How to Close Cydia Tweaks and All Apps for iOS 11.1.2 on iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone

I’m gonna show you couple of Cydia tweaks that can easily kill running apps from background or delete them permanently from your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Mini and iPad Air.

You can’t believe that many iPhone users feeling hard to touch home button. Actually, for many users it’s belief that Home button would be crap up if you touch it frequently. If you’re one of them, you can avoid touching Home button by installing couple of Cydia tweaks.

If you’re on jailbroken device that means it’s a lot easier to install Cydia tweaks to kill or remove Cydia tweaks or any AppStore apps. KillBackgournd Cydia tweak is very popular jailbreak app available to kill background applications. Suppose, you feel hard to touch home button to kill each application running on your iPhone, you just need to tap only one control center button, that’s it.

All running apps would be instantly closed using KillBackground tweak. The most current version available of the tweak is KillBackground8 and the same updated version would be available with the name of KillBackground9.


There is another great tweak tapping around us is, CyDelete. Yeah, this is very important to install this Cydia tweak on all jailbroken device to delete or remove jailbreak apps from your iPhone or iPad device.

The most current jailbreak tweak available to delete your installing Cydia tweaks from your iPhone is CyDelete8 and very soon CyDelete9 would be released with iOS 11.1.2 Jailbreak.

Couple of other great Cydia tweaks to kill running apps are…

  1. CCMore
  2. Auxo Legacy Edition
  3. Stratos
  4. Keek Cydia Tweak

If you’ve better way to deal with running or installed apps on your iPhone, you can comment them below and can win iPhone 6S Plus as well by commenting.

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