Docker Cydia Tweak Brings More Apps to iPhone Home Screen

Docker allows iPhone users to add more apps to the dock

I love Docker Cydia tweak. I’ve installed it and thought to share it with you today. It’s released today on Cydia AppStore and got great success as many users have installed it on their iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPod Touch.

The default dock contains only 4 apps and you can’t add more icons to the dock more than four. But, thanks to Docker tweak that allows us to add more icons at least up to 4 more app icons to the dock that looks good and useful to access.

Docker, the Cydia tweak simply adds one more row under default one. The users need to swipe up to the dock and there you’d get additional four app spaces. Just hit one of those app icon boxes that allows you to add app. By default, the additional row is hidden and users need to perform swipe up gesture on Dock to access it.

Once you’ve installed Docker iPhone tweak, just swipe up from dock and the additional row would be appear. The additional row of dock icons would contain “+” buttons. Just tap one by one each buttons and keep adding more apps up to four apps. Suppose, you wanna remove existing app from additional row, simply, tap and hold that app icon and it would show “X” button. Hit it and that’s it all. Just tap it again and add different app in that space. Isn’t it cool?

Most of new Cydia tweaks have bugs and this is applies to Docker too. Actually, it doesn’t add apps from the last row of your home screen. Let me clear. Suppose, you’ve five pages of apps listed on your iPhone and you wanna add a app from that row, Docker is unable to add it. So, make it sure that the app which you wanna add on the Dock bar, it must be on any page except last one.

The good part is, you don’t need to configure any settings after installing Docker Cydia app. It’s just like plug and play. Just use swipe up gesture from the the dock and add apps you want.

There are many Cydia tweaks available on AppStore that offer features to add app icons to the dock, but Docker is completely different from others. It looks default standard and cool.

If you’ve decided to hands on Docker Cydia tweak, you need to pay $1.99 for a tweak. It’s available on BigBoss repo source for $1.99. I’d love to listen about your craziness about Docker tweak.

I hope, you got all things that you wanna from Cydia Sources.

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