How to Restore iOS 8.4 or iOS 10.2 From iOS 10.2 Using iPhone/iPad

Tips on How to Downgrade iOS 10.2 to iOS 8.4 and Restore iOS 8.4 or iOS 10.2 easily. Many users have downgraded their iPhone from iOS 10.2 to iOS 8.4, the same thing applies here to restore iOS 8.4 or iOS 9.1 successfully…

As always, newer firmware has many bugs, no jailbreak ability and more battery drain issues. Most of the iDevice users upgrade their iPhone and iPad in the first place and then try to go back and downgrade.

Apple released iOS 10.2 to the developers and to the public for testing and they have happily upgrade their jailbroken firmware first. Suppose, you’re one of them and wanna downgrade your firmware back to iOS 8.4, try your luck right now.

Currently, all iDevice can downgrade their firmware such as iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPod Touch. There isn’t any restriction for downgrading process.

How to Restore iOS 8.4 From 9

Suppose, you have iPhone 4S and you wanna downgrade iOS 9, you need to restore iOS 8.4 or any older firmware. To do so, you need following things…

  1. Saved SHSH Blobs (If you wanna restore iOS 8.4, you need iOS 8.4 SHSH blobs or iOS iOS 9.1 blobs, if you wanna restore iOS 9.1)
  2. Download iFaith latest version that supports iOS iOS 9
  3. iTunes latest version

How to Restore iOS 8.4 without Losing Your Jailbreak

Suppose, you are facing any boot loop error that is forcing you to upgrade iOS 9 or any other new firmware, then only restore iOS 8.4 Or iOS 9.1 using Semi Restore iOS 8.4 software without losing jailbreak.

If you are getting any other issue, let us know via comments…


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  1. I think, I would never be able to restore iOS 10 from iOS 9
    I can’t find Semi-restore or iFaith or even TinyUmbrella. I just search everywhere, but the result is none. Please help me sir

  2. I upgraded my iphone 5s ios 8.1 to ios iOS 10 then I jailbreak that iOS 9.1. can I downgrade my ph from ios iOS 10 to 8.1 semi restore ios7?

  3. I’m using an IPhone 4 with version iOS 10 without any blobs or anything but I want to downgrade to 7.0.6 is it possible ?

  4. Ohh! thanks dear friend, you really saved my life, finally, finally, I got a key to restore iOS 9.0.6 with the tool

  5. Can someone help? i want to restore because i can’t connect my iPad to
    any computers; and it’s not the cable or Computer, i’ve tested on
    multiple computers. The only way my computer can connect to any
    computers is by DFU Mode and i don’t know any restore ways like this
    that i can do in DFU mode, any help is appreciated. Thanks

  6. sorry for my english…..can i please do that to restore when my device
    is in DFU mode??.i can’t enter to safe mode when i press the volume up
    botton,my iphone 4s stuck in bootloop,pleaseeeee help,i don’t want to
    lose my jailbreak

  7. so i have the iPhone 5s jb ios 8.1 i just want to restore but update
    to ios 7.0.6 but i don’t want to update to ios10.1 jet cuz the jb is not
    ready please help


  9. how about ipad Air….my is ios 7 .1 i wanna restore to ios 6 but i
    guess ipad air original is ios iOS 9.1….and i want to jailbreak to ios 6.1.3 i
    need ur help pls help me…

  10. can you downgrade to ios 8.1 if you upgrade but have saved shsh blobs.
    i ask because when i had updated to ios 6 i remember they had some iPhone users were you couldn’t downgrade for some reason even if you had your

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