Cydia Substrate Allows Android Users to Install Themes, Apps and Tweaks

Saurik, the developer of Cydia, have released Substrate for Android OS. Now you can install Winterboard and other apps, tweaks and themes…

Saurik, the developer of Cydia, was working hard since couple of months and now Cydia Substrate is available for Android operating system. Now, Android users also able to install themes, tweaks, apps and all the things that works with the support of Cydia.

There are two main substrate have been added to Google Play store that includes Cydia and Winterboard. It will allow Android users to install apps, tweaks that support this substrate and Winterboard help them to customize the look of Google operating system – “Android”.

Substrate for Android 4.x.x

Cydia Substrate is just a platform that makes customization easier and helps other applications to install. Cydia itself doesn’t make any changes or make visual effects to Android operating system, but it provides a platform where other applications can be installed just like on jailbroken iOS device.

Currently, Saurik has introduced it for Android 2.3, however, he is working hard on new developments and the substrate would be work on Android 4.2 and further new firmware. The main requirement is, your smartphone must be rooted.

Cydia Substrate for Android 4.2.x

With this release, Android theme customization became more easier than ever before even without support of custom ROM. Most famous Winterboard is also available for Android users, so that, they can easily install countless new themes.


Currently, this substrate is on beta stage, there are a lot of developments have to come. If you are using it and facing any error or have you any query, you can leave a comment and share with us.

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  1. lemmy says:

    I have rooted Samsung galaxy s 4g with cm 11.1.2 ROM that has android 4.3 on it. Cydia and winterboard installed with no issues and gave root approve and will not let me install anything or add sourses ? Winterboard says their r no themes or anything for android.
    Help me, can u?

    • xweaponx says:

      The only package that is compatible with Cydia substrate is winterboard and it is very specific about which themes you can use with it, Many themes claim compatibility but are not. So far the only Icon Pack I have found that is really compatible is Glasklart. Don’t try to modify the icons through its own interface, either apply them or not apply them through winterboard.Because if you try to change from light to dark icons, you’ll have to reinstall Substrate and winterboard.

  2. Mark Morrison says:

    Will cydia brick my s5 g900t T-Mobile ? My email is please get back to me asap

  3. KiIIua_Zoldyck says:

    note:your device overrides the library path and moves /system/lib before /vendor lib,adding extra things to the path’ this brakes Substrate. Can you report this to saurik via e-mail? /system/lib:/lib:/usr/lib:/system/lib/ste_omxcomponents/:/vendor/lib

  4. KiIIua_Zoldyck says:

    IT Keeps saying:

    note:your device overrides the library path and moves /system/lib before /vendor lib,adding extra things to the path’ this brakes Substrate. Can you report this to saurik via e-mail? /system/lib:/lib:/usr/lib:/system/lib/ste_omxcomponents/:/vendor/lib

    • dragons says:

      I know I way to fix it leme get back to u what’s ur email so I can add u to tell u I Wont do it over such hackable area of talking okay PS I’m hacker but I don’t ever use it to get or break into something I use it just in case I lock me self out of my accounts but I only use it to get into my stuff think of me as penetration tester or security master anything but hacker okay

  5. Guest says:

    It will be interesting to see if/how Cydia will support paid apps. In Xposed, there is a technical reason why it doesn’t work without workarounds: Xposed loads modules very early so they can change the core of Android and only need to be loaded once. However, Play Store installs paid apps into secure containers in /mnt/asec, which aren’t mounted that early. Therefore the modules cannot be loaded unless they are moved/copied to a location which is accessible at boot time. An alternative would be to sell an installer which contains the actual module as an asset. Some developers use such workarounds, however a perfect solution is yet to be found.

  6. Shayna says:

    Very interesting. I have a feeling this is going to be huge or a flop. I would love to see some of the nifty tweaks that iPhone users get on Android. Thumbs up from me.

  7. Ahmad says:

    I like it.. I’m a fan of rooting, but it can get overwhelmed at times.. I jailbreak my wife’s iPhone and kids iPhone.. it would like an easy way to root like Cydia… where you really can’t screw up your phone unless your an idiot…lol… so I like it.

  8. dallas says:

    Actually, you must be kidding, there are loads of apps that take of what zephyr can do.

    • Janay says:

      please tell me your kidding right? Mobile substrate will make tweaks like zephyr possible. It’s awesome and can’t be done on android right now.

  9. dallas says:

    I installed it on my hox+ and I had to do a full wype for my phone to turn on. With substrate my hox+ just went into recovery nothing else.

  10. axel says:

    I can’t seem to ask my launcher or anything with this on my phone not sure hopefully there’s a fix for that! looking forward to future development because I used to have a iPod that was jailbroken but it was stolen so I went to android hoping they had something that was like Cydia but wasn’t impressed with selection

  11. Tania says:

    Cydia substrate is not Winterboard and Winterboard is not Cydia substrate.

  12. Tania says:

    This is amazing. I really hope Mobile Substrate, or Cydia Substrate is absorbed into the developer community of Android. The unity provided by Cydia and the iPhone Dev Team is what makes the iPhone a good platform. I know unity is pretty much impossible on Android, but maybe one day this will help. I love Android for what it is, and I don’t plan on buying an iPhone again, but ironically Android is sorta lacking in configurability for end users. And that’s what Android users tote so loudly. I hope this helps provide some of the experience users get on Cydia, and maybe some of the developers that have apps in Cydia will take a look at Android.

    Please don’t hate, thank you.

  13. priscilla says:

    My tablet is MIPS XBurst… and when I buy it the sales claim it as a Cortex-A9 tablet.. If I hadn’t reject his claim immediately, I should record what he said and buy the tablet and challenge the shop for compensation….Nowadays sales don’t know what they are selling..

  14. Darren says:

    Read this, installed it, phone ran into a bootloop which took me an hour to get out of (yes, full wiped thrice, an hour being a record for me). Yeah, I think I’ll just sit this one out

  15. Jace says:

    It states in multiple places that holding volume up while powering on will enter into a safe mode where Substrate is disabled. I ran into problems – no service and then boot loop. (figure its because of my rom – note 10.1 tablet ported to note 2) I went in safe mode, cleared Cydia and Winterboard data and denied their root permissions (left them installed so I can test again with updates) and everything works as normal again.

  16. Maxwell says:

    I’m on the fence, back when I had an iDevice, there wasn’t much on Cydia and such that truly improved my experience and I don’t know of much that I would be pumped over vs. what’s already on android, I would like for someone to fill me in though cause it has honestly been several long years since I had one.

  17. Ashlyn says:

    Is it usable with a HTC One X running CyanogenMod 10.1 RC3? just asking, cause S-Off isn’t realized on this device. got a near death experience with Substrate on the HOX running ViperX (expanded Sense JB). Thus said, any information regarding this topic would be very useful.

    That, and the very idea of Saurik aka mr. BigBoss behind Cydia paving it’s way towards Android is a sight to behold, and worth keeping an eye on. πŸ™‚

  18. Carter says:

    As far as I know, S-off isn’t required to be able use Cydia Substrate. And yep! I think we can expect great things in the future from this.

  19. Jillian says:

    Cydia is a debian apt for the iPhone. Cydia substrate is mobile substrate ported from iOS.

  20. Ivan says:

    I have been back and forth between both iPhone and Android since becoming a smartphone user in 2008. I think both have their advantages, but truly do love the freedom and open-source environment that Android provides. This year alone I have used the Galaxy S4, i5, Razr Maxx, and now I am back on an iPhone 4s (shoot me). The only reason I go back to iPhone is because of Cydia. Cydia provides so many awesome tweaks and customizations to iOS! For example one major thing that I love about my jailbroken iDevice is that I can download music straight to my phone through Pandora. It’s awesome. The Galaxy S4 shall be mine this upcoming week and I will back on track with Team Android! Hopefully Cydia takes off on the Android platform and takes away any temptation to go back to Apple products!

  21. Kiara says:

    substrate has no issue with my GN2. I always wanted to play iPhone games as all r not on play store

  22. Christina says:

    Is there any good way to enter safe mode? My Samsung device won’t boot after installing Cydia substrate and Winterboard, and holding both the volume up and the headset clicker won’t fix it.

    I’ve tried holding the button before and after the screen has turned on, and kept them held for 2 minutes. The phone boots faster than that usually.

    Edit: I fixed it by removing my memory card πŸ™‚
    Use caution when trying this on a Samsung galaxy Y GT-S5360

  23. Aaron says:

    It always says to me Note: your device overrides the library path and moves /system/lib before /vendor/lib adding extra things to path this breaks substrate please help I have Samsung galaxy s3 mini

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