Download Lucky Patcher for iOS 11.1.2/11.2/11.3 [Updated Version for iPhone]

Lucky Patcher for iPhone is getting too popular these days, you should know it’s features dedicated to iOS…

These days, many ++ apps have been released for non jailbreak devices such as Deezer++, WhatsAPP++, Pandora++, Pokemon Go++ and many more.

It seems like the developers are still working on Lucky Patcher for iPhone to make it compatible for iOS without jailbreak. Currently, it can be try only after jailbreaking to get the full featured Cydia app.

Normally, the users having a lot of in app purchase apps, install Lucky Patcher on their iOS devices. This jailbreak tweak allows users to get all the paid and exclusive in app purchases without investing any money on purchase.

I’m getting huge number of request posting a tutorial on installing Lucky Patcher for iOS, I decided to post another article on this topic. Previously, I mentioned few features and concept on which this Cydia tweak works.

You should know one thing clearly that Lucky Patcher works great on the devices that are jailbroken. It means, if you’ve any iPhone or iPad device that is jailbroken, you can instantly try this tweak without worry any thing. It would work for most of the apps and games that have in app purchases.

If you’re looking best Cydia hacks, surely, LuckyPatcher iOS version can be a good alternative after iAPfree or IAP Cracker.

I’ve tested one more tweak to get free in app purchases that is equally effective comparing to above mentioned jailbreak apps that is known as LocaliAPStore. However, Lucky Patcher can be a real game changer for you if you try it right way.

I mean, there are some other apps also required to run it smoothly. If you’ve managed it to install without jailbreak iOS, then those other apps won’t work. I’m talking about AppSync¬†and Unified AppSync apps. And if, these other apps not working on the device that’s jailbroken already, there is a fix: AppSync not working, but if you’ve non jailbreak device, then there isn’t any solution to run Lucky Patcher.

I’d recommend to try Cydia hack on the device that is jailbroken already or wait for PanGu jailbreak which is getting prepared to hit iOS devices.

Additionally, as I mentioned in the title, there is updated version of Lucky Patcher iOS and Android that can be installed if you’ve jailbreak device or any android device after root.


Lucky Patcher iOS 11.1: The first series of iOS 11 was full of bugs and I couldn’t stop myself staying there. In a week, I’ve to upgrade my iPhone almost two times due to quick and frequent updates released by Apple. It seems like iOS 11.1.2 won’t repeat that and we’d be able to enjoy Lucky Patcher for iOS 11.1.2 without trouble just like many have reported Lucky Patcher not working last week.

If you’ve any details about installation or download, please consider above mentioned articles which are good references.

If you still need any help for your iPhone or iOS, please comment below…

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