How to Download Torrents Files on iOS 11.1.2 For iPhone Even Without Jailbreak

How to Download Torrents Files on iOS 11.1.2 For iPhone Even Without Jailbreak

After so many request about Torrent downloader for iPhone, we came with a working solution that work almost on jailbreak device and even without jailbreak using iTransmission app.

Yeah, its possible. Now, the question is, how does is work on jailbroken device and without jailbreak? Its simple, there are a few number of apps available on web that were working only on jailbroken firmware.

But recently, they’ve made some improvements in their app structure and the result is, you can install these jailbreak apps without jailbroken device. So, lets see how it works on both platform at the same time.


I would suggest jailbreak users to search iTransmission Cydia tweak in ModMyi repo source. ModMyi repo has stored couple of Torrent related Cydia tweaks. You can download iTransmission latest version from their repository.

Plus, there is an extension for Safari web browser that allows users to download Torrent files which is known as Torrent Downloader for Safari.


You can still download Torrent files using your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch even you don’t have jailbroken device. To do this, you need to visit website from Safari web browser and then search iTransmission – iPhone Torrent Downloader there on iEmulator website.

Install that version on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, it would work without jailbreak your device.

If you still have anything to ask, leave your comment…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s not installing

  2. Oliver says:

    How to get the best Torrent websites for iPad running on iOS 9.3, I wanna download iTransmission for it

  3. Adam says:

    Hmmm browser based torrent clients are way easier ans safer to user.
    I can recommend but you can probably find more of them.

  4. Munib Ahmad says:

    It doesnt even work on ios 9.2.1
    Need help plz

  5. BBailz says:

    Lies, I transmission is not yet updated to work with ios9. I found that app cake has I built in torrent client an I successfully downloaded a walking dead.cbr file using it. You simply copy and paste the torrent link into the torrent side of app cake and access it thru ifile. It should suffice pending a proper update

    • Manon says:

      Hello, I have a new IPad Air 2 (iOS 10) and you are right, I cannot download iTransmission, plus I ami not a pro and my first language is French… So I don’t understand when you talk about app cake and therefore cannot perform the procedure you propose. Would accept to help me? Tank you very much.

  6. Feel says:

    I can not download itransmission on ios9.1 !!!why?

  7. mojo says:

    itransmission cannot working on ios9.1!!!why?

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