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Download iFunBox 2016…

iFunBox is another useful app to install .iPA files just like Installous. Learn how to use it. Download link for Windows available. Have fun with it…

If you have used Installous ever, you will aware of the features. iFunBox is another alternative to it.

It is similar to other alternatives except it is Windows and MAC software rather than iOS apps.

i funbox

iFunbox is something different software. iFunbox is available for Windows and MAC OS that allows .iPA file installation. iFun box is not only a software that installs Free apps, but also act as file manager that is most useful to manage your iOS files. We have tried it on Windows operating system to test installing apps directly from PC.

iFun Box Features

Today, I will talk about how to use iFunBox on Windows PC, download iPA file and installation. Before that lets talk about it’s features…

1 Its free: i funbox is completely free for Windows and MAC OS software that works for iOS whether it is iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

We have previously published hands-on report for AppCake, vShare and other alternatives such as 25PP, Pandora Apps and Kuaiyong, and as per high demand, now we have published this hands on report about iFun Box.

2 Backup: I noticed one great thing that I haven’t seen in any other Free app installer that iFun box allows to backup your installed software within a few clicks. This is such a useful feature that I can’t live without. You can restore that app, when you need it. All your data stored in that app will become safe, if you take backup using iFunBox.

3 File Manager: You can manage iOS apps and files. If you are frequent user of file manager and want some extra control on file system, then i funbox is the best software that allows you to navigate iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad file system.

4 Copy & Paste: You can use your iTouch device as USB device using i funbox. It allows you to copy and paste images, videos and music songs from iDevice to computer and computer to iDevice.

It would be better to say that i Funbox is one of the best iTunes Alternatives rather than Installous. However, it depends on you how you are using i fun box all the way. In short, you can do everything, if you have iFun box.

Download it

How to Use iFunBox

You should keep in mind that iFun box works only for jailbroken iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. If you haven’t jailbroken your iDevice, It will not work for you. Before installing iFunbox on your computer for installing iPA files, I would advice to jailbreak your iOS first. Use EvasiOn for iOS 6+ and iJailbreakPro to jailbreak iOS 9+

Once you have jailbroken your iDevice, connect it to your computer and launch i-Funbox software that you have installed. iFun box will detect your connected iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Now Click on Install App icon, here you have to browse downloaded .iPA file. Just browse it and Click on install.

iFunbox will install that Free file on your jailbroken iOS device. You can restore any app that was installed before, if you had backup that app.

Use iFun Box as iTunes Alternative

As I mentioned above that you can use it as iTunes alternative. iTunes doesn’t allow you to modify file system, whereas iFun box allows many modifications and tweaks. Good part is, it works for iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad too who haven’t been jailbroken. Yeah, It works for non-jailbroken iDevice too as file manager.

You can connect your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad iOS device and select camera. Now choose whatever image you like to download to your computer. You can download all iPhone images to computer using i-Funbox.

If you have any query or confusion, let us know via comment, we will try to solve it.


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  1. blessings… I crafted an Xcode app, saved to iTunes, pulled the ipa from iTunes and tried to install it… on my jailbroken phone…

    Installation failed
    Error # e800801c.

    Can you help?

    1. I have already tried installing to the root folder… apps don’t show up… syncing via iTunes… icon shows up but won’t launch…

  2. I think iTools is the best alternative for iTunes and its better than iFunBox. I’m a big fan of iTools that has great features and good interface as well.

  3. How to Download iFunbox?
    I read complete post, however, I couldn’t find the download link. Can you give me updated download link to download I fun box for my MAC OS.
    Urgent please

  4. Download link is already there in the post, that’s developer’s homepage, you can download iFun box for Windows operating system and as well as for MAC OS.
    Enjoy fast speed downloading
    How can i download i Funbox for iOS 10 or 8.1 for iPad MAC OS X

  5. Hey john,
    Why are you confuse, I am already using iFun box and it allows modifying file system and folder settings. You can easily use it as alternative to iTunes.
    Furthermore, there are many Cydia Hacks out there that allow you to change your folder settings just like I fun box.
    Is there any link for Windows 8 operating system?

  6. Can I use i fun box as iTunes alternative? I want to change some file system settings along with hiding couple of folders. iTunes doesn’t allow all these stuff. help me
    Does it work on MAC OS and Windows 7?

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