Download iOSEmus Without Jailbreak iOS 9.2.1 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

 How to Install iOSEmus iOS 9.2.1 Without Jailbreak on iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone, Mac OS X and Windows PC

iOSEmus is ultimate app that can install various game emulators, game roms and many great things on iOS, Android, Mac or Windows PC.

Recently, iOSEmus has been updated for the most current and updated firmware iOS 9.2.1. iOSEmus can be used to install NDS4iOS, Emu4iOS, PPSSPP, GBA4iOS and vShare too.

One can’t use his iPhone or iPad without iOSEmus, if he wanna use vShare, iPhone game emulators or MovieBox like apps.

I’ve tried iOSEmus to install DownCloud, iTransmission and SNES4iOS game emulator on my iPad Pro without jailbreak and successfully installed these things and published these tutorial on Cydia Sources blog.

One can easily and over the air install any iPhone game emulator whether it’s Game Boy Advance Emulator or Nintendo DS game emulator. The iOSEmus is capable to install many other apps like PlayBox HD and LiveBox app for iPhone without jailbreak.

Note: iOSEmus iOS 9.2.1 is not a web application that installs any software over the air without jailbreak. But yeah, we’ve tested and can confirm that couple of apps and game emulators can be installed without jailbreak over the air using iOSEmus app on iPhone and iPad.

You need to perform couple of steps to download iOSEmus on your device and use to install other apps. Follow steps…

  1. I’ve personally used Safari browser to open You can also use the same browser and open above page.
  2. Once the page loaded completely, tap on Install Now button.
  3. Another confirmation window would be appear where you need to tap on “Install” button.
  4. Tap on Install button multiple time in next couple of windows.
  5. Verify on the springboard that iOSEmus is installing on your device or not.

Done. After following above on screen instructions, you would successfully install iOSEmus on your iPad or iPhone device.

Congratulations! Now, you’re ready to install key game emulators or applications without jailbreak using iOS Emus.

How to install iPhone Game Emulators or other apps using iOSEmus

Do you’ve used vShare or any other jailbreak AppStore such as AppAddict, HipStore, iFunBox or any other? iOSEmus is just like them.

  1. Open iOSEmus app from your device springboard. The app would have different sections and menus. Tap on any menu that’s related to your interest.
  2. Browse the category and install your favorite apps that you love most.
  3. Reboot your device after each installation.

That’s it.

I’d love your comment, if you’ve any issue or problem…

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  1. Michael Williams says:

    Does it work on iOS 9.3, I’m eagerly waiting for the jailbreak,but the developers have completely avoided me and they just released one tool for iOS 10 and I again missed iOsemus without jailbreak
    please help me

    • iOSEmus download is available for iPhone that running on iOS 9.3.1 and you can easily download the app for iOS 9.3.1 from their official website. I think author has added link for that. But, remember that you need to update the app after installing it. It works great on iPad so I recommend to download iPad compatible version rather than iPhone which has smaller screen.

  2. Anni Archy says:

    dud – not a single thing works

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