Download Betternet++ for iPhone without Jailbreak iOS 11/11.1

How to Download and Install Betternet++ for iPad, iPhone running on iOS 11.1.2 or any firmware without jailbreak…

You may have recently released jailbreak by Luca on iOS 11, so you can install unlimited number of Cydia tweaks such as Betternet++.

However, if you’ve upgraded your iPhone to the latest firmware for which jailbreak isn’t released yet, you may require the trick to install Betternet++ and such jailbreak apps without jailbreak.

With the help of your computer running Windows or MacOS, you can still install Betternet++, if you follow some simple steps given below.

Before you decide to install Betternet Plus app on your iPhone, you should understand how it works. If you wanna install any VPN jailbreak app, Betternet would be best for managing best VPN network.

Betternet++ connects users to fastest VPN server. Additionally, users can connect to best available VPN network with simple and one tap login options. In simple words, Betternet plus plus app brings premium features to use VPN services.

Now, if you wanna try Betternet++, you can follow some very simple steps that apply while installation of any jailbreak app without jailbreaking iOS on iPhone or iPad.

How to Install Betternet++ iOS 11.1.2 without Jailbreak

  1. If you wanna install this app on your iPhone or iPad, you must have two files on your computer. You need Betternet++ IPA file. And the second thing you need is, Cydia Impactor.
  2. After successfully downloaded both of files on your computer, you can head to second steps. Here, you’ve to launch Cydia Impactor after connecting your computer to internet.
  3. Connect your iPhone to computer on which you’ve activated internet and opened Cydia Impactor. Now, drag and drop Betternet++ IPA to Impactor app.
  4. After following some on screen instructions, the app would be installed to your iPhone. Now, head to settings app and locate device management section under General section. There you want to trust the developer profile.
  5. Done

Once Betternet++ installed on iOS without jailbreak, you’re ready to configure different features given for VPN. If you’re unsure how does Betternet++ work, you can comment below and I’m ready to teach each and every configuration options given within Settings app.

I hope Betternet++ jailbreak app would add some useful features to your iPhone without jailbreaking iOS 11.1.2 or any other firmware.

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