Most Popular Jailbreak Apps iOS 11.1.2: Dock, FiveIconDock, ActiveDock

Dock, FiveIconDock and AcitveDock are the best jailbreak apps. Most of these compatible for iOS 11.1.2 and iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Air, Mini….

iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak has been released and the tweaks are getting updates accordingly. If you don’t like iOS 11.1.2 native dock style, then you can use these most popular and best tweaks out there on Cydia store for you.

Cydia app store has many dock applications. But, here I have picked up 3 best tweaks for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Mini 2, iPad Air as well as all former iOS devices. I personally love Dock and FiveIconDock. Lets take a closer look…

1 Five Icon Dock: It is developed and created by Saurik, the same creator who created Cydia. This tiny jailbreak dock tweak is awesome. The simple idea behind this tweak is, most of the users want more than four icons, but not more than five. Five Icon Dock offers a classic feature in simple way. A 100% free Tweak.

If you haven’t deleted Telesphoreo repo source from your Cydia app, you can install this jailbreak tweak for free from there. Search “Five Icon Dock” on Telesphoreo repository.

2 Dock: Its similar to MAC OS X dock bar. Its paid application worth $4.99, but you can try it for three days. This jailbreak app allows user to manage background tasks, app shortcuts and quickly switching between running applications. There are many options you would have to configure this app. It is hosted by BigBoss repo source.

3 AcitveDock: This is awesome jailbreak dock app. ActiveDock notifies the user about unread SMS, Calls and emails. It also notifies you when the new app is being launched. BigBoss is the repository from where you can install this tweak.


If you are not sure about the dock bar effects and apps, I would recommend to try Five Icon Dock tweak rather than purchasing any paid app.

If you are already a subscriber of such app, let us know about it.

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  1. Mario says:

    Infinidock does not work on 10. know´s anyone a alternative tweak?

  2. Ok says:

    I wanna install this for iOS 10 iPod air

  3. Osvaldo says:

    I’m looking for free Dock tweak, Please give me direct link for the installation page. I’ve iPad Mini 2 Retina Display
    please help

  4. Samuel Brandon says:

    The apple dock was a waste of money. My iPhone 4 needed the bumpers then the dock did not fit. Buy a different dock.

    FiveIconDock looks good, I’ll try it
    Does it work on iOS 9?

    • Robert Steven says:

      Even is Apple axes the dock from their lineup, this is a gap that would easily be filled by a third party. I do like having a nice slender dock to keep my phone on my desk, but I’m not too worried that Apple won’t be making it for the new iPhone.

      However, till then, we can try FiveIconDock or AcitveDock jailbreak tweak

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