How to Install MovieBox iOS 10.2 Using vShare Without Jailbreak

How to Install MovieBox Using vShare iOS 10.2 Without Jailbreak

MovieBox is movie app based on jailbreak and Cydia. It was disapproved from Apple app store and then since then its available on Cydia store from various repo source and on big jailbreak app stores such as vShare, AppCake, HipStore, AppAddict and 25PP store.

However, the most current version of Movie Box iOS 9.3, can be installed without jailbreak using vShare or any other jailbreak app store. You can download iPA file of MovieBox iOS 10.2 and install it using iFunBox or iPA installer.

So, finally, we’ve Movie Box app that works without jailbreak and its confirmed. We’ve personally tested installing it using vShare iOS 9.3 on iPhone. The app works just fine and doesn’t give any error.

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If you’ve installed iOS 10.2 on your iPhone or iPad, you can download vShare and install moviebox app on your iPhone for free. Follow below steps to get it in your iPhone.

  1. First of all, go and open Safari web browser.
  2. Visit
  3. This is the tricky part, vShare would ask you to install vShare installer, Install it.
  4. After downloading vShare, search “Movie Box iOS 9.3” on the vShare app store.
  5. You’d found the MovieBox app, install it.
  6. Done

Enjoy MovieBox without jailbreaking using vShare iOS 9.3.

Don’t forget to install vShare (non-jailbreak) version on your iPhone or iPad, if you’ve iOS device that is not jailbroken. If you’ve any query, just leave your comment.


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  1. Heads up for people who are having this problem. They posted on their Twitter that Show box and Movie box are under maintenance. It may take up to several days.

  2. On ios 9.3.1 buy when i search for moviebox it doesn’t appear. Even playbox doesnt appear. What am i doing wrong please help

  3. Movie box stopped working on my iPad a couple of weeks ago. I decided to delete and re install using the PC method to get vshare and other apps onto my iPad. I have successfully put share on there but when I search for movie box it does not seem to be on b share any more. Has anyone else had this problem. Any help would be very much appreciated.

  4. I’m quite happy after installing movie box on my iPad. I am right now running on iOS 10 which is still in beta version but as its developed by Apple it’s awsome
    moviebox iOS 10 is really working well without jailbreaking my iPad. I played many online movies which is available on Apple App store and iTunes for free on the go. the result was really awesome of those movies running on movie box which was downloaded by vshare

  5. Please help me to download minecraft using vshare downloader
    i’m personally feeling difficulties and it seems like vshare not working without jailbreak

  6. Hey, I’m trying to download vshare on iOS 9.2 and trying it hard but it’s giving me error that the app not found and not opening as well
    please help

    1. Why don’t you try vShare or AppAddict? Both app stores allow you to installing Movie box iOS 10 without jailbreak.

  7. Thanks! I just installed MovieBox iOS 10 using vShare website from their latest version stated vShare iOS 9.1
    It works smoothly on my iPhone

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