How to Install AirBlue Sharing iOS 10.2 For free

AirBlue Sharing iOS 9.1 allows to receive and send files using bluetooth. It can be installed free of cost using HYI repo source and compatible for iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini…

Finally, AirBlue Sharing Cydia Tweak has been updated for iOS 10.2 and now compatible for iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPhone to share music, video, PDFs and much more file types and attachments to other devices.

So, if you wanna send or receive files from other devices like Nokia, Samsung Galaxy S4 or Windows 10 powered smartphone that has Bluetooth feature, simply, you can.


The famous jailbreak tweak AirBlue Sharing iOS 9.1 is developed by Eric Day and recently got updated for iOS 10.2 ARM-64 iDevices that means it can be installed on iPad Air, Retina iPad Mini 2 and iPhone 5S too.

AirBlue Sharing Cydia tweak is not limited to send files only to iOS based iDevices, but it can send or receive music, videos and many type of file attachments to any smartphones that have Bluetooth feature. AirBlue Sharing tweak is extreamly useful for the users who wanna send or receive big files over Bluetooth specially from other smartphones.

AirBlue Sharing is paid app, but many users are downloading and installing it for free from HYI repo source. It offers paid Cydia tweaks at free of cost. You just need to add HackYouriPhone repo source on your iDevice, that’s it. Once you have added that repo source, look for “AirBlue Sharing” on Cydia app store and tap on install.


I would recommend to purchase it from official repository to get all the support. Other than support, Free app is also working just fine. If you have any issue, you can comment.

If you are using it, please let us know how is it working on your iPad or iPhone…


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  1. 6S IOS 9.0.2 JB
    Try to add repo source from eric’s own :
    Install only airblue sharing 1.4.25 (inside u can find other airblue NG 0.9.550 and erica utilities from modmyi 0.4.2)
    Only that one that i installed, don’t install another NG files or erica utilities (perhaps can be double installing so our phone gettin crash, error or kind of. Works normal in my phone now, theres no more crash, no safe mode, no errors at all. But still not sure for others ios

  2. I am in iOS 9.0.2 I 6 I installed airblue but phone crash
    Uninstall it but still have problem. Openvpn
    Not connect to any Vpn address.
    Iphon6. I try everything but nothing
    I am in Iran and Vpn is vital for me.
    Appreciate any recommend.

  3. Ok so I got it working on iOS 9.0.2. You need to downgrade the cydia substrate to 0.9.6000 or earlier. Sending from music doesn’t work and when you pull down Notification Center to check status while sending or receiving it goes into safe mode. You can send from ifile or filza, you can also send photos directly from photos. I’m using player xtreme to send music and it works like a charm. So just remember not to pull down Notification Center while sending or receiving a file.

  4. It won’t work buddy, airblue sharing has not (and probably will never be) updated for iOS 9.1. My guess is Eric Day is dead.

    1. Can you tell me why you’re thinking this? It has been updated so many times before and I have great feeling that AirBlueShairing would get update for iOS 10 as well as for iOS 10 also.

      The strong reason is, their developers are few of most active Cydia tweak developers. You can check their past records.

      If AirBlue sharing not working, you can post suggestions or error code here…

      1. The last update was 17 July 2015, and ever since then there has been no glimmer of hope for an update on the net, or have you seen any?

        1. I’ve got the update from the developer about the update which works in the background and it’s compatible for iOS 9.1. As soon as iOS 9.3.1 jailbreak would be out, you can install AirBlue sharing for iOS 9.3.1 too.

          1. It’s not working at all. I’m using iOS 9.0.2 on iPhone 5. It installs fine but does nothing when trying to send a file. It just stays still. I’ve been waiting for an update forever now. I think the only solution is that maybe someone make an alternative to airblue sharing because I also don’t think that an update is coming. Hasn’t been updated since July 2015.

            1. I recommend that you upgrade AirBlue Sharing right now for iOS 10, because I heard that old version of the tweak can force you to upgrade your firmware to iOS 10 or latest one.

              I’ve seen this on many iPhone and iPad. Better to Download AirBlue Sharing latest version or uninstall it if it’s not working as normal.

              Now, it depends on you what you choose.

  5. installed airblue sharing( 2.3.2k) on my iphone 5S ios 9. it only receive files from android samsung s4 mini but at the same time i cant send photos or music to the same mobile. error phone not find. plz help.

  6. installed airblue sharing( 2.3.2k) on my iphone 5S. it only receive files from android but at the same time i cant send photos or music to the same mobile. plz help.

  7. Whe I use it on my ios 10 iphone 6 plus it starts respringing and enters safe mood, what can I do to fix it.

    1. But it only works with other iDevices with iFile installed. It cannot be used to transfer files between your iPhone and, say, an Android phone

  8. yEeeba! I have 5c running ios 10 and im using airblue sharing like a boss.. 😀
    1. Download
    Airblue NG
    Airblue Stack
    (all from bigboss repo) after install respring then go back to cydia search Airblue sharing v1.3.95 from HYI repo after hit Install -> continue queuing -> go to installed -> queu -> then installed. Hope it works for you. 🙂

  9. Hi there
    I installed airblue sharing on my 5s but it not activated!!!!! How can i active it ??????
    Because in settings there’s not enable or disable or even icon of Bluetooth name!!!
    Please help me!!!:((((((

    1. I have Installed Official AirBlue Sharing 1.8.0 but in not working on my iPhone 5s IOS 10

      Version 1.3.95 from HYI works but import into photo library not working for me? Does it works for you?

        1. only AirBlueSharing what? I don’t undertand your question. I have installed Activator, AirBlue NG, AirBlue Sharing, AirBlue Stack and Erika Utilities. when I try to send picture from android phone to my iPhone, it works, but image is not stored into camera roll but only in /var/mobile/AirReceived directory. when I navigate via AirBlue Sharing app to the /var/mobile/AirReceived directory, tapping Edit button, selecting picture file and tapping Import there is no change. Picture was still not appears in pictures app.

  10. The tweak is not working.. When i select air blue sharing option from contorl centre.. At a time phone goes to safe me.. I want tjis tweak . Ty

  11. i have iphone 5s ios 8.1 i can send and receive photos by airblue sharing but when ifile ask permision to my photo album to store the photos crashes..why is that?help me pls…

    1. That’s because, Air blue Sharing app is not fully optimized for iPhone 4. Try it on iPhone 5S, 5C or iPad Air. It would work just fine. However, you can uninstall Airblue sharing app from your iPhone and then re install it to fix this bug.

  12. airblue sharing is not working on ipad 3 ios10.1 . it asks for the activation whenever I try to enable recieving. p.s- it’s not working please do something or suggest some alternative if possible

  13. i have the url of ripbigboss and i tried the 1.5.1 version but it didn’t work on my iphone 5c ios iOS 10 jailbroken with pangu 1.1 , still can’t be activated n prompts me to purchase the app

  14. i think i have a solution u guys try adding ripbigbossrepo i dont knw the the correct url for this but u guys can search for it and add it there it is rumored that it contains all bigboss packages for free u might even get the updated air blue for free thankyou

  15. hey guys for those whom it didnt work,the reason is airblue from HYI repo is only compactable for ios 7.0 – 7.0.6. It is a old version

  16. i hav been using airblue for a long time on ios 7.0 as well as ios iOS 10 but because of installing some pirated tweaks from cydia i was forced to restore my idevice after which i again jailbroke my iphone using pangu 1.1 utility but since i have done dis i am not able to use airblue. Whenever i download and install it from hackyouriphone repo it gets installed perfectly fine after that wen i run airblue app and select any file to share with any other device i am not able to scan for device(although that alert box appears) and i am not able to even activate my airblue’s bluetooth from which i can recieve files from other phones. basically i cant activate my bluetooth plz assist me as soon as possible.

  17. It downloaded successfully but whenever I try to send any file it first says that it should be activated but when I try to activate it in presence of my cellular n/w it gives me error and then the app freezes…what should I do now ??plz help someone…the error mentioned is.”Invalid response from licence server:Unexpected character [ at line 1″

  18. How do u activate it plzzzzzzzz tell!!!!! I have downloaded it from HYI source . I have a iPod touch 5 generation

  19. it successfully worked on my iphone4(ios 8.1),but when i update my ios to10.1 and i even jailbreak my ios7.1,but after installing airblue sharing from HYI source,it does’nt worked bluetooth does not turns on in ios7.1 jailbreak iphone

      1. yes i have jailbreak my iphone 4 gsm (ios10.1),but i m not able to use airblue sharing app from cydia after installing airblue the bluetooh does’nt turn on !!! 🙁

  20. I did everything as you said, it worked, but it reported that i should donate some money to cydia, after which my telephone respiring. How to solve this?

  21. I’ve installed this one 8.1 but it doesn’t work at all for me 🙁 wondering if you could help, i see the bluetooth option when i try to send something but after i click it nothing happens. The app icon itself shows up sometimes and disappears. I have set an activation method but still nothing works

    I’ve iPad Mini 2 Retina, tested AirBlue iOS 9

  22. i tried to send file from notes too… but when i clicked the sharing button, it only shows email or print… i also did turn on bluetooth

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