Today’s Tweaks: ClipShot, FlipNC, SmartWatch+ and DoubleDock For iPhone, iPod and iPad Air, Mini

Today on Jailbreak store, there were FlipNC, SmartWatch+, ClipShot and DoubleDock released. iOS 11.1.2 FlipNC is just an update for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Mini, Air…

After a long time, I have seen some great apps on Cydia app store and especially on BigBoss repository. DoubleDock, FlipNC are the tweaks that are really worth to try. DoubleDock is paid app that adds second row to the springboard under traditional dock and FlipNC is free application that adds really cool features to the notification center.

In other hand, ClipShot and SmartWatch+ were also released today. ClipShot is awesome tweak to capture screenshot. I would recommend it, because it offers really wonderful features to capture screenshot and allows us to save them in photo library at free of cost.

1 FlipNC: This tiny jailbreak app is completely free that brings FlipSwitch toggles to the Notification center. FlipNC can be configurable, user can configure it from Settings app. BigBoss is the repository from where you can download it.

2 DoubleDock: Do you wanna add up to 10 or 8 icons to your Dock bar? If yes, DoubleDock is for you. It allows user to create a second row under your traditional dock bar and adds 4 more apps to that dockbar. So, the total app icons would be 8. But, this is not just the case, user can enable five icons rather than four.

Yeah, DoubleDock allows user to put 10 apps on the dock bar. Its paid application that is hosted by BigBoss repository. I would strongly recommend to the users who wanna more apps on dock bar, but not recommend to regular users, because DoubleDock covers almost 1/3 part of your springboard.

3 ClipShot: Do you wanna take screenshot of your iPhone screen? ClipShot is only the app that allows you to do that at free of cost. Yeah, ClipShot is free tweak that allows user to capture screenshot and allows to save captured screenshot on your iPhone photo gallery.

4 SmartWatch+: Do you have Pebble smart watch? If yes, then SmartWatch+ is for you. This is a jailbreak tweak that is created by Robert Hesse. Don’t think to try it, if you don’t know about it. Its paid app that costs you $2.49.


DoubleDock looks awesome, but personally, I’m not using it. It covers large part of screen and it doesn’t look like professional. However, it is best for the users who have a lot of apps installed and wanna access them quickly.

Definitely ClipShot is a nice shot and anyone can go with it. If you already using it, through your comments…

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  2. Mani_rk says:

    i am not able to install FlipNC i am using iphone 5 ios 8.1……i have CCtog…can some one help me

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