Downgrade to iOS from iOS [Apple Stopped Signing]

Downgrade iOS to iOS, Apple stopped singing iOS…

Apple did what they normally do after or at the time of releasing next new firmware. Yeah, iOS has been stopped getting sign and approval for downgrade to iOS from iOS

Since couple of years, hackers release their jailbreak for the older firmware so that Apple can’t patch that firmware jailbreak and thus, Apple has made it trend to stop signing older firmware to prevent downgrade and jailbreak possibility.

After releasing iOS, now after a week, Apple has stopped giving approval for downgrade iOS to iOS using official steps, iTunes.

As we all know that jailbreak iOS is not possible and its admitted by many security researcher, however, Apple tends to follow it’s rule and prevented iPhone users from downgrading to iOS at any way.

Now, you’d think what effects would come now when Apple stopped singing iOS This step by Apple would prevent iTunes to restore iOS from iOS 11 or iOS Now, the users who wanna downgrade to iOS need to use some other tools.

Yeah, there is still some minor chances available for the users who wanna go back to iOS They must use Prometheus, because DoulCi not working since couple of months. And, when iTunes won’t downgrade your firmware, you must have to use Prometheus that can be used after couple of tricks.

Important note: Users who are already on iOS or any jailbroken firmware can easily avoid upgrading to iOS And since, jailbreak users won’t get forced update to iOS until their phone break some way or they own want to downgrade or upgrade to new firmware using iTunes.

If you’re on iOS, you should downgrade iOS to iOS using Prometheus, because jailbreak is not possible and since PanGu has working iOS jailbreak, users should be on iOS rather than iOS for jailbreak prospective.

If you’ve any difficulty using Prometheus, you can comment below and solve your query…


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