Cydia LockScreen iOS 11.1.2 Clock Hide Tweak for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

LockScreen Clock Hide is a free Cydia tweak that removes date and time from your lock screen. Its highly customizable, you can hide only time or date as per your preference…

LockScreen clock hide is very popular Cydia tweak that removes time and date stamp from your lock screen. Lock screen looks clean and neat after hiding clock. Normally with a big clock on the lock screen, iPhone wallpaper, winterboard theme and other tweaks do not look good. Actually this clock reserve all the space.

Apple doesn’t allow iPhone user to hide clock from lock screen. To remove these restrictions, you have to jailbreak your iOS device. After jailbreak, you will able to install LockScreen clock hide tweak. Its completely free tweak that can be easily found on Cydia app store under Modmyi repo.

How to Hide LockScreen Clock

There have been a lot of bugs fixed and improved it to make compatible with latest iOS firmware. Take a look at how to install this lockscreen tweak…

Lock Screen Clock Hide

1 You must have jailbroken iOS device, if you have already jailbroken device, skip this step or use EvasiOn to jailbreak your iOS 6, 6.1.3 firmware to install lock screen clock hide tweak. Make sure that you have ticked to install Cydia during jailbreaking procedure.

2 Now launch Cydia app store from springboard and tap on Search. Type Lockscreen Clock Hide and go. A result will come up, tap on install button to install it. This Cydia tweak is found on Modmyi repo, you can tap on Manage, then search this tweak on that repo.

3 After installation, restart your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. After restart your lock screen will not have that big clock.

4 As I mentioned above, its highly customizable tweak, user can easily enable date and time back to lock screen, so, there is no worry to loss your big clock forever.


There is no doubt LockScreen clock hide is a useful Cydia tweak, however, one thing that I hate. The developer of this tweak, has not took any care of future update. It is compatible for iOS 5, user can install it on iOS 6.1.3 too, however, it is not officially updated for the same.

You will lose nothing as its a free lock screen tweak, just go and download it.

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  1. Lydia says:

    After my phone resprung from downloading lockscreen clock hide, the time on my lockscreen was still there. What do I do to fix this?

  2. Starman_Andromeda says:

    Well, it hides the time on the lock screen (boy does that look weird!) (even though it was what I wanted!).

    However, it does NOT hide the time from the status bar–even with the status bar time option set to OFF, and restarted the iPhone.

    I’m new to this jailbreak biz, but each time I’ve installed a new Cydia app, and it says “Restart Springboard”, the iPhone freezes.

    Oh, well. Think I may be going back to non-jail broken and a piece of black tape!

  3. No says:

    Does not work on my iphone 5 with iOS 9

  4. Samantha says:

    I’m looking for best lockscreen tweaks for iPad Air or iPad Mini
    i’m lover of iPad lockscreens
    please help, i’ve iOS 9.0.6 and its jailbroken iDevice

  5. Erubey says:

    I have installed lockscreen clock hide on my 5s iOS 9.04 and I open it it states ( there was an error loading the preference bundle for clock hide ) any help would be appreciated

  6. Sven. says:

    It’s not working for me on my iPhone 4s with iOS 9.04 🙁 The clock doesn’t want to disappear…

  7. Tyler says:

    This is wonderful Cydia app, recently they have added a transparent effect for smaller time bar. It looks cool to have only time instead of big clock between the wallpaper.
    thanks to developer

    • Michael Edward says:

      There has been a lot of features that normal user miss to notice. You can hide only date or only time or both from the lock screen. If you wanna put only time frame, then there is a transparent effect that never affect your current wallpaper.
      A must have Lockscreen Clock hide tweak if you wanna clear your lock screen.

    • Parul says:

      I wanna free lock screen app for iPad Air iOS 10 Beta
      please suggest me how to get it?

  8. Amanda says:

    I couldn’t figure it out why it doesn’t work on my iOS 9, I have lockInfo Cydia tweak with this one. How to use both version. I have Lockscreen Clock hide 1.9 version.
    Please help me someone

    • Michael Edward says:

      Hi Amanda,

      I think you are missing a new update. Lockscreen clock hide has been launched a long time ago. Just go and get the latest update for your iOS 6.

      I have read the change log and it clearly stats that this issue has been fixed.


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