will share some Best game hacks for iOS 10 iPad air and iPhone

    • Ben Tomasko says:

      You need to get Iapcrazy it is an in app purchase hack and let’s you get everything for free, but it doesn’t work if the app has something where you can play with friends because that would be internet dependant such as MADDEN MOBIL. Only apps like hill climb racing will this hack work.

      • omi says:

        What about games such as pimd, game of war, clash of clans ect. Is thr a cydia tweak for in purchase for those types of games?

  19. Michael Edward says:

    Iweb pro free is available on bite your apple and hack your iPhone repo
    iPad Mini, iPhone, iPad Air

  20. Kalum says:

    iWeb pro isn’t in cydia
    And yes I’ve added the source

  21. Ben says:

    Is there something that can trick an app to thinking im online but not

  22. Ally says:

    I can’t find sbsettings in cydia.
    iPad Mini 2, iPad Air

  23. Dan says:

    I’m currently waiting on 8.1 for a jailbreak is it safe to update to ios10.1 as I heard there will be a jailbreak available for that soon
    I would love to get best cydia hacks for iOS 9.1

  24. Peter451 says:

    iPad Air, iPad Mini 2
    Yes, I do. I love how I can make some subtle changes to the UI. I also find certain hacks very practical such as SwipeSelection. With ios 8.1, there’ll be lesser tweaks I would need (since ios iOS 10 has them already) but I still want that freedom of control over my idevice
    iPhone 5C iOS 9.1
    Best Cydia hacks 2015

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