RecBoot Download for Windows, MAC OS To Get iPhone, iPad Recovery Mode

RecBoot is used to put iDevices in Recovery mode. Suppose, you are in recovery mode and you wanna get rid of it, you can use RecBoot to get out from recovery.

Normally, If you wanna put your iPhone or iPad Mini into recovery mode, you need to follow 4 to 5 steps before getting recovery mode and its really annoying especially when you wanna do something urgently.

At many occasions, I have seen that we are able to get recovery mode in the first try even after following all the steps. RecBoot is the app for MAC and Windows operating system that allows user to get recovery mode instantly in a click.

That helps, because when we are jailbreaking or restoring, we need urgent steps. Mostly during jailbreaking or restoring, we do mistakes because of confusion. RecBoot helps us to get rid of those steps and allows to do an easy process to put iPhone, iPad Air into recovery mode.

How to do that?

1 First of all, download RecBoot for MAC OS or Windows whatever operating system you have and install it.

2 Connect your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad Air, iPad Mini to your computer and open RecBoot on your MAC or Windows computer.

RecBoot - Kick iPhone, iPad into Recovery Mode

3 Once you connect your iPhone, iPad to your computer and it gets recognized, you will see the two options on RecBoot. First will be “Enter Recovery Mode” and second will be “Exit Recovery Mode”. Yeah, you can use RecBoot to get out from recovery mode.

4 Just hit the button and that’s it. You will get what you want. Try it and don’t forget to let us know what you got and what was your expression for this easy tool.


Look, recovery mode and DFU mode are totally different from each other. If you wanna put your iPad or iPhone into DFU mode, you will have to follow other steps and other tools. RecBoot won’t work for DFU mode.

To make it clear, read How to put iPhone or iPad into DFU mode.

Or you can read

How to Put iPhone or iPad into Recovery mode during restoring or upgrading your iOS to newer or older one.

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  1. Thanks again to Recboot developers for creating such a wonderful app. I was facing constant error while stuck on recovery mode. Rec Boot can be a handy for you even if you’re on Mac or Windows PC, Recboot iOS 10 can put you out from recovery mode and if you wanna put iPhone into recovery mode, simply use Recboot latest version for Mac OS X or Windows PC.

  2. Max Connell Joe says:

    How to download whatsAPP and other softwear

    • iHelper says:

      It’s simple, you need to download relative software such as iFunBox, vshare and iPhone configuration toolkit. Recboot 2.2 is the tool to put your iPhone or iPod and iPad into recovery mode
      that’s it

  3. moiz says:

    how to download it???????

  4. Smjpo Knfyl says:

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  5. Scott says:

    Thanks man

  6. Joel says:

    What about TinyUmbrella? I have heard that its a great alternative for Recboot?
    does it also have the same functionality?

    • Josiah Clayton says:

      No doubt, tinyumbrella is nice alternative to Recboot, but i would like to tell you that rec boot is specially created for recovery mode. You can get into and get out easily

  7. Nathaniel Antonio says:

    Thanks this help me get rid of manual steps
    Recboot rocks

  8. Eric says:

    It might help, but suppose i wanna do it manually, then how to do it?
    any one please help me, i have ipad mini 2 and wanna jailbreak

    • Mac says:

      Good, so you don’t wanna install Recboot, right?
      Nevermind, you can do this manually too. Follow me…
      Switch off your iPad Mini 2
      Now press and hold the home button while connecting your iPad Mini to iTunes
      Release home button once you see apple logo
      you will see that your iPad mini got into recovery mode now
      i hope this will help you

    • Hunter says:

      I advise you to use above tool rather than following manual steps

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