How to Downgrade iOS 9 to iOS 9.0.2 [17 Steps] using iFaith or iH8sn0w

If you are boring with iOS 9 and looking for downgrade to iOS 9, then here is the steps and iH8snOw iFaith tool to get iOS 9 once again on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch then jailbreak…

Apple is more concern about their iOS security. To prevent jailbreaking and tweaking, they have stopped signing iOS 9 after introducing iOS 9. Now there are no luck for you, if you have iPhone and or any iDevice which runs on iOS 9 or further new release in this series.

But, there is some interesting news for iPhone users, who have saved SHSH blobs for iOS 9. The news is, if you have iPhone or iPad and if you have saved SHSH blobs, you can still able to Downgrade iOS 9 to iOS 9 or older firmware with the help of iFaith.

We were getting a bunch of request to publish the solution or fix to downgrade iOS 9 to iOS 9, so we put hands on couple of device that run on iOS 9 and as always there is no luck for us too, but when we tried iPhone 4s to downgrade for some devices that have SHSH blobs backup, those iDevices can still downgrade.

Downgrade iOS 9 to iOS iOS 9

So, here is what you wanted to get back your favorite jailbroken iOS 9 once again step by step. But, there is a few instructions which you need to understand and follow. I have mention all of them below.

Compatible iDevices: Only iPhone and iPad users can downgrade iOS 9, if they have saved iOS 9 ‘s SHSH blobs. This is clear that iPhone 6, 5S, 5C, 4S users can’t downgrade whether they have iOS 9 blobs or not, because they are fully capable to run iOS 9. And we would like to recommend you that please take a backup, before starting downgrading procedure and full charge your iPhone battery.

One more thing; iFaith only available for Windows operating systems, so if you have Mac OS, then avoid downgrading on Mac OS and install iFaith on Windows operating system. Detailed steps provided below…

1 iFaith works only Windows operating system, So, Download iFaith v1.5.9 using your Windows PC.

2 You will need to have iOS 9 firmware, so download it. Google for it. You will easily find iOS 9 firmware on the web.

3 Downgrading is possible only with iTunes 11, if you have new version such as iTunes 11.1 or 11.0.5 then uninstall it, download and install iTunes 11.

4 Connect your iPhone 4s with windows PC. Make sure that you have fully charged your iPhone 4s battery before starting downgrading procedure. Downgrade process may consume a lot of battery power, so, its advisable to have fully charged battery.

5 Now launch iFaith application from your windows. iFaith application interface will be open. Click on OK button to proceed to the next step.

6 There will be four options in this window. Choose “Show Available SHSH Caches on Server” option.

7 iFaith will ask you whether you want to use newly connected device (That’s your iPhone 4s)? Hit “Yes” and continue to the next step.

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8 This window will show you three option line by line. Choose third option “Show list of available SHSH blobs on TSS server(s)”. In the next screen, iFaith will show you all the available iPhone 4s SHSH blobs on server to download.

Note: This is very important step to downgrade your iOS 9 to iOS 9 successfully. So, choose correct iOS 9 SHSH blobs correctly.

9 Select iOS 9 blob from Cydia only and press “Download selected blob(s)” option. It will ask to save it. Choose desktop and press OK. iFaith will show you the estimated time, when it will finish downloading iOS 9 SHSH blob from Cydia. Press OK. Then, It will again ask you to choose newly connected device? Press “No”. iFaith will be exit.

10 Now again open iFaith application and press OK. This time, again it will show you four options, choose first option “Build signed IPSW w/ blobs”. In the next screen, it will ask you to browse iOS 9 blobs from your computer. Browse it and press OK. iFaith will inform you that your apticket is valid, hit OK.

11 iFaith again ask you to browse iOS 9 IPSW. If you have downloaded it earlier, browse and submit or press download it first.

12 iFaith verify the IPSW and if it is the correct file, it will ask you to Build IPSW. Press on it.

Note: iFaith will build custom IPSW file using your firmware and iOS 9 blobs that you have selected in above procedure. When it finished building IPSW file, a inform message will come up, click OK and continue.

13 Put your iPhone 4s into DFU mode. (I think you know what is DFU mode)

14 Open iTunes that you have installed in earlier steps. It will be open in “Recovery Mode” Click on OK to continue.

15 Now hold down “Shift Key” and Click on Restore iPhone button from pane. Browse Custom IPSW that you have build using iFaith iH8snOw tool.

16 iTunes will now restore your iPhone 4s using that custom IPSW file. Remember one thing that don’t disconnect your iPhone 4s from iTunes during the restore procedure.

17 Once iOS 9 downgrading and iOS 9 restore will be finish, follow on screen instruction to set up your iPhone.

Note: Congratulations! You have successfully downgraded your iPhone 4s from iOS 9 to iOS 9.

From Editor’s Desk

Its a long procedure, it may take enough time, so downgrade iOS 9 to iOS 9 when you have enough time for it to do. Tutorial looks too long, but when you will downgrade iOS 9, it will not be too long as appears.

If you are feeling nervous, above video might help you in downgrading your iPhone 4s. Please make sure that iH8snOw iFaith tool only works for iPhone 4s and for Windows operating systems.

Just make a comment, if you are facing any error.

  • PippoX0

    iFaith1.5.9 can be used up to iOs 6.1.3 !! it doesn’t work with iOS 9.1 (cannot sign it) and with iPhone4S (only with A4 device like iPhone4).
    So i have Ios 5.1.1 ShSh blobs for my iPhone4S but i cannot use iFaith to downgrade …

  • Linh Ng

    11 recovery error..anyone helps ?

    • Donna Lewis

      Download a full iOS iOS 9.1 Downgrade Kit with all software and
      step-by-step instructions with a 100% working guarantee. You can downgrade it to iOS 9.1,
      7.0.6, 8.1, 7.0.2, 7.0, 6.1.4, 6.1.3, 6.0.
      Download it from:

  • ocbarrio

    Today I will upload 6.1, 6.1.2 and 6.1.3 shsh blobs to mega or something like that…

    • Dianna Agron

      please hurry

  • help

    3194 recovery error…how to fix it..i don`t have any hosts problem..what can i do..

  • lalalalala

    sorry to bother u .can anybody share me shsh blobs for iphone4 for ios6.1.2 ? pls help me once.. , my email

  • ZomBMage

    Did anyone save the blobs for the gsm iphone 4 for iOS 9? If so, can I have them?

    • ocbarrio

      I have valid SHSH for iphone4 GSM on 6.1 and 6.1.2. Tell me your mail… (on 6.1 works perfectly)

      • MuhammadMoin Raza Khan plz mail me the valid shsh blobs for iphone 4 i will be thankful to you

        • Jaypee Pitines

          sir please send me iphone 4 shsh blobs. tnx..

          • kainen wise

            guys shsh blobs are unique to every device if you do not have your own then you are out of luck although redsnow may be able to retrieve them from the cydia server if you have jailbreoken in the past, i believe that was introduces sometime between ios 5 and 6

            happy jailbreaking

          • anand

            well wise then u r trying to say that we cannot downgrade if hadnt jailbreak at the past??? really

          • Ali

            Please send to me?


      • stephan halbedl

        Can you send them to me as well?! I’d highly appreciate it =]

      • Ahmed Choudhary

        Sir Plz Snd Me iPhone 4 Shsh Blobs Plz My Email iD
        Plz Sir

      • poya

        Plase give me a valid shsh blobs. I dont have it

      • ZomBMage

        My email is Please send me the 6.1 blobs please. Thanks

      • Mati

        Can you send it to me please, my email is Tjanks a lot

      • opel23
      • Cristurean Cristian

        Plese! I need too shsh for iPhone 4.Now is on iOS 9.1 (11D201) firmware modem 04.12.09 and i want to downgrade to 6…. Can u help me? My email is

      • Nicoló Andriani

        please i want back ios 6 for my iphone4. i will thank u so much if u send me a shsh.

      • Gary Villaloboz

        Can you please send me the 6.1 shsh blobs please i really want back ios 6 on my Iphone 4.

      • izul

        Can you send it to me please, my email is

      • Dee

        hi can you please email me shsh blob to email please? i cant find anywhere, thanks so much for your time and energy.

      • anand, can u please maile me shsh for iphone4 gsm ios 6.1.2 or 6.1.3 /// plz i really want to get rid of ios 7

      • Christian Esquejo

        Pls send me a copy of SHSH 6.1.3
        Thank you in advance

      • wau

        copy at pls

      • mapman

        Would you be able to get me both 6.0 & 6.12 @

      • pingLapino

        hi. please can you send me the 6.12 shsh Thanks.pls. pls.

      • Jay Singh

        hi. please send me 6.1 Shsh blob
        my id is

      • Figueroa

        Please send me shsh 6.1 for iPhone 4S this is my email thanks

      • Carlos

        Please send me shsh 6.1 for iPhone 4S this is my email thanks

      • Mian Haadi
    • Enki

      hi. please send me 6.1.3 Shsh blob iphone4 GSM
      my id is

  • goran

    this version of iTunes 11 cannot recognize my iphone and i want to downgrade i
    os7 to ios6 please help

    • ocbarrio

      You need to uninstall itunes and reinstall v11.0.5 (that´s the last that could downgrade) In order to uninstall recents versions you need to delete manually almost 2 files… search it on google…

  • Edwin

    Do this work on iPod touch 5g ???

  • Dimitris25

    Hello Very great instructions!!! I wanna ask something… why to me have no blobs to select????? Only 5.1.1. Pleaaase help me!!!!!!!!

    • ocbarrio

      Sorry Dimitris25, but you forget to save SHSH blobs and upload to cydia servers. Due to this, and in case that those 5.1.1 SHSH are OK, you only can downgrade to ios 5.1.1.

      Or have a TETHER JB using SHSH blobs from other iPhone. You can read my posts on that here.

      Sorry man.

      But now we have PANGU, I´m on iOS 9.1 with PANGU JB with an iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. And it´s working perfectly….

  • dhruv sharma

    will my data be erased if i downgrade my iphone ?

    • ocbarrio

      Of course, the downgrade is a fully restore process. But, you can make a backup using “Tongbu” (like itunes or 25pp)

  • Hani Samhan

    is there a way to downgrade ipad 2 from iOS 9.1 to 8.1 or 7.0.6

    • ocbarrio

      I don´t know for iPad, but sure of you can´t downgrade to 7.0.x. Only to 6.x.x.

      • (JailbreakQA) King Shoot

        No.iPad 2 can only be downgraded IF you jave iOS 4 SHSH.You can then upgrade to iOS 5,but not iOS 6

        • ocbarrio

          Thank u for information, I only have iPhone…

          • (JailbreakQA) King Shoot

            You can downgrade an iPhone 4,3GS or lower

    • Donna Lewis

      Download a full iOS iOS 9.1 Downgrade Kit with all software and
      step-by-step instructions with a 100% working guarantee. You can downgrade it to iOS 9.1,
      7.0.6, 8.1, 7.0.2, 7.0, 6.1.4, 6.1.3, 6.0.
      Download it from-

  • Rony

    Im not having any blobs !
    Wat to do then?

    • ocbarrio


      search the other method, on YOUTUBE “Downgrade de iOS 9 a iOS 6 SIN SHSH”. It´s in spanish, but the english version is already there…

      You can restore/downgrade from ios 6.x.x or 7.x.x to ios 6.x.x making iFaith signed IPSW with SHSH Blobs from other iPhone 4, and then install 2 patches for the 2 issues (because your iPhone does not the same SHSH Blobs). One of them is PreventSleep or something like that, it prevents idevice to goes Sleep mode, that is required at first stage…

      In youtube video (that I saw) there is a link to a website that have valid SHSH Blobs from an iPhone 4 GSM, CDMA and the other one on versions 6.0,6.1.2 and 6.1.3. But now website is not working (I don´t know why):

      team – sync . info / Blobs /

      The payed price to this is when iPhone restarts, DFU Mode (Black screen) is booted, and it´s necessary to conect to a computer with redsn0w to “JUST BOOT” your iDevice.

      This is because Firmware isn´t really signed with valid blobs, and on restart iPhone detects that as an error, and automatically puts idevice on DFU Mode to restore.

      Sorry by my english…

    • Cody Waters

      I have the same problem!

  • EZ

    Hi. Is there no chance of downgrading my iPhone 5s running iOS 9.1 to lower version? My brother accidentally upgraded my phone. :( Now my jailbreak is gone :(

    • ocbarrio

      Nop! Only iPhone 4! I have an iPhone 4s with 7.1 and it´s impossible.

  • ocbarrio

    Can anyone tell me why my last post was deleted?

  • Heng Btb

    Can u give me SHSH Blobs for downgrade IOS iOS 9.1 to 6.1.3 or downgrade Baseband 4.12.09 to 1.59?

    • ocbarrio

      Read my post up there!

  • Enea Guidi

    But I don’t have a SHSH Blobs… can you help me to find it?? Thank

    • ocbarrio

      Read my post up there!

  • DiamondKill3r

    Does it have to be an iphone 4? will 4s work in any way? and if not is there any way around it? Please MSG back ASAP P.S. I dont have SHSH sooooooooo….

    • ocbarrio

      I have an iPhone 4s on 7.1 and right now is impossible to downgrade. That´s because I buyed an iPhone 4 with frant and back cristals broken, and many other parts not working. Following tutorials I repaired and I saved SHSH Blobs from 6.1 with iFaith. And now I´m using only iPhone 4. I restore to 6.1 many times, even I upgraded to iOS 9.1, and Jailbreak tether with GeekSn0w, and downgrade later to 6.1 again.

      I LOVE MY iPHONE 4!!!!

  • bukitheone

    Confirmed downgrade from iOS 9.1 to 6.1.3 on iPhone 4 gsm
    Whoever created this is a genius.thanks a lot
    it took me about 15 minutes

    • Seuss

      hey man! please help me to downgrade to iOS 9.0.6 using exact steps

    • (JailbreakQA) King Shoot

      Uhhh,this isn’t new.You could have downgraded/upgraded to any firmware with iFaith for years

  • ocbarrio

    Hi again!

    I can´t believe it!!!

    I´m on iOS iOS 9.1 and JAILBREAKED (semi-untethered). Searching on Cydia there are a few tweaks with 7.1.x support.

    And YES, I can Downgrade to 6.1 anytime.


    ONLY Downgrade to 6.x.x or older (ifaith don´t have support for 7.x)
    ONLY when you have saved SHSH blobs

    (These are my experiencies, I want to try to 8.1 or 7.0.6)

    OR search the other method, on YOUTUBE “Downgrade de iOS 9 a iOS 6 SIN SHSH”. It´s in spanish, but the english version is already there… You can restore/downgrade from ios 6.x.x or 7.x.x to ios 6.x.x with SHSH
    Blobs from other iPhone, and then install 2 patches for the 2 issues
    (because your iPhone does not the same SHSH Blobs). The
    payed price
    to this is when iPhone restarts, DFU Mode (Black screen) is booted, and it´s
    necessary to conect to a computer with redsn0w to “JUST BOOT” your

  • ocbarrio

    I have an iPhone 4 16GB, on iOS 6.1. I succesfully restore at least 7 times in the last month with an IPSW that I created with SnowBreeze using iFaith blobs, even with 82 integrated tweaks (AWESOME!!!).

    I haven´t got the 6.1.3 SHSH blobs (not really true, I have it from TyniUmbrella, but when I try to add it SnowBreeze says that tickets are not valid)

    Can I UPGRADE to iOS iOS 9.1 and later DOWNGRADE to iOS 6.1 (like the other 7 times)????

    Or are there any problem with MODEM FIRMWARE? I not understand everything yet!!

    THANKS!!! And sorry by my English…

    • Edison

      can you post step by step guide

      • ocbarrio

        OK! My steps:

        1- download itunes 11.0.5 or lower version
        (search on google how to succesfully uninstall itunes, there are couple of files that needs to manually deletes, if you are running newer version of itunes)

        2- download iFaith, execute, click OK. Press “DUMP SHSH Blobs” and follow the instructions to enter your iphone 4 on DFU Mode (Don´t panic if it´s not recognized, and try again. 10 seconds with power and home, and 10 seconds with only home. The bad thing: needs to start ios in order to shutdown again). When the process ends you have saved Blobs of your iPhone and your ios version. In case of there are no blobs to save, try TinyUmbrella to download if there are on cydia. If not Blobs saved you can search Downgrade de ios 7 a ios 6 SIN SHSH on youtube. It´s in spanish, but you can search on youtube the english version. With
        this method you can restore/downgrade from ios 6.x.x or 7.x.x to ios 6.x.x with SHSH Blobs from other iPhone, and then install 2 patches for the 2 issues (because your iPhone does not the same SHSH Blobs). The
        payed price to this is that iPhone restarts on DFU Mode (Black screen), and it´s necessary to conect to a computer with redsn0w to “JUST BOOT” your iDevice.

        3- In iFaith click on “Build signed IPSW with blobs”, select the SHSH saved with iFaith (or TinyUmbrella) and it must be said that APTickets are valid. Then select the ORIGINAL IPSW with same version of opened SHSH, you can get it from “getios” (a website). When iFaith verify the IPSW click on Make IPSW. And you will get an
        signed IPSW on your desktop. iFaith tell you that you need to put your iPhone on DFU Mode. Follow instructions.

        4- Run itunes and it tell you that iPhone is on a recovery mode, OK. And PRESS SHIFT + click on
        Restore. It brings up a window, select IPSW created with iFaith from desktop and…

        SEE THE MAGIC…..

  • Anixe

    on iFaith, can’t find SHSH, just stay a (None)

    • ocbarrio

      I don´t know for sure, but for me (and I tried a lot..) only worked iFaith SHSH blobs, but you can try redSn0w, tinyUmbrella and Sn0wBreeze…

  • Gibson

    I faced error 3194, fixed that, then error 1600 occurred and I fixed it too
    finally downgraded iOS 9.1

  • ziDAN

    I need it to 4s pleasee

    • ocbarrio

      ONLY iPhone 4, due to a hardware exploit “limera1m”

  • dash

    errror 1600 how to fix that ?

    • crash

      same here: error 1600. they mustve been quick to fix that particular bug

  • nunobcm

    It is possible to downgrade iphone 4 from 7.1 to 7.03 if i have shsh bloob backup ?

  • Joshua Gavina

    Modem Firmware will downgrade?

    • Joshua Gavina

      i mean modem firmware will downgrade too?

  • Mushroom taco

    I want to try this guide, but the English is too horrible to read it

    • Nick Powell

      don’t focus it, it works
      I have downgraded iOS 9.1 to iOS 9.1 using it
      try it before too late

      • Mrinal

        I am running ios 8.1, but my mail, safari, calculator, and weather apps crash on startup. Hence i wanna restore it to ios 8.1. will it be possible?

        • Higgins

          yes, use semi restore iOS 9 to restore iOS 9.1

          • anonymous

            can we have your backup shsh blob for ios 8.1 sir ?

          • Nick Powell

            sure, but why

  • Nikhil

    Will there be any chance for ip5 for ios 6 ?

  • brook

    do you HAVE to have cydia?

  • Zo Rakotoarisoa

    please help me, i have no pass icloud from my new ipad mini used ios 7.1 what do i do to activate? thanks
    sorry from my english, i’m speking french 😉

  • JC

    iFaith will NOT show you all the available iPhone 4 SHSH blobs on server to download. It says “none” when I click on “Show list of available SHSH blobs on TSS server(s)”. I am using iphone 4, 7.1 wtf is going on?

    • Facky

      You have the newest iphone – iphone 4 ( model 3,2 ) it means that you can´t downgrade it because you haven´t saved your shsh blobs for 6.1.3. I am sorry dude, I have same problem as you :-/

      • miky

        Is there any way to download iPhone 4 SHSH blobs or iOS 9.1 SHSH blobs?

        • bob

          Unfortunetly they are unique to your Iphone. So you cannot download a SHSH blob since it is from someone elses phone

          • Penn State

            it means if you haven’t saved SHSH Blobs, you would not downgrade iPhone, iPad air or iPad mini?

    • ocbarrio

      if you read up posts you can downgrade to 6.x.x with blobs from other iphone 4, but TETHERED…

  • Ravinder Kumar

    Will this work if I downgrade iPhone 5S (7.1) to 8.1 or 7.0.6??

  • Ellie

    I wanna downgrade my iPhone from iOS7.1 to iOS7
    help me please

  • rl_19

    hi, i´ve got an ipad 4G (iOS 9.1) and i want to downgrade it to 7.0.6 .. is there a possibility to make it? Please help me .. :)

  • lee

    hi , could u tell me why i cant find any SHSH blobs when i connected it with my iphone 4s ?
    and can i really downgrade from 7.1 to 6.1.3?

    • Ellen

      there are couple of users who are downloading iOS 9.1 and restore iOS 9
      you can read comments and ask them

  • Isey MJ

    why i getting 37 error
    wht mean tht plezz help anyone…….?

    • iPad Air Expert

      Do you mean error 37?
      Which iDevice you were using? iPad Air, iPad Mini or iPhone? and please mention iOS firmware, Do you have downgraded from iOS 9.1 to iOS 9 or iOS 9?

      • Isey MJ

        im using iphone 4 16gb
        ios 7.1 to 6.1.3…

        • iPad Air Expert

          do you mean, you were downgrade or restore iOS 9 from iOS 9.1? or wanna downgrade to iOS 9 from iOS 9.1?
          How to restore iOS 9.1 from iOS 9.1
          how to downgrade iOS 9.1

          • Isey MJ

            yess…downgrade from iOS 9.1 to iOS 9…
            using ifaith and restore custom iOS with itunes
            How to restore iOS 9.1 from iOS 9.1
            how to downgrade iOS 9.1

          • Haris Adil

            error 37… try a different computer. It helped me and others mentioned below.

  • Nyan

    I don’t have iOS 9.1 or iOS 9.0.6 SHSH Blobs, can I downgrade iOS 9.1 without SHSH Blobs?

  • Nicole scissor

    how to downgrade iOS 9.1 to iOS 9?

    • Shane

      the same thing here, how to downgrade iPhone iOS 9.1 to iOS 9 without SHSH Blobs
      my friends claim that they have downgraded iPad air and iPad mini from iOS 9.1 to iOS 9
      How to restore iOS 9.1 from iOS 9.1
      how to downgrade iOS 9.1

  • Haris Adil

    I successfully downgraded from 7.1 to 6.1.3 and then jailbreak with redsn0w… Thank you very much for the post :)

    • Zara

      I also done it yesterday
      really it’s helpful
      I downgraded my iPhone 4s from iOS 9.1 to iOS 9

      • Rick

        I wanna downgrade iOS 9.1 to 8.1
        I’ve iPad air iOS 9.1 without jailbreak

      • mikeee

        iphone 4s..!!!!
        does it work with iphone 4s…?

        • mikeee

          help me ..! if it works…

    • Isey MJ

      how can??
      i`m getting error 37

      • Haris Adil

        Hi MJ,

        I was also getting error 37 on my laptop. Never get to overcome it. So I used my PC to restore using this guide.

        My suggestion is you should try using some other PC/Laptop to restore.

        • Rose

          How to restore iOS 9 from iOS 9.1
          please help me Haris, I’ve iPad Air iOS 9.1 and I’m getting Error 37 on my desktop PC. How to fix Error 37
          Actually, my friend had adviced me to upgrade to iOS 9.1, but now I’m unhappy because there is no jailbreak Cydia tweaks for iOS 9.1
          I wanna restore iOS 9.1 back from iOS 9.1, but error 37 doesn’t allow me to do.
          Please Haris…
          I’ll get back to you soon

          • Haris Adil

            As I said before I couldn’t resolve error 37 issue. I just used a different computer to restore. I think it has something to do with communicating with the servers. I turned off my anti-virus and firewall but that didn’t help either.

            So have u tried on a different computer to restore? It worked for me

          • Rose

            thanks man!
            it worked, finally, I’m also out from iOS 9.1
            I done exactly what the author has mentioned but with different computer
            I’ve downgraded iOS 9.1

          • Haris Adil

            Glad it helped :)

          • Lucy

            Have you restore iOS 9 or 6.1.3?
            one more thing, do you have SHSH Blobs saved?

          • Haris Adil

            I downgraded to iOS 9 and yes I have the SHSH Blobs for 6.1.3

          • Sarah Palin

            Haris I’m very excited about restore iOS 9 back. I’ve iPad air iOS 9.1 which I upgraded accidentally. I don’t have SHSH Blobs and wanna downgrade iOS 9.1 and restore iOS 9.1
            can you guide me step by step how to restore iOS 9 without SHSH Blobs or with SHSH Blobs, but how to get iOS 9 SHSH Blobs?

          • Haris Adil

            Did you jailbreaked your iOS 9.0? If you did you can get the SHSH Blobs using iFaith or tinyumbrella. If not then I don’t think it will be possible to downgrade because after the final release of iOS 9.1, apple may have stopped issuing tickets for iOS 9. I don’t know for sure because they were issuing tickets during iOS 9.1 beta release for iOS 9

          • Sarah Palin

            that’s great support
            who are you Haris? Are you author?

          • Haris Adil

            No, just a iPhone user :)


          • Helper

            I love your writing, would you love to write your experience about tweaks and iPhone? if admin agrees

          • fafa

            may u email me ur SHSH BLOBS for 6.1.3 – for iphone 4??email me

          • Ellie

            please me too

        • Isey MJ

          i will try it…
          wht vesion 4 ur itunes??
          tq haris

          • Haris Adil

            I used the link above.

  • steffen

    I never get to downgrade my iPhone 4 8.1 to 6.1.3 using custom firmware :(, I only get error 1600 every time, please help me. And yes I have the shsh blobs + I use itunes 11.0.5 and tried using 10.7 too

  • Guest1

    Can 8.1 blobs be saved? I want to downgrade back to 6.1 but want to be able to go back to a jail breakable version of 7 when 6.x is no longer supported.

  • Guest

    how to get blobs from ios 8.1
    How to restore iOS 9.1 from iOS 9.1
    how to downgrade iOS 9.1

  • Guest

    How to downgrade iOS 9.1 to iOS 9.1?

  • Guest

    Every time I try I get either error 1600 which is usb port or cable which I know its not either one because I’ve tried three different cabled and three different computers.. Then it will some times say will say waiting for Iphone and never move from that screen.. I hate Ios 7.1 should’ve never upgraded… I had my Shsh Blobs saved from cydia but Ifaith says they’re corrupt and RedSnow says they’re fine

    • Reza Aqrobby

      Do I need to get my iphone booted in Pwnd DFU mode with ifaith before restoring the firmware?

      • Michael Edward

        If you are getting any error during procedure, you can

        • Reza Aqrobby

          I got my phone jailbreaked , but It can’t passed the activation.. it’s iPhone 4 with softbank locked contract. Any sugestions to bypass the activation?

          • Haris Adil

            I had the same issue. try jailbreaking with redsnowon installed iOs. It should work

  • Benjamin

    just download redsnow 0.9.15b3 and press extras –> shsh blobs –> fetch then submit then query if in the last step you found the shsh blobs you need then go to ifaith and try again (sorry for the bad english :( )
    hope i can help you 😀

    • Guest

      Sir. I want to downgrade from ios 7.1 to ios 6.1.3 .. PLzz help me. i can’t save 6.1.3 shsh blobs using my iphone 4. How can i save shsh blob using iphone 4 in ios 7.1 .. I wanna downgrade but i didn’t want jailbreak. i hate jailbreak devices. am i downgrade ios 7.1 to ios 6.1.3 after is it jailbreak???? i wanna downgrade without jailbreak?????

  • Rachel

    Super thanks thousands gave me problems with error 1600 itunes follow this tutorial and thanks to you I solved the ssh with whom I served to restore with IREB in my case I wanted was to restore it to the same version 6.1.3 iphone 4 download the IREB r7 is assimilating cydia ios 6 because I was having problems installing it again

  • john_mco

    i have COMPLETE uninstall Itunes an then Try to install Itune 11.0 and also 11.0.4 . but after installing its Comes an Error That ” The file Itunes Library.itl” cannot be read because it was created by a new version of Itunes ” ..and then i cant open these Itunes..
    Anybody has Solution for this problem? please help..!!

    • Haris Adil

      for all those who come across this issue. delete the file located in your Users/{PC_NAME}/Music/Itunes folder

  • Maria

    I’m getting error 1600 when i try to recover my phone in itunes. The 6.1 shsh blobs didn’t work so i tried the 5.1 shsh and everything worked fine until I got into recovery in itunes. It shows 1600 error. What do i do.

  • Michael Edward

    You can ask for help, if you are facing any errors.

  • Michael Edward

    You can ask for help, if you are facing any errors.

    • Tyler

      Help me sir… I can’t save shsh blob using my iphone 4 on ios 7.1 …. I wanna downgrade from 8.1 to 6.1.3… plzz help me,, I hate jailbreak devices. am I downgrade ios 7.1 to ios 6.1.3 after is it jailbreak???? i wanna downgrade without jailbreak????? Please help

      • Tony

        You need SHSH blobs to create the custom firmware. If you had jailbroken your iPhone 4, then there is a high change the blobs are available on Cydia, so you could try.

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