LocaliAPstore iOS 10.2 – Get Paid Purchases at Free

Download LocaliAPStore iOS 10.2 and latest firmware tweak…
LocaliAPstore is one of the best iOS app that does bypass payment page and redirect directly to item download and installation page in Apple store in-app application.

If you are looking for purchasing paid apps at free of cost, then LocaliAPstore is the best iOS app that does bypass payment page and allows you to get it free.

There are thousands upon thousands apps, tweaks and hacks available on Cydia store. However, still users are looking to get those paid purchases from Apple store at free of cost.

The main reason is, the large number of golden apps and games that are not available even in Cydia itself. We have previously published hands-on iAP Cracker that was biggest hit, but it was incompatible for iOS 10.2 as per user’s review.


LocaliAPstore is fully compatible for iOS 9. It is one of the best alternative for iAPfree and iAP Patcher. If iAP cracker doesn’t work in your iPhone or iPad, you can try this awesome app anytime to get all those paid subscription at free of charge. Local iAP Store requires jailbroken iOS and Cydia installed. It works like a charm on in-app purchases. Most of the users use it to get free paid games.

How to Get LocaliAPstore

It works on iOS 9 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. There are a few things which must be in your iOS that are listed below.

1 Jailbreak is must to get LocaliAPstore app installed on your iPhone or iPad. If you haven’t jailbroken your iTouch device, then I have something for you. RedSnOw is the best tool to jailbreak iOS 5+, while you can use EvasiOn, TaiG or PPJailbreak to jailbreak your iOS 9. Local iAP store is a Cydia app so you must have Cydia too in your iDevice.

2 Now add Cydia repo to download and install this application. First you need to tap on Manage button, then tap on Sources, now Edit and then Add option to add repo for this application. Add http://system.in-appstore.com/repo

3 The final step is, searching the app. Search “LocaliAPstore” in Cydia search feature using above repo source. A result will show up with the application. Install it on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

How to Use LocaliAPstore

# What exactly it does is, it allows you to download and install paid apps at free with a little hack using Cydia. You don’t need to configure any options via Setting menu. Its like plug and play app. Do you wanna try any paid app purchase? Proceed to next step.

# Launch LocaliAPstore and run it in the background. Open in-app application and search for any paid app. Make sure that app or game has one time charge rather than subscription based. Now click on buy button out there from app purchase page.

# You will be redirect to item installation page, it means that LocaliAP store app works for this app. If you are redirected to Apple login page where it ask you for login Id, it means this hack is not working for this app or game. Try another.

From Editor’s Desk

There are other alternatives also available like iAPfree and iAPCrazy that we have mentioned above with links. All the apps have different connection with Apple server, so, it may be possible that none of these tweaks work for any particular app. A list of other alternatives like AppCake, vShare and iFunBox are also nice option to do the same.

If it doesn’t work or you are facing any error, then mention it here. We will try to solve them.


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  1. Hi,
    Thankyou for great application. But for real racing 3, localiapstore is not working anymore. Is there new version or setting that i should change in device? I am using iphone 4 iOS 7.1.2 jailbreak

  2. It used to work perfectly with Karafun but now it says payment refused, please contact Apple customer service to check your account details? Help, I need this app cracked!!!!!!!

  3. When I press an in-app purchase and press cancel since that’s how you should do it, all that happens for me is nothing like literally nothing. It’s just like cancelling a normal in-app purchase. So please fix this problem as fast as possible. Thank You!

    1. It doesn’t work on clash of clans because it is an online based server, it runs the code and if the password for your account doesn’t get verified with the server it’s going to know something is wrong and not give you the purchase and it also waits for your money to transfer before getting you what you want. SO any game with good servers no hack should work when you are online like how you can hack clash of clans but when you try to go online with the hack you get an instant ban. If you want an offline clash of clans hack I would use cydia impactor for any non jailbroken or jailbroken devices.

  4. Can i use this on ace attorney cause i have tried this a lot of times and it still dosent work btw i used this on the walking dead it worked

  5. It doesn’t work on bike race free, Even though it’s basically an offline based game, It says “unable to connect to App Store” please help thanks

    1. Older versions work for fallout shelter. I know cuz i made a massive shelter with it. This newer iap doesnt work tho. These are all soam scam downloads

  6. LocaliAPstore will not work for server based games like Pokemon GO and others. Just to let everyone know who is asking/complaining…

  7. It worked for Candy Crush but within an hour it stopped workinng and the message says that there is a connection issue and therefore cannot complete purchase

  8. Only online based game it works on is pixel gun 3D flawlessly u can buy everything and use it online against others it works as of 8-26-16 u just need xcon in the AppStore anyone who needs help let me know

  9. Modern Combat 5 has black listed me I am not able to play this game after installing Local iAP kindly suggest what to do.

  10. I’m add source have error. The source renew at the end have “Host Unreachable” and “Cached Failure”. Source no any apps. Please help me how to be add it source. Thanks!

  11. LocaliAPstore doesn’t work with marvel avengers academy, when I try to get the max shards it cashes my game then when I try to reload it there’s no loading bar. Plz help

  12. IAP use to work on Sims FreePlay and now with some update it no longer works and I keep getting an error. Is there a fix for #SimsFreePlay iAP?

    1. You can get LocaliAPStore list 2016 which supports apps and games but for iOS 10 and iOS 9.0.2. We all are hoping that the PanGu became more active towards jailbreak for iOS 10 and would release Cydia iOS 10 then you can download this in app purchases for free using this app.

  13. Sorry to say this but this thing doesn’t work on 99% of the apps out there ( for in app purchases that is). I had very big expectations from this but it’s pretty much a useless tweak.

    They need to update this tweak big time and make it work with a lot more apps because this way it’s a very weak tool and as said does not work 99% of the time.

    1. I’m really surprised and sorry about LocaliAPstore because these apps really work great if there is latest jailbreak available to use. 99% apps and games that use in app purchases are updated to the latest firmware and without updated LocaliAPStore how can you crack them? tell me

    2. If the app is stored on servers then it will not work, clash of clans, boom beach, and other games like that will not work with this.

    1. Doesn’t work for me on Smurfs Village iPhone 6+ 10 get purchase cancelled message and no purchase but works on a couple of other games

  14. I’m sure they would have update for the great application such this one.
    It would be great if there would be Jailbreak for iOS 10
    I would download this cydia tweak

      1. Thats a lie localiap use to work for clash of clans for me but you get banned if caught i got banned once but it worked about 2 years ago

  15. Does this work with Walking dead road to survival? Somehow I can’t get it to work. It shows the added coins, but then it reloads and the coins aren’t there anymore. Im using IOS 8.1.2

  16. Not my local my Cyril say “/var/mobile/library/…….. Delete error….
    I don’t have if I’ll I must download nonjailbreak becuase Codina is unknowning all thing!!

    Can anyone help me too, to download ifile without jail?

  17. I can’t use it in my iphone 6 10 ! installed it with different repos ! donno why it doesn’t work 🙁 does it have any problem with any other tweak?!

  18. IPad Air 10 and IPad 2 localiapstore works on iPad 2 but not on IPad Air running same iOS (9.1) is there a difference in the version for each iPad?

  19. Since PreferenceLoader is updated, localiapstore still work on iOS 10 ? Because I seen many iapcracker app that don’t work anymore. Thx 😉

  20. I saw that I can use this for purchases for server based games. Like I wanna use it for Era of Heroes. It says I need the in-AppStore DNS. How can I get that and use so I can buy stuff for that game or other server based games?

  21. Ios 10 i jailbreak with pangu why i don’t see a localiapstore in settings nad how to enable that? I too install localiapstore

    1. bc preferenceloader is not yet updated to support the new 10 jailbreak, it wont take long (I guess) until the devs release the update

  22. please make it work on games like, game of war fire age (this game needs a lot of money and not all of us can afford to play it, its a fun game though), clash of kings, sims city, avakin life, and other online games

  23. Hey guys pls make it work for wifi games.And I love your app it makes most of the Iap free but pls make it work for wifi games

  24. whats a good tweak for the game blast i have tried a lot like AppCake, LocalIAPStore, and Vshare? Also does anybody know the source for AppSync? please??!!!!

  25. Just 2 weeks ago hack a sideserver game with the new update for this cydia tweak. But it got ban fasts, but its possible that any app could be hack.

  26. Just to let you all know that this sort of hack wont work with games that are playable online as the server checks that the purchase has been received before releasing coins/gems etc

  27. it says purchase successful but bars dont appear in the candy bank.. what should i do? First time i tried it it worked, like a week ago, but ever since it is not functioning…

  28. Please help! I can’t download it at all! It gives me this message: the requested modifications cannot be applied due to required dependencies or conflicts that cannot be automatically found or fix, Depends: “preferenceloader” how to get it to work? I never had this problem on my iPhone 6 or iPad Air, right now I’m trying to install it on iPad Air 2… How to get this preferenceloader?

  29. I have recently jail broken my iPhone 5s iOS 10 and installed localiapstore but when I am trying to buy anything in sims free play it’s showing store error. Help plz?

  30. Thanks works perfect on iOS 9.1!! One question do I turn it off after I’ve used it or leave it enabled all the time???

  31. not working in 10 .. i know that just came out today, but just tried the LocaliAPstore, and the app doesn’t show up anywhere, and nothing shows in settings either (but as with the one on my other iphone, i know there isn’t a area in the settings app to begin with lol..) ..
    i have iphone 6+

    1. when i tried it on clash of clans it just made all the gem offers grey and didnt return to normal. Also to use LocalIAPStore you dont need to put in your name and stuff. Just click cancel.

    2. You will get charged but will not receive the gems and have to try and get a refund. I had this issue because I didn’t realize I had localiapstore turned on :/

  32. Guys this wont work on Online Multiplayer games such as Clash of clans, Boon beach and such. They are connected to a security server which makes sure that money gets transfered before sending gems/coils watever

  33. Hello, I just downloaded LocallApStore and enabled it, but I keep getting a “Cannot Connect to iTunes Store” when I try to get coins and such – can you help me with this problem, please?

    1. This means that the app you’re trying to “fake” the payment with knows you’re trying to do so. It only works on offline games like Angry Birds, Jetpack Joyride etc. with the exception of a few online games.

  34. hey, is LocallAppStore and local iap store are same tweaks? I have heard about LocallAppStore many times and it also works to get free in app purchases. Hey, tell me how to get LocallAppStore cydia tweak. I wanna install LocallAppStore iOS 10 on my iPhone.

    or any LocallAppStore repo source?!

    1. No It did not work for me. I’m on 10 jailbreak.
      I get the message purchase successful but actually not.
      So i did not get any lolly-pops added.

      Please help.

  35. I have used localiapstore on marvel puzzle quest can they track that i used cos every time I try to join an alliance it say there is a prodlem with my account contact customer service

  36. Hi! I have an iPad Air in iOS10.2 and no longer works with Smurfs Village. Can somebody explain me what can I do? PLEEASEEEE

  37. Hi. Maybe this is a bit off topic, but I have the local iap store. Couple months ago, that U2 album was sort of put in the music without consent. So there’s that page where you uninstall it and put in your Apple ID and pass. Now my question is, can Apple have access to stuff related to the local iap store? Just paranoid before putting my apple stuff on there.. Feeling like they could see stuff haha ._. Please let me know.. Anyone. Thanks

    1. Ok, the way I do it and you should is go to Settings-iTunes & App Store touch your Apple ID you’ll get 4 options, go for View Apple ID, Sign in, Payment Information, you’ll have 5 options, the bottom one says None, touch it and press on done on top right, one more done and you are back to the main screen.
      Now if an IAP bypassing don’t work Apple will ask for payment information so you can’t go wrong.

      1. Thanks. I’m not really all that tech savvy which is why I asked. I had the jailbreak installed by a friend and showed me basic knowledge with tweaks. The rest I wasn’t sure about. Thankyou again!

        1. I’ve been bypassing IAP’s for many years without one problem from Apple. I’m guessing Apple don’t see it or don’t care, in a way it works like when an App goes free for a day so people will install and show their friends and when the friends want it they got to pay because the price went back up so in a way we do the same with the IAP’s ( advertising)!

          1. i am trying this with “the game of thrones-the game” i can click the inapp purchase and purchase it. but it keeeps on spinning (it says purchasing) but the spinning never stops

  38. Does this or anything work on racing rivals? So many ppl have 300+ cars half being “gem” purchased cars. There is NO way they bought them all through in game currency!!! I want in LOL

  39. Thank you so much man!!! I thought this site is fake but its work in ios8 !!!
    Marveolous by the way sorry for bad english its my 3rd language.

  40. When I download anything in cydia I get an error in red words when you have to hit restart springboard and it doesn’t work

    1. Bhai just refress the cydia after search app and download remember that when u open cydia let completely refress and then download the apps

  41. It doesn’t work on 10 days with my devil, like app, sims freeplay, covet, etc. but it worked on kardashians. Every time I try it on my other apps, it either crashes or doesn’t do anything at all. Please help!

  42. localapstore does not work for any game that are multilayer game like clash of clans, fifa 14 and many many many more

  43. Confirmed – works on DragonVale iOS 9… Enable it in Settings –> LocalApStore–. enable. restart the game. try to buy something… Good luck!!

    1. Instead of asking, try seeing for yourself!!!!

      Do you really expect these people to know if this 1 app works on over 5 MILLION apps? – Stop being stupid and just try it out.

  44. This isn’t working on my ipad 2, ios 8.1. Try Jurassic Park Builder and Dragonvale. All it does is crash the games before the item can be “purchased”. Reinstalled LocalApStore to no avail. Made sure it was enabled in settings. Receipt is turned off.

    1. So far (July 2015), LocaliAPStore works with Jurassic Park Builder.

      When I was on iOS 10 (iPhone 4s) the game would crash, but once in a while it will work and you’ll get your “Purchase.” (I’m not sure of what my settings were)

      I’m now running iOS 10 (iPhone 4s) and it still works with JPBuilder.
      LocaliAPStore ENABLED
      Generate custom receipt DISABLED

      When you “Purchase” cash, JPBuilder will ask you to login to iTunes, just hit cancel and you’ll get your hacked currency.

  45. I’m getting a payment verification error in kingdoms of camelot battle for the north…any suggestions?

    1. it worked only once, i got so exited though, I think it only works once, DAMN. Its either us having this problem or is only just a malfunction

  46. Guys this works (even on iOS 9.1)
    You just have to enable it: go to Settings > LocalIAPStore > then press Enable
    When the iTunes login box pops up press cancel
    then magic happens

      1. It works on almost any app that has in-app purchases
        I tried it on lots of games and using this you can remove ads or get power ups without having to pay.

  47. it works, but i’m not sure if it is real ,i’m so scared that i have to pay ,can anyone prove me if this is 100% real? thanks a lot.

    1. yes, I was scared as sh*t as well.
      But you don’t have to pay, as you don’t fill in your apple ID credentials; you can look at your purchase history in iTunes.

    1. No, this does not work on ANY game/app that uses multiplayer and/or a server.

      Those two apps you just mentioned use servers and multiplayer, so it will not work! – This only works on single player apps like fruit ninja for example. NOT multiplayer games.

  48. Make sure to Take off your billing info since i accidently got charged .99 but after i took it off, it still worked.

  49. I followed the directions perfectly but when it restarts my Ipod the LocaliAPstore is not showing in my settings. I tried every way possible and even did it a couple times and it wont show up in my settings. Help please!

  50. LocaliAPstore list of games
    clash of clan
    candy crush
    angry birds
    talking tom
    Please update game hacks, or local iAP store hacks trick

      1. talking tom
        candy crush
        and angry birds are all not server sided but clash of clans is server sided meaning your data is accesed via servers online thats why you need internet to play so if you wanted to hack clash of clans you will have to hack into their server which requires more than some basic jailbreaking skills

  51. Hello, I have recently tried to install the jailbreak, it does not work via online registered apps or does it? As I have seen?

  52. This works if you uninstall Cydia Substrate but before you due, backup using some kind of backup. the mobile will remove bitesms, pandora downloader, winterborad etc. Then you can restore after re-installing Mobile Substrate. 😉

  53. works like a charm..
    if you still not see the local appstore try reinstall Cydia substrate first then reinstall the localiapstore > reboot device.. works for me

  54. the author should update the list of working apps and games for iOS specially for iPad mini, iPad air, iPhone and iPod touch

                1. absolutely correct, iAPFree has stopped working. now only this jailbreak app works on iPad air, iPad mini,iPhone and all iDevice that run on iOS 10 up to 7.0.6

            1. You should add HYI repo source where you can install app sync iOS 10 for iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone version
              it will support Local iAP Store iOS 10 to work properly

            1. I’m sure that it will take at least 2 or three months. we might see directly iOS 10 jailbreak rather then iOS 10 jailbreak

  55. I wanna download Best localiapstore apps and tweaks
    can someone will update the list for iPad air or iPad Mini or any other iPad Model?
    I have iOS 9.0.5 and wanna get the working list of all compatible apps and games as well as in-app purchases

      1. There’s over 5 million apps in the appstore, if you want a list of every single app, you’ll be reading until you’re dead as new games and apps are released every single day. You will never get a list.

        You know should that it only works on client sided games, this will not work for games that require you to be connected to play. Simples.

  56. you can just use the actual appstore apps but it doesn’t work for some apps and yes gamecenter does remember your account on ios (unless you sign in on android, which it could get glitchy)

  57. @nishaanjariwala:disqus
    It supports large number of games and that’s being said that it works only on games, so, better luck next time

  58. Server Sided games will never work. And DLC packs will never be available..and for all who are afraid of being charged, calm down if you always PRESS CANCEL when the iTunes popup comes then everything is safe, and if not it asks you again to confirm.

    1. This isn’t entirely true. I had free IAP’s on Afterpulse which is server based for about a week using HYI’s localIAP. Unfortunately, they patched the opening so I sit waiting for a new update to the tweak. Might want to try that one before the rest of the server sided apps repair as well.

  59. I have a portuguese music magazine on my iPad, I bought the issues but a error comes off when I try to download it, even if I turn LocalIapstore off. Does anyone knows how to fix this?! Now, I can’t not even legally buy any issue cause all of them says “FREE – Press to download”

      1. there isnt even any other options for me in ninja shall we date, it only gives me the option of saizo and the basic story, nothing else :/

  60. Can the Developer please fix how this works with “MyNBA2K14”? after i do it once, i get the credits, but after that, it tells me the credits have been added to my account but its still at 0

    1. First, you go to your search bar in cydia, then search “mobile substrate”.
      Then you reinstall it and reinstall Local IAP Store and it should be in your settings

    2. If cydia substrate doesn’t show up, go to cydia wait until you see the black thing up on the top left corner, you will have to wait for it to download,after that you should see cydia substrate in the changes tab. I hope this helps you guys and if it still doesn’t show up, well something is wrong with your device.

  61. Apps that are working with LocalIAPstore:
    Fruit Ninja
    Subway Surfers
    Gun BRos
    Jurrasic Park Builder
    HUngry Shark
    Angry Granny
    Temple Run 2

  62. High School Story does not work. Please update Localiappstore to hack this game! This game was a major reason why I jail broke my device.

    1. Textfree EX seems to purchase , but my minutes are not added. Also, Asphalt 8 does not work. Please fix these 3 games!!!

      1. Perhaps, you don’t know, but the developer of local iap store is watching this articles closely and noticing the comments

        1. True, I appreciate the developers hard work already! 😀 Dont ruin it for anyone people, if its free for most games that good enough for me. We need to be alittle more thankful ya!

          1. The reason you may not be able to get some IAP from certain games is the way it actually verifies the purchase. Most games that require WiFi will not work. This is because the purchase isn’t just verified with the App Store, it is also check with the Application’s Server, so it is much harder to send a packet to the server and bypass its verification.

  63. does anyone know if Local iap store works on 64bit jailbreaked devices (iPhone 5s, iPad mini 2 or iPad Air), I want an iPad but I only want it if Local Iap store works…
    I can tell you that in my iPhone 5 (8.1) it works even better!!! that on an iPhone 4S (6.1)

      1. Hi, LocalIapstore auto installs Cydia Substrate as a dependent component, the question was, does the LocalIapstore works on a 64bit device? I can tell you now that the new version of LocalIapstore should work because it’s it’s reported on the changelog. Great peace of software!

    1. Really? it works on ios 8.1? ok for me I am using a ipad 3 I installed localiappstore but when I try to use it in temple run. When I click on the purchase the whole game crashes but it stays open in multitasking. Any advice thanks!

  64. I am trying to get LocalIAPStore to work for Dragon Bane Elite. Makes it all the way to authenticating then gives me invalid order error in game. Any thoughts or recommendations.

    1. thats great amanda, can you put screenshot for working localiapstore? i have doubt that it actually works, but yes, there are many apps to try
      or you can just try any good alternatives

  65. It works on ticket to ride for extra map. Too bad it doesn’t work on wayang force, now I cannot buy local magazine even if i want to pay for it… Is there any way to temporary disable it?

  66. So just to confirm I installed LocaliAPStore and used on Dragonvale. So when I click on purchases it says making purchase but doesn’t ask for apple Id and pe. Assuming that means it worked?

  67. Just tried it on Smurfs Village again and Big Win Slots. Neither one of those work for berries or money. Both games say Cannot purchase without Internet connection, BUT I am connected on both counts and was playing. Any ideas on how to fix this?

  68. Doesn’t seem to work on “Tiny Farm” even though it’s on the list.
    Shown “Your inApp purchase was made” but nothing happen.

  69. Are you trying to purchase a jet pack? Because you have to go through the process of getting the coins first… I have tested this with jetpack joyride and it works fine

  70. People that are asking why it doesn’t work for all apps, it’s because some game maintain a server while others do not. So for most games, if it doesn’t work you’re out of luck…. and Tweaker tester, it works with jetpack joyride, I’ve used it.

  71. I tried the Sims 3, TS- ambitions, TS world adv., Bonnies brunch, Antrim escape3 deluxe, big fish, oh! edo world, it doesn’t worked. it always showed payment information required…

    oh yeah when I tried purchased story in pirates in love, nothing happen..
    it worked in dlc like shall we date ninja, konkatsu marriage, dragonvale (inf money n gems)

  72. no its just the real thing because before I download localiAP store. I can’t buy some thing so its not LocaliAPStore and if you try : castle age its say you buy it but don’t have so some game are the same thing its doesn’t work for all and urban rivals say it too: error you always buy this pack

  73. Can anyone tell me if local iAP Store works with monopoly hotels? I need gold and lots of it… Just not sure if the cracker works for it… Can anyone confirm please? Monopoly Hotels…

  74. i used it with surviving high school, it says it was purchased cancelled, does anyone know an app like LocaliAPStore that works with surviving high school?

  75. Hi all,

    these are the games on which LocaliAPstore works…

    Need For Speed
    Real Boxing
    Real Racing 3
    Temple Run 2
    Motor Racing
    Call Of Mini Brawlers
    Slotz Racer
    Roar Rampage
    Sonic Jump
    JetPack Joyride
    Uber Racer
    Banana Kong
    Subway Surfers
    Pocket Trucks
    Stunt Car Challenge
    AR Defender 2
    Last Knight
    Photoshop Express
    Table Top Racing

    If anyother apps are working, please submit here or submit the issue

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