How to Modify Default Cydia Repo List – iOS 11.1.2

This is the list of all default Cydia repo sources. If you have mistakenly removed any of these, you can update it from here…

Cydia default sources is the repos that come with built-in installer. These are the best repo source that every Cydia user should have. You can find all the best of the best apps, tweaks, hacks and even games from these default sources. Default Cydia repos has been added by most trustable and genuine developers.

As a new jailbreak iPhone, iPod touch or iPad Air, iPad Mini users should know these sources to get most out of it. They contains apps, tweaks, hacks and games. Here is all the details about the updated repos and apps. Suppose, you have mistakenly removed any of these source, you can add it easily from here.

Default Cydia Repos

Take a look at default repositories…

When you launch Cydia, tap on Manage, then tap on sources. This window will show you all available default repo sources in your Cydia installer.

1 BigBoss: Do you know 1/3 new tweak comes under BigBoss repo. It is one of the best Cydia source ever. There are about thousands of tweaks, apps, hacks and games that got significant popularity. BigBoss hosts most of the popular applications. This is true must have repository that your jailbroken iDevice should have. How can we forget themes!!! BigBoss has a lot of themes for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad that can be used with Winterboard or Dreamboard.


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2 ModMyi: Any experience Cydia user will suggest you ModMyi as one of the best repo out there. It contains apps, tweaks and themes. You can find many great games under this source. You can’t enjoy your jailbreak, if you don’t have ModMyi. I recommend this source for permanent use.


3 iSpazio: This Cydia repo has good combination of themes, applications and tweaks. Many lock screen themes are too famous that are hosted under iSpazio. It is one of the best sources for themes specially for background and lock screen.


4 Ste Packaging: It is also default repo listed under sources. It mostly contains themes and icon sets. However, there are a few tweaks that are too famous amongst iPhone, iPad users. Suppose, accidentally you have removed it, you can add below source to your Cydia source directory.


5 Telesphoreo Tangelo: I would like to introduce this repository. Telesphoreo Tangelo has developed by Saurik, a developer of Cydia itself. It contains best apps and tweaks that have been developed by Saurik. Winterboard is the best app in this repository.


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6 ZodTTD: I have shared numerous gorgeous iOS 11.1.2 themes that are hosted under ZodTTD. It is one of the best theme repo. If you love themes, you can’t miss it. It not only contains themes, but also a bunch of popular games.


Note: Here, you can edit default repo addresses or add new source or missing one.


There are a lot of sources that contains a lot better applications and hacks. Keep searching our blog, you will find many great things about Cydia which you can’t find on daily news blog.

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  1. Om says:

    Bro I need help I can’t add any sorce and I can’t download any tweak

  2. Billy Herrera says:

    For some reason I can’t download any of the modmyi sources for ios 7.0.6 evasion jailbreak I did all trouble shoots any different ways to get it I really want byta don’t 2 !!

  3. Carl says:

    why does cydia choose to install certain sources and not others?

  4. AndyM says:

    Good stuff! With all of the repositories on there, I wish there was a way to know what is in each of them without having to install and browse. Are there any websites that track this?

  5. J.D. Abbey says:

    There are a number of sources for Cydia. Some are in other languages or are only concentrating on certain types of apps that the average jailbreaker may not use. They add the most popular sources so the average person does not have a list of apps all in Swedish or Polish. Also if you were to load all of the sources like I have done, there are hundreds of apps to sort through and it is very tedious to explore.

  6. tyler odom says:

    will this only work for the iPhone? I’m iPod pisses me off. I’m about ready to give up on cydia. i have 1.5.1 firmware on my jailbroken touch……. cydia pretty much sucks right now I have no idea where to go to add any sources. someone please help. email me…….?

  7. Matt says:

    I recently jailbroke my iPod touch 2G 2.2.1
    on Cydia it wont let me add any sources at all, and I cant get apps or anything.

  8. wayne says:

    I have the same problem as matt. I cant add any sources at all. someone please help.

  9. colin taylor says:

    Thanks for the advice, but I’m sorry to be a dumbass, when you installed macciti and said it would provide me with new winterboard themes, I installed it but couldn’t find the themes! I assumed they went to winterboard but nothing was there, am I doing something wrong?

  10. Ebanox says:

    thanks for all that stuff
    I just wanted to know how to add a new repo in cydia, other than the ones already given in the ‘More Package Sources’ list. I wanted to put installous on my iPhone.

    • Michael Edward says:

      Installous was available in repo, however, its not available any more. It has been shut down a couple of month ago. You can try AppCake or AppAddict rather than that installous.

  11. Bharat Mahindra says:

    Yeah I already found the answer to that question myself the other day. thanks for the advice tho genius boy

  12. harry says:

    I’m using iPhone 3g 3.1.2 firmware active cydia, I cant see MacCiti Sources.
    can anyone please help me to let me know how can I add macciti sources to my cydia, please email me if you can..
    take care

  13. Daniel says:

    I am having trouble finding Mac Citi. Its not there. HELP!!!!!

  14. Eric says:

    I am trying to get the Aladar theme and I’m having serious trouble getting. Does anyone have any idea that may help me. I cant seem to add Mac Citi as well to do it?

  15. Press says:

    No mac city for me too. I’ve tried installing it the way you suggest and manually, bit it’s still a no go. It almost looks like the repo doesn’t exist anymore..

  16. iPad for Free says:

    Great information. Thank you for the pictorial walk through. Going to do this right now! Thanks!

  17. Parth narula says:

    I am not able to download any application on my iPod touch 4.2.1 which is jailbroken.. Every time I click on any app it says ‘can not find any package’.
    And even I cant install any sources from repositories. Help me please.

  18. David says:

    I can’t find it in the repositories

  19. Kevin says:

    Thanks so much for this help! I am learning alot from people like you who take the time to help and explain things like this!!

  20. Jules541 says:

    I try and install apps from cydia. It runs but red text appears at end. The app is on my iphone but won t open. It says its queing. Can you help

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