AppSync UniFied iOS 10.2: How to Install Updated App Sync Repo Source

Download AppSync Unified iOS 10.2…

AppSync Unified is a Cydia tweak that allows user to install unsigned versions of any iPA files on iOS firmware that allows complete freedom to iOS users to install any iPA files they want.

The updated app works smoothly on newer firmware and works with iAPFree, iAP Patcher, vShare and AppCake jailbreak apps…

iOS 10.2 has been released by Apple with couple of bug fixes and stability improvements. Apple patched many exploits, however, the TaiG team has released iOS 10.2 jailbreak and this is how, all the Cydia tweaks start working again on updated firmware.

Some of the Cydia tweaks need upgrade, one was AppSync. So, the updated version AppSync Unified iOS 10.2 is released to support AppCake, AppAddict, vShare and couple iAP Patcher such as LocaliAPStore, iAPFree and iAPCrazy.

With the update of AppSync Unified, many Cydia users would be benefited. It works smoothly on iOS 10.2 and older firmware to support above listed jailbreak apps.

The updated version is available for download from AppSync Unified Repo source which is mentioned below…

Jailbreak user can install App Sync Unified iOS 10.2 app by adding above repo source to your Cydia sources repository list.

As per large number of user’s comments, its clear that AppSync Unified app works fine on iOS 10.2 for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Air and iPad Mini.

If you’re facing any error or issues using AppSync, then I would suggest to upgrade it from Unified version of App Sync or just comment below…


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  1. Thanks for the update AppSync iOS 10, now the error has been fixed and many in app purchases can be installed using the app for iPhone.

    1. You’re making anything wrong because AppSync Unified iOS 10 works without any error. Try to download it from official repository address.

  2. I can’t seem to add a new source to cydia, I get to the New Sources page but there is a list already there but angelxwind is not in the list, there is no way of adding it.

    I have just jailbroken my iPhone 4s but unable to install apps, says AppSync unpatched! am a bit of a noobie at all this but finding it quite difficult to work out lol

    1. ok so in cydia up the top of sources it says edit tap that then tap add then add repo into the new box that pops up

  3. I just installed appsync unified iOS 10 app on iPad Mini and it was working just fine, but since I deleted one core file using iFile, this app stopped working, please help

      1. there is no where for this feature to add new sources (manually) there is a list but it is set and can only add the ones listed.

  4. I’m on iOS 7 yet and recently jailbroken it, which is the best appsync unified repo to install on iOS 7 iDevice?

    Please help me

    1. You can use HYI repo to install compatible version of this tweak. They have working iPA for this app on their repository

  5. AppSync Unified 5.3 removes all the fake app sync packages from other repo source. You just need to add above repository and install 5.3 unified appsync.

  6. Above listed repo is genuine one, but don’t install appsync unified iOS 10 from any other repositories made by 25PP or any other chinese team. It may not work properly.

    1. I read installation notes, TaiG team has fixed all the bugs from this app and its completely safe to install on any jailbroken iDevice.

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