EasySpring2 iOS 11.1.2 Allows Users to Quickly Restart or Respring Their iPhone, iPad

EasySpring2 iOS 11.1.2 Allows Users to Quickly Restart or Respring Their iPhone, iPad

Suppose for any reason, when you wanna respring or restart your iPhone, iPad Air or iPad Mini, you must shutdown your iOS device and then turn it ON. Because, iOS system doesn’t have any feature to respring or restart your iPhone or iPad.

EasySpring is a Cydia tweak that provides jailbreak users a easy solution and feature that allows you to quickly restart or respring your iDevice. Recently, EasySpring got a super update for iOS 11.1.2 firmware known as EasySpring2 iOS 9.

EasySpring2 is really a must have Cydia tweak, if you have to restart or respring your iDevice after any changes or cache deletion.

Good thing is, EasySpring2 Cydia tweak is completely free and can be installed easily using your Cydia app store. Again, BigBoss is the repo source that offer this jailbreak tweak.

It creates toggles for restart or respring in the Settings app, from where you can easily respring or restart your iPhone or iPad.

TheNinjaprawn has developed EasySpring jailbreak app and they decided to make it free for the Cydia community. After a long time for iOS 9, this jailbreak tweak has been updated.

EasySpring2 Offers following features in the first place…

  1. Reboot
  2. Respring
  3. Shutdown
  4. Safe mode
  5. Clean UiC
  6. Cancel

Now, you were confuse what “Clean UiC” does. It cleans all the caches from your iDevice. Suppose, you made any changes and use this command to clean caches, the new settings would be applied instantly.

BigBoss is the default repo source from where EasySpring2 can be installed. Search EasySpring and then choose EasySpring2 from the list if you’re using iOS 11.1.2 or above.

If you have issue, or if you’re already using it, share your experience with the CydiaSources community below…

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  1. Ty says:

    Doesn’t work on 10

  2. Damon Manalili says:

    The Clean UiC option allows you to clean all the user interface caches from your device and restarts it once done. It only takes a few minutes to complete the action. The second way of gaining access to the functionality of the tweak is via the stand-alone app that appears on the Home screen. Tapping on it displays the same interface as you d see when holding down the lock button.

  3. ZOË-X says:

    There is no easyspring2 ios9 . It’s ios8 only

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