Enable iPod Touch 6G Battery Percentage [No Jailbreak iOS 11.1.2]

How to enable battery percentage of iPod Touch 6G, 5th generation and so on without jailbreak IOS 11.1.2

Guys i’ve iPod Touch and without battery percentage, I’ve passed a lot of months. Finally, I decided to put battery percentage again on my iPod Touch 6th generation and searched on YouTube about enabling it.

After a quick search, I got two closely related videos about enable iPod Touch battery percentage which is nearly impossible officially.

There isn’t any app or setting that allows user to enable battery percentage unlike iPhone and other devices such as iPad. I’ve attached one of those videos that demonstrates the process to enable battery percentage for iPod Touch.

So, if you don’t understand the writing process, you can head to that video and directly check the demo who the guy enables iPod Touch battery percentage and number.

Over all the process is easy and takes only five minutes total. During the process of enabling iPod Touch battery percentage, you need to have Windows or Mac computer.

Additionally, iTunes and iBackUpBot software is needed to edit some system files. This can be done easily without having computer or any software if you’ve jailbreak device using Cydia tweak that does whole job without editing any file, but if you don’t have jailbreak device or Cydia, you can follow the video.

So you need to edit a system file that allows iPod Touch to show battery percentage and you’re done. Below is the video that can be followed to put battery number on your iPod Touch without jailbreak.

Don’t forget to make a comment if anything goes wrong. One more thing, don’t forget to take whole iPod Touch backup because you’re just about to edit system file which is really harmful and suppose anything would be wrong, you need to restore whole device and in that case, you may loss important iPod Touch data.

So, I’m waiting for your comments guys, let’s start it…

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  1. iPod Man says:

    Apple should make the battery percentage on the iPod Touch 6g.

  2. Trump rocka says:

    I have an iPod touch 6 and it doesn’t have the percentage! Will iOS 11 have it?

  3. Kaycee says:

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  4. Emma Joe says:

    I’ve successfully enabled iPod Touch battery percentage and it was working like a charm but after upgrading to iOS 10 everything went normal just like fresh. I mean the battery percentage of iPod Touch gone after upgrading.
    How to enable battery percentage again?

    • Yeah, it happens. It’s pretty common. Look, when you upgrade your firmware suppose in your case, you were on iOS 9.3.1 when you edited system file to enable iPod Battery percentage and after that you’ve upgrade iOS 9.3.1 to IOS 10. In this case, all the previous system files were upgraded with the iOS 10 system files. this is how battery percentage code was removed during upgrade.

      Note: just reedit system file to enable battery percentage for your iPod Touch.

  5. Michael says:

    thanks man, this is something what I was looking since a decent time. I’ve iPod Touch 5G and now i can enjoy without iPod TOuch battery percentage without jailbreak.

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