Top 5 Best LockScreen Tweaks for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Air, Mini

We have sorted out the best lockscreen tweaks. It will give you iOS 8.1.2 style lock screen on your 7.1 or later and of course redesigned on iOS 8.1.2 too. Just imagine how beautiful it is!

Many of us jailbreak our iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch specially to get highly customized options. Apple doesn’t offer deep customize features even it doesn’t allow us to do so. However, Cydia has opened all the doors for fully customization.

Jailbreak allow us to modify theme, icon sets, toggle bar icons and lockscreen effects. We have seen best of the best hacks out there on Cydia app store. Today we have sorted out top 5 best Cydia Tweaks for lockscreen.

Best Lock Screen Tweaks

If you are looking to change lock screen effects for your iOS 6.1.3 or later firmware, then these hacks will change your normal lockscreen into iOS 8.1.2 style lock screen effects.

1 Ayra: It is one of the best iOS 8.1.2 style lockscreen Cydia tweaks. It gives quick access to most of the toggles and notification center. It also converts iOS 6 lock screen unlock button into iOS 8.1.2 style slide to unlock animated text.

2 LockInfo: It is another iOS 8.1.2 style lockscreen tweak that adds animation effect to lockscreen slider. It allows a quick access to notification center and adds numerous important apps on the home screen. LockInfo is not a free tweak. If you like, you can buy it from Modmyi repo at around $7.99

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3 AndroidLock XT: Do you like android lock screen unlock feature? AndroidLock XT offers same feature in your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. You can create a puzzle to unlock your iOS device. It is one of the best feature to secure unauthorized access to your phone. However, it is premium app that you can buy from Cydia app store at around $1.49. Modmyi is the source where you can find it.

4 LabelSlider: Do you wanna see your own name instead of “Slide to Unlock” text? Yeah, LabelSlider is a Cydia tweak that allows to add your own name or any text to unlock slider in form of animation text. Don’t worry, its free.

5 Move2Unlock: If you are bored with the same “Slide to Unlock” button and text, then its time to change your choice. Move2Unlock provides option to unlock your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch in a unique way. Just move your screen at any way and your lockscreen will be unlocked. A must have Cydia tweak. You can purchased it from BigBoss repo at around $1.00

From Editor’s Desk

All these tweaks can be installed only on jailbroken iDevice. If you haven’t jailbroken yet, you can use EvasiOn to jailbreak your iOS 6.1.3, 8.1, 7.1.x or later.

There are many lockscreen tweaks out there and most of them are free. If you are using such interesting app, then let us know. Leave your comments in a quick paragraph.

  • Alex Xavier

    This iOS lock screen can be the first thing you observe if you turn on a great iOS Unit, but it’s extremely standard in addition to hasn’t changed in recent times. It’s a write off canvas hanging around to be colored, and Apple company company won’t help make virtually any important improvements. The good news is, quite a variety associated with Jailbreak tweaks that could convert as well as reproduce this lock screen.

    Guests Function

    The thought of some sort of invitee consideration has been intensely wanted considering that the discharge with the iPad. GuestMode contributes an extremely personalized guests bank account for you to iOS. It is usually accessed often from your lock screen like a button on the keypad, swiping at night keypad, or maybe a great activator body language. The actual visitor account is usually personalized in which software to permit, Command in addition to Notice Center accessibility, and even more. It’s a really extremely versatile tweak as well as works extremely well inside a lot of ways. It can be available intended for $0. 99 inside Cydia.



    Jello Locking mechanism will get the principle via Google android, however this is a wonderful tweak of which rethinks unlocking the product. The sale paper grabber any time forced straight down could be migrated to the directly to discover, and eventually left to access this digital camera. It is possible to established 5 applications to speedy release simply by going the actual grabber along the arc. I really like to be able to swift kick off your programs, as well as the tweak seems incredibly classy too. Your grabber might be tailored in proportions and colour as well. It should be on each iOS product, specifically since it’s no cost in Cydia.



    The particular iOS 9 Weather app is stunning and also forecast delivers the many beauty to the lock screen. The item exhibits the latest Weather details, in addition to you may swipe directly to eventually left gain access to the 12 hour and also 5 evening forecast. This specific by itself will be a quite quality tweak, although forecast will go apart from. It is going to adapt your own wall picture for the Weather in case the dark you will note your atmosphere transfer across your lock screen. Whilst it seems excellent, this can be a mindblowing about power supply even so the animations is usually differently abled. It is just a good-looking tweak, but it really can easily deplete the electric battery. It’s available with regard to $0. 99 with Cydia.



    Automagically iOS doesn’t have plenty of customization when it comes to the particular passcode. Cleverpin contributes the choices that you should incorporated automatically. It could disable the passcode when you’re using a distinct Wireless system like at your home or even at the office. Additionally, it can disable the particular passcode when you’re enjoying music, or even whether it is receiving. The item isn’t an important tweak nevertheless it has enhanced my own efficiency with out limiting safety. You can seize the item regarding $1. 99 inside Cydia.

    Springtomize 3


    While Springtomize 3 isn’t from a technical perspective a new lock screen tweak, it provides a great deal of creating to order to the lock screen, as well as the relaxation of iOS. You’ll be able to change the text associated with anything at all, as well as slide to discover can become time. It’s also possible to change the size of the writing too. You could find this modification in a few cost-free tweaks, however Springtomize could be the greatest all in a package. It’s $2. 99 with Cydia.


    Convergence is often a significant renovate of the lock screen that will rethinks many techniques from the earth up. There is widgets including Weather, calendar, and will be offered to finally events. It gives a easy to customize toggles tv screen that may maintain because several or even as many as it is possible to quite possibly would like. All of the animation usually are easier, as well as better looking. It is a wonderful tweak of which brings some sort of ton involving operation towards lock screen. It really is nonetheless throughout beta, yet you could be some sort of beta tester pertaining to $2. 00.

    Bonus tweak: Period Passcode

    This kind of tweak doesn’t execute a good deal, but it really lets you help make your current password the actual moment. In the event that it’s 9: 40, your current passcode turns into 0930. It’s no cost throughout Cydia.

  • Lock Screen Tweaks

    Love to download top lockscreen tweaks for iPhone and iPad Air

  • Brian

    my vote with labelslider. It works just like a charm and provides wonderful animated custom text that looks extraordinary. Furthermore, its free.
    Go with it top tweaks for lockscreen

    • Michael Edward

      Have you try Unlock7? It was released recently that also provides iOS 9.1 style slide to unlock functionality to your iOS 6.1.2, 6.1.3 and older firmware.
      Have a try Best lockscreen tweaks

  • Alan

    I like Samsung Galaxy S4 and it’s lockscreen… iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPad Air, iPad Mini
    Ok, best to be fair, I was going to blast this as just a tweak on every other phone on the market, but it seems that Samsung actually did some INNOVATION on this device; and for that I applaud them. For example, the phone tracks your eyes, and as long as you are looking at the device, it won’t lockscreen dim the display. Smart Alerts that tracks notifications and tells you what happened since the last time you checked your phone – in order of importance. This is good stuff, something that the res Cydia t of the herd will hopefully copy and enhance even more. Best lockscreen tweaks
    Other good stuff is the S-Beam to allow 300 Mbps transfer of photos or files between phones. top tweaks

    The rest of the stuff is the gradual improvements, that one expects to see in new flagships. Better camera (capable of bursting 20 shots at 8MP), Simultaneous photo/video, face zoom, social integration and the other improvements one would expect. cool lockscreen apps

    But, kudos to Samsung for the innovation part. This gives something for Apple and everyone else to copy. I applaud the innovation and new ideas.jailbreak iPhone, iPad

    • Peter478

      If you love Samsung, then what are you doing in Cydia. iOS lockscreen doesn’t work in Samsung Galaxy s4.
      Just go away…
      ios 8.1 Best lockscreen tweaks

      • Carl

        AndroidLock is not working in my iphone 5S, Samsung really sucks.

        • pen15

          Try Android lock XT in the BYA

    • iSpazio

      I’ve iPad Air and i’m looking best lockscreen for iOS 9.1
      pls pass the link

    • Brownie Smears

      Awesome. Dip your bootleg Sum-sang phone in butter & shove it in your hoo-ha while you do that applaud licking a public toilet.

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