Insanelyi, SinFul iPhone Repo and iHacksRepo Are Best Cydia Sources for Cracked Apps

Insanelyi, SinFul iPhone Repo and BYA Are Best Cydia Sources for Cracked Apps

Insanelyi, iHacksRepo and SinFuliPhone repo are the best Cydia sources for Free apps for iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPod Touch.

If you’re looking for Free apps or full version games, the most probably sources are iHacksRepo, SinFul iPhone repo and Insanelyi.

These Cydia repos are known as pirated hub. So, only jailbreak pro users add Insanelyi, SinFul iPhone repo or iHacksRepo.

I would like to warn you that these repos can harm your iPhone, iPad Air or iPad Mini. Cydia or any jailbreak teams are not responsible for any damage occurred by these repositories.

I have tried couple of SinFuliPhone apps and Insanelyi tweaks. And, I found that most of the time my iPhone goes into safe mode or the app redirects me to app store for unknown applications or games. It might be advertisements.

If you’re new and don’t know how to put your iPhone in recovery mode or how to come out from DFU or safe mode then I would advice you to keep away from these repositories.

Keep these repositories in your mind…

  • Insanelyi repository
  • SinFul iPhone repo
  • iHacksRepo
  • BiteYourApple

How to Install AirBlue Sharing iOS 11.1.2 For free

AirBlue Sharing iOS 9.1 allows to receive and send files using bluetooth. It can be installed free of cost using HYI repo source and compatible for iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini…

Finally, AirBlue Sharing Cydia Tweak has been updated for iOS 11.1.2 and now compatible for iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPhone to share music, video, PDFs and much more file types and attachments to other devices.

So, if you wanna send or receive files from other devices like Nokia, Samsung Galaxy S4 or Windows 10 powered smartphone that has Bluetooth feature, simply, you can.


The famous jailbreak tweak AirBlue Sharing iOS 9.1 is developed by Eric Day and recently got updated for iOS 11.1.2 ARM-64 iDevices that means it can be installed on iPad Air, Retina iPad Mini 2 and iPhone 5S too.

AirBlue Sharing Cydia tweak is not limited to send files only to iOS based iDevices, but it can send or receive music, videos and many type of file attachments to any smartphones that have Bluetooth feature. AirBlue Sharing tweak is extreamly useful for the users who wanna send or receive big files over Bluetooth specially from other smartphones.

AirBlue Sharing is paid app, but many users are downloading and installing it for free from HYI repo source. It offers paid Cydia tweaks at free of cost. You just need to add HackYouriPhone repo source on your iDevice, that’s it. Once you have added that repo source, look for “AirBlue Sharing” on Cydia app store and tap on install.


I would recommend to purchase it from official repository to get all the support. Other than support, Free app is also working just fine. If you have any issue, you can comment.

If you are using it, please let us know how is it working on your iPad or iPhone…

5 Best Cydia Sources For iOS 11.1.2 Cracked Apps, Tweaks

Top Cydia Sources List for iOS 9.3…

Here I’m gonna show you some of the best Cydia Sources for iOS 11.1.2 to Download and install Free apps, tweaks and games for iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPhone…

iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak has been pushed out yesterday and a lot of iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak tweaks already have been updated to the latest jailbreak. The bad part is, almost all useful jailbreak tweaks are paid and there is no trial period for testing them.

The good part is, there are some Cydia repos available on the web that offer Free tweaks with the same updated version and features.

Many users are already downloading and using those tweaks and apps without any issues. I have seen almost ten thousands of online users on their repository at once. It proves that they are live and working. So today, I will talk about them with the top apps and tweak list for the repositories.

1 HackYouriPhone.ORG: Hack Your iPhone is the most active Cydia repo to download and install iOS 11.1.2 updated tweaks and as well as App store apps. For testing purpose, I had installed some of the best jailbreak tweaks from HYI repo and it works like a charm.

Add: http://repo.hackyouriphone.org

Best Tweaks: Barrel iOS 9, Springtomize 3 iOS 9, LinkStore iOS 9, CCControls, iAP Patcher iOS 9 are the top tweaks out there in HYI repo source.

2 BiteYourApple.NET: After HYI Repo source, Bite Your Apple repo is most active in this category. They have a bunch of iOS 11.1.2 tweaks for iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPhone compatible. I have installed one or two jailbreak tweaks from BiteYourApple repo source and they worked out.

Add http://repo.biteyourapple.net

Best Apps: BYA Cloud for iPad Mini, iPad Air, SpotiUM iOS 9, iFile iOS 9, LocaliAPStore iOS 9

Other Top Cydia Sources For iOS 11.1.2 Tweaks

  1. iPhoneCake.COM
  2. SiNfuliPhone Repo
  3. AppAddict


If you are interested to test some of the tweaks, then I would say, add top two Cydia repo source. I have listed only a few tweaks and sources that are worth to test, you can explore more.