AppLocker iOS 10 – Lock iPhone, iPad Apps with Password

AppLocker offers great security feature that allows you to lock particular apps, folders and even home screen layout. It has numerous features. All these at 100% Free.

In the age of social networking, we should be alert and need a solution that keeps our personal data separate from other unauthorized access. AppLocker can give you perfect security feature that you are looking for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

AppLocker is developed by Cjori which can be found in ModMyi repo. ModMyi is a recognized Cydia repo that contains a large number of Cydia apps and tweaks. AppLocker was paid application in earlier days of it’s launch, but now its completely free.

AppLocker Features – How to Lock iPhone, iPad Apps

I would say, AppLocker is must have app that every iPhone and iPad user should have to protect personal data from unauthorized access. It has a bunch of features that are awesome. Take a look at those features…

AppLocker allows you to lock iPhone and iPad applications at free of cost.

1 Session Locking: You can lock any iPhone and iPad application and can be accessed only using a single password that has been generated by the use. Each and every application asks you password to open it. Sometimes, it becomes irritating.

AppLocker has session locking feature. When you activate session locking feature, all applications, folders and home screen layout and everything that have been locked using AppLocker will be unlocked when you unlock your phone and everything will be locked again, when your iPhone or iPad get locked.

2 Addon Toggles: You are getting a numerous toggles that make easy navigation. SBSettings toggle and Activator toggle can be useful with SBSettings and Activator Cydia apps.

3 WiFi: You can set your prefered WiFi. When you are connected with that WiFi, AppLocker will be disable and everything will be unlocked. You can easily change WiFi settings from Setting menu.

4 Jiggle: Once you activate Jiggle mode, you can enable and disable Applocker by entering jiggle mode from the home screen and lock or unlock apps using single button.

5 Multiple Locking features: iPhone, iPad users can lock home screen, notification banners and even folders. It means, when you lock any folder, all the apps will be locked automatically on that particular folder.

6 Disable Photos: User can disable access to photos from Camera app. No one can access your photo gallery except you.


At the moment, AppLocker is the best app to lock apps on iPhone or iPad. As its a Cydia tweak, so, it can be installed only on jailbroken iOS device. If you haven’t jailbroken your iOS device, you can use EvasiOn to jailbreak it.

How to Install Cydia Without Jailbreak


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  1. App locker crashes iOS 9.3.2 on iPhone 6s Plus , according to the note in cydia, they are not ready to accept payment for the app as it’s considered unstable for the platform .
    Guess we have to wait a bit.

  2. please help

    when installing applocker I put a password and forget it. Now I can not activate the tweak because I asked panel password … as I do?

    Thanks in advance

    1. You can look a password in Keychain if you’ve turned it on before activating password. Keychain saves each and every password entered on your iPhone. It may have saved app locker password too.

    1. I don’t understand your language, but if you want to app lock for iPhone or iPad, you can jailbreak iOS 10 or iOS 10 whatever firmware you have and download applocker which is only the Cydia tweak for iPhone available.

      You can download AppLocker for iPhone and wait for the update for iOS 10 to update your apps. If you need any help configuring it, you can ask via reply section.

  3. I licked setting and cydia by applocker and now I forgot a password
    So how can I open it or remove a password

    1. Hiren, you should remove applocker tweak immediately to fix issue with Password. Sometimes, it happens and we can uninstall the tweak to resolve the case. One more thing, you can hide apps, but not lock apps on iOS 10 for any way because Apple made it so strict. I hope you got it.

  4. I have a problem with my cydia. If possible then please help me! When I want to upgrade repo cydia then they show me that it’s size mismatch!

  5. I have iPhone 6 plus how can I lock my apps like whatsapp viber Facebook and more please please please help me

  6. My iPod is stuck and every time I put in the password it keeps locking it and I can’t get in. Both my setting and cydia

  7. im installed locker for apps, from bigboss, and after installing respring, and this programm wanna password but im not create. how i can know passowrd

  8. help I just jailbroke my Iphone5 today and was downloading all the apps well when I took a little break from learning all about cydia my phone went into lock mode. it says Locker please insert password. and I don’t have a password on my phone I had one but it was disabled and it was all 0000. no matter what password I type it it just repeats itself by saying please enter password!!!. please help I don’t want to restore my phone and have to upgrade ios7.1. I don’t know what went wrong I didn’t even set a password up yet for any apps.

  9. why i remove applocker my iphone my all appslocked and i not create pasword plz tell me how i remove this app ?? plz tell me ans ?

    1. go to settings, find out applocker and create a password or just go to cydia, tap on package and then choose this tweak and then tap on modify then remove

  10. The toggle for this tweak isn’t working for me. When I toggle applocker off, it turns itself back on when I lock the device. It never did that before I upgraded to iOS 10. If I want to turn applocker off, I have to go into settings to turn it off. I’m using iPhone 10.

  11. New iPad mini, preparing to hand it over to my 10 y.o. kid…did the EvasiOn10.1 JB and now I need apps that’ll work on it! Mainly, I need something like this (applocker) to lock out just one or two apps (i.e., Cydia) so the kid can’t accidentally install/change anything. Does anyone know of any way I can get something like applocker iOS 10 (or icon locker/folder locker) to work on my JB 8.1? Thanks!

  12. It works on my iPhone 7 like a charm. I have tested it and upgraded to latest version. You can now lock iOS 10 lockscreen apps too.

    1. Have you iPhone 7 or just 6? Is it jailbroken? which is your firmware dear luke? I also have iPhone 5S and wanna this lock app on my device

      1. Steven, I’m afraid, you can’t get this app lock on your iPhone 7, because its non-jailbroken. I have iOS 10 on iPhone 5 which is jailbroken

  13. Is there any App lock application for Windows 8 to lock certain apps? I am crazy about iOS 10 Applocker for Windows 8
    please help

    1. Oh no, same question again.
      Dear Gyle, it can’t be install on non-jailbreak iOS device. If you jailbreak your iPod Touch then definitely app locker will work on your iPod Touch with the support of Cydia.
      Please don’t ask such questions that are mentioned in the post already.

      1. Thanks for the quick reply Marry,
        I understand all the things clearly. It won’t work without jailbreak. I can’t install it on my iOS 10 beta until jailbreak release.

    1. You have forgot to mention about jailbreak. Are you jailbreak user or non jailbreak. I mean, this is a Cydia tweak and can be installed only on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, if they are jailbroken.
      Second thing, you can easily disable messages. nobody will be able to read it except you. You can access that app by entering password.
      I hope this may clear all your doubt about Applocker iOS 10 2016.

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