InstallOus Alternatives iOS 11.1.2 To Get Paid Apps for Free – Download Now

Download InstallOus app without Jailbreak iOS 9.3

InstallOus iOS 11.1.2 alternatives help you to install many paid apps at free of cost. AppCake, AppAddict and AppTrackr are the good options. Great Cydia.hackulo.us replacement…

Installous Repo attracts many jailbroken users who has installed it in their iOS 6.1.2, 6.1.3 or 6.1.4. Cydia.hackulo.us has large database of paid apps which they offer at free of cost. Installous also made by Cydia.hackulo.us developers. Many iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch users jailbreak their iOS to get Installous source installed.

It could be installed in iOS 6+ and allows users to download paid apps and games at free charge. But, now Installous is no more. Recently, Cydia.hackulo.us has confirmed that they have been shut down due to hosting issues. Actually, their hosting is ended where all the repos and sources were stored and now Installous repo and apps are gone. You are no longer able to use it to install paid apps.

However, there are couple of great alternatives to Installous 5 that offer the same features and paid apps installation in a better way, as they can be install on iOS 9, 7.1 too. Oh yeah, you need to Jailbreak iOS 9 and get Cydia to install these alternatives. EvasiOn is the tool that can jailbreak your iOS 11.1.2 easily.

But, if you have already jailbroken your iOS 6 or 7, then its time to explore those Installous alternatives that are on our radar of top apps list. Actually, there are many tweaks and apps that offer paid apps installation, tweaks and mods, however, finding a best out of them is tough job. So we have hands on couple of Top alternatives to Cydia.hackulo.us source to provide your a best top list.

Alternatives That Can Beat Installous in Features

So, here are those alternatives that allow you to install third party .IPA files without installing an Installous. You should them first.

1 AppCake: It is a best Cydia installer to install paid apps. We have published a detailed guide on this app. AppCake is developed by iPhoneCake.com. They update it regularly and add newly launched paid apps and tweaks. AppCake also comes in the top list of alternative for Installous. It offers great stuff such as Cydia.hackulo.us source offers. But after closing hackulo.us, AppCake becomes more popular among them who want more control on their iOS device. AppCake allows you to install free tweaks and apps that customize your iOS and add more features to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. AppCake HD also available for HD devices.

2 vShare: It is on the second position on our Installous alternatives list. Actually, when we hands on vShare, we feel the same experience which we’d with Installous. It offers same paid apps at free of charge with better features. It download and install .IPA files faster than any other alternatives. When, we visited their forum community, we met all the same professionals and users who were actually using hackulo.us forum and community. With the same stuff, supports and better interface and features, vShare is on the second on this list. vShare also known as AppVV.

3 iFunBox: When we put hands on iFunBox, we were extremely satisfied. It is not only one of the great alternatives for Installous, but also a file manager that manages .iPA and other files like a charm. It also has great popularity among users who are looking alternatives to installous. Now iFunBox 2 is available, so, you will not need to wary about any bug any more. Furthermore, Installous was facing incompatibility on iOS 6+ while iFunbox’s good part is it works great on iOS 6+ iDeviecs. It is available for Windows and MAC OS.

  • iFunBox Repo : http://repo.hackyouriphone.org

From Editor’s Desk

There are many Cydia app installer that claim that they are best, but when we hands on couple of these alternatives to Installous, we have find out these top 3 shots that can fulfill your needs as installing paid apps at free of charge. You have noticed only these three alternatives one the top list.

There are two more installer that we have tried and those are Zeusmos and AppAddict. Both of these alternatives offer free app installation and a few features like Installous. However, we suggest top 3 Installous alternatives, if you are looking for same features.

iOS 11.1.2 users can get app installer from iJailbreakPro or evasiOn. If you are already trying any alternative app installer, don’t forget to share them with our readers. Each of your suggested app installer will be added in a separate column.

AppCake Repo Source: Download Cracked Apps for iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone

Download AppCake without Jailbreak for iPhone, iPad

AppCake is one of the best Installous alternative that offers paid apps at free of cost. Install AppCake+ from official repo source and start exploring all those free apps.

It is also known as alternative iPAStore repo now available for iOS 9.3, iOS 11.1.2, iOS 10. Download Now. It looks like you have jailbroken your iOS and now looking for paid applications at free of charge in Cydia Sources.

Congratulations! You are on the right way to get all those paid apps. There are couple of Repos that offer paid tweaks at no charge such as Installous, AppCake, iFunBox and many more.

All these sources available on Cydia App Store, but a few of them are very popular. Many jailbroken iPhone, iPad owner actually jailbreak their iOS to get free apps and tweaks using these sources.

AppCake Apps

Installous was the best repo to find large number of paid and free tweaks for latest iOS. However, Installous has been shut down due to hosting issues. Fortunately, there are a few more alternative Cydia Repos that offer same stuff. AppCake is the first and the best repo that offers all Installous apps at free of cost. It is also known as best Installous alternative.

What is AppCake+?

First of all, you should know that what is AppCake? Its also known as iPAStore. iPAStore is restart with this name. AppCake+ is the latest version in it’s series. It is developed by iPhoneCake.net for jailbroken Cydia enabled iOS device. It offers many paid tweaks and apps. It requires jailbroken iOS with Cydia. To install it, you need the correct repo.

  • So, first of all you need to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch in order to get AppCake repo.
  • If you already jailbroken your iOS then make sure that you have Cydia Installer in your iDevice.
  • To check it, open search app in your iPhone and type Cydia and search for it. If you find this app installed in your iOS then you can install AppCake+ too.

Now you know the requirement for AppCake installation. Now we will proceed to installation part.

How to Install AppCake

You are just a few step away installing AppCake in your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. I have tested all these steps in my iPhone 4, iPad 4 on iOS 11.1.2 jailbroken using Evasi0n. They never give me single error while updating or installing this repo.

1 Add Repo: In this step, you need to add iPhoneCake repo, AppCake is categorized in it’s section. So, Tap on “Manage”, then “Sources”, then “Edit”, and Finally “Add”. Enter http://cydia.iphonecake.com

2 Search AppCake: Since you have successfully added developer’s directory source, now it’s time to install AppCake in Cydia app store. Now tap to sources and then hit http://cydia.iphonecake.com which we have added just before few moments. A long lasting list of tweaks and apps will be appear, look for AppCake or AppCake+.

3 Install: There are two versions available for iOS. One of them is for HD devices and another is for all other iOS. In quickie way, if you have iPod Touch or iPhone, then install AppCake or AppCake+ and if you have iPad then you can download AppCake HD. So, check out your iDevice and download compatible version and install it.

Tip: After installing AppCake, reboot your iDevice to take it effect. After rebooting above procedure will end up and you will be able to use AppCake+ without an issue.

Note: AppCake works on iOS 11.1.2 and very soon the developers will release newer version of AppCake+ for iOS 10 too. Stay with us to get updates for iOS 10 with the latest version.

From Editor’s Desk

If you were using iPAStore, then this is the same stuff for you just name has been changed from iPAStore to AppCake. I have tried many paid apps at free of cost using Installous and AppCake, but I have purchased a lot more after trying them. We should respect the hard work of the developers who have invest great time in developing those paid apps in Apple app store.

We have published this article to help you trying those apps before purchasing. If you like those apps, purchase them. We are not affiliated with any of the website or developer. If you have any issue or query, just make a comment or contact us with the title of AppCake.

Download Kuaiyong English iOS 10 without Jailbreak

Kuaiyong’s slogan is kuai kuai yong. It means use it as quickly as possible.

What is Kuaiyong?

What it does is, it allows download and installation of free Free apps on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The good part is, you can install these apps without jailbreaking your iOS 9.3.

Kuaiyong is available in only in Chinese language. The developers are going to launch Kuaiyong English Version very soon. Anytime, they can launch English version for rest of the world.

We have previously discussed about other Installous alternatives like AppCake, vShare, HipStore and iFunBox, however, Kuaiyong is something different from others. It allows free app download and installation without having jailbroken iOS.

That’s something interesting part, because there are a lot of iOS users who were looking for free Free apps installer without jailbreaking their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Download Kuai Yong in english version

Currently only Chinese version of Kuaiyong is available on the developer’s website, however, the volunteers are working hard to translate it in English Downloadable version.

Here we are tried hard to teach you how to download Kuai yong and how to use it. You should keep in mind that you download Kuaiyong in Chinese version and do as we have explain here with images that are translated in English.

How to Install Kuai Yong Application

Kuaiyong setup file is available for download to MAC OS, Windows operating system, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. But, allow you me to mention it once again that it is only in Chinese language right now.

If you are looking to download for Kuaiyong setup file in english version, then keep visiting, we will be the first to provide you download link for english version exclusively.

1 You will need installer of Kuai yong. You can download it for windows operating system from here. Furthermore, if you want to install it on your iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone, then you can download it from here.

Note: Download only updated latest version otherwise Kuaiyong will get updates itself that will take extra data and time.

2 Once you have downloaded official version for your Windows OS, open it from download folder and right click on setup file, choose Run as Administrator. Installer will be start that will be in Chinese not in English so follow next step to install it.

3 As it is in Chinese language only, if you have not installed Chinese language, the options will be appear in box box or something mess up language so just press “Next”, “Next”, “Confirm”  and “Finish” buttons. Follow above image to get better understanding. You can install iPhone, iPad or MAC OS version also.

How to Use Kuaiyong like English Version

It is extremely hard to use Kuai yong’s application, because of Chinese language. You should keep some chinese buttons in mind with it’s translation in English. You can download these images for later use.

1 First, you need to connect your iOS device to your PC on which you have installed Kuaiyong application. Once you connected your iOS whether it is jailbroken or not to computer, you are ready to search your desire Cydia Application.

Kuai Yong Application Interface

2 Click on search box and enter Cydia application name that you want to install. Kuaiyong will search it’s database and result will be appear.

Download Kuaiyon english

3 Kuaiyong’s all buttons and links will be in Chinese, so, follow above image to install your downloaded apps. Click on “Manage” to manage your downloaded files. Click on “Install” button to install recently downloaded apps to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. There are additional buttons too. You can Push, Continue, start button to control your apps downloading.

From Editor’s Desk

Kuaiyong is the best for them who want to download and install Free apps without jailbreaking their iOS. If you have already jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, then AppCake, vShare and iFunBox is the best, because they are in English language.

If you are trying Kuai yong Cydia application and facing any error, then don’t forget to comment your experience in a quick review.

Top Cydia Apps iOS 11.1.2 Without Jailbreak

Download Free Cydia Apps for iPhone, iPad

Cydia has thousands upon thousands free Free apps on app store. There are a few tools that allow us to download and install those tweaks for free…

Like Apple App store, Cydia also has thousands upon thousands free apps and tweaks. iOS users can download and install these tweaks and hacks free of cost, if they have jailbroken their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Cydia apps open all possibilities to customize your iDevice which Apple doesn’t allow without jailbreaking. Jailbreak removes all the restrictions from your iPhone or iPad and install Cydia that is another Apple app store alternative.

There are thousands of apps to download such as WiFi tweaks to tweak your WiFi, 3G and network related stuff, WinterBoard that allows you to change themes, icons and lockscreen effects and much more. There are limitless free Cydia apps to download only after jailbreak.

The result, many jailbreak iOS user wanna download these apps from Cydia for free. Countless iOS and desktop client available free of cost that allow us to download these tweaks and hacks for free. Here we have exclusively added all possible ways get thousands of best out of best stuff for free from Cydia and Apple app store.

iOS Apps to Get Free Tweaks From Cydia

First I will talk about iOS apps like AppAddict, AppCake, iAP Patcher, iAPFree and a lot more that will allow downloading thousands of Cydia and Apple app store paid apps for free.

In a quick recap, I would like to mention that you must have jailbroken iOS device. Suppose, if you haven’t jailbreak your iOS such as iOS 9.x.x, you need to jailbreak it first and install Cydia. Additionally, to run below apps properly, you need to get AppSync installed before installing below tweaks.

1 AppCake: This is one of the best Cydia apps that has a large database of free tweaks, hacks and resources that seriously change your iDevice experience. After Installous, AppCake is the repo source that provides large number of stuff to download for free. There are two versions available. AppCake can be installed on any iDevice, however, AppCake+ HD can be installed only on high end newer devices. Install AppSync, add AppCake repo and search a thousand of free apps.

2 AppAddict: It is available on iOS device and desktop. Numerous iOS users use it to get Cydia free stuff. AppAddict provides both free and paid applications. There has been a dedicated repo source for AppAddict that can be added in your Cydia sources directory to get a countless free downloadable Free apps. It also requires AppSync as a plugin.

3 vShare: It is also top tier free tweak provider. You need to download AppSync and vShare from the official source. vShare has a huge hosting database that contains most of the Cydia tweaks that are free. If you are looking for Apple app store paid applications, then vShare is the best repo source. It contains many apps that are paid subscription on iTunes.

Download Apple App Store Apps for Free

Apple app store has many useful and must have apps that you can’t find on Cydia store. However, many apps are just for showcase, they are not useful. You can test them, before actual purchase. Its possible using below Cydia apps.

1 iAP Patcher: It is completely different kind of app that allows us to get a large number of paid apps from Apple app store. However, it also requires jailbreak and Cydia. Once you download and installed iAP Patcher, it converts every paid apps to free. What exactly it does is, when you click on buy link on the app store for any item, this app will bypass payment page and redirect you directly to download page from where you can download your desire application or game.

2 iAPFree: It is one of the best alternatives to iAP Patcher. It also does the same thing that iAP cracker does. The difference is, there are a lot of apps, some apps iAP Patcher supports while others are iAPFree compatible. You can try both.

3 LocaliAPStore: It’s name says everything. You don’t need to buy every paid item from Apple store without test it. You can use LocaliAPStore to download and install that Apple store app and test it first, then purchase it if you like the performance.

MAC OS Application to Get Free Cydia Stuff

There are couple of computer software that allow us to download Cydia apps for free even faster than iDevice. Take a look at those software…

1 Zeusmos: It is one of the famous software that allows us to install Cydia tweaks and hacks for free. You just need to jailbreak your iOS device in order to install these tweaks. If you wanna install iPA file, it allow you to do so.

2 iFunBox: It not only allows us to download free Cydia apps, but also allows us to backup installed apps. It has many features that you should checkout to get stuff from Cydia.

3 There are countless other software that are HipStore, Kuaiyong and iTools that work as iTunes alternatives and allow to install stuff from Cydia.


This article has all the resources that will be needed for you to download best free tweaks, applications and hacks from Cydia and Apple App store. However, all the things need jailbreak iOS device. If you have latest iOS firmware, then you have to jailbreak it first to download this apps. You can use EvasiOn to jailbreak latest iOS firmware.

I have categorized these apps in three categories. You can choose them as per your need. If you are using any of these tweaks or apps, let us know your experience.

Download vShare iOS 11.1.2 Without Jailbreak – vShared Also Compatible for iOS 10

vShare Download is available for iOS 11.1.2 iPhone, iPad and IPod Touch as well. Get vShare iOS 11.1.2 app without jailbreak iOS 9.3.

So, it’s long time when any useful app get updated. Immediately after iOS 11.1.2 release, AppVV repo developers have pushed an update of vShare designed for iOS 11.1.2 without jailbreak.

The users who were waiting for vShared app now can enjoy the updated iOS 11.1.2 vShare iPhone application by downloading to the compatible devices that run on iOS 11.1.2 or iOS 11.1.2 firmware.

This is the simplest method to download vShare app compatible for iOS 11.1.2 firmware whether you’ve iPhone, iPod Touch or any iPad models such as iPad Mini or iPad Air. So, that you can download the app without any issue.

This app is designed to work on iOS 11.1.2 beta and iOS 11.1.2 without jailbreak, but has couple of limitation that using iOS 11.1.2 without jailbreak, you won’t download and install iOS 11.1.2 Cydia tweaks or iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak apps using vShare. But, as far as free apps are concern, you can enjoy countless apps with the help of vShare app.

vShare developers are careful for older firmwares too. If you haven’t updated your iPhone to iOS 11.1.2, you can also able to enjoy vShared or any other apps from AppVV which are updated recently. So, if you’ve iOS 9.0.2 or iOS 11.1.2, you’re free to test or use vShare application without a single issue.

If you’ve used vShare on iOS 9.3, you knew that it wasn’t easy to use this app without jailbreak, but thanks to the developers specially thanks to the AppVV who developed and improved vShare for the iOS 11.1.2 and iOS 11.1.2 that works without jailbreak on iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPod Touch.

Okay, you just need to follow some simple steps to download vShare on iOS 11.1.2 device…

  1. If you’ve iOS 9.3, connect your iPhone or iPad to the net connection and access Safari browser.
  2. Here is the trick, you need a working vShare webpage address which is mentioned below with the link which need to be typed accurately on the address bar of Safari browser on your iPhone that runs on iOS 11.1.2 or iOS 9.3.
  3. The link is http://www.vShare.com
  4. When you would head to the above mentioned address, the main page would be appear with the alert that you should download vShare application on your iPhone.
  5. Here is another trick, they would offer you two different versions of vShare application. One for iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak and other vShare without jailbreak, now you can tap on one of those apps which is apply to you.
  6. Suppose, you’ve jailbroken iOS 9.3, you can tap on jailbroken version while if you’ve iPhone which is not jailbroken, you can choose other vShare app. Simple is that?

Once you’ve completed above steps perfectly, you would have installed vShare on your iPhone. Remember few things, that vShare is one of the best working application for jailbroken and any firmware without jailbreak. Now, when we don’t have Installous or HackulOus apps and repo sources, vShare can be a great option to download a thousands of free apps seamlessly.

If you’re searching vShare alternatives, I must warn you that you’re wasting your time, because there isn’t any competitor for vShare. AppVV has developed a excellent app. However, AppCake, AppAddict and HipStore can be installed as alternative to vShare in some cases.

iFunBox, Panda app and 25pp English versions are also the great option for vShare iOS 11.1.2 or iOS 11.1.2 iPhone version. I’d like to invite you to comment if you’re stuck at any step or if you’ve any query about the updated version of vShare.

Our jailbreak community tries to reply each and every comment made by you and tries to fulfil your query and your need.

I hope that you’ve got what you wanted to install. Made a comment, if you’ve any further search or query…

PlayBox iOS 11.1.2: How to Download And Install Without Jailbreak on iPad, iPhone

PlayBox iOS 11.1.2: How to Download And Install Without Jailbreak on iPad, iPhone

PlayBox HD is a iPhone app that comes close to MovieBox and other related entertainment apps in terms of features. Somehow, if you don’t able to install alternative apps such as Movie Box and ShowBox, you should go with Play Box HD app. It works on wide range of jailbroken firmware and devices.

Recently, we came to know that PlayBox can be downloaded and installed on iPhone or iPad without jailbreak. This was the great thing for us to hands on. Finally, we tried PlayBox on iPhone 5 without jailbreak. Interestingly, we tried the latest firmware iOS 11.1.2 to hands on PlayBox HD that wasn’t jailbreak.

Another interesting thing is, PlayBox iPhone app works smoothly even without jailbreak. However, to install Play Box app, we had to do various experiments and tried various methods to get into the scene.

In very short, we’re gonna describe those methods that works without jailbreak to install PlayBox iOS 9. You can try PlayBox iOS 11.1.2 too.

  • Firth of all, we tried vShare to install PlayBox
  • Second, iFunBox was used using PlayBox iPA file.
  • Third time, we used iTools which was also popular for iPA Installer.

You can try any of those method. Remember one thing that if you would download vShare and try to install Play Box then you won’t need to download PlayBox iPhone iPA file. Second and third methods would require you to download iPA file separately.

You can leave a short comment and mention your query, if you’re not able to install PlayBox using vShare Pro or iFunbox.

How to Install Zeusmos on iPhone, iPod and iPad Air, Mini

Zeusmos Download Link for iPhone, iPad…

“Zeusmos allows you to install .IPA apps on your iDevice. It works great on iPhone, iPad and or iPod Touch. Its a great alternative for Installous that got huge popularity in jailbroken iOS.”

You know there are thousands upon thousands users, including me, who want to install .IPA files without jailbreaking my precious iPhone. Zeusmos repo is something that everyone was looking for.

It works great on iPhone, however and not limited to, you can download it for your iPad or iPod Touch too. It is one of the best alternative to Installous, iFunBox, AppCake, vShare and many more.

Download Zeusmos Repo

There is a huge list of .iPA file installer in jailbreaking web. But, Zeusmos is something different, it works on iOS 9, iOS 10 even without jailbreaking iOS 11. That is what I was waiting for, but, I would like to add here that if you want to install Cydia tweaks and hacks, then you need to jailbreak your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad to download those wonderful tweaks using Zeusmos, because Cydia tweaks require jailbreaking.

What is Zeusmos Source

It is one of the best Installous alternatives, that can be download and install on iOS without jailbreak it. If you are looking for any app that works to test paid apps before purchasing them without jailbreaking your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, then this is for you. But, if you are looking for installing paid apps at free of cost on jailbroken iTouch device, then Zeusmos works great on jailbroken iOS too. You can use it as you like.

Because of popularity and extremely large numbers of downloads and installation, It was shut down. But, now it came back to rock the world again.

How to Download Zeusmos Repo Source

It works on non-jailbroken iDevice too, but there will be no support of thousands of Cydia tweaks that you can’t miss out, so I would prefer to jailbreak iOS before installing Zeusmos.

1 First jailbreak iOS 11.1.2 or iOS 11 using iJailbreakPro and don’t forget to install Cydia during installation procedure and if you have iOS 6 or 5, then you can use EvasiOn to jailbreak it. The same Cydia thing will be required during installation. However, if you have already jailbroken your iPhone, iPod or iPad, then skip this step.

2 Zeusmos will not work properly without AppSync and AppSync works only on jailbroken iDevice. You need to download it too. Nowadays many Top Cydia Repos offers AppSync app to download. Use one of the top source to get trustable repo. You can download AppSync using this repo: http://appaddict.org/repo

3 After downloading AppSync, install it. Now you need to download Zeusmos app. First add it’s repo source in your Cydia store. Launch Cydia in your iDevice and tap on “Manage”, now tap on “Source”, and then “Edit” and finally add repo source by tapping on “Add”. Repo source is: http://ihacksrepo.com.

4 Now search “Zeusmos” in Cydia. You will see the app from the official developers. Tap on Install for download and installation.

Download it for Non-Jailbroken iDevice

Note: If you have non-jailbroken iTouch device, then follow below steps to get it installed.

1 You can download and install it from the developer’s website directly at free of cost, however you must purchase certificate from the same developer’s website that will cost you around $9.99. Actually, Zeusmos doesn’t work without these certificates on non-jailbroken iDevice.

2 Once you have downloaded those certificates, point your Safari browser to store.zeusmos.com/install.php to download the main app. Install it.

From Editor’s Desk

Zeusmos is a good Cydia application to try those paid apps before purchase. If you have downloaded it to install paid .iPA files, then I would recommend you to buy paid apps, if you like any after try and respect the developer’s hard work.

Have you tried AppTrackr, iAP Patcher and LocaliAPStore ever to get a thousands of in-app purchases?

Have you anything to say? Just comment it. Subscribe for email notification for all upcoming news, downloads, new updated repo source about Zeusmos.

iTools 2015 English Build 2025E: The Best iTunes Alternative – True or Just a Rumor

iTools 2016 Released…

iTools 2015 latest version build 2025E is gonna release soon. It is an ultimate file manager for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Mini, Air that is compatible for iTunes 11.1.3 and iOS 11.1.2 and all newer firmware.

Last year in 2013, there was a build 1025E which got great popularity among iOS device user. It was offering great features that were missing in iTunes. It became handy file manager that was actually more than just file manager.

In 2015, the developers are working hard on new beta version of iTools 2015 that could be release as build 2025E. There isn’t any official release date or news about it and it could be a so called rumor. A chinese blog has reported about iTools 2015 that it is being developed.

English iTools 2015 features…

1 File Manager: With the updated features, iTools user can install, uninstall iPA files. User can take backup, restore the backup and update iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch data files.

2 Multimedia Support: It was little hard to manage multimedia files such as songs, music and videos, but now with iTools, it became too easy to save, delete and transfer songs, videos and all kind of music.

3 Multimedia Conversion: User can convert mp3 songs to Ringtone, videos to videotone and much more. iTools latest build would have all the things advance tools.

4 File Transfer: With the updated software, user can transfer music from Computer to iDevice and iDevice to computer. Songs transfer was never been easier than this.

5 Backup: iTools 2015 allows user to backup contacts, calendar entries, bookmarks and many things.

6 System tools: User can get full control on SSH tunnel, Cleanup and system log files.


iTools 2015 is the best iTunes alternative, however there are a few features still missing in iTools latest build. You can’t create SHSH blobs and save them like TinyUmbrella. Backup and restoration of apps that has been already installed on iDevice.

Kuaiyong, iFunBox and TinyUmbrella can become a good alternatives for iTools 2015. The developers of iTools, should be careful with other alternatives as competitor. Shortly, the developers would release Kuaiyong English version that could be a tough rival for this tool.

iTools 2015 supports below iDevices…

iPhone 3G and 3GS: iOS 5, 5.1, 5.1.1, 5.1.2, 6.0.x, 6.1.1, 6.1.2, 6.1.3, 6.1.4
iPhone 4 and 4S: iOS 6.0.x, 6.1.1, 6.1.2, 6.1.3, 7.0, 7.0.3, 8.1, 7.1.x
iPhone 5, 5S, 5C: iOS 6.0.x, 6.1.1, 6.1.2, 6.1.3, 7.0, 7.0.3, 8.1, 7.1.x

iPad 2, 3, 4: iOS 5, 5.1, 5.1.1, 5.1.2, 6.0.x, 6.1.1, 6.1.2, 6.1.3, 6.1.4
iPad Air: iOS 6.1.3, 8.1, 7.1.x
iPad Mini: iOS 6.1.3, 8.1, 7.1.x

iPod Touch
iPod Touch 3G, 4G, 5th Generation

Note: iTools supports both jailbreak and non-jailbreak iDevice.

How to Download and Install vShare/AppVV iOS 10 on iPhone, iPod and iPad Air, Mini

vShare allows you to download paid applications at free of charge. It also known as AppVV. Recently, it changed it’s name from AppVV. It simply adds Free apps to your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Jump to vShare.

vShare (aka AppVV) is one of the best alternatives to installous. Hackulo.us is the developer of Installous. Since hackulo.us has confirmed that they are going to shut down due to hosting issues, it’s users are searching Installous Alternatives. Actually, it was the Cydia app installer that used to install paid apps and a variety of tweaks available on Cydia on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

We are getting a lot of request to share a best Installous alternative. So, we’d put hands on couple of top alternatives such as AppCake, vShare, iFunBox and AppAddict. Now we have some findings about these alternatives. Today, we will share those findings about vShare which was also one of them. vShare got a huge popularity after Installous.

vShare also has the same features to install .IPA files and many of those paid apps, tweaks and games from Cydia Store. It is free and regularly updated app. It is also known as Appvv. If you have tried installous before, you were aware of those captcha codes and annoying waiting time. vShare provides you simplicity. You don’t have to face any captcha or waiting time before each and every app installation.


How to Download vShare

Before downloading vShare, I would recommend to read all the requirements for the installation.

1 You must have jailbroken iDevice. If you have iOS 11.1.2 or the newer, use TaiG or PanGu to jailbreak your firmware.

2 Your jailbroken iOS must have Cydia and AppSync installed. Actually, vShare requires AppSync app for better performance. You will not able to install vShare without AppSync.

3 There are two ways to Download vShare and both ways require a working internet connection. You can download it from Cydia by adding vShare repo and alternatively over the air using direct download link.

How to Install vShare

Once you have jailbroken your iPhone or iPad, you need to download and install AppSync from Cydia. There are so many sources offer AppSync. I would recommend that you go with Official Repo.

1 First of all, launch Cydia store and tap on Manage, then Sources, Edit and finally tap on Add.

2 Here you need to add official vShare repo so that you can search and download AppSync. Official Repo: http://repo.appvv.com

3 Once you have added above official repo, it will start showing apps from their database. Now search “AppSync” in Cydia. vShare repo will download the result. Click on AppSync and install it.

4 Now its time to install vShare app from Cydia. Again tap on search and this time search for “vShare” or “Appvv”.

5 Cydia will come up with the relative results, install it and reboot your iPhone, iPad whatever iDevice is.

From Editor’s Desk

When we were trying vShare, we noticed some really nice changes. As we have hands on Installous too, vShare is better in terms of compatibility, download process and installation. However, I would recommend you to check other Installous alternatives too, before installing vShare.

We also noticed that Installous was facing some issues with latest firmware, while this Appvv works great on iOS 10. We have test it on iOS 10, and if you have iOS 11.1.2 or iOS 11.1.2, you can jailbreak it using PanGu, TaiG to install it.

We would love, if you will comment and share your experience about vShare.

How to Backup iOS 6.1.3 Before Upgrading to iOS 9

SHSH blob is the key to downgrade or restore from iOS 11.1.2 to iOS 6.1.x without any issue in many cases. It also depends on devices like iPhone 5S, 4S or older iPhones even iPad and iPod Touch. All iOS iDevices have different behavior.

What is SHSH Blobs and Why it is so important?

SHSH blobs are the keys to restore or downgrade to your old firmware. You can’t go back without SHSH blobs. As a jailbreak user, you should always have a backup.

SHSH Blobs

Actually, Cydia automatically save blobs to their server on every jailbroken iOS devices. SHSH blobs are used to downgrade, upgrade or restore iOS 6.1.x, 7.1.x or any newer firmware.

Anytime, you will have need to get SHSH blobs for your old or existing iOS firmware.

Have You Backup of SHSH Blobs?

As I said, Cydia automatically takes a backup of your current jailbroken iOS firmware which you can see in the above screenshot. Now, you have to make sure that if your Cydia has a backup or not. To do that launch it and check the top screen.

If it shows the current blobs, it means it successfully took a backup. Now, you have to store it on your local drive or cloud storage. But suppose, it doesn’t have a backup, then you need to manually get the blobs.

How to Save SHSH blobs Using Cydia Tweaks

There are many Cydia apps available to backup and save it. I have shared such tweaks on this blog, so, search it from the right sidebar area or read the below article to save the current iOS blobs.

Top 3 Best Backup Tweaks: This article helps you to get free tweaks and apps that help you to save correct blobs without any issue. So, if you were looking for free stuff, here it is.

PKGBackup: Its an ultimate solution to backup your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

How to Download Saved SHSH blobs

Its most important for you to download saved SHSH blobs to your local hard drive. I was mean PC hard drive not iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad storage. Yeah, you can use cloud storage. PKGBackup tweak has all the things which you will need to download it. It will backup current blobs and allow you to save those blobs as per your choice.

There are couple of PC applications also available that do the same job for you. Most of them are free. TinyUmbrella is one of them. You can use any of the tool, the purpose is just a backup.

Once you have backup blobs, you are done. Now, you can easily restore, upgrade or downgrade your iOS to latest, current or older iOS firmware version.


I personally have been using PKGBackup tweak that is wonderful and has all the things to backup whole device including contact, calender, photos, videos, music, blobs and everything. It simply gives us options to choose what to backup. You can get the backup, save it to cloud storage without having a computer or laptop at all.

If you think, this article is incomplete or needs correction, let us know via comment or contact us to edit it.